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August 22, 2013
Worst-case scenario’ at Fukushima
Fukushima getting worse: The Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority said the cascading series of radioactive water leaks from the Fukushima plant is approaching a worst case scenario.
[Tepco] warned there may be hundreds more tanks like [the one leaking] on the site of the 2011 meltdown.
“We cannot waste even a minute,” [Chairman of the Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Shunichi Tanaka] said. “This is what we have been fearing.” […]
Atsunao Marui, director of research at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said the situation is likely to get worse.
“It’s important to think of the worst-case scenario,” he said.


August 22, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: Media now exposing Fukushima cover-up: “So many terrible things are not being reported” — Official radiation figures cannot be trusted — Regulator suspects Tepco giving false data — Problems much worse than officials claim.


August 22, 2013
U.S. Waste Issue: Environmental coalition challenges NRC on high-level radioactive waste storage risks.


August 22, 2013
Earthquakes: Megaquake aftershocks pose lasting danger – Tokyo, Santiago at risk after megaquakes 400 kilometres away


August 21, 2013
Fukushima affecting us: West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation.


August 21, 2013
Good news: FERC Chair Jon Wellinghoff: Solar ‘Is Going to Overtake Everything’.


August 21, 2013
Canadian gov’t now plans to start radiation testing on fish off B.C. coast.


August 21, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: Japan official: it’s a “house of horrors” as Fukushima threat level raised. More storage tanks believed leaking highly radioactive water.


August 21, 2013
We need to consider this: Time to Amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.
The lesson is to end the Atomic Energy Act’s grant of exclusive federal jurisdiction over radiation hazards and to amend the Act to empower states to mothball their nukes for reasons of public health and safety.


August 21, 2013
Fukushima getting worse; Nuclear leak could ‘begin new disaster’.


August 21, 2013
Hanford: Richland Company Working On Ground Water Sensor. A carcinogen called hexavalent chromium has been an environmental problem in many places, including the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. – Remember Erin Brockovich?


August 21, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: Japan to issue gravest warning since quake on Fukushima nuclear plant leaks.


August 20, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: Worse than Chernobyl: The inner threat of Fukushima crisis. Busby


August 20, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: 8 Fukushima children diagnosed with thyroid cancer / 44 malignant cases reported.


August 20, 2013
Fukushikma getting worse: 300m3, 24,000,000,000,000 Bq of β nuclide released / still keeps leaking.
“From their announcement, one of the tanks (No.5) lost 1/3 of the stocked water, which is approx. 300 tones.”
Most of the leaked water has travelled out of the local dam. The total amount of leaking β nuclide is 24,000,000,000,000 Bq. The total amount of leaking Cesium-134 is 13,800,000,000 Bq. The total amount of leaking Cesium-137 is 30,000,000,000.


August 20, 2013
Fukushima getting worse:Radiation levels found in one of the puddles are the highest found in the two and a half years since the reactors were destroyed. According to TEPCO, the leaked water contains 80 million Becquerel of beta radiation per liter. One location measured over 100 milliSievert per hour of radiation dose.


August 20,2013
CGS Event notification #49290.


August 19, 2013
Good news: A Solar System Is Installed in the US Every 4 Minutes
The industry will soon install one solar system every minute and a half.


August 19, 2013
8-12-13 Michael Collins Radiation UpdateMichael Collins Radiation Update August 19, 2013: This may be the finest hour-long special in the last 2.5 years. Associated Press picks up on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory story with alternative headlines betraying battle of Boeing PR flack Gary Polakovic and the residents fighting for the agreed-upon comprehensive cleanup to background levels of rads and chems. AP not fooled by Polakovic’s meltdown makeover of SSFL with Girl Scouts and disadvantaged youths the target of Boeing photo ops at lab. Three 100-ton meltdown coriums ‘missing’ at Fukushima as radiation readings higher in last week than at any time during the meltdown. 125 liters of intensely hot goo found outside Unit 4 with damaged spent fuel pool that will destroy Tokyo if it collapses and catches fire. SPF 4 has 14,000 Hiroshima bombs worth of cesium-137 alone. Radiation readings pick up sharply in San Francisco and San Diego. New Dept. of Defense study by University of Texas research assistant says all reactor complexes, spent fuel pools and nuclear weapons storage depots are vulnerable to terrorists. Flawed study misses the most obvious weakenesses but does show that subject itself isn’t taboo in DOD circles, an important consideration in surveillance state where executive branch targets journalists. EnviroReporter.com study will break mold on issue. New Freedom of Information Act documents show coverup of Fukushima triple meltdowns in US with West Coast pounded with fallout in early days of ongoing triple meltdown begun March 11, 2011. Over 100 Ohio earthquakes near nuke plant on Great Lakes caused by fracking in official new study. Columbia Generating Station, a version of the Fukushima reactor design, can be hit with earthquake over three times its design limit according to Dept. of Energy report. Northwest activists want it shut down.

August 19, 2013
Good news:The hallmark of the future of nuclear power right now is uncertainty.
Utilities largely have backed off any rush to forge ahead in constructing the next generation of expensive, new nuclear reactor plants — even though they seemed plausible just a few years ago.


August 19, 2013
NRC: Indian Point 2 can operate during license renewal (!)

As NIRS put it – “License? You don’t need no stinking license to run a nuclear reactor at Indian Point…”


August 19, 2013
Fukushima getting worse: Tritium Measurement In Fukushima Bay Highest Ever As TEPCO Admits 40 Trillion Becquerels Have Spilled Into Pacific.


August 19, 2013
Joseph Mangano/RPHP report on radioactivity releases from Palisades and increased death rates in the surrounding area.


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  1. Michael..what a great way to start a New Year! It is just way beyond terrific to have all of these important articles, with their links, all listed on one page. First of all, it is really impressive to see that there are so many recent articles that MUST be read, and second…it is wonderful not to have to go hunting for them. I just wish I had the time back that I have spent in the past, trying to locate these articles, in order to forward them to friends, in an attempt to inform and educate them as to the nuclear crisis that is going on, thanks to Fukushima. I just wish that the US Government would go and do likewise!
    While I know that there are certainly articles on this potential global disaster to be found in some small newspapers, I have not, so far, found anyone, anywhere, who has been tackling the whole Fukushima disaster, head on, as you have been doing. And, in addition, you have also written many articles, plus, now, a five part series, on our local nuclear and toxic chemical contamination on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.
    I cannot believe how incredibly lucky that we all are to have you here in our midst, doing your knowledgeable environmental reporting, without which we would basically all be in the dark, when it comes to understanding and interpreting everything that has been happening in California, the USA, and the World. My hope is that in 2013, you, and also Denise, will continue to have the concern, energy and courage to keep investigating and writing about all of these issues, which affect the health and welfare of all of us.
    Meanwhile, 2012 grateful THANKS!

  2. radar.weather.gov/Conus/full.php Check out this site to see the [possibly] radioactive clouds across USA

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