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Beta Watch

An 11-month investigation with over 1,500 Fukushima radiation tests, a new UC Davis report on uranium-filled “buckeyballs” and proof that sea mist carries radiation inland for hundreds of miles.

A Whole HEPA Trouble #2

Dust and debris of both the Honeywell and Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA filter air cleaners was shocking – 5.38 times normal. Natural radon progeny is not a factor affecting this high reading.

A Whole HEPA Trouble #1

According to a Nevada accident report obtained by, a hazardous material incident’s tripwire is three times background for any subject media, or 300% of normal.

Will SOPA Nuke the Internet?*

Don’t count on being able to access uncensored information about Fukushima, or anything else, if SOPA or its Senate version PIPA (the Protect IP Act) becomes law.

Seasons Readings

Radiation readings in jets up to eight times normal and a jet stream-driven storm coming in at a sizzling 650% of background. Fukushima fallout in the American Heartland.

HOTTER Michigan Rain 12-30-11 Pt 2

Our second rain sampling on the second to last day of 2011 yielded highest radiation readings has taken in precipitation since Japan’s triple meltdowns began.

HOT Michigan Rain 12/30/11 Pt 1

Storm in Southwest Michigan where first storm sample comes in a whopping 561% of previous background radiation test. Jet stream’s front began over Pacific near Japan.

Radon Progeny Risk? December 15, 2011

Santa Monica rain radiation reads 264% of normal. But is this sample, which decayed down to background within two days, reading hot because of so-called “radon progeny”?

Radioactive Downtown L.A. Air 11-30-11 tests three months worth of HEPA filter-cleaned air in an historic downtown L.A. building with central air. Dust tests 364% of normal, hotter than expected.

Radioactive Los Angeles Air 11-16-11

Disturbing readings from one of Radiation Station Central’s HEPA filters after just 30 days of use: 308% of normal background higher. Alpha and beta radiation captured by the filter.

3 HEPA Filters – October 3, 2011

While a HEPA filter from Grover Beach, California, registered no additional radiation, two HEPA filters from Radiation Station Santa Monica were ~227% and ~222% of normal higher.

Radiation Conversation inaugurates Radiation Conversation with high levels of radiation in Japanese products in Southern California, including beer, sake and green tea.