Aerojet Chino Hills InvestigationAEROJET CHINO HILLS
2000 – 2019: Ongoing investigation into Aerojet Chino Hills facility began when Collins found a contaminated 800-acre complex that operated for nearly 40 years. Unexploded bombs, depleted uranium, heavy metals and chemicals polluted the property. Cleanup activities began in earnest after exposé, costing $46 million so far.

Ahmanson Ranch InvestigationAHMANSON RANCH
2002 – 2019: Collins broke story that radiological and chemical pollutants may have migrated from neighboring Rocketdyne onto ranch. Reporting stopped development which led to the creation of a 2,900-acre expanse of public park land in 2003. In 2013 and 2015, more radiation and chemical contamination were found at the ranch linked to Rocketdyne.

Corporate Pointe InvestigationCORPORATE POINTE
2008 – 2019: Corporate Pointe site once occupied by Hughes Missile Group, Rocketdyne, Atomics International and Raytheon Missile Systems. Heavy metal, chemical and radiological contamination. In August 2009, L.A. okays development of property without Environmental Impact Report and eases environmental standards through rezoning.

2011 – 2019: Over 8,383 radiation tests from over a dozen states and Australia from March 11, 2011 to March 11, 2016 and counting. Posts, graphs, live streaming radiation monitoring, EPA RadNet monitoring, Radiation Food Lab and video. Investigation uncovers mechanisms and routes of Fukushima fallout worldwide.

1998 – 2019: Ongoing investigation of the Santa Susana Field Lab between the Simi and San Fernando valleys, site of a partial nuclear meltdown in 1959 and massive chemical contamination from thousands of rocket tests. Exposed government and polluter collusion undermining agreements using “greenwashing” techniques on the media and public as well as use of an “astroturf” group of collaborators against Rocketdyne cleanup.

Runkle Canyon InvestigationRUNKLE CANYON
2004 – 2019: Like Ahmanson Ranch, Runkle Canyon abuts Rocketdyne. And also like the ranch, this property slated for residential development with 461 homes, seems to be polluted by Rocketdyne’s contaminants. More radiation contamination found in 2013 linked to the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

VA Nuclear Dump InvestigationVA NUCLEAR DUMP
2006 – 2019: Investigation prompts $2 million toxins testing promised in 2007 at same time Bush Administration abandoned $4 billion plans for VA development, admitting dump revelations helped derail scheme. Tests confirm dump and show expanded contamination at the VA.

1996 – 2019: Nuke plant vulnerabilities, illegal dumping, nuclear infrastructure threats, fireworks pollution, offbeat adventures and more.

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