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In March 2009, the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, or DTSC, invited the public to a community meeting about the closure of Aerojet’s Open Burn/Open Unit detonation area. The cleanup of this 14-acre site yielded “[O]ver 260,000 cubic yards of soil were re-excavated and re-screened with over 47,000 items and 120,000 pounds of inert fragments recovered,” says DTSC’s notice of the OB/OP meeting.

The public was invited to comment on the closure plan and EnviroReporter.com requested the material to comment on. DTSC sent 754 mb us worth of material that it doesn’t have posted on its website. Some of the most important material is included in the galleries below. These photographs, maps and figures are supplemented in additional galleries created from large reports available on the DTSC’s Aerojet Chino Hills website.

Thousands of pages of data and material analysis by EnviroReporter.com are included in our 15-page comments on the OB/OD closure plan as well as related remediation and contamination issues at Aerojet Chino Hills.

Read EnviroReporter.com’s May 1, 2009 comments to DTSC on the OB/OD closure here.

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Aerojet Chino Hills – OB/OD Maps & Layout





Aerojet Chino Hills – Photographs of OB/OD cleanup





Aerojet Chino Hills – 1999 cleanup workplan





Aerojet Chino Hills – 2003 Depleted Uranium & ‘Kick-Out’ reports

2000-2024 Aerojet Chino Hills Investigation Main Page