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2013/10/12 at 5:40 pm
Sunshine Coast
September Report

Monitoring Location


This short animation of Northern, and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.


The significant Isotopes detected in rain water tests during the month were Radon-222, Radon-220, Iodine I-129, Lead, Pb-210, Beryllium Be-7 and Uranium-235. If Uranium U-235 is present, even in trace amounts, it means a lot more Uranium 238 is also present. Uranium U-238 can’t be directly detected by the Gamma Scintillator equipment used for testing, as it is mainly an Alpha emitter.

Local Background Radiation Report

It was very dry in September with storms passing through on the 17th. The September 2013 month average was 2% above September 2012, and 15% above the pre Fukushime 4 year average. This means most of the detected local background increase was from free air detections, and had nothing to do with possible radon washouts.

September Day Averages


You can see that the chart became much more dynamic towards the middle of September. This dynamic has occurred in previous years, and correlates with more Northern tropical air breaking through the equatorial barrier, in the warmer months and generally peaking in December, January, February and March.

2013 Monthly averages


2012 Monthly averages


Full report on September rain event.


The fact that I-129 appears to be present in lots of recent tests, it begs the question, is it important to be taking a non contaminated dietary Iodine supplements to try to block the uptake of I-129?

* Everyone is different, and taking extra Iodine may be a risk for some people. On the other hand, under these circumstances, it may be the best thing for the majority.

We really need some expert medical advice on this subject. I see Infowars has come out with an Iodine supplement. Ask if they have tested their product for possible radioactive Iodine contamination, before considering purchasing this product.

I have no financial interest in this product. I have only put the links here for information purposes, and suggest you do further research before you consider purchasing any iodine supplement.

Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented here, without further research.

“The Food Lab” report

Cesium 134/137 still found in drinking water across many regions of Japan, including Tokyo NRA June 2013 report.


New reports like this are being added to The Food Lab constantly, so it is important to keep an eye on the latest reports coming in. This information can be accessed from these two sites.



Reports for the Alert Rain Event detected at Caloundra and Nimbin September 2013

Sunshine Coast



This short animation shows Northern, and Southern Hemisphere air circulation. It clearly shows why we can get detections so far south. There is more equatorial barrier circulation break through during warmer months than winter.


Summary of Report

The storms passed over the Nimbin area on the 16th, and Caloundra area on the evening of the 17th, and early morning of the 18th. Rain swabs were collected from both these rain events, and analyzed.

1. The rain swab collected at Caloundra was tested and found to contain both the decay daughters of both Radon-222, and Radon-220. It is common to get Radon-222 washouts, not Radon-220. Radon-222 is from the Uranium decay chain, and Radon-220 is from the Thorium decay chain.

This theory has been put forward by a contact in New Zealand. The Radon-220 decay daughter isotope detection here, is an indication that one or more of the underground coriums at Fukushima undergoing fast neutron fission. One or more coriums are possibly purifying, and operating in a mode of unmoderated fission. This would increase the yields of Thorium daughters.

2. Trace amounts of longer lived isotopes for Iodine I-129, Uranium U-235, Be-7 and Lead Pb-210 where also detected. This is not good, but probably far less than areas in the Northern Hemisphere are getting as fallout.

3. Here are some other theories why large Radon washout events are becoming more common.

Some of the very large Radon washouts that are occurring in Nimbin area may be related to the geography of the location. Why we have concerns about large Radon washout events.


For more Technical details, charts and analysis, read on. (Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome)

Alert Caloundra report 18th September 2013 – Storms overnight here, so I took rain swab off a car this morning. On testing it peaked at approximately 6 uSv/hr (1800 cpm) using two Russian SBM-20 tubes, and Theremino Geiger kit. Again it is suggested to stay out of the rain. This rain sample is decaying quickly which suggests it was a large Radon-222 washout.”

This long period Geiger counter test chart indicated the presence of other Isotopes besides Radon-222 washout decay daughters.

Geiger Counter Test Chart


Explanation of Geiger Counter charts


This swab was placed in the scintillator lead chamber for further testing.

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