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March 15, 2015: Since exactly four years ago on March 15, 2011, just four days after the triple meltdowns at Fukushimi Dai-ichi Japan began, EnviroReporter.com has produced more than 7,322 special tests and original reports including 2,819 measurements and analyses from nine affiliated Radiation Stations and 4,503 samples and radiation experiments from Radiation Station Santa Monica California. EnviroReporter.com has over 1,890,968 readers and 1,572,073 viewers along with the 21,130 people who have seen Radiation Station Glendale California‘s continuous online streaming. Over 190,172 viewers have watched 90 original videos on our YouTube channel and we’ve received tens of thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ for our site, investigations and Facebook channel. Thank you for your support as we celebrate these milestones on the Ides of March.

Above is a live shot of a RadAlert Inspector Nuclear Radiation Monitor in EnviroReporter.com‘s Santa Monica office on the West Los Angeles border. Elevation 140 feet. The unit costs $699.00 as of June 25, 2014 at International Medcom where the service is excellent. It is approximately one meter off of the ground in a wood-floored structure built over crawlspace with soil foundation. Next to the Inspector is a LaCrosse digital weather station with Atomic Clock featuring Weather Girl.

SEE SPECIAL RADIATION STATION TESTING of food, drink, rain, and other media conducted by EnviroReporter.com across Los Angele, the Southwest, West and Midwest United States.

The Inspector picks up ionizing radiation and, in the setting you are seeing, is measuring in Counts Per Minute or CPM. As noted iun the comments of our earlier post “Radiation Station,” we have been taking ten minute averages to hone in on more accurate readings of the gamma radiation that this detector is picking.

These readings are designed to make sure we have an accurate baseline background radiation measurement so any possible increases in radiation due to the horrific multiple meltdown threats emanating from Japan can be discerned. A list of the 10 minute averages can be found here.

A range of Exterior normal background radiation at Radiation Station has been determined to be between 42 to 46 CPM after half a year’s averaging. The normal range of Interior background detections is 35 to 40 CPM.

These measurements are similar to background measurements taken in this location over a long period of time. These ranges are generally about double of what would be normally found at this elevation and geology which could be a result of longtime radiation contamination in Southern California from places like the Santa Susana Field Laboratory which had America’s worst partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor in 1959 releasing up to hundreds of times more radiation, according to some estimates, than the more infamous Three Mile Island partial meltdown in 1979 in Pennsylvania.

Should radiation measured by the Inspector begin to rise to double background, we will be concerned. If the measurements go to triple background and above for a sustained period of time in the next few days, then the problem is very troublesome. Numerous special radiation tests has shown radioactive contamination in Southern California rain, mist, food and drink.

Most importantly, this live stream gives you the information you want: how “hot” is it in the Los Angeles Basin. You can find out more why we set up the Radiation Station by checking out our post “Melt Down Wind.”

See our FUKUSHIMA INVESTIGATION for up to the minute news, FAQs, Radiation Station data statistics and radiation readings across the country.

Read RADIATION STATION STATS page which documents extensive radiation readings for the Los Angeles basin based on averages taken from EnviroReporter.com‘s nuclear radiation detector the Inspector in Santa Monica, California.

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  1. Riki says:

    Hi Mike,
    Do you have NaI scintillator in your station? I’ve been looking for places near Santa Monica to measure CS137 and CS134 total fallout since 03.11.2011. There are some reports saying they detected upto ~300 Bq/m2 in LA but it was back in 2011. I personally feel it is too low. Even during 1945-1970, all nuclear tests results in increased radiation by 5,000Bq/m2 on average in the northern hemisphere. Based on what we know about the total radioactivity release, Fukushima released raioactivity closed to 1000 hiroshima bombs (I don’t have much faith in gov released data, which is 168 hiroshima bombs). We know Fukushima is still spewing and lots of radioactive waste water was released in Pacific ocean.

    I have a little girl who will go to public school pretty soon, and am wishing to know actual soil contamination levels in her future school and etc. If you don’t own a machine, I would like to know who can give a service to test private samples…

  2. HECTOR says:

    Hi Michael I will send you a photos of my setup from the East Side of Los Angeles soon. What e mail addess do I send photos to???

  3. Kim says:

    10 min. average in Oak View, CA, about 10 minutes inland:

    interior of friend’s house: 50.1
    roasted seaweed snack from Korea: 66.1

  4. Aridzonan_13 says:

    I’ve got pre-Fukushima rain water for the North Phx area. I’ve been collecting sediment samples for all rainfall. I’ve got the raw data in text format and in html format for the reports. I have kept all my sediment samples with dates. I can send the data or mail you samples. Take your choice.


  5. Ilya says:

    Man, this is more than twice the typical background in NYC. Could it be radon ? When I was looking at homes, I routinely measured 100cpm and more in some basements in northern New Jersey ( across the river ). In scientific terms, this is not as terrible since there are very healthy people living with naturally much higher background levels. Airlines pilots are exposed to roughly 350cpm levels at cruising altitude. If, however, pre-Fukushima levels were half the current ones, this is bad. Nobody wants the fly-by radionuclides from Japan.

  6. @Everyone: This is the LAST COMMENT on EnviroReporter.com’s Radiation Station as the 2,426 comments preceding it have made loading slow to a crawl. So we’ve created a NEW POST, Radiation Conversation, where your posts can continue. Also, to bring you up to speed on our recent Japanese food and drink testing as well as the test results of our four-state swing through three national parks which, like the food and drink we tested, we present results that are most troubling. See you over at Radiation Conversation!

  7. angusmerlin says:

    Better link to EPA Radnet Los Angeles monitoring station:


  8. angusmerlin says:

    Re East Coast Honshu, Japan +6 Mag aftershocks on last Thursday and Friday (9/15 and 9/16), note the huge gross beta radiation spikes reported by the EPA Radnet monitoring station in Los Angeles September 18th through September 20th (perhaps about the time it would take for the Japan Fukushima jet stream to reach the Pacific West Coast of the United States):

    Location Names: CA: LOS ANGELES,
    Query Start Date: 09/18/2011
    Query End Date: 09/20/2011
    Fixed data selected.
    Query Result for monitoring location CA: LOS ANGELES. Total Number of Records: 34

    Measurement End Date/Time

    Beta Gross Count Rate(CPM)
    2011-09-18 21:07:42

    2011-09-18 22:07:56

    2011-09-18 23:08:10

    2011-09-19 00:08:24

    2011-09-19 01:08:38

    2011-09-19 02:08:52

    2011-09-19 03:09:06

    2011-09-19 04:09:20

    2011-09-19 05:09:33

    2011-09-19 06:09:47

    2011-09-19 07:10:02

    2011-09-19 08:10:15

    2011-09-19 09:10:29

    2011-09-19 10:10:43

    2011-09-20 02:14:31

    2011-09-20 03:14:44

    2011-09-20 04:15:00

    2011-09-20 05:15:14




  9. Chase says:

    Updated FDA as of Sept 14, 2011


    Excerpts from FDA web page:

    re: fish/seafood
    “1 sample was found to contain detectable levels of Cesium, but was below the established Derived Intervention Level (DIL) and posed no public health concern.”

    (Then, the very next sentence states)

    “FDA does not anticipate any public health effect on seafood safety.”

    re: milk
    “At this time, there is no radiation safety risk related to milk produced in the U.S.”

    “EPA monitors milk… and has reported extremely low levels of I-131 and Cesium in some milk samples. These results are expected and are far below FDA’s Derived Intervention Levels. Even for a person who drinks a lot of milk….”

    “As federal and state agencies test milk samples, low levels of I-131 may be found in different samples, and the levels may vary slightly. However these low levels are not expected to cause adverse health effects, even for the developing fetus, babies, or children.”

    re: overall outlook
    “At this time, there is no public health threat in the U.S. related to radiation exposure. FDA, together with other agencies, is carefully monitoring any possibility for distribution of radiation to the United States. At this time, theoretical models do not indicate that significant amounts of radiation will reach the U.S.”

    Remember the FDA’s DILs are FAR greater than the EPA’s recommendations.

    Words like.. significant, not expected, extremely low, does not anticipate, are all vague and debatable.

    Their statements will ‘most likely’ become regrettable in the years to come. (my opinion)

    Who do you call to complain about this? When those you speak with simply refer you back to the FDA/EPA.

  10. Bar says:

    “The former primer minister accuses the company of wanting to abandon the stricken nuclear plant at the height of the crisis and let its workers walk offsite for the reactors to bubble away.”

  11. Bar says:

    Thousands protest against nuclear power in Japan!
    Its about time!

  12. CarmelinHawaii says:

    Thanks a lot guys….the links are great. I don’t even know if I should be concerned enough to invest $300 plus for a geiger counter. Everybody here is just doing the basic air test…..If Potrblog is telling the truth…..which sure as heck seems like it from all of his uploads…..then common sense that our rain would be pretty high. I sure am curious….you’d think that somebody here with a counter would be checking the rain.

    That Alexander Higgins site has always had a zero reading from the EPA…..on Hawaii. That is not true for sure. Last night ….for a long time the radiation network site was higher than normal….today it is back to normal.

    Even if the rain is higher I know it wouldn’t affect me at all….but what about all the pregnant women. So there is a dilemma….how much responsibility should I feel to risk a chunk of money to find out if it is harmful enough to publicize to the community. I guess I will write that guy in Kauai and ask him if/why he’s not publicizing rain tests.

    The more I learn….the more confusing it gets. Hard to believe the EPA and our government would hide something like this…..but then it is hard to fathom what would happen to our already hurting economy too….I understand it would be harder on everybody’s budget….but safety has to come first.

    Mahalo and Aloha

  13. Potrblog says:


    Video of our 4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip:
    Disney World Wilderness Lodge Rain Storm

    Part of our 4000 Mile Radioactive Road Trip fact finding mission to the Southern Most Point in the United States.

    Time: 3pm July 26, 2011
    Location: Disney World Wilderness Lodge

    Observations made:

    (1) The further we traveled away from the jet-stream, the lower the radioactivity in the rainfall.

    (2) Storms moving East to West from Africa via the hurricane Corridor tended to have ZERO radioactivity

  14. Bar says:

    CarmelinHawaii, i found this for you:
    “….normal background radiation in Hawaii averages about 5 – 20 CPM (counts per minute). That means normally about 15 radioactive particles hit a sensitive plate on the geiger counter every minute triggering the “click” you hear and registering on the devices meter.”

