Boreas over BadwaterProbable Fukushima meltdown radiation detected in Death Valley rain

Winter storm Boreas left more than snow-capped peaks and rain-drenched salt flats in Death Valley National Park over the weekend as it continues its deadly march across the nation.

The rain in the California national park far exceeded normal radiation levels as detected by in multiple tests across the huge desert landscape.

Radioactive rain gave added meaning to the name of the hottest place on Earth with the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere. Excessive manmade radiation like that uncovered by can cause blood and bone cancers, leukemia and genetic mutations.

The rare sustained precipitation tested over 31.5 times normal background radiation levels outside of the park’s visitor’s center in Furnace Creek November 23. Earlier in the day, rain radiation in Stovepipe Wells 24 miles northwest of Furnace Creek registered 29.7 times background.

Boreas rain tested November 22 at the same Stovepipe Wells location in the morning came in at 4.6 times normal. Over 40 miles to the south that same day, the rain came in over 26.7 times the background of the area which is at 282 feet below sea level and called, appropriately enough, Badwater.

The first indication that something was wrong with the rain occurred November 21 when Boreas rains in Stovepipe Wells were measured at over 7 times normal background radiation. Ten minute averages for background radiation as well as the hot rain samples were performed to accurately assess the amount of the ionizing water that was raining down on the hundreds of tourists at the park who were clearly oblivious to the danger.

According to documents previously reported on by, the California Highway Patrol considers any substance over three times background to be radioactive enough to warrant a hazardous materials response. The kind of radiation detected – beta radiation – includes some of the most prominent isotopes associated with nuclear disasters such as Cesium 137, Cesium 134 and Strontium 90.

The radiation’s probable source was the ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima Japan that began March 11, 2011. The hot water raining down on Death Valley was likely carried on the jet stream that brings precipitation across the Pacific from Japan to the West Coast of North America and then eastward.

The disparity in the radiation readings from location to location cannot be explained. Nor can two negative tests for radiation in Death Valley snow at higher elevations November 23 and 24 be resolved due to the testing limitations. In addition, Boreas rain tested in Simi Valley and Hemet, November 20 and November 21 respectively, came in relatively normal.

This is the highest level of radiation detected in rain water by No other news organization has performed more Fukushima-related radiation tests since the Japanese calamity began. has logged over 4,900 radiation tests with its associated Radiation Stations since four days after the world’s worst nuclear calamity started. The Boreas rain tests were videotaped to document the astonishing and disturbing readings.

California’s two nuclear reactor complexes at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre have not reported any massive radiation leaks that would have accounted for the huge radiation discoveries.

Now with the punishing Arctic storm system barreling through the Southwest, Midwest and up the Eastern Seaboard, radioactive rain threatens to make Thanksgiving 2013 even more dangerous than Boreas already portends. took special precautions to avoid exposure to Death Valley’s radioactive rain including staying out of it and wearing rain protection.

Thanksgiving travelers, especially pregnant women and children, would be well advised to avoid Boreas as much as prudently possible.


November 23, 2013
3:35pm INT SUV CAB RAIN SAMPLE at Furnace Creek Visitors Center parking lot, Death Valley National Park, CA: 1,087 CPM^ WHICH IS 31.5 TIMES BG HIGHER
3:20pm INT SUV CAB BACKGROUND at Furnace Creek Visitors Center parking lot, Death Valley National Park, CA: 34.5 CPM^
10:45am INT BACKGROUND Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley CA: 49.1 CPM^

November 22, 2013
2:25pm INT SUV CAB RAIN SAMPLE at Badwater, Death Valley National Park, CA: 1,232 CPM^ WHICH IS 26.7 TIMES BG HIGHER
2:10pm INT SUV CAB BACKGROUND at Badwater, Death Valley National Park, CA: 46.2 CPM^
9:10am INT BACKGROUND Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley CA: 51.7 CPM^

November 21, 2013
11:30am INT BACKGROUND Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley CA: 44.3 CPM^


Before the radiation rains began, Denise Anne and Michael had a little fun in their favorite national park poking fun at themselves…


  1. @Vegasjun: Yes, we considered NNSS but discounted it because of normal radiation readings in Death Valley before the radiation rains. We even filmed it.

    No, the Nevada test site was not the source of the radiation nor was it radon progeny which, at most, would be 0.6 to 1.0 background. The only logical conclusion is radiation from Fukushima infused in the rainwater sourced from an increasingly radioactive Pacific.

    What kind of black ops are you referring to in Death Valley? Or is it just urban (or desert) legend?

    The linked website is long on verbiage but short on comprehensive and clear information. It certainly doesn’t explain Death Valley’s incredibly hot radiation rains. But thanks anyway.

    We’ve noticed that more rain has come to the national park in the last week. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get to the park in time to test it.

