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Archival films reveal U.S. government’s attempts to propagandize on nuclear matters.


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Atom Bomb
This 1946 movie attempts to illustrate why atomic testing will make Americans safer.

Atoms for Peace
This 1953 film makes a case for peaceful applications of atomic energy in industry, medicine, and botany.

About Fallout
This 1955 movie attempts to dispel common myths and fallacies about radioactive fallout.

The Atom and You
Paramount News, March 25, 1953 – This archival film shows tests conducted at Hanford, Washington, on effects of exposure of sheep and salmon to radiation; testing of radioactive dust at the UCLA AEC-funded laboratory; the use of radioisotopes and tracer materials for detecting cancer in patients at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; and the use of ionizing rays from the cobalt source at New York City’s Moncure Hospital to treat cancer of the brain. This 1953 archival film includes testing of radioactive dust at the UCLA AEC-funded laboratory.

The Atom in the Hospital
A 1961 film showing UCLA research and findings of the effects of radiation on the human body. At minute 7:25, the “Total Body Irradiation Chamber” is introduced. “The unit is designed to deliver uniform massive radiation to larger animals and humans,” the film’s moderator intones. “The patient can be watched through mirrors and a winding entrance eliminates the need for a door.”

This film made in 1958 that shows three actual case studies on patients treated at Argonne National Laboratory in 1949. The films tells how all three patients, each with different ailment, have been cured with radiation therapy.