  15. roundabout says:

    @CarmalinHawaii; I spoke to someone in Hawaii last week. They had no idea about the fallout there. No idea that dairymen were using boron to remove isotopes from the grass the cows ate, as were farmers. Things were “just fine, no problem.” So, I understand your frustrations. Try going to Greenpeace as they are doing studies on the ocean and you might want to try the googling NOAA and various Oceanography associations. potrblogs site a a great amount of measurments for rain counts in St Louis so naturally you will want to stay out of the rain in Hawaii. Please try to get a geiger counter, they sell them online. Surely someone is counting in Hawaii somewhere!? Stay onboard with Envireporter here because there are a ton of generously minded people with the great info they have. And you will be guided to links. I imagine we will be helping you search for what you need,so stay close with us. Welcome.

  16. Chase says:


    Regardless of where you are it is difficult at best to get information. It is nearly impossible to get any reliable information with the Nuclear Industry’s virtual news blackout control and while the disinformation/disorientation propaganda programs are in full swing.

    Here are a couple of links regarding Hawaii. They may be a bit dated, but it’s a start.

    I think this one is the best: -> http://hawaiinewsdaily.com/2011/04/fukushima-radioactivity-detected-in-hilo-milk/

    Oahu Radiation -> http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/oahurad.php

    Hawaii dairy farmers fight radiation with Boron. -> http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/dairy-farmers-fight-radiation-with-boron/

  17. Bar says:

    This video “Fukushima Syndrome” was aired on Australian ABC show “Foreign Correspondant” The video takes a minute to start and is 25 min long. Its about people that oppose nuclear power.

  18. CarmelinHawaii says:

    So…it seems like a lot of you guys are able to get information. We are completely in the dark here in Hawaii….cept for Radiationetwork…..Kauai has been between 50 and 70 all night. What do you think is going on here? Wish I could send a picture of a sea turtle my friend took a couple of days ago. Wish I knew what back ground was before 311….not worried about air readings so much…..but who is looking at the ocean?? And it rains ALOT here.

  19. Chase says:

    The Vegas odds for being hit by falling space debris is currently set at 1/3200. NASA normally likes to keep that down to 1/10000. Why it’s lower this time I am not sure.

    There is no risk assessment for falling space debris or asteroids when it comes to Nuclear Plants. Why? Well, because that ‘rarely’ happens, so we’ll pretend it never will. (my opinion) In reality however, the experts are ‘betting’ it never will. We all know what happens when you gamble, sooner or later -> you lose. Except with Nuclear power it can literally become ‘game over’!

    I was personal friends with one of the head directors for the Space Shuttle program back in 1983. We were discussing ‘risk management’. He told me how every single nut and bolt that went into the shuttle was tested far beyond it’s maximum safety design. However, it was predicted, or should I say the risk management people said, that it was ‘highly likely’, that they would lose 1 shuttle for every 72 flight missions. In retrospect they were pretty close. Of the 5 active shuttles that flew a total of 135 missions, 2 were lost. (Challenger STS-52 Columbia STS-107)

    I wonder WHAT IS the REAL RISK assessment of older Nuclear plants having a catastrophic failure? I would ‘bet’ it’s more than 1 in 72. (we know it’s 1 in something?) Especially if you calculate in tsunamis, earthquakes, power grid malfunctions, tornadoes, faulty designs, poor construction, human error, waste storage, aging infrastructure, greed, space debris, asteroids and terrorists. And/Or any combination or combinations of the above.

  20. Bar says:

    roundabout, YIKES!! What if it does hit a nuclear power plant?

  21. roundabout says:

    @Bar; We will have about 2 hours notice before they can warn earthlings of falling debris, but how do you hide from falling space debris when it would go right through a roof?? Then there are the extra clean up costs to other countries which will raise taxes, and rats!! We can’t even sell the parts we find on ebay!?! Whatever happened to Capitalism? snicker… let’s just hope it dose not plow into the roof of a nuclear power plant.

    @Bar; We are also missing a bunch of briefcases with nukes in them… and have been for awhile, (sorry I didn’t keep the link a few years ago)so really, enjoy what you can while you can with good conscience.

  22. Bar says:

    The U.S. Is Unable To Account For 36k Pounds Of Weapons Grade Uranium And Plutonium

    Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-09-15/politics/30158991_1_nrc-global-threat-reduction-initiative-grade-uranium-and-plutonium#ixzz1YEaOzqCJ

    This is not true, is it? 36 000 pounds thats 15,895 tons of weapons grade uranium and plutonium is missing???

  23. Bar says:

    Forget radiation, there is something else coming down!

  24. Potrblog says:

    @Michael Collins, The long time working theory is that the easy to detect short half life fallout is proportional to the harder to detect longer half life fallout. Its like the canary in the coal mine. This time the “canary” was the 133 times background detection. I have yet not done the analysis to figure out what the short half life (canary) component was in this fallout.

    This time I noticed that the reading were staying above previous background readings. It was enough for me to start doing 1 hour total counts. The result a detection of a 2.4 day half life.

    I expect that it is a mishmash of goo from other decay chains too, and that they are at levels below what I can detect with my Geiger. If they were further concentrated via food uptake, they might then be detectable.

    Its not impossible that something else has been detected, but given what I have been digging up since the detection I’ll have to see some solid data to disregard that it is Np239

  25. @Potrblog: I didn’t realize that all your past detections had readings fall off to zero after several days before this one so perhaps these are dumb questions: This fallout decreased by half over a 2.4 day period but how do you know that it was just one radionuclide and not a mishmash of different isotopes of goo? If these are indeed all short-lived isotopes, would that bode well for radioisotopes not remaining dangerous save for Np-239 decaying to the most feared poison on the planet, Plutonium-239? Also, wouldn’t you expect to have longer-lived radionuclides in the fallout than just a few days?

  26. Angusmerlin says:

    East Coast of Honshu, Japan once again getting battered by several strong +6 M quakes over the past couple of days, Thursday and Friday (9/15 and 9/16)!
    Hm m m m m m!

    More radiation to come our way?
    Nuclear structures at Fukushima already hideously weak….


  27. Angusmerlin says:

    @Roundabout, not el stupido. We are all learning.
    Thanks for all your input. We are all learning together!

  28. roundabout says:

    LAUGH BREAK EVERYBODY!! Take a big breath and laugh!!:

    @Annette; Thank you for setting me straight! It was the first time I ever laughed in viewing this page! I was soooo wrong all these months(thinking the dark cloud was fallout when it was windspeed!) The directions were right there the entire time! Right under my nose!! And believe it or not I would check every morning to see if the “dark cloud” was hovering over me, and if so I would limit my time outside!! OMG! LOL! Man, I am sitting here laughing at myself and wondering where else I have gotten myself tied up in knots over this!! Oh boy! Gave me a great laugh tonight! Thank you!! Very well taken! LOL! This was a good spot of humor for me to laugh at myself! Much needed! I still love myself, but this was over the top el stupido!! :)

  29. Angusmerlin says:

    Just back to work. Really hectic. Will shortly get in touch w/you re getting together for geiger checking. Thanks offer.


  30. Potrblog says:

    [MAXIMUM ALERT] Neptunium 239 Potentially Detected In Saint Louis 9/14/11 Radioactive Rainfall


  31. Annette2 says:

    @roundabout – I may be wrong, but I believe that the map you reference is simply tracking jet stream, not pollutants, and that the dark “clouds” you reference are simply higher wind speeds (see legend at bottom of map).

  32. Chase says:

    Another retrospective or perhaps yet another look into the future, I’m not sure which.

    This article appeared in Asahi Shinbun on August 11, 2007.

    Excerpts from the 2007 article:
    [Japan’s Nuclear Plants at Grave Risk From Quake Damage]

    Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a professor at the Research Center at Kobe University, warned authorities… He is specialist in seismic research. He invented the word GENPATSU-SHINSAI, meaning a combination of an earthquake and a nuclear meltdown.

    ” In the 40 years that Japan had been building nuclear plants, seismic activity was, fortunately or unfortunately, relatively quiet. Not a single nuclear facility was struck by a big quake. The government, along with the power industry and the academic community, all developed the habit of ‘underestimating’ the potential risks posed by major quakes. ”

    ” … (in 2007) the maximum ground motion caused by the quake was stronger than the seismic design criteria for the nuclear power plants. The latest temblor near Kashiwazaki (2007), generated a peak ground acceleration of 993 gal, compared with the design value of 450 gal. ”

    ” The period of high-level seismic activity will continue for another 40 YEARS or more. Unless radical steps are taken NOW to reduce the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to earthquakes, Japan could experience a true nuclear catastrophe in the near future. ”

    ” (plant revisions) …are still seriously flawed because they underestimate design basis earthquake ground motion. ”

    article link: http://www.japanfocus.org/-Ishibashi-Katsuhiko/2495

  33. @Denise Anne and all commenters: We’re aware that there are 2,395 comments on EnviroReporter.com’s Radiation Station, it has slowed loading of the page to a crawl. We’ve tried speeding things up by automatically approving comments of our regulars but it hasn’t solved the problem. Denise Anne and I will create Hot Talk as soon as possible which should correct that problem. There, of course, you will be able to continue commenting on anything you like per usual.

    We regret any inconvenience and look forward to your reactions and comments as we expand our testing and reporting.

  34. Potrblog says:

    [Preliminary Alert] The 9/14/11 Saint Louis Rainfall Shows Indications of Longer Half Life Radionuclides extra precautions advised


  35. Chase says:

    How To Get MUTATIONS or
    RADIATION causing Mutations (1960)


    One thing Nuclear Proponents neglect to mention in most of their standard talk back themes is how ‘other’ life forms are affected and how those ‘chains’ of life will ultimately affect everything. (so a bunch of x-rays to us is like what to a kitten or a bee?) Change a microbe or an insect, cause not as many birds and fish to survive and guess what.(?) Everything, including humans, will be be affected.

  36. Chase says:

    (test comment)

    This is a re-post from an early EnviroReporter.com
    commenter named ‘Liz’. Her words were always inspiring to me. Thank you Liz!

    * Liz says:
    Mar 21 2011,

    “Our task to work for the curtailment of nuclear energy is large, indeed. At times, it feels even daunting, although urgently necessary.

    But before sallying forth to do battle where battle should be done, it is always wise to begin with a survey of our own tiny, individual contribution to the problem.

    No matter how “Green” we all might try to be, how often do we really “unplug” and listen to the still, small voice of a bird in the garden?

    No nuclear power plant was ever needed to supply energy to create such a simple, perfect miracle.”

  37. Potrblog says:

    roundabout, here is the video link you requested


  38. Potrblog says:

    University of Tokyo and Japan Atomic Energy Agency Support POTRBLOG Analysis On Fukushima Explosion


  39. roundabout says:

    OMG! The biggest darkest cloud so far which is coming straight for the west coast from Japan! This thing is huge!

  40. roundabout says:

    @NGNP: With potrblogs visual video on his website of all the xenon breaking down into iodine-133, I think I may invest in thyroid medicating companies… It’s horrible! (I can’t even afford a geiger counter yet, ha!) I think we should make sure we are taking enough iodine and the best apparently is Nascent Iodine… Yes, I agree, those with big bucks are following the money on this disaster. What good will it do if you can’t have your health?

