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EnviroReporter.com’s YouTube Channel!

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), which manages what is now called the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve has a terrific introductory video showing the many sides of Ahmanson Ranch.

Ahmanson Ranch hiking shot in 2015 by Barry Kolsky shows the beauty of the nearly 3,000 acres prevented from development by our exposing contamination of the place by neighboring Rocketdyne, the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

Dieter Von Zengler’s 2013 Upper Las Virgenes Canyon gets the name wrong but the place right in this exciting mountain biking video that shows a lot of the park. It also shows how mountain bikers ignoring trails prohibited to bikes and why that is: if a hiker were to be unfortunate enough to be on the trail when maniacs on bike come flying down it, there is going to be a serious accident. Beware walks at Ahmanson Ranch for these mountain bikers and rattlesnakes.

Bob Frost’s 2011 Ahmanson Ranch, Victory Down To Bell Cnyn FR, 05-11-2011 shows his mountain bike descent going down through the heart of the park on East Las Virgenes Canyon fire road meant for bikes, horses and hikers. But then he cuts off right on a hiking trail and nearly runs two joggers off the trail. For mountain bikers, this is a premier, if dangerous and illegal, descent and cuts through the heart of Not Washington Mutual’s 3,050-home Development courtesy of our discovery of perchlorate on the property.

The thrilling October 2021 Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve Victory Trail Head video shows Maldito Malo hauling serious saddle down two major downhill trails in the park. Both are nearly all downhill without breaks giving the expert mountain biker a thrilling ride which can be enjoyed virtually thanks to the video. The former Ahmanson Ranch allows this kind of extreme biking on its fire trails making hiking a challenge for those not used to dodging these downhill racers.

MTB Norway Trail – Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space shows a June 2020 downhill of three mountain bikes on a walking trail that is gonzo in the extreme. While this kind of biking ruins a hiker’s peaceful use of the park, it is nevertheless one of the best places in Southern California for the sport. Videos like this one also allow all of us to experience the incredible dangers these bikers face when flying down the mountain and trying not to break your neck.