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2012/11/02 at 10:23 pm
Sunshine Coast

October monthly report from downunder

The local background radiation average for the month of October was elevated at 19% above the four year recorded average. It was also a very volatile month, with dynamic swings in local background radiation levels. These dynamic swings in background levels were tied to wind direction. Northerly wind direction consistently increased local background levels of radiation.

At the beginning of the year, we had lots of short duration spikes in radiation, that were detected up the eastern sea board of Australia and in New Zealand by independent testers. Now we are seeing broader increases over longer periods of time. Click the link to see the October day average chart, to see this dynamic.


After doing a lot of rain swab scintillator tests, what was detected were increased radioactive Radon gas levels. Here is a link to information on Radon gas.


The local rain washout test chart, link below, shows Radon, the daughter decay chain of Lead, Pb-210 and Pb-214, plus Bismuth Bi-214. Longer period testing showed that all that was left after leaving the test sample for a week, was the long life Radon daughter Pb-210.


There are a number of theories that have been put forward for the increasing Radon levels.

Radon Theory One

50 times more Uranium than normal was detected in air over Hawaii on the 21.03.2011.


All this extra Uranium that has been aerosolized into the air from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster into the Northern Hemisphere atmosphere, is constantly releasing extra Radon gas. This would explain the increase in radioactive Radon gas coming across the equatorial boundary from the Northern hemisphere.

Also, there are constant steam releases from the underground super heated melted Nuclear reactor cores, hitting ground water. This releases a lot of extra Radon that is in the cores and soil at Fukushima. Watch this video from the 30.10.2012 to see a live shot of ground venting at the Fukushima site, from the underground Nuclear reactor cores. This is a common occurrence there.
(Thanks to nuckelchen for this video.)


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