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But what an existence. For ten years now, as we celebrated May 18 in DECADE 2006-2016, we have brought you hard hitting stories you won’t read anywhere else.

In 2016 alone, we exposed massive Santa Susana Field Laboratory contamination where Boeing-sponsored hikes are held, revealed that the Department of Energy is secretly supporting an anti-cleanup front group to help it get out of its cleanup agreements at the lab, and repeatedly showed the community rising up in protest.

This year, scooping all media, we showed that the latest Department of Veterans Affairs plans for the West L.A. VA are rife with fraud that will leave a dangerous biomedical nuclear and chemical dump in place where Veterans will soon recreate. Our Gone Fishing – Fukushima at Five Years showed that the triple meltdowns have continued to destroy the environment including the Pacific Ocean.‘s Radiation Food Lab, RadNet Air Monitoring, Eat Me! and Radiation Conversation features continue to provide crucial information to our readers. Exclusive radiation readings of air, water, food, drink and a variety of substances now total over 8,400 tests in addition to Radiation Santa Monica California and Radiation Station Glendale California which have operated around the clock since 2011.

Even with‘s continued success and sniffing out big stories and providing information available nowhere else, the very industry of bringing you environmental news is under political and economic attack. The October 7 Mail & Guardian article Enviro reporters are a dying species, and lobbyists take over the news lays it out starkly:

“There’s a morbid fascination to being an environment journalist, watching your industry die faster than your doomsday climate predictions can come true. That death deprives the reader of the truth. And as we walk away, the door is opened for people who claim the same legitimacy, to deceive the reader.”

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