    @Potrblog; Would you be kind enough to post a link to that video showing black, the highest amount of xenon which turns into iodine-133 when it breaks down? That was one of the most validating videos for the severe crises the western hemisphere is up against.

  41. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] Saint Louis 5:30pm 133x Greater Than Background Radiation.
    The sample was taken from our SUV, after approximately 14 hours of continuous rain. The sample read 1.333 mR/hr.

    Video to Follow @ http://www.POTRBLOG.com

  42. NGNP says:

    I noticed your post last night regarding Genzyme’s Thyrogen drug. Out of curiosity, I did a little research and found that in Feb 2011, Sanofi Aventis recently purchased Genzyme for $20 billion in cash plus payments contingent on the success of some of Genzyme’s drugs.

    I also found that Sanofi Pasteur, a unit of Paris-based pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis (SNY ), was leading the pack in the race to develop a vaccine to help prevent an avian flu pandemic.

    I could go on and on with what I found, but this in itself was an interesting connection. It’s important that we remain very aware as things evolve.

  43. Potrblog says:

    @Tray, he went a bit overboard in that article, but the general thrust is okay. For example, a solar storm is unlikely to take out your car (unless it is a plugged in Hybrid).

    In the USA there are about 71 Nuclear Plants that are at direct risk, you can see the map of them here.


    There is some work being done to mitigate the risk, but with general long term infrastructure collapse is a hard thing to work around.

  44. Tray says:

    Read this at Natural News about one single solar flare can force every nuke plant to meltdown. http://www.naturalnews.com/033564_solar_flares_nuclear_power_plants.html

  45. Annette2 says:

    Los Angeles Municipal Water District, 2011 quarter testing data, plus additional April testing data, (received today from my local water district, a member agency, of MWD). I hope the margins stay intact when this posts:

    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Gross Alpha ND 0.93 pCi/l 3 15 excluding
    Radon &

    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Gross Beta ND 1.7 pCi/l 4 50 equiv. to
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Radium 226 ND 0.15 pCi/l 1 5 combined
    MCL for
    Ra226 +
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Radium 228 ND 0.89 pCi/l 1 5 combined
    MCL for Ra226
    + Ra228
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:05 Radon 222 ND 22 pCi/l 100 —
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Strontium 90 ND 0.29 pCi/l 2 8
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Tritium ND 193 pCi/l 1000 20,000
    JFPEFF 2/7/11 9:10 Uranium 1.5 — pCi/l 1 20

    JFPEFF 4/7/11 9:15 Gross Beta 5 1.9 pCi/l 4

    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Gross Alpha ND 0.97 pCi/l 3
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Gross Beta ND 2 pCi/l 4
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Radium 226 ND 0.26 pCi/l 1
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Radium 228 ND 0.56 pCi/l 1
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Radon 222 ND 24 pCi/l 100
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Strontium 90 ND 0.3 pCi/l 2
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Tritium ND 198 pCi/l 1000
    JFPEFF 5/2/11 9:00 Uranium 1.3 — pCi/l 1

    JFPEFF 8/1/11 8:40 Uranium 1.1 — pCi/l 1

    CE – Counting Error
    DLR – Detection Level for purposes of Reporting
    MCL – Maximum Contaminant Level
    pCi/l – picoCuries per liter

  46. roundabout says:

    This popped up in my inbox today as I subscribe to Thyroid Assoc. papers… looks like global thyroid problems are reaching critical mass six months out of March 11th…


    Lets remember how iodine 131 affects thyroids…

  47. Bar says:

    Pr. Chris Busby talkes about how low level cesium can cause heart illness in children.

  48. Denise Anne says:

    Hi folks, we received word that our comments may not be functionimg properly – if you have tried to submit a comment that didn’t go through please let us know via contact (at) enviroreporter (dot) com so we can ID the problem – thanks!

  49. Potrblog says:

    North Anna Nuclear Unit2 Had Greater Ground Motion Than Unit 1, but all Earthquake Design Basis calculations were measured from Unit 1 data

    more info will follow later at http://www.POTRBLOG.com

  50. Potrblog says:

    Fukushima Nuclear Fission Hit Ground Water on August 11 and the Fallout was Detected in Saint Louis on August 20

  51. Potrblog says:

    Flew Threw Washington State the Week After Fukushima? YOU GOT A RADIOACTIVE LUNG FULL!!

  52. Potrblog says:

    The amount of radiation released during the Fukushima nuclear disaster was so great that the level of atmospheric radioactive aerosols in Washington state was 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than normal levels in the week following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that triggered the disaster.


    And I’ll tell you it was a lot higher if you were flying through that fallout in a Jet Aircraft.


  53. Bar says:

    @Lenny, i cant answer your question but i know that there is a sweet water lake algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon that should be safe. They have chlorella and spirulina too. Just google for “Klamath Lake Algae” and you should get info on where to get it.

  54. Lenny says:

    I have just bought some chlorella from Taiwan and a few other items. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if Taiwanese products have been possibly contaminated by the Fukushima radiation. Thank you.

  55. Bar says:

    Breaking News: Radiation has started attacking DNA
    This site reports the same in japanese and it has pictures from the mutated cicadas.
    Scary stuff!

  56. Bar says:

    They found Iodine 131 in four different places in Japan between 15th-25th August. Arnie Gunderson was right!

  57. Bakrad says:

    Man Hands, had a lot of people asking questions when I tweeted out your rad report post tonight on sake, veggie juice, and beer on the Bakrad RadiationNews. Directed them here to ask you their questions, hopefully they will.

    Sorry haven’t been on chat lately, been busy taking care of stuff. Will try to get on sometime.


    Keep up the good work, see ya on the Bakrad RadNews network! Say “Hi” to Lady Fingers for us.

    – Bakrad

  58. Annette2 says:

    @Chase – My thoughts re: UCB’s theory that the recent high cesium in manure & topsoil results from Sacramento are due primarily to atmospheric testing:
    -Argument supporting that theory: The gap between Cs 134 & Cs 137 leads us to believe that much of the amount of Cs137 that exceeds 1.5 times the Cs134 would be from a previous source. Given the half-lives of both isotopes and the Fukushima attributed cesium fallout documented thus far world-wide, the ratio should be much closer for a recent event.
    -Argument questioning the theory: See this I131 exposure map due to NV Atmospheric testing: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/causes/I131/state and county exposure
    If we use I131 as a marker for other particulate fallout (including cesium) also attributable to the NV testing, it would appear that the Sacramento area was very lightly affected. To confirm this, one would have to compare the Sacramento results directly to the soil/manure contamination with cesium 134:137 ratio from an area known to be more heavily hit with the NV fall-out. This doesn’t rule out contamination from Chernobyl or other atmospheric tests around the world (by US and others).

  59. Potrblog says:

    lucid8f, looks like you are affected too. The situation has gotten worse since I first reported the other day. I’m not sure whether to hope that its incompetence on the NRC’s part or something else

  60. Bar says:

    Nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania are preparing for possible flooding

    Could Rancho Seco nuclear power plant have something to do with the high cesium levels in Sac? Atmospheric nuclear weapons testing fallout should be the same in both places shouldnt it?

  61. lucidf8 says:

    @potrblog: I am still able to view the report from Sept 1 2011. There isn’t anything new showing up since event 47228. This link works for me. http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2011/20110901en.html#en47228. Maybe your DNS server isn’t working correctly? I’d hate to think they are blocking your IP specifically. Here’s a list of DNS servers. http://www.whatsmydns.net/dns/usa/

  62. Bar says:

    They just had an 5.2 earthquake near Fukushima.
    Hope nothing happend there.

  63. Potrblog says:

    I am now Locked Out of directly viewing the NRC “Current Event Notification Reports”; and only have limited success using anonymous proxies to gain access to the reports.


  64. Chase says:

    Independent Youtube Video
    Perhaps this is why Berkeley had to say something about manure?

    Bag of Manure purchased in Redlands, CA
    Shows 255 cpm from 8/10/2011


    Good thing he tested it prior to using it in his own vegetable garden. But, how many did not test it and used it, that’s the question? …and you know some, if not many, did. Not to mention ‘corporate’ farming. You think they are going to test the fertilizer? Think again.

  65. lucidf8 says:

    @Chase: The Ce-137 will accumulate as the dispersion from the Fukushima plant continues. That number isn’t going down any time soon. It will only go up and up. Unless, it gets absorbed by some growing plant, like grass, and is again eaten by the Cow. And then excreted into the Cow’s milk, and then poured onto someone’s cereal. So gradually, it will disperse into the food chain. We are all becoming unwilling ‘filters’ of radioactive Cesium! Yikes!

  66. Chase says:

    So… basically, they (Berkeley Nuke ‘Expert’ Team) are at least admitting that cesium, without a shadow of a doubt, has entered our USA food chain via cow poop. That’s a BIG DEAL!!!

    Note: Cesium-137 remains ‘HAZARDOUS’ to life for 300 years!!! That’s a LONG DEAL!!!

    Cow poop that was left outside in the ‘rain’. What were those cows thinking? I guess chit happens.

    Berkeley Samples Link (see dried manure 8/16)

  67. Potrblog says:

    The DATA LEAK that sparked tomorrow’s unscheduled NORTH ANNA Nuclear plant NRC meeting- THE QUAKE EXCEEDED THE DESIGN BY 2X

  68. Potrblog says:

    Fukushima August Re-Criticality: Groundwater, Iodine 131, & Radon 222 = China Syndrome

  69. Bar says:

    Have you seen these soil samples? Sure don’t look good.

  70. Chase says:

    According to a CNN news report. It appears as though Fukushima is ‘stabilizing’. “What???” – Chase

    “I believe restarting the nuclear power plants is necessary to stably supply the energy to our users,” he said. “We must (make every) effort for the restart. It is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for that is TO SHOW the people that Fukushima’s situation is STABILIZED and the issue has come to the end. This is our responsibility.” – Toshio Nishizawa President Tokyo Electric Power Company

    He says the word stable or stabilizing at least 5 times in less than 60 seconds of air time.

    Japan Nuke Plant Stabilizing

    A-m-a-z-i-n-g… disinformation if ever I saw it!!!

    I have followed Michael’s advise and setup a youtube channel dedicated to those who struggle for Fukushima truth and justice. I tried to organize it into several ‘playlists’. Click on my user name above to view the Main User called STOPnukesNOW.

    or… Click this link for an example of one of the playlists: (includes my brief comments for each video)

    “Radiation Realities”

  71. Bar says:

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) broadcasts public meetings over the Internet as a means of improving communications with the public.



