Dee says the old website is passe. – July 22, 2009
Welcome to Version 2 of created by Denise Anne Duffield, my multi-award-winning website designer, editor and better half. Denise Anne pulls out all the stops in this redesign which now features a blog, posts with comments, an RSS feed, and easy ways to share articles with others via e-mail and social bookmarking sites.

Version 2 also has a vastly superior way to navigate through our ever expanding investigations. contains our multiple environmental investigations, some now years in the covering, as well as new ones not yet published. This increasingly rare form of reporting — long-term investigative journalism — thrives on our website and in the newspapers and publications we are associated with, including the LA Weekly and the Ventura County Reporter.

Our revamped site now allows us to communicate daily about our investigations and other issues of the day which will further educate and entertain our readers. It will also better handle the immense volumes of information, photographs, documents and multi-media material that we need to continue our ongoing investigations, including Runkle Canyon, Rocketdyne, and the nuclear and chemical dump in Brentwood California on the West LA Veterans Administration.

The rebirth of will also expand our ability to bring you new stories with the breadth, clarity and punch that you would expect from Denise Anne and I. Check out the site and look at what my co-winner of the Los Angeles Press Club’s 2007 Online Journalists of the Year has cooked up for you. Denise Anne puts the hot in our logo: “Hot News. Real Hot News.”


  1. Great website, I’m so jealous!!! I love the interactive and super-slick blogging! Thanks for this great community resource to help us all keep track of all the many balls in the air at any given moment.

  2. I heartly agree with all of the preceeding comments and would like to add that I am so very happy to have a web site that actually offers more than just information, but also offers actual investigative reporting….and by an award winning journalist who has specialized in environmental matters. Michael has been an unfailing friend and supporter to all of the environmental activists over a long period of time. And, it is great that now we don’t have to wait around for a chance to read you in official newspapers, such as the LA [Weekly].

    I want to congratulate both Michael and Denise for a great looking web site….pictures and maps, as well as articles that are clear and understandable even to a non-scientist.(like me) But the best part is the ability to read about both sides of any given conflict, and to be refrenced to the underlying investigation that results in a final opinion or judgement about a disputed issue.

    I also greatly appreciate the fact that the web site totally encourages comments, thus providing a kind of on-line forum for discussion among interested parties and stakeholders.

    There can be no question about it….the revised EnviroReporter is a welcome addition to environmental web-land. I can now look forward to reading everything from cover to cover….frequently.

    Thank you so much!

  3. This new version is terrific. The previous Enviroreporter was like a gregarious socialite who could almost overwhelm you with his colorful stories and witty anecdotes before your cocktail ice melted. This new customer has cleaner lines, better organization and an aesthetic feel that makes you want to keep digging and digging — and the ice is nice and frosty and refreshing. Everyone knew Michael and Denise owned the franchise on bigtime enviro stories dealing with Rocketdyne and surrounding contamination. Enviroreporter gives readers much quicker and more intuitive access to all that now, and one can jump from issue to issue with a few keystrokes. I can only imagine the bump in traffic. A job well done!
    — Chip Jacobs

  4. Congratulations to you both.
    The web site is spectacular
    Michael your reporting on Runkle park will help the citizens of Simi Valley understand the huge problems with the area K.B Home wants to build on.
    Thanks again Denise and Michael for all the hard work.

    Rev John E Southwick

  5. Great site. Fabulous redesign. Congratulations and thanks to both of you for all your hard work and dedication.

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