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Perchlorate draining off Aerojet Chino Hills – October 26, 2017
Surface and subsurface water tests ordered by DTSC in response to EnviroReporter.com comments finds high perchlorate, explosive RDX and uranium. DTSC notifies no one about it.

Dead for the Hills – June 30, 2016
High radiation, perchlorate, heavy metals left in water and soil and uranium in Aerojet surface water over three times drinking limit as it drains down Soquel Canyon Creek to Orange County

2016 EnviroReporter.com comments on Aerojet Rocketdyne Chino Hills cleanup
EnviroReporter.com lauds efforts to remove tainted soil and leftover munitions but questions DTSC’s conclusions about radiation and chemicals impacting Aerojet Chino Hills surface and subsurface water.

2009 EnviroReporter.com comments on Aerojet Rocketdyne Chino Hills cleanup
Surface water leaving site contaminated with uranium exceeding Maximum Contaminant Level for this drinking water source which drains into Santa Ana River which replenishes Orange County aquifers. Radiation and munition residue in dirt.

State solicits public comment on impending closure of 14-acre Open Burn/Open Detonation area. EnviroReporter.com analysis of OB/OP documents reveals vast areas still untested for munitions and depleted uranium contamination though DU ordnance used heavily.

March 26, 2009: DTSC holds an Aerojet Chino Hills cleanup public meeting in Chino Hills. “Over 260,000 cubic yards of soil were re-excavated and re-screened with over 47,000 items and 120,000 pounds of inert fragments recovered,” meeting notice says. “Aerojet will complete a feasibility study that will evaluate potential future land uses and the cleanup efforts associated with a change in current land use,if any.”

March 25, 2009: OC Weekly’s staff blog posts cleanup and DTSC community meeting in “If Your Tap Water Tastes Like Rocket Fuel, Go Here.” The blog notes “Santa Monica freelance reporter Michael Collins has written extensively about the clean-up, contributing a piece that appeared in the Weekly nearly nine years ago titled ‘Russians, Rockets and the Santa Ana River.’ His reporting, and public outcry, helped prod the state into demanding a more comprehensive cleanup of the polluted site.”

January 23, 2009: State Senator Bob Huff, (R-Glendora), says in his newletter, “The State Department of Toxic Substances Control briefed me on the progress being made to clear the ordinance from the Aerojet property in Chino Hills. Aerojet has tested ordinance there for many years, and they are cleaning out the fragments of exploded ordinance to return the soil to a clean and safe condition. They are almost finished with this very large undertaking.”

November 2006: Depleted uranium contamination exceeds standard at former Aerojet Chino Hills ordnance test site. Nearly four times higher than DU readings in 2004. http://www.wise-uranium.org/dissti.html#CHINOHILLS

July 7, 2005: GenCorp News Release which says “The Company has reached an agreement to settle the San Gabriel Valley and Chino Hills toxic tort cases that have been pending against Aerojet for several years, resulting in a net $2 million charge related to such settlements.”

March 29/30, 2002: Los Angeles Times articles summaries where Aerojet requests expansion of cleanup. Defense contractor seeks state permission to comb Chino Hills State Park for unexploded ordnance left as result of years of making high-explosive munitions.

November 17, 2000: DTSC Response to Comments on Corrective Measures – Part I:

November 17, 2000: DTSC Response to Comments on Corrective Measures – Part II:

November 17, 2000: DTSC Approval of Corrective Measures:

November 17, 2000: DTSC Notice of Decision for Approval of Corrective Measures:

March 1, 2000: A toxic tort class action suit was filed against Aerojet General on behalf of 58 residents of Chino and Chino Hills, California. The suit alleges that 5,000 pounds of toxins leached from an Aerojet facility annually and contaminated the air, groundwater and surface water. The plaintiffs seek compensation for bodily injuries, including seven wrongful deaths, property diminution, medical expenses, lost wages and legal expenses. [NO LINK – 2015]

October 14, 1994: DTSC Administrative Consent Agreement outlining problems and remedies at Aerojet – Chino Hills

2000-2019 Aerojet Chino Hills Investigation Main Page