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Floor mat – July 7, 2011

Driver’s side floor mat is 23.23% higher than previous interior average. Suggests that people are getting radiation onto their floor mats and shoes then tracking it into work and home.

Ionizer Filters – July 6, 2011

Testing of ionizer filters shows above average radiation readings in Radiation Station Santa Monica hitting 53.7% and 46.9% above background. If breathed in, this radiation could be dangerous.

HEPA Filters – June 26, 2011

Shocking new evidence of radioactive fallout in Los Angeles with HEPA filters from Santa Monica and Glendale showing significant increases in radiation.

Toxies Take Tinseltown

Second Annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Toxie Perchlorate is as explosive as she is hot and irresistible.

Five Years celebrates its Five Year Anniversary by looking at its beginnings and where its headed as we confront the reality of multiple meltdowns an ocean away.

HEPA Filter – May 13, 2011

Testing of Santa Monica dust two months after Fukushima meltdowns began. All above normal with spikes hitting 2.8 times background. A 10-minute average was 44.2% over background.

Rain – May 9, 2011

Ten minute average of a rain sample gathered May 9, 2011. 42.4% above background with no radon progeny (daughters) to falsely bump this troubling reading higher. Significant sample.

Radiation Nation

Nearly 700,000 have come to‘s Radiation Station in just a week to watch live Los Angeles basin readings and exchange information sparked by Fukushima meltdowns.

Radiation Station FAQs

Over 1,377,064 people have visited Radiation Station as of September 23, 2011 – and that’s just the live stream alone. Many have questions. Here are answers to some important ones.

KTLA News – March 16, 2011

KTLA News breaks the story of Radiation Station and creates special link on the television station’s website to hook people up 24/7 coverage of radiation readings in the Los Angeles Basin.

Melt Down Wind

Fukushima reactors teeter on the brink of full meltdown as huge spent fuel rods burn. Californians can’t help but think about the possibility of nuclear fallout. And for good reason.

Radiation Station‘s “Radiation Station” will go online tomorrow. We will be able to show, in live time, just what the radiation readings are in Santa Monica California.

No More Monkey Business

NASA backs off irradiating 18 squirrel monkeys in a $1.75 million experiment that our Pasadena Weekly/ investigation found was cruel and scientifically useless.