U.S. air radiation surges higher

Air radiation levels surge nationwide according to an EnviroReporter.com analysis of 124 U.S. EPA RadNet monitoring stations. From coast to coast, cancer-causing beta radiation is rising to many times background with the culprit possibly being the ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima Japan begun over three years ago.

Radiation Conversation II

Radiation Conversation II continues EnviroReporter.com’s thousands of comments, including our own, on issues that readers care about most. Over three million folks have visited EnviroReporter.com and its streaming 24-7 Radiation Station Santa Monica in just the last three years alone. The ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan along with issues like the astronomically polluted Santa Susana Field Laboratory, neighboring Runkle Canyon, the vulnerable state of America’s nuclear reactors to terrorism especially the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and radiation discovered and exposed across America are just some of the subjects EnviroReporter.com, and you, cover and discuss like nowhere else. The legacy of award-winning excellence in environmental investigative journalism, and your reaction to it and other issues, make Radiation Conversation II the Internet’s most valuable web resource of its kind.

Toxies play starring role in San Gabriel Valley

Half an hour east of Hollywood, the San Gabriel Valley boasts stars of its own, with toxic behavior that would make even Justin Bieber blanch. On March 22, three Toxies – carcinogenic solvents trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE) and the solid rocket fuel oxidizer perchlorate – crashed a Baldwin Park community meeting held by Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano (D – El Monte) to discuss groundwater contamination in the San Gabriel Valley. Floating in the groundwater and imbued in the soil are toxic amounts of the carcinogenic solvents trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE) and the solid rocket fuel oxidizer perchlorate. These chemicals are so pervasive in Southern California and across the nation that they’ve become stars in The Toxies, a multi-media campaign to promote public awareness about toxic chemicals and health. All the while, EnviroReporter.com has discovered that thousands of people in the San Gabriel Valley may be inadvertently be being exposed to cancer-causing solvents in their own homes and places of business.

Fukushima – The Perfect Crime?

Multiple hazardous readings of suspected Fukushima radiation have been detected in air, rain, snow, and surf in California and across the nation. The high radioactivity findings came during tests of air across America, Pacific Ocean surf south of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, rain in Death Valley and nearby Las Vegas, and in the soil of California’s marijuana-growing heartland in Humboldt County. American media has reacted to these latest radiation revelations by issuing a barrage of poorly written screeds designed to discredit the people doing the actual detection work abandoned by the government in late 2011.

China Syndrome Town

EnviroReporter.com exposes plots that would keep the Santa Susana Field Laboratory radioactive and chemically contaminated, saving the polluters hundreds of millions. If lab owner Boeing, government agencies, and astroturfers are successful, the toxic land could become Glow in the Dark Park or a new Chumash gambling casino. China Syndrome Town is a true tale of greed, corruption, and malfeasance that could have real life consequences for the Los Angeles region and its residents.

High Stakes for Hot Property

An overflow crowd attended the revived SSFL Work Group meeting in Simi Valley demanding answers about the massive Santa Susana Field Laboratory 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The site is one of the most radiologically and chemically polluted places in the nation. Lab owner Boeing and a Native American tribe with a huge casino are trying to thwart the legal agreements dictating the land be cleaned to background levels of deadly toxins. If successful, they could create one of the greatest, and most infamous, environmental debacles in the history of Southern California.

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  • China Syndrome Town

    China Syndrome Town

    EnviroReporter.com exposes plots that would keep the Santa Susana Field Laboratory radioactive and chemically contaminated, [...]
  • High Stakes for Hot Property

    High Stakes for Hot Property

    An overflow crowd attended the revived SSFL Work Group meeting in Simi Valley demanding answers [...]
  • Glow in the Dark Park

    Glow in the Dark Park

    Agency commitments to the SSFL cleanup, radioactive debris, and Runkle Canyon dust cause a stir [...]
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  • Truth or Scare?

    Truth or Scare?

    Cleanup detractors claim remediating nuclear and chemical contamination at SSFL is bad, and government agencies are complicit in the disinformation campaign. Recent DTSC meetings see boasts that eating dirt at the lab wouldn’t be hazardous even if “the level of contamination was between 600 and a 1,000 times background level.” Not to be outdone, the attorney for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash lays claim to the entire SSFL as “sacred” Native American property, potentially exempt from cleanup.