  72. Bar says:

    Kansas City, Here It Comes: A New Nuclear Weapons Plant!
    I thought they were working on reducing the nuclear arsenal that already exists. Why do we need more on this planet and why is this weapons plant being build in a place where they have Tornados? Just imagine, if one of those Tornados hits that plant and all that goo get spread for miles and miles.

  73. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] NRC To Hold September 8 Public Meeting On NORTH ANNA NUCLEAR. DO YOUR UTMOST TO ATTEND!!


  74. Annette2 says:

    US Crop Harvest Dates .pdf –


    Here’s a document with maps of US food crops, with their planting/harvest dates. Although it’s very dated (’97), I don’t think the harvest dates would vary by too much today. The maps show the regions where a particular crop (primarily grains) are grown – this will help you to determine if a crop is grown in a higher risk area for potential fall-out (based upon jet stream, rain outs, etc.). Following each crop planting map is a state by state schedule of typical planting and harvest dates. This is some pretty useful information if you’re stocking up on pre-Fuk foods, i.e., you may want to load up and freeze some bread for the near term, and buy a few buckets of wheat or wheat flour to ensure radiation-free homemade bread in the long-term. But, you’ve got to do it sooner rather than later, in order to ensure that you’ve got wheat from last year’s harvest. Who cares about wheat… what about the beer, you say? Yes, this document has barley harvest dates as well (which is some important info, in light of Michael’s recent radiation readings showing the Japanese rice beer as radioactive)… the barley harvest will be coming in soon. Use this map to help determine cut-off dates for when the 2011 harvest will be hitting the shelves (if you’re so inclined).

    To your health!

  75. hector vazquez says:

    thanks glassgreen for the advice, i will be better prepared for the rain next time
    i think that i was registering mostly dust particles but was quite interesting to see the meter fluctuate higher than normal.

  76. glassgreen says:

    @hector Next time it rains, can you collect rain water in a clean bowl or dish and do a reading from that, as well as rain water deposited on a solid surface (like your kids’ wagon)? I’m thinking that some of the contamination could be from dust particles that had settled on the wagon and got wiped off with your rain sample. It’ll help to isolate what’s coming from the rain versus what’s airborne and settling. I’m taking readings here in Wisconsin and will do the same next time it rains. Actually, I guess I could wipe down an outside surface anytime and do a reading, although it’s recently rained here (and the rain was at background), any contamination is probably pretty diluted. It’s going to be dry here for the next 7-10 days, so I’ll wait until the dust settles (literally) and do a reading on an outdoor surface in a week or so.

  77. roundabout says:

    @Hector; It is the dirtiest air we have had in a long time from Japans jet stream. I should have said stay out of the fog and the rain! http://virga.sfsu.edu/gif/jetstream_init_00.gif

  78. hector vazquez says:

    hello folks,i i wiped some rain water from my boys radio flyer which got soaked with rain. the geiger fluctuated between 150-200 counts per minute on the wipe test.clearly way above the normal background level of 48 cpm. will post video on you tube soon

  79. Hector Vazquez says:

    It is now raining in Los Angeles, will take 10 minute readings once it all settles down a bit.
    Stay tuned

  80. glassgreen says:

    It was raining on and off all day yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin. I got normal outdoor readings, even in the rain. This is the first time that my rain readings weren’t elevated.

    However, I see that the jet stream is going to be taking another steep dive from Canada into the region in the next few days. No rain is in the forecast, but it’ll be interesting to see if I get any elevated outdoor air readings.

    Stay tuned.

  81. glassgreen says:

    @chase To your questions: “Why isn’t AGGRESSIVE testing being pursued on all levels, simultaneously, by academic, governmental (local & fed), military, medical, corporate (especially food industries) and organized teams of qualified individuals..”

    If there is no testing (or at least test results released to the public), then there is no problem. Nobody has to acknowledge the problem, the nuclear industry doesn’t have to take responsibility for the problem, corporations don’t have to remove products from the market/food chain (and take revenue losses), and so on. It’s the ultimate case of their burying their heads in the sand.

    While we like to think that at least the academic world would be all over this, they have a lot of government and corporate partnerships. And many reply heavily on government and corporate funding and grants. So while I think there is resistance to silence on their part, at some point they have to cave in.

    I’ve been saying from day one of this incident that I don’t understand why there isn’t a world-wide consortium of scientists and other nuclear industry “experts” involved in this. This incident is impacting the world. I suspect there probably is, but they are keeping everything under wraps.

  82. roundabout says:

    Stay out of the fog those in central and southern Ca for the next few days… It’s very dirty…

  83. @Chase:

    We are in the midst of a flurry of tests for Fukushima fallout in food and drink here in Southern California. The videos you watched on our YouTube channel, linked to from our Stats page(s), will be inserted into EnviroReporter.com as posts (and on our Radiation Station Video) as soon as I’m finished writing them (over the next day). Those posts may help answer most of your questions (which you rhetorically answered so well here, Chas.). There will be less “silence” over this as we further broaden our coverage and push the pieces through other media.

    Regarding your questions: “How dangerous do you think these sources are?” Answer: Ingesting possible fission-related radionuclides in fallout found in foodstuffs is serious business. That may be the reasons for the heightened radiation we’ve found in two brands of Japanese beer, three types of Japanese tea including green tea, Japanese seaweed (with indications of alpha radiation), Japanese yellow tail gill, chocolate stick cookies from Japan and Natto bean dip, popular in Japan.

    Your question: “What is the significance of that? Shouldn’t most/all items test normal?” Answer: The significance is self-evident; Fukushima fallout is the most likely reason that foodstuffs are registering higher in radiation. That is serious business too, obviously.

    Your last question about “What ‘would or should’ a good old USA made ‘bud like’ beer test out at?” can be answered like this: Our beer should test at background or a teensy-weensy bit above it depending on the soils where the grains, hops and other ingredients are grown. Keep in mind, the jet stream is bringing Fukushima radiation in it and raining down on America and Canada. How much it impacts North American crops (and beer) is still to be seen but you can count on us expanding our testing to look at this dire problem.

    Your comment is excellent and I do hope you put it up on our YouTube page too, Chas, along with other observations regarding related videos of testing we’ve posted. The YouTube community would benefit greatly from your insights.

  84. Chase says:

    I watched two very interesting videos. (‘food’ testing)

    “Japanese Beer RADIATION TEST 8-31-11 PART 2″


    “Japanese Seaweed RADIATION TEST 8-23-11 PART 2″

    The added commentary is informative. So don’t forget to turn your speakers on like I did the first time.

    I estimate I have at least a hundred questions, but I’ll try to keep it down to almost three.

    1. This question was actually asked by ‘iam335′ on the “Eat Me” comments page and I’m using it a bit out of context here, but I like the way he worded the question.

    “How dangerous do you think these sources are?” – iam335

    The ‘short answer’ to myself on that one would be “Some guessing can be done, but don’t really know without aggressive testing.”

    So the actual question would be…
    “Why isn’t AGGRESSIVE testing being pursued on all levels, simultaneously, by academic, governmental (local & fed), military, medical, corporate (especially food industries) and organized teams of qualified individuals… WHY???”

    We see the proof, yet we hear mostly silence.

    2. You mentioned in one of the videos, that some other items on the shelf at the store, not from Japan also showed higher than background. I think I heard that correctly. (?)

    If I did hear correctly, then…
    “What is the significance of that? Shouldn’t most/all items test normal?”

    3. Just for comparison…

    “What ‘would or should’ a good old USA made ‘bud like’ beer test out at?”

  85. Bar says:

    Thank you Chase for the Link. This very informative article explains where the contamination in the Niagra Falls area most likley came from:

  86. roundabout says:

    The NRC watchmen on the wall are now providing our nation with “a technical feeling” level of how safe our reactors are during an earthquake… http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2011/09/01/1738697/ap-impact-quakes-pose-greater.html

  87. Potrblog says:

    It appears that NRC is routing certain IP addresses who visit the http://WWW.nrc.gov to a different server; and that something has happened to make that server 1 day behind the other server. The issue does not seem to occur if one leaves the “WWW” off of the NRC’s address.

    For example: If your IP address is affected
    will take you to the previous day’s events.

    will route to the current events.

  88. glassgreen says:

    Earlier this week I went north to Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m happy to report that the 10-min readings there were similar to, if not slightly lower than, my readings in Madison. (~10-11 CPM indoor and ~12-14 CPM outdoor.) During one outdoor reading it was sprinkling a little and the reading was normal.

  89. Chase says:

    10 x Background Road Slag Niagara Falls, NY

    Tips to news station spawn probe.

    “It’s on the peoples lawns.”

    “Radiation (from road slag) of no concern to residents, as it is not the kind you ingest or inhale.” (in other words it’s like an x-ray)- Channel 4 News Video

    “Radiation is Radiation!” – road worker


    I knew they were going to say that.

  90. roundabout says:

    @2dogs; The following link; chlorella is grown in stainless steel tanks, but their spirulina is from North China sea. http://www.znaturalfoods.com/Algae-Seaweeds

    It is easy enough to get Kelp from the Atlantic with a google search. Back in April a company I googled “Atlantic Ocean Kelp” were out of stock… no surprise there. But I am impressed with the chlorella being grown pretty much hermetically by the above said company. It is not cracked wall, however it is “thin wall”. Cracked is best for bioavailability. Their Bladderrack is North Atlantic.

    FYIl Mercola has a 40% off of Solgar Kelp right now, but you would have to call the Solgar co for harvesting areas… And if it is your birthday Mercola.com will send you a ten dollar coupon. I happily found out today! :)

  91. Chase says:


    I watched the video. Which also is a good tutorial on ‘how to’ access the NRC events page and ‘how to’ surf with an anonymous IP page by the way.

    I will say it looks very odd. I don’t have a clue as to an answer.

    It is sad to think that if an emergency were actually happening in your area and you could not access the NRC event board, in order to make your own evaluation of a situation, instead of relying on NRC Press releases, it could cost you your life. (?)

    Smart to pull out the camera and show ‘exactly’ what was going on.

  92. Potrblog says:

    @Chase, that NRC link only works for me if I use an anonymous proxy. What ever is going on it looks like it is tied to my IP address, surely it can’t be a case of “Dirty Tricks”. But I decided to document the issue on video, and post it for further input.
    Here is the link

  93. Chase says:

    This is the direct link. Worked for me. (?)


    The only other ‘event’ of note was somebody in Kentucky ran over a container of cesium with a bulldozer. No reason for concern though.

    Note: “source rod not exposed, when the dozer ran over the device…”

  94. Potrblog says:

    @Chase, thanks for the event number. The only way I can get to that event number is using google’s cache; anything else takes me to the NRC August’s page.