  2. Death Valley NP is so close to NNSS, have you considered this in your analysis? Black Ops also fly over the NP regularly. These guys have left so much nuclear material behind it’s mind boggling.

    This link ought to open ones mind to the possibilities.

  3. @John Walsh: Excellent questions but note that there are five videos associated with Boreas Storm Packs Radioactive Punch, not just one. Check them all out. The reason I point that out is that this was a three-day rain event and radon washout (also called radon progeny and radon daughters) is ‘washed out’ after several hours of rain at the most. Note that the highest readings were after more than a day of raining. We have addressed the very important issue of radon washout in Beta Watch which shows a map of potential radon in America. Note that Death Valley has some of the lowest concentrations of radon as shown by the dark blue shading.

    Quoting from Beta Watch (which you should note was written Feb. 20, 2012 meaning we were, and are, usually ahead of the curve on a number of significant scientific aspects of the ongoing Fukushima meltdowns):

    From the beginning of the Fukushima disaster, detections of radiation in rain and mist have been dismissed by a bevy of fallout naysayers saying that the radiation was “natural” radon daughters.

    The consensus among these people, and the governments of Canada and the United States as well, was that Fukushima was too far away from North America to pose any threat, let alone be detectable.

    This wishful thinking continues today even though it violates the very basic foundations of sound science practiced since the Renaissance which dictate that facts not opinions, or in this case pro-nuke posturing, dictate the reality that is Fukushima fallout and contamination of the Pacific.

    Meltdown deniers are not alone in making assumptions. This reporter assumed that radon progeny was indeed a factor in Radiation Station – Santa Monica readings. A light rain September 30 came in 48.1% higher than background yet was discounted even though the reading far exceeded the Inspector’s 15% plus or minus margin of error. On our stats page I wrote “[M]ost likely the overage is the product of radon progeny.”

    That was wrong. Radon daughters haven’t been inflating our radiation readings simply because there is so little radon in this area to make it even possible. Automatically assuming that radon progeny was affecting the readings was a mistake. Further investigation revealed why.

    The California Department of Health Services, as it was then called in 1999, conducted a yearlong investigation into the radon levels of 99 Santa Monica residences and released the results March 14 of that year. CDHS found that the radon readings were so minute that the department didn’t even suggest further testing of buildings or homes in the seaside town.

    This was not news to the local officials who were well aware that the city sits in a structural depression filled with alluvium and didn’t have the geologic features that would produce radon. In addition, Santa Monica’s predominant wind direction, which dictates much of what will be in the wind, is from the ocean not from upwind land seeping radon gas.

    A detailed “Radon Potential Zone Map for Southern Los Angeles County, California” created by the California Geological Survey in January 2005 confirms that Radiation Station Santa Monica doesn’t appear near any possible radon or radon daughters source.

    Another common misconception about radon progeny-impacted rain is that it can double or triple background hence that amount should be subtracted from the total count. The higher the radon daughters count is, the lower the detection of any possible Fukushima fallout.

    A 2003 National Tsing Hua University investigation looked at “the radon progeny concentration in raindrops as well as the radon concentration in cloud air,” according to the Taiwanese report. The upper limit of the daughters in rain is a fraction of the figures commonly attributed, according to the report. “For some circumstances the additional air dose rate due to rainfall can even amount to more than 60% of the background level without rainfall.”

    John, radiation readings 30 times background are not due to radon washout though it could have made up a small portion that we detected repeatedly. And, yes, there certainly is a way to qualitatively determine the source of our readings but we didn’t come equipped with a gamma spectrometer. So we used logic: if it wasn’t from radon washout, and there were no American nuclear reactors upwind of Death Valley National Park melting down, the most likely source of the radiation was Fukushima fallout in the rain. We also think that the mechanism that brought this radioactive rain to Death Valley was resuspended water from Pacific chop forming into storms that then chart east over California as they have done for time immemorial.

  4. Hi Michael, Enjoyed your video. Question: Is there any chance the elevated readings could be attributable to radon washout?. I just read a piece from the Sunshine Radiation Monitoring station in Australia that describes this phenomena in very dry desert areas with low aquifers and built up radon underground–when the rains come the radon is released. Is there any way to be able to qualitatively determine the source of your readings? Thanks. J.Walsh

  5. “…a nuclear meltdown is one of the few disasters that get worse over time, not better. Let alone three meltdowns.”
    – Micheal Collins

    Well said.

    I hear what you’re saying too. I wish everyone did.

    Mitigation can reduce ones risk and exposure levels.
    So, do it, now!

