Throughout the five years of Fukushima triple meltdowns coverage, EnviroReporter.com has featured compelling graphic art to accompany articles about the ongoing disaster. This is thanks to our website editor and designer Denise Anne Duffield.

EnviroReporter.com‘s goal has been to capture the high octane spirit of Fukushima meltdown stories we’ve published. Drawing on the vibrant tradition of alternative media and infused with new media technology, Duffield has created some outstanding imagery that has fueled interest in our Fukushima investigation. Sometimes simple photos of extraordinary composition made the cut as art we used beyond its simple value to supply an image.

The arc of this work over the last half decade is a trajectory towards truth set in a splash of sensational images. Included in this look back is some of the art of others involved with EnviroReporter.com covering Fukushima. Some of those collaborations turned out – art wise – to be disastrous, the result of clueless alternative media editors.

This collection of work also allows the reader a colorful and convenient way to check out Fukushima-related information on EnviroReporter.com. The work remains relevant to us today because the triple meltdowns remain totally out of control, spilling tons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific every hour.


Radiation Station Within four days of the beginning of the triple meltdowns, we have secured our home along with our mid to long term food and water supplies against radiation and began Radiation Station. As of the 5-year anniversary, EnviroReporter.com and its raddies have completed over 8,377 radiation tests and reports as well as having two Radiation Stations streaming 24/7 365 days a year.

Radiation Nation – Nearly 700,000 have come to EnviroReporter.com‘s Radiation Station in just a week to watch live Los Angeles basin readings and exchange information sparked by Fukushima meltdowns.

Eat Me!EnviroReporter.com expands Radiation Station’s Fukushima fallout coverage to include choices for rad free food foraging. We test everything we buy to consume and share results.

Darkness” is partaking of salt at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park for this piece of original art.

Radiation Conversation
Radiation Conversation
Radiation Conversation & Radiation Conversation II – Thousands of Fukushima meltdowns and nuclear energy/weapons comments here posted by dozens of contributors including Team EnviroReporter.com. One of the best crowd-sourced radiation information repositories that keeps on growing.

3 HEPA Filters – October 3 20113 HEPA Filters – October 3, 2011 – Dozens of EnviroReporter.com news posts and exposés. Sampling, testing and analysis across America. Multiple databases from March 15, 2011 on. Thousands of multimedia radiation tests.

This unoriginal ‘rad splat’ is one of EnviroReporter.com‘s favorites employing a spattered paint motif to the iconic radiation symbol. Denise Anne used it in several of our most potent images.


Rad News Digest – Rad News Digest which goes back to Day 1 of the Fukushima triple meltdowns and keeps us current going into Year 3 of this unprecedented disaster.

The Endless Bummer – Abridged and updated version of Beta Watch, with new data, information and interviews showing the uncontrolled release of radiation into the Pacific in Japan has hit home in California.

A Radioactive NightmareA RADIOACTIVE NIGHTMAREVentura County Reporter is first print newspaper in United States to publish an in-depth exposé showing the extent of Fukushima meltdowns-related radiation. Misleading cover, courtesy of editors not reporter, fires up meltdown deniers. EnviroReporter.com later sets the record straight.

A Radioactive Nightmare VCR post announcementA Radioactive Nightmare – Exposé rips the lid off of Fukushima’s triple meltdown fallout over the country and in the Pacific. In-depth and explosive story starts a nationwide debate and shows that disaster is not only not going away, it’s getting worse.

RADIOACTIVE NIGHTMARE – Another example of numb-skulled alternative press inadvertently sabotaging important work. Here the Pasadena Weekly uses an illustration of a girl with a tear thinking about a big mushroom cloud. Problem is that a nuclear explosion has nothing whatsoever to do with the exposé.

No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread – New evidence of Fukushima meltdowns’ contamination in California oranges, dried plums, almonds and pistachios. Florida grapefruits, Missouri beef and more impacted by Fuku-goo.

