Sodium Reactor Experiment - right - partially melted down in 1959
Sodium Reactor Experiment – right – partially melted down in 1959

Environmental investigations can take a lot of time and are arduous to research, write and produce. We call it “the slog.” There are times that are especially trying like getting Version 2 of up and running properly. It’s just at times like these that kind words remind Denise Anne and I why we do what we do.

Last night, we received a message from a Margery Brown who is an environmental activist who cares more about her fellow citizens, country and environment than a lot of so-called environmentalists we’ve dealt with over the years.

Her words, following, have to do with a cover story for the now-defunct Los Angeles CityBeat from June 2003 entitled “Fire on the Mountain – Simi Valley’s Rocketdyne facility was blasted by 50 years of rocket engines and nuclear reactor meltdowns, leaving a toxic disaster atop what residents call “The Hill.” Runoff may be poisoning Southland residents. And now the government just broke a promise to clean it up.”

Michael, I just found this article again. This was the article that motivated me to become an activist three years ago. After raising 5 kids of my own, and seemingly half the kids in the San Fernando Valley for years ( juvenile Probation Placement), this article about an 18 year old boy dying in his bedroom from the nuclear meltdown, just absolutely tore me up! I could not help but picture this tragedy happening to one of my own 6 grandsons, and it was incredibly upsetting to visualize.

I think that we all need to talk and write much more about the victims of this disaster…rather than just the scientific and Governmental stuff most of the time. One of my ambitions is to interview victims, record their stories, and bring more of a human element into the whole picture.

Again, I thank you for being an unfailing friend and supporter over the years, and I hope you will keep writing your terrific articles.

Marge Brown

25 Years of Award-Winning SSFL/Rocketdyne Reporting

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