1. “As citizens we have a right to know whats going on”

    Guess what, nobody’s hiding it from you.

    So..there is no problem.

  2. Why aren’t people screaming?

    Well, what will screaming accomplish?

    The die is cast..maybe the best thing to do, is nothing. Because that’s exactly what can be done about it.

  3. @Yoko: You are indeed correct but as you can see, that tsunami map was printed as the cover of the newspaper so it can’t be taken down and corrected. We had nothing to do with choosing the art for the article and were dismayed to see this map used (probably printed because it was colorful and in the public domain so free plus the Pacific is shown). The map used makes Tahiti look like it’s going to get the brunt of the goo which is certainly misleading. Indeed, the article speaks of the Kurushio Current in detail so this mistake is really puzzling. Doubly frustrating was the misuse of art in another newspaper’s mounting of our piece, this time showing a nuclear bomb going off which had and has absolutely nothing to do with the subject. Cringe-inducing but beyond our control. Thanks for the astute observation, Yoko!

    @Potrblog: Your beef radionuclide detections are really interesting. Though you talk of the Ce-133 in both 2011 and 2012 beef samples, you don’t mention the significance of the other radionuclides in the 2012 sample (other than the lack of Cs-137). Aren’t the other detections of radionuclides important or is only the Ce-133 one notable? And if so, besides showing up in both year’s samples; why is it notable?

    @All & Team EnviroReporter: The Big Hot Orange will be published noon Monday 8/27 if all proceeds as planned including videos and galleries. Do not miss this long and comprehensive piece that puts to print (albeit Internet ‘print’) some of the most shocking Fukushima meltdowns contamination discoveries to date. We then move immediately into crucial information with food and drink lab-tested in Canada coming soon thereafter.

  4. I need to report that this map is NOT A Radiation Map from Japan, but a Tsunami Map.

    Please take the map down and put a correct one on.
    I don’t want to people to misunderstand, nor your web. site to put a wrong information.

    Explanation about the map is bellow.
    NOAA Map of Japanese Tsunami Wave Height

    In case you haven’t seen it yet: This isn’t directly defense-related, but it’s still interesting. It’s a plot created by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showing the projected wave size from the Tsunami that rocked Japan on Friday. See how the chart maxes out at 240 centimeters. That’s almost eight feet. There are reports the wall of water that tore through Japan was more than 12 feet high in places. Our thoughts are with the victims.

    Here’s another chart of the the waves: http://defensetech.org/2011/03/12/noaa-map-of-japanese-tsunami-wave-height/#ixzz24dP1zTSz

  5. I have seen more electrical storms in couple weeks than I ever saw in Yakima Washington. Anyone doing monitoring in my area, I would like to help.

  6. “tag” debris & report it to authorities for clean-up if radiation monitoring unavailable. The ‘hot’ stuff should start to appear by year end.

  7. @Word: That’s such a good question. I wonder if -barring immediate riots and looting- by the 2nd year there would be a Global Shopping Spree Super Extravaganza. By year 5, nothing left to buy: riots and worse…but that wouldn’t last long since nobody’s feeling so great anymore. Yeah, I’d probably max-out my credit cards (if I had any, that is) on luxurious survival supplies & creature comforts for me & my peeps.

  8. @Michael
    Well done article. Many interesting points.

    Amazing, why aren’t people screaming?

    from article:
    “In other words, no federal agency, department or administration is doing anything to sample and analyze water from the Pacific. Fish aren’t being tested for contamination, either.”

    “NOAA is not currently doing further research on seafood,” Belva said…”

    @Cher Curry
    Liked your email/letter.
    Found their reply to be deplorable. 🙁

  9. Thought you might be interested in this so I am forwarding my letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Government of Canada) some questions I had regarding Fukushima
    -what if anything was being done by our Canadian Government to help mitigate the ongoing Fukushima radiation fallout situation-in particular if anything was being done about reactor 4.
    -is our government aware of how dire the situation is especially if another earthquake or severe weather caused this building to collapse that would result in a nuclear catastrophie beyond human survivability.
    -what monitoring/testing was being done with regards to our food, water, and the air we breathe.
    -how safety was being determined as to what is safe and what isn’t.
    -was there any involvement by our government to ensure the information we are recieving is accurate.

    This is the response I received, shocking actually! Like I’m going to go on Tepco’s website to get to true and accurate information!! Give me a break.

    Regards, Cheryl Curry

    [Editor’s note: the identity of the official who responded has been redacted as has Ms. Curry’s email address.]

