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Toxic Trails

Toxic Trails

LA County Rec and Parks quietly plans hiking trails to contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory, ignoring toxins while honoring anti-cleanup gadfly.

Atomic Avenger

Atomic Avenger

Bonnie Klea is the Atomic Avenger, an American who has taken her considerable skills and perseverance to fight for the rights of the nation’s nuclear workers.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Simi Valley’s Radiation Rangers take Runkle Canyon developer KB Home to task after its former head, Bruce Karatz, was convicted of four felonies.

Career Day

Career Day

Recruiting men and women for aerospace and experimental nuclear reactor work in the 1950s for Rocketdyne was art, literally. The company used fascinating brochures.

Double Vision

Double Vision

Government’s just-sacked DTSC head of Rocketdyne remediation says the new cleanup law is too strict and that site owner Boeing is going to sue the State over the standards.

Vapor or plastic? Sage Ranch toxic soil was carefully handled


Why Boeing would mischaracterize the number of trucks going down into the San Fernando Valley and not volunteer to have environmental protections during this clean up?

Tougher toxic excavation and transport standards at Aerojet Chino Hills

Goo To Go

Thousands of truckloads of toxic cargo could rumble through the San Fernando Valley over the lifetime of the Rocketdyne cleanup, scheduled for completion in 2017.

Dee says the old website is passe

Welcome to EnviroReporter.com v2!

Denise Anne Duffield, my multi-award-winning website designer, editor and better half, pulls out all the stops in this redesign for 2009. The website has since significantly evolved.

Black goo. Man with benzo(a)anthracene in Runkle Canyon July 2, 2007 with Simi officials.

Mountains of Goo

Runkle Canyon’s Radiation Rangers uncover KB Home’s promise to remove two giant mountains of slag material that are leaking pools of toxic sludge. Rangers say it’s a mountain of malarkey.

30,000 rocket tests have left the Santa Susana Field Laboratory polluted with chemicals. Radiation remains from dumping, burning and partial meltdowns in 1959 and 1964

The Promised Land

Gov. Schwarzenegger terminates uncertainty of Rocketdyne cleanup with historic move that keeps California in charge – for now. Long bitter battle of Rocketdyne seems resolved but certainly isn’t.

Boeing worker shoots a load of water over the debris field to keep asbestos dust down.

Cleaning Up Rocketdyne

Department of Toxics Substances Control begins massive cleanup of Rocketdyne dump next to Sage Ranch State Park. Debris field includes cancerous asbestos and pipes lined with toxic antimony.

State Senator Sheila Kuehl

Pay Dirt

Gov. Schwarzenegger signs SB-990, a bill by State Senator Sheila Kuehl to clean up Rocketdyne to Superfund standards. Boeing agrees to pay for remediation and donate lab for parkland.