Media coverage of Fukushima Daiichi’s multiple meltdowns contamination of the Pacific Ocean and North American air, water, soil, food and drink took a giant leap April 16, 2012 when the fine folks at NBC G4-TV’s Attack of the Show! had this reporter on to discuss the gravest single environmental threat facing the world.

Attack of the Show! is broadcast live five nights a week in America, Canada and Australia. AOTS!, as it is called shorthand is “TV’s only source for all the stuff you care about from the coolest viral videos to the hottest new gadgets, comics and movies,” according to the video and photo-packed AOTS! website. “Attack of the Show gets it before it gets out.”

AOTS! certainly did get it before it gets out, one of the only mainstream media programs to cover Fukushima contamination in Southern California, the United States and beyond. Having up to two million viewers a program, AOTS! got it out in a big way.

Co-host Kevin Pereira, known for his quick and incisive wit, asked all the right questions as we explored the threat of Fukushima fallout on the West Coast.’s detection of high radiation from sea mist-infused rain, as covered in L.A. Rain Radiation Over Five Times Normal, brought the Fukushima investigation to the show producers’ attention.

Discussing many of the subjects covered in Beta Watch and The Endless Bummer, Kevin and I soon moved over to a table where I briefly tested HEPA filter dust just collected at Radiation Station Santa Monica.

That dust was tested just before showtime and came in at an astounding 746% of normal as explored in L.A. Air Even Hotter with Radiation. We also talked about the hot seaweed that I brought into the studio, seaweed tested in Japanese Seaweed Radiation Doubles.

After the show, co-host Candace Bailey and producer Sean Johnson spoke with me about our findings. Both Candace and Sean like their seaweed and sushi so these test results were certainly worrisome to them. Naturally, there are ways to cut down on one’s radiation exposure to Fukushima contamination and the two were relieved to know that there are ways to control their air, water, food, drink and themselves when faced with such dire circumstances. Many of these techniques are fleshed out in Eat Me which also has many helpful comments by others facing Fukushima challenges like the rest of us are.


  1. Mr. Collins, sincerely. You are a Hero of this terrible time. Now not everyone believes in a Creator, but I do. And I plan on speaking HIGHLY of your precious good deeds. Thank You, Thank You for saving lives.

  2. icitzenoftheplanet

    Again, continued appreciation for M.Collins,THE EnviroReporter, and everyone else who contributes to the success of RadiationNation. With this website and the media events, we have ongoing current real news and real facts in front of our eyes. I am appreciative we are still able to offer comments.

  3. Bravo! Thank You.

    I also liked how Kevin P. (the host) asked his questions. Far better than Brian Williams of NBC would have ever done.
    (That’s IF he ever did such an interview.)

    * Hey, Brian Williams of NBC why don’t you give Michael an interview and prove me wrong. (just an idea)

    There seems to be a definite divide between people who get there information from TV and those who are internet savvy like those who watch AOTS. hmmm… I wonder why?

    p.s. Even some of my relatives watched this one. 🙂

  4. I just want to point out that Michael Collins’ performance on ATOS was great.

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