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: [redacted]
    To: [Cheryl Curry]
    Cc: [redacted]
    Sent: Wed, 30 May 2012 11:37:16 -0600 (MDT)
    Subject: Re: Radiation monitoring

    Dear Ms. Curry,

    Thank you for your correspondence of April 15th addressed to the Right
    Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada concerning radiation

    The Government of Canada is committed to protecting the health and safety
    of Canadians. To this effect, Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau
    has been monitoring environmental radioactivity on a routine basis since
    the monitoring program started in 1959. It currently operates 2 networks
    of radioactivity monitoring stations which represent a total of over 100
    detection and sampling systems located all over Canada.

    In response to the March 2011 nuclear emergency at the Fukushima nuclear
    power plant in Japan, Health Canada deployed an additional 9 temporary
    monitoring stations to the West Coast of Canada to augment the existing
    networks. Radioactivity originating from the Fukushima nuclear plant was
    measured in Canada for a period of time immediately following the
    accident. The maximum radioactivity levels were very small, well below
    levels of natural background radiation and barely measurable. After a few
    weeks, the radioactivity associated with the Fukushima accident was too
    small to be measured in Canada.

    Concerning the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, I invite
    you to visit the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) website
    “Fukushima Daiichi Status Reports” for internationally verified
    information. In addition, the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO)
    website “Status of Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power
    Stations after Great East Japan Earthquake” provides more detailed
    information about Japan’s plan for recovery and the specific
    countermeasures in place to ensure the safety of the plant moving forward.
    These can be found at:


    Lastly, I would like to also assure you that Health Canada continues to
    closely monitor the radiation levels in Canada and worldwide, including in
    Japan, using its monitoring networks. These networks provide Health
    Canada with a means of monitoring and assessing the impact of any release
    of radioactivity to the environment. Information on these networks can be
    found on the Health Canada website at:
    http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/contaminants/radiation/index-eng.php .

    Thank you for writing.

    Director General / Directrice générale
    Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate / Direction des
    sciences de la santé environnementale et de la radioprotection
    AL 4908D
    Health Canada / Santé Canada
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
    E-mail: [redacted]

  10. Howard T. Lewis III

    Who does the Japanese government answer to and why are THEY being so quiet? Stuxnet? S-H-H-H-H!!! Radiation way out of control all over and getting worse daily? S-H-H-H-H!!! Call your mewling, prancing, poltroon of a congressman and get the attackers stopped.

    If we do not remove and incarcerate the individuals who have been building these self destructing projects, their psychopathologies will be rewarded and they will do it again, or something as bad. Bad habits die hard.

  11. Thank you for being on top of this issue since it’s outset. The silence has been deafening concerning Fukushima’s effect on U.S. and Canada’s west coasts except for alternative media coverage like you have been doing. I personally have been spreading the word by mouth and shotgun emails since the event telling friends about websites such as yours. You are truly doing a public service, I hope evacuations won’t be necessary.

  12. I’m sure the lack of testing by the various Federal, state and local agencies allows them to just kick the buckyball back and forth like a hot potato. You can just hear the subtext can’t you? “It’s not our responsibility”. “We’re not looking for that, so it doesn’t exist.” “We already determined that it didn’t merit our attention.”

    I’m glad Michael Collins and the VCReporter have the courage and determination to publish this information that will only become more critical with time. Maybe the government can’t really do anything about this problem, but we, as citizens, have a right to know what the heck is going on, and we shouldn’t have to put up with the soft pedaling and denials that are designed to lull us into a false sense of security. The danger is real, it’s lapping up on our shores, and floating to us on ocean breezes. Think about the consequences to yourself and your children. Cancer, leukemia, genetic damage, and DNA mutation. Today, tomorrow, this year, next year, on and on. It’s not going away just because it’s not on the news every night.

  13. If they reported that we will all die of cancer in the next ten years would you still go shopping?

  14. Of course your not going to hear anything from your Govt,!!! why would they when this potential world extinction disaster fits perfectly with their plans to kill off most of the population. There does seem to be some evidence that it might have been a rigged event–instigated and brought to you by non other than your own [redacted] elected officials. You get the government you deserve!!!!!

  15. The scary thing is that this small report is all we are hearing about this issue. Where is the EPA and other Gov. organizations? They should be in watercraft and aircraft testing the air and water as it comes this way. The debris I hear is already starting to wash up here and there along the coast. There is not enough info coming out about this which is more worrisome than dozens of denials in my opinion.

  16. About radiation possibly in the floating tsunami debris reaching North American shores – the only gov’t. guide on that topic I can find is from the Joint Information Center.
    It has a good guideline for consistant evaluation and reporting on potential toxic debis. It is here –

    More debris general info is here-

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