  95. Chase says:

    NRC Event Report

    EMERGENCY DECLARED Event Number: 47228
    Notification Date: 09/01/2011
    Notification Time: 05:40 [ET]
    Event Date: 09/01/2011
    Event Time: 05:18 [EDT]


    At 0518 EDT, North Anna Power Station declared an Unusual Event due to seismic activity onsite (EAL HU 1.1). Both units are currently shutdown and electrical power is being supplied from offsite. There were no personnel injuries. There was no radiological release. Site structure and system inspections are in progress. No damage has been identified.

  96. Potrblog says:

    Where are the NRC Event Reports for September 1st?
    As of 3:15pm on 9/1/11 the NRC has not updated its Nuclear Events Reports webpage? That surely must be a sign that NOTHING IMPORTANT is going on! Lets see if they can stretch it out past Labor day.


  97. 2dogs says:

    I am considering adding spirulina and chlorella to my supplement list, but many of the sources note they are hawaiian or china grown- I assume the hawaiian source is getting the cesium dusting, but anyone have confidence in either source?

  98. Potrblog says:

    @Infrared, there is also another possibility and that is that something has recently happened to the old fuel rods. Those rods would be a source for radon. But these will all be things for the historians to determine, no one in the know is going to provide such info real time for an on going un-ending crisis.

  99. Potrblog says:

    @Infrared, that is a chart showing the EPA censoring RadNet data, the annotations point to where the EPA actively censored during a time where I detected a high amount of fallout. see this link for the details


    In regards to the Fukushima Radon relationship to an on going “China Syndrome”, there are two methods I put forth @13 min & 31 sec into the video, see here


    The summary is that it could be that the releases are exacerbated by Fukushima; it could be that Radon or a parent like Astatine 222 are being actively created at Fukushima; or it could be a combination of the two.

    In either case the Short Half life radiation fallout makes a great tracker/indicator for the longer half life radiation. The key is that atom for atom, Fukushima Radon is a much easier to detect than the longer half life fallout, and as such it makes the use of Geiger counters a good early warning indicator for locations where more sensitive instruments should be used to track the accumulation of things like radioactive Cesium.

    On the down side some will always claim it is a “natural” element and therefore should be ignored see:




  100. @ALL: Did anyone manage to sample rain from Hurricane Irene to test for radiation? I was hoping we might get good news ala what POTRblog found in Florida – no additional radiation above background in storm rains originating from the Atlantic/Africa. No news is not good news in this case. Perhaps Arnie Gundersen tested some of this rain since so much of it fell on Vermont where Fairewinds Associates is located.

  101. biggee says:

    Check out this French study of Cesium-137 from Fukashima to US with some animated charts.

  102. Chase says:

    Seeing high readings in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada

    See screen shots August 26th, 27th
    (CPM averages above alert levels.)


    August 27 2011 21:32:39 MT
    Average 629.30 CPM 12.54 uSv/h Wind: Variable 5 km/h *6 hour recording*

    August 26 2011 03:29:16 MT
    Average 124.20 CPM 4.03 uSv/h Wind: SW 4 km/h *6 hour recording*

    August 25 2011 03:29:08 MT
    Average 130.30 CPM 3.17 uSv/h Wind: Variable 11 km/h *6 hour recording*

    August 24 2011 03:28:55 MT
    Average 177.90 CPM 4.17 uSv/h Wind: SW 30 gust 44 km/h *6 hour recording*

    Spikes start increasing from normal around August 18th. With some pretty high reading prior to that too.

  103. Bar says:

    Wilma P. “If any country or any organization recognized the need for cleaning depleted uranium, it would automatically mean that they recognized the danger of using DU. If this happened, we could have damage claims in the courts, and nobody is ready to accept this.”

  104. Infrared says:


    Hi I was watching your video and couldn’t help but notice at 6:16 minutes in you show a CPM graph. On this graph you have arrows pointing to measurements, the arrows have text associated with them, declaring either 62x background radiation, 37x background radiation, or 50x background radiation. These arrows point to areas of the CPM graph that dont seem to logically correlate to the stated x amount of times of background radiation. Example: the 37x is way higher in CPM on the graph than the 62x, directly to the right of it?

    Also the CPM graph displays even higher than noted cpm counts(over 5000) which would equal even more than the max declared 62x (over 5000 proportionally based on what you are showing would be 1??x).

    Just a note.

    Also from my understanding Radon Progeny is from a natural uranium or thorium decay, something that is not happening in Fukushima where there is active Corium undergoing sub-critical fissioning.

    Please explain.

  105. R M Stiles says:

    Hello Mr Collins: Heard you on Rense last night. Last week I Googled “Japan offers to enrich uranium for Iran” and got 740,000 hits. Feb 2011 Japan made this serious mistake and violla March 11 we all get Fukishima. Let us all relish who is doing this to us as we get bathed in radiation this “nuclear winter”. I guess we can all figure out WHO. Anyway next week I get my inspector + and am very interested in joining citizen efforts in doing what our useless government should. I wonder if sending radioactive material to Mr Gunderson could be construed as terrorism by Big Sis. Thanks for your efforts on Behalf of the people.

  106. Annette2 says:

    @Potrblog – great synthesis of multiple data sources: US government monitoring reports and multiple civilian observations/testing/sampling results with Fuku onsite observations… the first viable theory we’ve seen… thank you.

  107. Potrblog says:

    North American Radon Spikes As Indicators of Fukushima’s “China Syndrome”

    The following is a direct link to the relevant portion of my previous blog post video which correlates recent massive short-half-life radiation spikes in North America with recent Fukushima reports as being indicative of “Corium” interacting with ground water in a China Syndrome event.


  108. Chase says:

    @annette2 What a great reply/comment!

    @roundabout A women’s intuition is a powerful thing.

    “They never thought that someday people would be driving around with Rad Detectors.” – Chase

    My guy ‘gut’ feeling is that the those who built the freeways were paid to mix the stuff into the concrete and then paid again to build the freeway. (speculation) They NEVER THOUGHT that someday people would be driving around with Rad Detectors. I am sure, if ‘they’ ever go to trial for crimes against humanity, they will say they were told that it would not really hurt anybody and that it would not be of any concern. They might say something like, “People will be driving and only be exposed for short durations, it won’t hurt them more than an airplane ride.”

    The Interstate 40 workers that used DU from St. Louis, MO have paid a high price with their lives and their health. (according to Dr. Rokke a DU cleanup expert)

    I’ll bet that these freeway ‘death’ zones all all over the USA. Concrete or asphalt mixed with all sorts of toxic goo. Who is responsible for this? Who will pay the price in the end?

    [ Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us ]

    from article:
    “This is a nightmare that will be with us for the rest of our lives. Millions are going to get sick and untold numbers of people are going to slowly die.”

    “With Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and now with Fukushima, you can pinpoint the exact day and time they started,” he said, “But they NEVER end.” – Arnie Gunderson


    [ On The Beach ]
    I watched a clip from a movie made in 1959. It’s called “On The Beach”. Adapted from the book. Starring Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck, Anthony Perkins, Ava Gardner. (Voted one of the saddest movies of all time.) It’s about people facing the end of times because of Nuclear Fallout.

    It’s tough being the messenger, but somebody’s got to do it. This is a classic scene about background radiation levels and peoples reaction to it. (seem familiar?) btw – really great acting!

    (1 minute, turn up the volume a bit)

    This movie was also made into an updated Mini-Series in Australia around 2000. 3 hours long. You can watch it in full for free on youtube. (parts 1 through 20, about 10 minutes each)

    Here’s a clip from the Mini-Series which shows the best Radiation Dispersion Map I’ve ever seen. OMG!

    “Have some FUN today!” – Chase

  109. Wilma P. says:



    CRIIRAD is doing it, so are you! Potrblog too.

    So how about engaging current NGOs (thinking PSR) to follow your lead and help set up labs for rads in North America to test food, rain, snow, topsoil, milk, tap water…? Your Santa Monica location can be the first, followed by St. Louis, Portland Ore, Oakland, etc., etc. See above.

  110. roundabout says:

    @portrblog; yes! people should leave the North Anna Nuke plant area: http://www.readthehook.com/100493/tritium-trouble-did-quake-cause-radioactive-leak

    @Chase; Feedback on the high SM freeway readings. Women’s intuition; same thing that happened with fluoride in the water; find a way to mix it in with a profitable motive, the uranium is difficult and costly to store; right? So, like fluoride in water, mix it into to roadwork. No one will know the difference. There is just so much of the stuff around now, why not?

    Regarding all the “unusual” USA nuke plants; “me thinks” this has been going on for a very long time, and is just now getting exposed due to the floods and quakes and fires… and Fukushima and watchdog groups. Me thinks we should all have rolls of heavy duty plastic, white paint and duct tape just in case. Especially if living within the area of a nuke plant. This is one emergency supply that should be mandatory in your “go kit”. And a car full of gas if you can get out before the others “know”…and without being stuck in traffic. It’s just a part of life for now. Understand that.

    @Michael; I logged on too late last night and missed the broadcast, hoping it will be up for a replay…?

  111. Annette2 says:

    @Chase – I can speculate on the reasons… perhaps that section of freeway was constructed with a concrete blend with higher uranium or radioactive waste, or perhaps there was a car/vehicle/mobile source of radioactivity nearby at that moment (reminiscent of Potrblog’s radioactive truck encounter a few months ago). A good way to eliminate/narrow down possibilities would be repeated testing… obviously if the area continued to remain “hot” at various times/conditions, that would indicate a permanent presence of radioactive materials, rather than something transient (air particles, vehicles, etc.).

    Another good example is the westernmost end of the 10 Freeway in Santa Monica… it jumps from a 39 on PCH to 139 as it apparently leaves the McClure Tunnel heading east, then sustains that level for a mile or so, before quickly dropping back down into the 40 range… leads one to contemplate all the same variables, including the possibility of a fallout hotspot.

    I took a close look at Topanga Canyon Blvd., traveling north to the 118, skirting the old Rocketdyne (meltdown) site. It stays pretty cool & stable (notwithstanding the air temperatures that topped well over 100 degrees in the Valley on that day – ha), heading north pretty much past Roscoe where you’d turn up to the Rocketdyne site, then the radioactivity climbs into the 70’s and maintains through the Santa Susanna Pass as you enter the 118 Freeway heading west – staying as close to Rocketdyne as this map tracks. The measurements then drop back down as you leave the Santa Susanna Pass and drop into Simi Valley. I would guess (in no way conclusive, just my amateur stab at this) that this radioactivity elevation is not indicative of old radioactive fallout, but rather of the outcropping and extremely dense rock formations in the area. Keep in mind that numerous nuclear engineers have cautioned us that geiger counters have great difficulty measuring hot particles. While we know hot particles are present in the soils surrounding Rocketdyne, I believe the elevated readings reflect radioactivity from the extensive rock formations, not the remaining fallout from the Rocketdyne meltdown.

