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Filmmaker Brigham Maher’s Corrupted Nature documentary series examines the sordid history of Runkle Canyon’s bordering neighbor, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory:

Corrupted Nature Clip 24 shows residents testifying in opposition to the Runkle Canyon development in front of the Simi Valley City Council.

In Clip 24 and the city video of the Simi Valley City Council meeting October 22, 2007, Brigham Maher, Adam Salkin, and David Carey express their opinions and observations about Runkle Canyon.

Corrupted Nature Clip 25 includes the testimony Radiation Rangers “The Good Reverend John” Southwick, “Toxic Terry” Matheney and resident Stephanie Hyatt:

Corrupted Nature Clip 26 where, in public comment, Holden Bonwit, John Luker, William Preston Bowling, and Christina Walsh speak about Runkle Canyon:

Corrupted Nature Clip 27 is called “Corrupted Nature clip 27- Simi Valley City Council meeting: RUNKLE CANYON IS CONTAMINATED!” It features more of Christina Walsh, Mary Wiesbrock, Mayor Paul Miller and Council Member Barbra Williamson all expressing their opinions and observations about Runkle Canyon. Williamson and Walsh having an informative exchange showing the divide in perceptions of the issue:

KCET “Life & Times”
Runkle Canyon Development – Radioactive?

Ironically, this November 21, 2006 program begins with an acknowledgement that “Coverage of Town Hall Los Angeles speakers on Life and Times is made possible by a grant from the Boeing Company.” Boeing owns the Runkle Canyon-adjacent Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

Val Zavala is the host of this “Life & Times” segment, that is available in transcript form.

“It was the site of one of the worst nuclear accidents in United States history,” Zavala says in her introduction. “Forty years later, they want to build hundreds of homes nearby.”

Of course, now we know that KB Home’s Runkle Canyon development is now called Arroyo Vista at the Woodlands.

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