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January 20, 2013
With the second anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster approaching, a storm is brewing again over the fate of Taiwan’s controversial fourth NPP.


January 20, 2013
Fairewinds’ Arnie Gunderson looks at how difficult it is for the public to meaningfully participate in the NRC licensing process.


January 20, 2013
5 Bq/Kg from Fukushima apple juice and 5.8 Bq/Kg from Miso.


January 19, 2013
Radioactive plume reached far south island Okinawa from 3/25 to 4/25/2011.
(1093 miles from Fukushima – how many miles are you from your nearest Nuclear power plant?)


January 18, 2013
Plutonium-239/240 measured from offshore Fukushima, Tepco “It’s within historical range, not from Fukushima.”


January 18, 2013
Greenpeace “Cesium from fish sold at supermarkets in Japan”. At 7.5 to 51 Bq/kg.


January 18, 2013
“Nothing About Us Without Us !” as IAEA sets up its operational base in Fukushima – Report on the Japan-IAEA Ministerial Conference.
“The more I learned about IAEA, the clearer it became to me what an obstacle this organization is for those of us who are striving toward the world without nuclear power.”


January 18, 2013
Record high radiation found in Fukushima fish — 2,500 times cesium limit – 254,000 Bq/kg.


January 18, 2013
Uranium used to make atomic bombs dumped in landfill with no cover near major U.S. city — Experts: Waste “is becoming more radioactive” — EPA: It’s safe, leave it there (VIDEO)


January 18, 2013
Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused by Chemtrail Testing. Zinc Cadmium Sulfide with Radioactive Particles. Sprayed Daily on Housing Project for Years.


January 18, 2013
The Medical and Ecological Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.


January 18, 2013
The latest in pro -nuclear films – important to know what the other side is saying.


January 18, 2013
UN chief Ban Ki-moon warns nuclear weapons, terrorists a rising threat.


January 18, 2013
Obama’s modest gains in nuclear security vision.


January 18, 2013
Japanese cleanup officials see how Hanford does it.


January 18, 2013
Chilling Testimony”: Expert says public was put in great danger because of errors at California nuclear plant — KPBS: NRC hearing was a Catch 22


January 18, 2013
Fukushima debris hits Hawaii.


January 17, 2013
Proposed New Nuclear Reactor At Fermi Plant Clears Hurdle.


January 17, 2013
The US House Energy Committee released a letter to the NRC trying to dissuade them from implementing the post Fukushima safety upgrades. All but 3 signatories of this letter trying to pressure the NRC had major nuclear industry funding. Part of what this protest is about is filtered vents the NRC is considering requiring.


January 17, 2013
2.27 μSv/h from dog paws in Tokyo. (148 miles from Fukushima)


January 17, 2013
Tepco released the latest survey map of Fukushima plant, 200μSv/h from the west of Unit 4.


January 17, 2013
“Greenwashing” Rocketdyne in the Ventura County Reporter newspaper. Secret plan exposed after secret document posted online. Cover story is the first print coverage of Boeing’s Meltdown Makeover. Paper is target of phony media campaign but turns the tables in this fast-moving piece with new information about Boeing’s Gary Polakovic plan being implemented. This newspaper has been on the cutting edge of environmental journalism since December 2002 when VCReporter published Michael Collins’ first story for the most important newspaper weekly in the county where the Santa Susana Field Laboratory is located, Rocketdyne Ranch.


January 17, 2013
Video: “Going from bad to worse, day by day” at Fukushima plant — “The situation doesn’t improve at all”.


January 17, 2013
9 utilities spent 2.4 trillion yen to sell public on nuke power.
“With advertising money, media organizations became dependent on utilities for revenue and found it hard to criticize nuclear power.”


January 17, 2013
In a new development, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) announced that it will require all 26 boiling water reactors (BWR) in Japan—the same type those that experienced full nuclear meltdowns during the Fukushima disaster—to install filtered vents in order to contain large releases of radioactive material in case of a nuclear disaster. Significantly, NRA Commissioner Toyoshi Fuketa stated that idled BWRs without filtered vents will not be allowed to restart until they have been retrofitted, a process that could be both expensive and time-consuming for utilities.


January 17, 2013
It’s goodbye nuclear, hello renewables as Japan prepares to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm this July. Not. Japan’s new government has reversed the previous administration’s course and will charge ahead with its nuclear plans on the most earthquake-prone island in the world.


January 17, 2013
Vermont Supreme Court to hear arguments on nuclear power plant. Supreme court looking at a complaint that the plant has been disobeying orders from state utility regulators and should be shut down.

January 17, 2013
The AP1000 nuclear reactor vessel targeted at Vogtle, Georgia has been discovered unprotected, stranded in Savannah Port since a December 15 shipment failure.


January 17, 2013
Industry, Activists at Odds Over Security Risks of Interim Waste Storage
“Dry cask containers are not strong enough to withstand impact from armor-piercing weapons”.


January 17, 2013
Pilgrim nuclear power plant back online. That was Pilgrim’s third emergency shutdown in seven months.


January 17, 2013
U.S. House Energy and Commerce Commission Opposes NRC’s Requirement of Filtered Vents in BWRs in the US , says Fukushima Accident cannot happen in US.


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  1. Michael..what a great way to start a New Year! It is just way beyond terrific to have all of these important articles, with their links, all listed on one page. First of all, it is really impressive to see that there are so many recent articles that MUST be read, and second…it is wonderful not to have to go hunting for them. I just wish I had the time back that I have spent in the past, trying to locate these articles, in order to forward them to friends, in an attempt to inform and educate them as to the nuclear crisis that is going on, thanks to Fukushima. I just wish that the US Government would go and do likewise!
    While I know that there are certainly articles on this potential global disaster to be found in some small newspapers, I have not, so far, found anyone, anywhere, who has been tackling the whole Fukushima disaster, head on, as you have been doing. And, in addition, you have also written many articles, plus, now, a five part series, on our local nuclear and toxic chemical contamination on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.
    I cannot believe how incredibly lucky that we all are to have you here in our midst, doing your knowledgeable environmental reporting, without which we would basically all be in the dark, when it comes to understanding and interpreting everything that has been happening in California, the USA, and the World. My hope is that in 2013, you, and also Denise, will continue to have the concern, energy and courage to keep investigating and writing about all of these issues, which affect the health and welfare of all of us.
    Meanwhile, 2012 grateful THANKS!

  2. radar.weather.gov/Conus/full.php Check out this site to see the [possibly] radioactive clouds across USA

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