    This leads us to the usefulness of these maps. They are certainly extremely useful in Japan, where they have such intense fallout depositions that the background has been increased to a measurable level. I think they are also useful here, to show us that we have not received fallout on the same levels as Japan (trust me, some days last April when the winds were blowing relentlessly our way and Michael’s Inspector was consistently reading hotter than counters in Tokyo, there were several moments when I thought that we’d gotten it all). There is finally sufficient testing to document that, sadly for the Japanese, that that is not the case. Since we know that we did receive some level of fallout nevertheless, I still think this is incredibly useful to search for potential hotspots, that should then be further investigated. Most importantly, I do not think that the low air measurements shown on these maps should cause us to disregard the scanty information that we have received indicated ongoing cesium contamination of our food supply in California. The food supply contamination will not be going away any time soon, and we need to remember that and take whatever precautions we deem necessary to protect our families.

    @Bar – I’ll be sure to share whatever testing results I receive on the beach sand.

  112. Chase says:

    @Annette2 re: >=105 cpm on Santa Monica Freeway – readings map (Entry Number 193)

    I noticed upon ‘ZOOMing’ in to the http://maps.safecast.org/drives Entry #193, that a large stretch of the Santa Monica Freeway reads over 105 cpm. hmmm… I wonder why that is? Cars, DU goo in the concrete?

    Seems high to me, considering the surrounding readings looked very normal.

    Anybody… any thoughts on this one?

  113. Chase says:

    Highest recorded reading in Oahu, HA. As of Aug 18th, 2011. [16 Rem/hr]

    When a radioactive particle OR ray strikes a cell, one of at least four things can happen:

    1. It may pass through the cell without doing any damage;

    2. It may damage the cell, but in a way that the cell can recover and repair itself before it divides;

    3. It may kill the cell;

    4. Or, worst of all, it may damage the cell in such a way that the damage is repeated when the cell divides.

    Three of those four circumstances can have health effects.

    The only thing ‘stable’ about Fukushima is the lack of or difficult to understand data, misleading headlines(if any), the outright disinformation(lies) and the overall ‘apathy’ from most of the citizens of this planet. All of those things seem to be holding fairly steady at this time.

  114. Bar says:

    Another source of radioactivity, fireworks! Strontium has a half-life of 28.9 years. I have seen people light up fireworks at the beaches around LA. Wenn you check the sand for radiation can that strontium be detected?

    Strontium (red): This soft, silvery-yellow metal turns red when it burns, is extremely reactive with both air and water, and can be radioactive.


  115. Aridzonan_13 says:

    I’m a member of the Radiation Network. CC_13 is my station in AZ. I was lucky enough to have pre Fukushima rain water. I’ve got a SEI Monitor 4 kit. I took sediment samples from the bottom of my rain barrels and dried them, as per my Nuke Chem Tech associate’s instructions. Here are my results: Pre-Fukushima 18 CPM. My post Fukushima readings have been 17, 18 and 19 CPM. Ambient air pre / post Fukushima has been 20 CPM. The tests were done over a 20 min period.

  116. 2dogs says:

    article from a local san luis obispo area digital paper on upcoming september meeting to form coordinated coalition of groups to oppose cali nuke plant relicense:

  117. 2dogs says:

    Hey Michael- I have been traveling a bit and didn’t see the web site the last days but I did catch you on the last hour of rense tonite- great articulate job!

  118. Potrblog says:

    [Update] 178X Saint Louis Background Radiation Source Identified


  119. Movieyawn says:

    Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant in Unusual Event mode. Unit One is not functioning. There is an overflow at St. Mary’s dam.


    St Mary’s County is advising residents to move to higher locations. Residents should also avoid walking in, driving in or touching flood water and wash hands thoroughly after touching it. (WOW!!!) What do they think may be present in the water?


  120. Movieyawn says:

    Here is a youtube link to an interview with Paul Gunter (Beyond Nuclear) from last Friday. Talks about pipe and concrete damage at North Anna. Also, info also on dam structures. Fukushima updates too. 9 minutes.


  121. Annette2 says:

    In addition to its excellent work in Japan and Hawaii, Safecast has posted radiation readings (air) from 3 drives in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara. These measurements were taken on 8/23, 8/24 and 8/28. Click onto the listing of drives (above), and access the so CA data as entries #182, 189 & 193.

  122. Wilma P. says:



    Please check out Harrisonburg, VA Gross Beta numbers within link above. These correlate with North Anna?


    Remarkable animation, great find — thanks for the CEREA Cesium Dispersion Maps. Evacuate the West Coast?
    The upcoming winter rainy season with its seasonal shift south of the Jet Stream gives one pause. Not a bad idea to have an updated passport handy to enable travel south.

  123. @POTRblog: We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to educate us about radiation, fallout, nuclear reactions, radiation exposure and possibly impending nuclear meltdowns in our own country. No words of thanks are enough. You are an American treasure. Thank you.

    @All: I will be on The Jeff Rense Program tonight, live from 9 to 10pm PDST, and would like to solicit from you Raddies what are the most important specific issues you’d like discussed concerning the ongoing disaster in Fukushima, the new UC Berkeley radiation readings in milk, fallout in the United States, and our government’s failure to fully protect us. Oh yes, I already have plenty to talk about with Jeff, but your input would be most welcome. Send me your suggestions to and make sure to listen in regardless.

  124. Chase says:


    These numbers are coming in ‘higher’ than I expected.


    Scroll down to see the Cesium-137. Again, confirming what we already know.

  125. Bar says:

    Did quake effects exceed North Anna design?
    It exceeded the design of the non-seismic Turbine Building. Thats for shure.

  126. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] North Anna Nuclear: Earthquake Design Limits Exceeded, PLANT SAFETY DEGRADED



  127. Chase says:


    NRC Events/Documents

    Then, select ‘Event Notification Report’ either Current or Archive.

  128. glassgreen says:

    Is there a web site that lists nuclear facility “events”? I’m wondering what’s happening on the east coast with all the flooding and power outages.

  129. Chase says:

    CEREA Lab from France. Cesium Dispersion Maps. (Scroll down for the animated one.) Disclaimer: The magnitude of activity concentration field is uncertain and could be significantly different from the actual one. (Note: This is as about as close to accurate as it’s going to get in my opinion.)


    SAND: Side note… As noted in an earlier comment here on EnviroReporter. Mark B. of the BRAWM Team stated he had detected ‘cesium’ in sand from a beach. However, he did not state what the level of detection was nor the location of the beach.

    I also thought a ‘core’ sample of sand might show something for comparison. Take a pipe or something and go down a couple of feet. If the deeper sand was not as hot as the upper sand, then maybe there’s more than just quartz. Also, if a dry sand sample were taken a short distance ‘away’ from the beach ‘filtering’ area, then that might also give a clue as to the true nature of the sand’s hotness. (just thinking out loud)

    Testing of bikini tops is really great idea too! I so need to own a detector. ;)

  130. Big R says:

    The link to the UC Berkeley radiation testing site on Enviroreporter.com is broken. It appears to be missing a slash in the URL address.

  131. Annette2 says:

    Hi Michael – I didn’t know about the quartz in Malibu sand as opposed to other LA beaches – thank you for that info. J & I did assume that the sand would (similar to my arena sand and the rocks in the area) be somewhat radioactive… thanks for confirming that. The sample can still serve as a baseline for comparison against any future ratio increases.

    Since Zuma is not on Santa Monica Bay, I took another sample at Surfrider Beach which is on Santa Monica Bay (heavily polluted from multiple sources including the Hyperion Water Treatment plant), and I sent sand, kelp and sand crab shell samples to WPI from both locations for comparison. I thought it may be helpful to identify any local sources of radiological contaminants at the outset, so they would not be mistakenly attributed to Fukushima at some future date.

    In any case, as I’m sure Denise can attest, the water sure does feel great right now… I love our southern California beaches (and am sure hoping the toxic slop is minimal)!

    Thank you for graciously hosting this site, Michael & Denise. We are the fortunate beneficiaries of your years of experience and hard work.

  132. @Annette2: Beach sand in Malibu has quartz in it and much like your granite/quartz countertop, radiates. That is probably why you got the overage. Last Saturday, I sampled the Pacific in Santa Monica, several miles away from Malibu. I used Denise’s bikini top after she came out of the ocean bagged it for testing at Radiation Station. The bikini didn’t emit additional radiation above background though it sure was hot. That can’t be said for water taken from the Pacific a few weeks ago by Cabrillo Beach that was significantly higher in radiation. That testing is part of an upcoming article.

    It might be helpful to take water samples directly bypassing the sand entirely. Try this tip to sample without getting wet or even gooey in some known toxic slop: Attach a sock to a broom with a clip then dip. Sounds kooky but it works every time. We’ll have photos of this kind of advanced sampling protocol in our upcoming coverage but until then, check our new The 2011 Toxies and keep on sampling, Annette!

  133. Chase says:

    @Annette2 Way to Go and thanks for the read!

    Very interesting on the ‘sand’ reading. The beach sand is the line marker between us and the sea. It only makes sense to me that sand acts as a filter would. You got a baseline or snapshot of the moment to show at least what it is at this time. At least we know something now we didn’t know before.


  134. Annette2 says:

    Baseline* Malibu beach background:

    8/27/2011, 1:50pm, Background = 42.5 CPM, Sand = 65.4 CPM = 1.54 times background

    Notes: Wet sand collected on 8/25/11 from Westward Beach (Zuma-adjacent), Malibu, California, at point of rolling surf. Sample allowed to air dry (enclosed location). A 10-minute background count was run on a clean paper plate, and averaged for CPM. The sample was then placed on the plate and a 10-minute count was taken and compared against the background. Note that a portion of this sample was sent to Worcester Polytechnic Institute for radioisotope analysis.

    *This sample was taken to serve as a baseline in order to monitor for increased radionuclides from Fukushima. This is, of course, based upon the assumption that radioisotopes from Fukushima have not yet arrived in Malibu waters.

  135. Bar says:


    Unbelievable! Must read!

  136. roundabout says:

    A new Gunderson video, giving some vindication to Arnie, in case you didn’t get the memo… http://fairewinds.com/content/newly-released-tepco-data-proves-fairewinds-assertions-significant-fuel-pool-failures-fukush

  137. Potrblog says:

    [ URGENT ] North Anna Nuclear, Hurricane Irene, Personal Evacuation Decision Criteria


    A detail analysis of the Lake Anna nuclear plant’s dropping lake levels; decay heat steam discharges; earthquake design limits; and the key indicators that one should evacuate the immediate crisis zone before Hurricane Irene arrives.

  138. Big R says:

    If you are in the market for N95 dust masks, here is a link listing NIOSH approved N95, N99, N100 and other masks/respirators.


