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U.S. air radiation surges higher

Sharp increases in beta radiation in Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Middle West, South and along the Eastern Seaboard. Some places, including L.A., show decreasing air radiation.

Rewriting Rocketdyne

Department of Energy falsely inflates the amount of radioactive Rocketdyne dirt to be excavated by five times and considers lesser cleanup standards than its signed DTSC agreement.

Hit Men for Hot Zones

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station exposed as vulnerable to rocket attack on its two spent fuel pools by terrorists and even dry casked fuel appears vulnerable to on-foot attack.

San Onofre’s Risky Business

Exposé shows San Onofre is vulnerable to rocket attack from adjacent freeway and perimeter road and power could be cut to nuclear plant’s spent fuel pools by cutting electric power.

SONGS’ Lethal Legacy

Should 1,800 tons of SONGS spent fuel catch fire due to cooling pools water loss, the impossible-to-extinguish fire could unleash fatal radiation doses to everyone within 10 miles.

Black Swan SONGS exposes San Onofre’s extreme vulnerability to terrorist attack or disaster which could destroy Southern California without major defensive improvements.

Tokyo’s Radiation Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics are awarded to Tokyo despite ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima leading to radioactive hot spots and radioactive ash dumped in bay.

Fracked Nation

Fracking Chemical Cocktail defiantly attends “The Toxies Exposed” premiere despite methane emissions, water waste, earthquakes and homeowner insurance cancellations.

Boeing’s Meltdown Mess

Consumer Watchdog and a coalition of environmental groups threatened to sue State over Boeing illegally tearing down radioactive structures at Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

EPA Nukes Radiation Rules

Proposed U.S. EPA “Protective Action Guide” allows hundreds to thousands of times more radiation in disasters than the agency had previously allowed. More cancers deaths seem likely.

Pipeline to the President

150 anti-Keystone Pipeline demonstrators rally in Santa Monica near exclusive fundraiser for guest President Obama. Growing discontent with Obama environmental policies.

City of LA to Feds – Clean up SSFL

L.A. City Council votes unanimously to demand that NASA clean its polluted 450 acres at the Santa Susana Laboratory to background levels of radiation and chemical contamination.

Radiation Food Lab

Thousands of food and drink radiation tests worldwide are conducted and compiled by Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia’s Peter Daley. Most comprehensive compendium.