  • Rewriting Rocketdyne

    Rewriting Rocketdyne

    The Department of Energy, which runs nuclear Area IV of the former Rocketdyne lab, inflates the amount of radioactive and chemically contaminated dirt estimated to be excavated by three to five times. The agency also says it will consider lesser cleanup standards than its signed agreement with DTSC. Citizens cry foul and unite, despite ever-growing ugly charges made by anti-cleanup groups, to tell the government to clean up to background. China Syndrome Town will not be a walk in the park for polluters.

  • Hit Men for Hot Zones

    Hit Men for Hot Zones

    Heavy weaponry, including rocket launchers that could be used to attack San Onofre, is awash on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border with most of the dangerous material originating in the United States. Drug cartels have sought out American soldiers to recruit as hitmen with some success. In addition to the rocket propelled missile threat against San Onofre, EnviroReporter.com has discovered that the SONGS dry cask spent nuclear fuel facility, amazingly not in the highly secure zone like the one in which the reactors are located, is vulnerable to terrorist attack on foot. This second major vulnerability could cause a catastrophic disaster should terrorists hired by Middle East adversaries of this country manage to penetrate the lightly defended dry cask area of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

  • San Onofre's Risky Business

    San Onofre’s Risky Business

    The softest targets are nuclear reactor spent fuel rods in cooling pools with dry casked radioactive spent fuel rods a not too close second. Nuclear reactors themselves are heavily fortified concrete enclosures and would require much heavier weaponry to successfully attack than the soft sites analyzed in this series.

    What San Onofre lacks in an effective defensive posture to successfully fend off terrorist attacks could be made right by use of the neighboring thousands of Marines on duty just down the Old Highway 101 road that runs along the eastern wall of SONGS between it and the San Diego Freeway. Unlike any other reactor and spent fuel pool complex in the country, San Onofre sits on Marine Corps land with 100,000 people on the base during daytime including 19,000 members of the First Marines Expeditionary Force. I MEF is made up of the 1st Marine Division, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and the 1st Marine Logistics Group.

  • SONGS' Lethal Legacy

    SONGS’ Lethal Legacy

    According to a June 27 report from Friends of the Earth (FOE) on SONGS’ “lethal legacy,” the last 44 years of energy production at San Onofre have left nearly 1,100 tons of extremely radioactive spent fuel rods overcrowded in pools designed only to hold them for 5 to 7 years. Other estimates of the total amount of hot rods at the site range from 1,400 to 1,800 tons according to several credible sources.

    Should a pool be cracked by an earthquake or lose power to circulate the hot pools, the water would drain or evaporate away and the heat of the extremely radioactive rods could ignite a blaze. Not just any blaze. A spent fuel pond fire would be nearly impossible to extinguish and, according to a 2007 Nuclear Regulatory Commission disaster scenario involving SONGS’ pools on fire, everyone within ten miles of San Onofre would get a fatal dose of radiation.

  • Black Swan SONGS

    Black Swan SONGS

    Southern California faces an even more uncertain future thanks to the amount of radioactive material at the site, so much highly toxic material that if unleashed could kill a huge chunk of the Southland making it uninhabitable for thousands of years. This makes it a pre-placed high-value terrorist target.

    Even though SCE’s decision to permanently shutter the reactors removes the possibility of a reactor meltdown, the nuclear complex is a disaster waiting to happen. SONGS will never generate a watt of electricity again but its spent reactor fuel situation is in critical danger of catastrophe that would far exceed a reactor core meltdown.

    This series reveals that SONGS’ security posture is questionable at best and possibly not robust enough to withstand a concerted terrorist attack.

  • Tokyo's Radiation Olympics

    Tokyo’s Radiation Olympics

    After a gold medal performance by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2020 Olympic Summer Games to Tokyo. Fresh off of the G20 Summit in Russia, Abe gave a glowing assessment of the deteriorating situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi. “Let me assure you the situation is under control,” Abe said during his country’s final presentation to the IOC. “It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo.”

  • Fracked Nation

    Fracked Nation

    Fracking Chemical Cocktail and Mr. Drill attend “The Toxies Exposed” premiere August 15 and reveal their designs on Southern California. Frackie has quietly made herself at home in the Southland and in 34 states raising gas and controversy. It made perfect sense that Frackie would wow the crowd and press at film premiere which she sees as vindication for all the bad press she’s gotten. Fracking Chemical Cocktail’s drinks look almost as good as she does. So confident is Frackie that she shares her deepest “fracktastic” plans.