  139. roundabout says:

    Here is a link to what can be occurring in the oceans. What will happen if our oceans die off?? Well, we know that answer! The first part of the video explains the Rocketdyne problem way back when, but you can forward it to about third to hear the hypothesis. This is going to be very hard for surfers to take… no offence, but they are like Golfers, will do their sport in rain sleet snow, or whatever!! :) The host of the video studies geology, and has a real low key air. He has always been a visionary, before his time kind of guy. Interesting…

  140. Hector Vazquez says:

    8:50am reporting from East Los Angeles,Ca
    external background 42 counts per minute
    internal 36 cpm- all looking normal

  141. glassgreen says:

    EPA site is back up.

  142. glassgreen says:

    @Potrblog, no kidding.

    In case anyone hasn’t seen this, here’s a map of the nuclear power plants in the U.S. You can see all the plants that are in the path of Hurricane Irene. I think they are saying that the storm is 500 miles wide, so even facilities located somewhat inland could be at risk.


  143. Bar says:

    “Firefighters struggled on Thursday to control a fast-growing 28,000-acre wildfire raging within several miles of spent nuclear fuel stored at a U.S. Energy Department lab in the high desert of eastern Idaho.”


    Shure hope they can control that fire.

  144. Potrblog says:

    @glassgreen, between the hurricane and the dropping Lake Anna water levels, I would be getting the heck out of Mineral Virginia if I lived there.

  145. screwed says:

    we are being intentionally exterminated, all latest disasters are man made, to depopulate the earth , the bailout money stolen for underground safe havens being built and supplied at super speeds for the despotic elites who are manipulating weather.

  146. Movieyawn says:

    The EPA query tool shows error on the page. Makes me wonder if radiation is already being detected on the east coast and the “error” is part of a panic prevention strategy.

  147. glassgreen says:

    The Weather Channel is reporting that 12 nuclear plants are in the projected path of Hurricane Irene and are preparing for damage.

  148. Wilma P. says:


    Now, EPA displays only Gross Gamma? No more Beta testing? EPA Query Tool does not function.

    Well, isn’t that special…

    How about real time soil and rain sampling for all radioisotopes, including deadly alpha emitters — eg., Plutonium-239, Americium-241? See:

    Strontium-90? Still no testing of this calcium-mimicking leukemia-causing poison. Once internalized, the body can’t tell the difference and the Sr-90 goo is thereby metabolized as calcium.

    Chris Busby helps explain it —


    “Strontium-90 is a prime suspect. It decays to Yttrium-90, which then decays further. This second decay event has a high probability of occurring while the cell is repairing damage caused by the first. The second event defeats the cell repair mechanism because the mechanism itself is irreversible and has no means of repairing damage inflicted after it begins.”

  149. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] For families Downwind and Downstream of the NORTH ANNA Nuclear Plant; It would be wise to INCREASE Preparations for a Radiological Release.


  150. wolfenblaze says:

    I installed a Flanders for-lab filter. They’re like normal air filters but these ones were rated for lab use so it’s good on radiation. Hope that protects me for a while.

    However there more powerful ones that ya can get if ya wish-listed on here http://flandersfilters.com/products/naturalaire/. I just got the basic 3 pack.. though on the website it says nothing about rad dust, on the package itself, it does indeed say Radioactive containment.

  151. Bar says:

    Why is North Anna venting steam?

    And why are they using so much water that the waterlevel at the lake is getting so low?

  152. Margery Brown says:

    And, speaking of Iodine 131 and Cesium 137, here are some animated charts that make one come to the conclusion that Cesium is already landing on California, even before any burning in Fukushima is carried out, as is apparently being planned. Why do they even bother?


  153. Margery Brown says:

    I cannot answer your question, but perhaps Arnie Gunderson will do so. Scroll down and find his video. It includes Cesium burning. I must admit that sometimes I really don’t want to know, just when this nightmare is supposed to start. But,in this case, ignorance probably isn’t bliss, so I suppose that we really should try to find out the start date.

  154. Chase says:

    @ Margery Thanks for that link. You too Annette2. Great comments!

    I left several comments all on that same node. (5443)




    Here’s another interesting video retrospective I saw today.

    VOICES from the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident:

    Astoundingly similar to what we hear today.
    At 5:29 into the video there is a picture of a bus loaded with kids. I had to pause it and look at their faces. I had to wonder… Where are they today? How are they today? Were THEY ever studied? Do we really know? They would now be 40 something. I can only pray that they led normal healthy lives and still are today.

    Voices towards the end state. At about 6:30.
    “Conflicting statements. There’s been a severe problem getting information back.”
    “Part of it’s a lack of credibility of what we’re being told… the confusion that’s coming forth… it’s inexcusable that we leave a private utility in full command of the situation…”

    Sort of eerie I’d say.

  155. christine says:

    When is this burning set to begin that Arnie is talking about? Are we in PNW to expect the aftermath in the coming week or is it weeks?

  156. Margery Brown says:

    This link (below) is from the BRAWM team.

    But, just what do I tell my son and his family in Washington State to do about this? About any of the Fukushima contamination? Son is an inspector who works outside, no matter what the weather is doing. And what it is doing is raining… A LOT! An open umbrella while climbing up scaffolding? Not even!

    The kids don’t come inside until dinner, and then go back outside again until bed time.

    Who will tell us how much cesium is in the soil…and how much is TOO MUCH? Do they even know that ANY amount of radiation is too much?

    Of course I will talk to everyone about trying to protect themselves. But, will it soon become overwhelming and completely impossible for them to do so?

    What kind of cancerous world will we be leaving for our Grandchildren?


  157. rocket says:

    @roundabout: You got it. You can sleep better at night knowing there is a classified history behind this and then you can only hope that a non-dualistic paradigm is closer to what we now know as ‘good’. I doubt there is any turning back of engineered evolution’s clock. I will provide some links so that we can at least inform ourselves as the isotopes transform our cells and genes unwittingly without consent.

  158. Bar says:

    Looks like they have had all kind of problems at North Anna over the years.
    Electrical bus problem and emergency generator failure
    Tritium leak
    Radioactive Effluent and Environmental Reports for North Anna 1 & 2
    Piping event problem
    control rod switch failed during oct 2010 restart
    Oh…this is getting really crazy. “All of the plant’s seismographs were removed in the 1990s due to budget cuts.”

    Makes you wonder if there really was no damage from earthquake.

  159. Bar says:

    North Anna Power Station
    “The licensee identified the following vulnerabilities:
    • Portions of the water and gaseous suppression systems and hose stations are not
    seismically designed.
    • B.5.b fire pump storage area is non-seismic.
    • Potential leakage can occur through penetrations following seismic event.
    • Seismically designed floodwalls are located in the non-seismic Turbine Building.
    • Various isolation valves which would be used to isolate a flood source are located in
    potentially flooded areas.”

    “not seismically designed” Thats got to be a joke!

  160. glassgreen says:

    Found this article/post on investing in and profiting from the nuclear energy industry. It’s dated post-Fukashima, April 17, 2011.


    It’s authored anonymously, so I don’t know the credibility of the author or the content within. But the author does provide citations for some of the info.

    The post highlights countries that are actively constructing new nuclear reactors and how many, and the major companies in the industry, including plant builders, utility companies, and uranium miners.

    I found the article by searching the net for “nuclear industry profits,” as part of my on-going effort to understand the love affair with nuclear energy.

  161. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] North Anna Nuclear Plant, Mineral Virginia: Be Prepared for Radioactive Leakage Into The Atmosphere


  162. Annette2 says:

    @ Angus – Yep.

  163. ng says:

    @Frank Snapp So to put it ever mildly, entire US and Canada along the jet stream are f%*#$! ?

  164. roundabout says:

    @rocket; Dr Reiser has it all there, yes? The hamonics, HAARP, Agenda 21 and the isotopes which are not being hailed as a problem here in USA and Japan! Wow! What a find! Can you post the link to that documentation? Or was it a hard copy?

    @Frank; Understood where you are coming from. I just think that the NRC provides tidy death threats to those that cross a line, and Arnie is doing as much as he can in order to keep him and his family safe. I can certainly see that concern in his eyes… and in the measured words he speaks. Nevertheless, it is more than what we have in many ways. Yes, we are a groveling public indeed!

  165. Angusmerlin says:

    8/23/2011: M 5.8 earthquake strikes Virginia, epicenter within about 20 miles of nuclear power plant.
    “EarthQuake – Report.com” updates & video:


    “Very strong and dangerous earthquake rattles Virginia – 2 Nuclear reactors safely stopped in Virginia”
    Last update: August 23, 2011 at 7:44 pm
    by By Armand Vervaeck and James Daniell

    Louisa earthquake landscape – Panoramio image from BBest – http://www.panoramio.com/photo/3809386

  166. Angusmerlin says:

    Hi guys,
    Came across this Seres Fukushima rad weather forecasting link at the Berkeley forum. Thought you all might also be interested:

    10 Day Forecasts

    “The graphics presented here are a 10 day forecast of the movement of the plume based on an assumed constant radionuclide release rate of 1012 becquerels/second (Bq/s) for both I-131 and Cs-137. The becquerel (symbol Bq) is the SI (metric) unit of radioactivity.equal to the amount of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second. Two different types of graphics are presented as follows:
    Animated 10-day Hourly Forecasts of I-131 and Cs-137″



    @Annette2: Are you the same Annette, who contacted ‘Angus’ at the Berkeley Forum?

  167. rocket says:

    thanks to all of you for documenting and measuring. don’t though discount the utilitarian agenda which ends up being the most logical explanation for the why, how and by whom this could have been allowed to occur on our planet. ‘accelerated evolution’

    “In 1936, Dr. Reiser, introduced and promoted the concept of “radio-eugenics” in the scientific Journal of Heredity. This entails applications of radiation for evolution. In 1945 Dr. Reiser was impressed by think tank founder Julius Stulman’s article called “Applied Energy to Social Relations.” In the 1965 publication of “Cosmic Humanism” that is highly praised by Stulman’s Institute for Integrative Education, the concept of radio-eugenics is promoted in synthesis with the concept of nondual harmonic resonance. Dr. Reiser states that we learned from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that not only does radiation cause massive destruction but that even those who survive “the baptism by fire” have children with severe birth defects. He then states that unfortunately that is how evolution works and that hopefully with the proper applied harmonic resonance of radiation then a new human society and a new “World Sensorium” will be achieved. The “World Sensorium” of Dr. Reiser is based on utilizing the radiation of the ionosphere, amplifying it with high technology, and applying it globally to cause mutations. The effect is to achieve not only a higher dimensional reality but to harness the zero-point energy.”

  168. christine says:

    The Gundersen comment, I could not help but think and feel the same. He looks disheveled and seems a bit broken. Maybe he is just exhausted from all the research/work he is doing. Or, maybe he is feeling hopeless about his efforts.

  169. glassgreen says:

    The rain is hot in Madison, Wisconsin.