    It’s not fear, it’s common sense. 😉

  6. @Christian: We have contributed over 5,100 tests since the triple meltdowns began 3/11/11 as you can see from our extensive Fukushima investigation. As we’ve repeatedly stressed, a nuclear meltdown is one of the few disasters that get worse over time, not better. Let alone three meltdowns. The ‘lot of room for error’ is an understandable reaction to the different takes on the grim reality of Fuku Goo destroying the Pacific along the West Coast and raining down in Death Valley. We don’t error on the side of blind optimism but the facts. Yes, it is getting way worse and all the mandatory mitigation measures we’ve advocated for 2.5 years should be implemented without delay and possibly harmful behaviors like eating Pacific Ocean fish and food products (seaweed and sushi!) and swimming, surfing and sailing in Fuku Goo should be terminated immediately.

  7. Hi Michael, recently there’s been a lot of speculation regarding current steam exhausting from Fukushima reactor three. Opinions vary from water vapor to another meltdown. That kind of range leaves a lot of room for error. Worst case scenarios include an imminent west coast radiation barrage. Anything you can contribute to clarify this would I’m sure be appreciated by more than just myself, – Christian

  8. @Suzanne: Chemtrails may indeed impact radiation readings as we first explored in August 2012 on this page of No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread. Your intuition is dead on, so to speak.

    Also make sure to consult daily our RadNet Air Monitoring which, unlike the website you mentioned that charges money to “access to charts and historical data,” is free and covers many more sites with superior detection technology. That said, any resource that gives out current radiation levels is appreciated and a go-to resource.

    Your three excellent and comprehensive comments are most welcome. It is people like you that really benefit the public good. You are to be commended. Keep those comments and observations coming!

  9. Do the chemtrails that are being persistently sprayed (at least here on the coast) impact the readings? I check daily for readings near the Monterey Coast where I live….and have done so for about six months and note they can vary greatly from day-to-day.

    For instance, yesterday there were many Rad 3 levels and even 4 levels east of Texas. On the West Coast (closest reading to here is San Jose/San Francisco). These were showing at Rad 3, but when I clicked on the symbol the numbers that came up were equal to the Rad 4 levels on east coast.

    Today the readings are much lower after the heavy rains of yesterday. But then, that also means we’ve gone several days without chemtrail spraying too.

  10. @David Nadler: Great idea! The nearest EPA RadNet station is Las Vegas Nevada about 100 miles from the park. As the below graph and Las Vegas EPA RadNet detectors were partially operable with the beta detector – the most important one – still remains non-functioning but the gamma one is working. Look at the sizable increase in gamma activity during the same period of winter storm ‘Boreas’ sweeping through Death Valley and Las Vegas. It’s sobering to think that nearly two million Nevadans, and thousands of tourists, were exposed to the same levels we tested in Death Valley. This gamma readings suggest that they were.


  11. The Stovepipe Wells live tape (the sample from the windshield) is especially creepy — I used to like to walk around in the rain, since it’s so damned rare here in California.

    We need to keep an eye on the EPA RadNet data to see this spike in radioactivity as this storm works its way east.

  12. Why not name this storm. Doing so helps to categorize the event so that it can be used in a statistical analysis of various storms at differing times and places. The radiation levels in this storm were astronomical as compared to backround. Records must be kept so that we can more clearly study this unfolding disaster upon the earth and its inhabitants. There is no denying it… we are being irradiated at dangerous levels. To think that our government has failed to monitor this situation is mind boggleing at best, and criminal at worst. Stay out of the rain, wash your produce, and try to avoid foods that may contain higher levels of radioactivity such as Pacific ocean fish. Some people may go farther in their attempt to mitigate the problem by ingesting zeolites, MSM, calcium/potassium/magnesium supplements, nascient iodine, DIM (indole-3 carbanol) which scientific studies have shown to radio protect human tissues and actually repair DNA damaged by radioactivity. Eat ALOT of cruciferous vegetables daily like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and several others. Good luck all.

  13. We’ve known for two years that the stooges at Tepco were screwing around with their melt-downs, utterly unable to keep the radiation out of the sea. Just like you predicted, Michael Collins, the radioactive sea eventually becomes radioactive rain — and we’re downwind.

    These recent readings from Death Valley are DIRECT evidence of the ongoing Fukushima disaster. There’s no hiding it behind Tepco and Japanese government efforts to save face.

  14. Please, please, PLEASE do not pander to The Weather Channel’s pretentious practice of “naming” every snow event that comes down the pike. They have no more right to name this storm than I do. It is nothing more than a publicity stunt. If storms like hurricanes must be named, let the appropriate government agency do so. But this is just a snow storm, not “BOREAS.”

    [Michael Collins responds: We entirely agree, Chuck. Perhaps we should have named this storm the Fuku Express instead because it packs a lot more radioactive punch than any other rain and snow event we’ve tested since March 15, 2011. More videos of the Fuku Express in Death Valley are coming today and will be included below the article.]

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