No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread – It occurred to me while looking at Denise Anne and her magnificent mane: hair analysis. A gal of Croat and Lithuanian stock, Denise Anne possesses a crown of curls. She obliged my request to measure a few strands that when pulled out straight measures around 20 inches or 50 centimeters (cm). Caucasian hair grows at about 1.2 cm a month meaning that she has 42 months’ worth of chemical and radiological history tied up in her tresses.


Radiation Food Lab – Thousands of food and drink radiation tests worldwide are conducted and compiled by Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia’s Peter Daley. Most comprehensive compendium online in the world.

US EPA Rad NetRadNet Air Monitoring – There were 124 EPA RadNet stations across America monitoring gross beta and gamma radiation until August 15, 2015 after US EPA cut the beta graphs off. Until then EnviroReporter.com had organized the agency’s beta readings into one easy to use page. Now, the United States is beta blind.

Japan OlympicsTokyo’s Radiation Olympics – The 2020 Summer Olympics are awarded to Tokyo despite ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima leading to radioactive hot spots and radioactive ash dumped in bay.


Fukushima the Perfect Crime - Steve Greenberg for EnviroReporter.comFukushima – The Perfect Crime? – Multiple hazardous readings of suspected Fukushima radiation have been detected in air, rain, snow, and surf in California and across the nation. Media pushback denies all.

[Illustration licensed by EnviroReporter.com from Steve Greenberg, illustrator for Jewish Journal, Ventura County Reporter and other fine publications.]

500 people spell out "FUKUSHIMA is HERE" on a San Francisco Beach October 19, 2013 - photo courtesy John Montgomery
500 people spell out “FUKUSHIMA is HERE” on a San Francisco Beach October 19, 2013 – photo courtesy John Montgomery
Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? – As long as there are people and reporters willing to tease out and find Fukushima radiation in America and beyond, there is hope that a sober facing up to the radioactive reality is possible. Over 500 of such souls gathered on a San Francisco beach October 19, 2013 using themselves to spell out FUKUSHIMA is HERE.

Sea of Fuku Goo is flowing towards Southern California
Sea of Fuku Goo is flowing towards Southern California
Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? – Why does it matter that Heal the Bay is wrong on how long Fukushima infused water takes to get here? Or that it is unaware of how there’s no ongoing state or federal government testing? Because the group is giving out false information under the guise of being expert in the subject.

Sky high radiation readings across the U.S.Sky high radiation readings across U.S. – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RadNet radiation monitors have detected renewed surges in atmospheric readings of dangerous beta radiation across the country. Over a dozen metropolitan test sites have registered four-month highs in EnviroReporter.com‘s most recent comprehensive assessment.


High radiation detected in L.A. rainHigh radiation detected in L.A. rain – Ramicone’s Glendale station is part of nine EnviroReporter.com-affiliated radiation detection branches which have generated over 2,733 special radiation tests and reports since the triple meltdowns began at the destroyed Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan March 11, 2011.


Gone Fishing - Fukushima at Five Years courtesy TBS JNN Ustream
Gone Fishing – Fukushima at Five Years courtesy TBS JNN Ustream
Gone Fishing – Fukushima Meltdowns at Five YearsEnviroReporter.com looks at where the still-critical disaster of Fukushima’s triple meltdowns are at now. Americans barely remember the worst industrial accident in human history as evidenced by continued consumption of Pacific Ocean seafood regardless of radiation contamination. Nuclear Regulatory Commission lauds its aging reactor fleet as totally safe.

Rabbit Moon - Mina Ramicone
Rabbit Moon – Mina Ramicone
Fukushima, 5 years on – Dale Ramicone has operated Radiation Station Glendale California for years since the triple meltdowns at Fukushima began March 11, 2011. Also known by his station handle “Dr Solar,” Dale has greatly aided EnviroReporter.com. Denise Anne Duffield and I are proud to call him our friend.