    EnviroReporter.com has found that a little known new threat posed by fracking is slowly becoming known in addition to the already established menaces of groundwater contamination, huge water usage, methane gas releases and fracking induced earthquakes.

    Fracking also threatens the very value and marketability of real estate, so much so that major insurance companies are not renewing homeowner insurance policies on properties that have been fracked or are near fracking. Lenders will not loan money on property that has potential for hazardous activity and contamination issues meaning that the land owner is truly fracked. The land becomes uninsurable and unsellable making it worthless.

  • State Stumbles Over Illegal SSFL Radioactive Waste Disposal Allegations

    State Stumbles Over Illegal SSFL Radioactive Waste Disposal Allegations

    A hastily-arranged press conference call Tuesday revealed Cal-EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control’s strategy in dealing with revelations of illegally dumping and recycling radioactive material from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL): feign outrage and boldly claim, without proof, that DTSC hadn’t done anything wrong.

  • Boeing's Meltdown Mess

    Boeing’s Meltdown Mess

    Consumer Watchdog and a coalition of environmental groups threatened to sue California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control and Department of Public Health over Boeing tearing down radioactive structures at the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

  • EPA Nukes Radiation Rules*

    EPA Nukes Radiation Rules*

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s draft EPA “Protective Action Guide” (PAG), posted on its website April 15, allows hundreds to thousands of times more radiation in disasters than the agency had previously allowed. Americans have until Monday, July 15 to even though the EPA made the new PAG effective immediately. According to EPA’s own data, the new PAGs will result in exponentially higher radiation-induced fatal cancers than the current goal of one in ten thousand to one in a million Americans. In various exposure scenarios listed in the report, depending on which radionuclide, the resultant cancer rates would claim several out of ten, one in eight, one in six – even as low as one in 1.7.

  • Pipeline to the President

    Pipeline to the President

    150 anti-Keystone Pipeline demonstrators rally in Santa Monica near exclusive fundraiser for guest President Obama. Understandably eclipsed by the mass-shooting across town by a deranged gunman who killed four before being shot dead, the protest reflects growing discontent from Obama supporters with his anti-environment policies like the tar sands pipeline, muscled through by the State Department over EPA objections.

  • City of LA to Feds - Clean up SSFL

    City of LA to Feds – Clean up SSFL

    The Los Angeles City Council votes unanimously to demand that NASA clean its polluted 450 acres at the Santa Susana Laboratory to background levels of radiation and chemical contamination. The victory comes courtesy of Councilmen Mitch Englander and Dennis Zine, two Republicans who aren’t fooled by NASA’s crafty maneuvering and Boeing’s meltdown makeover. Activists in city hall rejoice in victory which could save Los Angeles River from decades more pollution sluicing off the former Rocketdyne lab, site of three partial meltdowns and astronomical radiological and chemical contamination.

  • Canada's Land of Milk and Strontium 90

    Canada’s Land of Milk and Strontium 90

    Team EnviroReporter does what the Canadian government refuses to do: test the country’s milk for the fission-product radionuclide Strontium 90. Not only are the test results shocking – the radiation regulatory system maintained by Canada is practically non-existent even as the triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan continue unabated and the Sea of Goo from the March 11, 2011 tsunami slowly makes its way to British Columbia shores.

  • Radiation Food Lab

    Radiation Food Lab

    Hundreds of food and drink radiation tests from ten countries are conducted and compiled by Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia’s Peter Daley. This is the single most comprehensive collection of samples and results in English that exist. Radiation Food Lab shows what’s hot and what’s not in this growing and dynamic study of consumables possible impacted by fallout from the ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan.

  • Winter Hot Zones

    Winter Hot Zones

    EnviroReporter.com travels across the country once again on the heels of Rad Road Trip, this time taking to the hot skies which sizzle with over five times the amount of radiation that would be normally expected at 30,000 in pre-Fukushima meltdowns days. Michigan snow shows significant beta presence yet precipitation radiation in Midwest off its highs from a year ago. Upon return, Los Angeles air tested by EnviroReporter.com and the EPA’s RadNet show L.A. Basin crackling with beta radiation in the atmosphere.

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