    A 10-min outdoor reading in the rain was 32.1 CPM. The normal outdoor reading average is 14.95 CPM, so let’s call it 15 CPM. That means the rain reading was more than double the average outdoor background reading.

    I did the reading by putting my counter in a ziplock bag and placing it on my concrete patio directly in the rain. The reading probably would have been higher if the counter hadn’t been in a ziplock bag, since I think just about any material blocks alpha radiation.

    I saw that the jet stream was suppose to be taking a steep dive from Canada in this direction.

    A video camera is on it’s way to me, so I hope to be posting video soon.

    I can’t begin to tell you how sad I am.

  170. roundabout says:

    Annette2; thanks for the video. Felt very vindicated, and learned even more why to trust instincts as far as information closures. Sadly our EPA was effectively shut down while NRC got the oversight job. Are we living in a fascist state of affairs? Where was our vote on this?

    The explanation for msv versus beq’s was great! Thank you!

    @Potrblog; Well, we are very fortunate to have you on this board, whether you ever become a celebrity or not, you are highly valued for the extensive work you share with us. Thank you.

    @ng: Arnie is upset because he has the calling to overturn the garbage that the NRC puts out or hides the truth altogether, and understands the risks we are in, and the NRC chooses to neglect to correct. What a burden he is under.

  171. glassgreen says:

    @Annette2, thanks for posting the additional info. The thing is, my normal “air” reading is really on the ground. I place my geiger counter on a concrete patio. So I guess the soil and grass hold on better to the contamination?

    @All, thanks for posting the Gunderson video. Under the video, someone left a great comment: David Agnew — When cesium contamination has been collected and moved to an incineration site, that amount has been largely isolated from the public environment. To then burn and re-disperse it is stunningly ignorant. Sadly, a government foolish enough to embrace nuclear energy can reasonably be expected to make more bad decisions – and this includes many governments.

  172. Frank Snapp says:

    I think, in reference to Arnie’s latest release, he’s being rather, perhaps not with bad intent, patronizing with us about what is happening, and parochial. Maybe he’s just trying to keep messages simple. There has been a lot of dumbing down by the CIA in the past 30 years in the U.S., and abroad by this and other agencies, reducing the literacy and critical thinking skills of Americans (U.S.), never very high, to pathetic levels by now in 2011. I don’t appreciate the lack of torque from him about this topic and I’m not addled by starry eyed gratitude of the typical U.S. citizen serf mentality that most of the more provincial suffer from. No one should be holding back any information. I DO, thank you very much, appreciate that he reminds people, as i have often tried to myself, that all the reactor cores melted through, R1-R3–at least and at least at Fukushma Dai ichi. Corium from R1, definitely, and R2 and R3, likely, are experiencing re-prompt criticality (fission, neutron cascades) on a regular and cycling basis (my words, but reflected in the R1 dry well readings). He needs to emphasize the fact that the corium and spent fuel will continue, without containment and there is none, to get MORE radioactive over the coming more than 200K years. I agree with him that the R3 spent fuel pool DID blow up. This is actually MUCH worse, diverging tartly from his disinformation, than if the R3 reactor CORE had also or only blew up because it’s MOX spent fuel (?), which spent fuel is already, literally, 100’s of thousands of times more radioactive than MOX reactor core fuel and has a much higher concentration of Plutonium. I believe that spent fuel rods originally littered much of the FukuDai plant site. Even non-MOX reactor spent fuel starts out being one million times more radioactive than the reactor core fuel initially installed inside the non-MOX reactor. This is due primarily to the presence of PLUTONIUM, due to normal reactor core power generation related fission, which ramps up the release of neutrons, by Plutonium mainly, but also by fission daughter products ever increasing for thousands of years in their abundant diversity, also not addressed by Arnie. Though Arnie is pleasant enough in demeanor, he’s still an insider and is still appearing with fair regularity in the media. I don’t mean, at all, to (I’m not black and white despite the brainwashed herd’s training to address all with a critical eye as being so) He is still a person whose information should be evaluated carefully and with a critical eye. I’ll be grateful only for the parts that are correct and for the appropriate torque.

  173. Annette2 says:

    @glassgreen: In reference to your grass vs. air readings discrepancy question, I saw this physicist’s explanation of the difference between surface & air readings in the comments section of safecast.com. They are discussing readings in prefectures near Fukushima, hence the much higher levels, and in this situation, the surface level was 10 times the air level:

    ” Hi, First time visitor. but will keep on reading. As a physicist, the following paragraph seemed to necessitate some precisions. You wrote: “Another bit worth noting here in case you haven’t been following along with the work Safecast has been doing so far, surface contamination is much higher than air contamination. There are two main reasons for this – “Fallout” literally means this radioactive crap fell out of the sky and found it’s new home on the ground, and much of contents of said crap are beta emitters. Beta radiation is lower energy than gamma so you need to get close to it to measure it – which in this case is the ground. If you only measure the air you miss the betas all together. Anyway. Surface is higher than air, and around 3000 CPM on the ground in the parking lot here is 10X the air levels.”

    There is some confusions in the explanations here. Gamma radiations are made of photons, beta of electrons. Radiation of charged particles is considered to be interacting continuously with matter through the Coulomb force. This leads to a loss of energy through ionizations and excitations across the entire trajectory of the radiation. In contrast to charged particles, photons can travel random and highly variable distances inside matter before undergoing an interaction. Electron-matter interactions consist mainly of collisions between particles having the same mass. The difference of range between gamma and beta is not because of energy, but because of different interaction process. What you also notice when measuring close to the floor is the dose rate dependence on the distance. If you measure a point-source, the dose rate will decrease with the square of the distance when moving away from the source.

    Confusion is also coming from using the expression “air contamination”. It is not the contamination of the air that is measured by your Geiger-Mueller counter, but the dose rate of the activity deposited around. In other word the radiation field coming from radionuclide on the ground measured at a certain distance. It is better to use the term dose rate for a value of Sv/h and surface contamination for a value of Bq/cm2. Most of the time dose rates are measured with Geiger Counters and surface contaminations with proportional counters.

    It would be interesting to have surface contamination values, because it is what could be used to evaluate the ingested activity the people will suffer. Radioactive intake might then help evaluate the committed effective dose of the population.

    Hope I could help a bit.”

  174. ng says:

    Gunderson looks awful, I think there is something he isn’t telling us, his demeanor is exceptionally sad. This is hopeless.

  175. christine says:

    Has anyone on this board or Michael and Denise done any radiation testing on Matcha powder from Japan?

  176. Annette2 says:


    New Gunderson video.

  177. Bar says:

    I just watched this and I wanted to share it. I’m still shaken from the images.

    “Part 1 – The whole international press have blackout the worst catastrophe in modern history. So this is a humble reminder of what really is going on in Fukushima and beyond today ! There is a crime against humanity happening right under our nose and all we can hear is a deafening silence.
    Please spread this video as much as you can … in the name of humanity ! Thanks !”

  178. Bar says:

    Arnie Gundersen says that they are burning contaminated waste and causing even more cesium to go airborne. I cant help but think that they don’t know what they are doing.

    Fukushima Japan Radiation Spreads Worldwide by Arnie Gundersen 8/22/11

  179. Annette2 says:


    April 20 lecture by Daniel Hirsch of UCSC (formerly of UCLA, instrumental in Santa Susana Lab expose and clean up agreement). Very clear thinking nuclear and public policy expert who presents an adroit assessment of Fukushima and the US response. Did you know that typically the EPA is responsible for handling domestic threats from foreign nuclear accidents, but, in the early days following 3/11 the Obama regime transferred this responsibility/authority to the NRC? This is a huge revelation, and explains the “thousands of times below levels of concern,” comment we saw repeatedly on the EPA sampling data pages. The NRC levels of concern are, coincidentally, set at levels thousands of times greater than the EPA levels.

    The lecture is over 1.5 hours, but well worth the time investment.

  180. Chase says:

    Potblog video Number 1 MOST VIEWED article on eneNEWS today.
    Hundreds of comments and counting, over 2000 youtube views at this time. Not bad for one day.

    …and the awareness increases bit by bit, but will it be in time?

    “Nuclear Power is one hell of a way to boil water.” – Albert Einstein

  181. Annette2 says:

    @glassgreen – I too have been taking multiple exterior readings with my Inspector Alert over the past couple of months. Yes, the CPM @ groundlevel are always significantly higher than the 3′ levels. I have a clipboard full of 10-minute and longer timed averages. My 3′ levels (table top) are typically in the 30-40cpm range, while the soil levels range from 36 in my raised veggie garden and in my backyard lavender patch… to 49 under a drain spout, to over hot spots exceeding 100 in my horse arena. The arena base is decomposed granite topped with a plaster sand mix. I do not attribute the high CPM to Fukushima fallout, but rather the natural radioactivity (uranium) of the footing.

    I do not have any lawn – so no grass readings, sorry.

    I have found that my readings on the direct soil are higher than those without having removed the wood chip mulch; the concrete and asphalt readings are significantly higher than the direct soil readings (again, uranium), with the sand/dg arena being the highest.

    I did remove a few stepping stones/objects that had been in place since 3/11, in order to take readings of direct soil that would not have received any fallout deposition… those readings were not any lower than the exposed bare soil readings.

    I live in the Santa Monica Mountains of southern California.

    I also have taken readings (air & surface) and kept a time/location/readings log from throughout Los Angeles and I have noted much higher surface soil readings, almost uniformly. I originally attributed this to commercial fertilizers (phosphaltic rock which contains uranium)… but I’ve also noted higher levels in other natural (no commercial fertilizer) areas of the canyons/mountains. Perhaps those locations have a different/more radioactive substructure… I don’t know.

  182. glassgreen says:

    I’ve been taking outdoor air, rain water, and lawn readings. My lawn readings are consistently 4-5 CPM higher than my air readings.

    Has anyone else been doing lawn readings? How do they compare to your air readings?

    I’m wondering if the higher lawn readings are due to the accumulation of radionuclides in the grass or soil, if the soil might contain naturally-occurring radiation, or a combination of these two. (The soil here is a silt loam, which contains a lot of rock and mineral deposits. So I’m thinking that they might be contributing to the slightly higher reading.)

    As I say, I’d be interested to know if anyone else is doing lawn, garden or soil readings and the kind of results you’re seeing.

  183. glassgreen says:

    @wolfenblaze. I live in Phoenix part-time. When Fukashima first happened I was in Phoenix. I did some queries of historic data on the EPA site to find out what was normal for Phoenix and saved them to Excel. The readings for Phoenix in Nov and Dec 2010 were off the charts. What I think is interesting is that after Dec 31, 2010, there is no data posted for Phoenix until late March, 2011 (post Fukashima). And in late March the readings are significantly lower than the December readings. Here’s a side-by-side of the December 1, 2010 readings and March 25, 2011 readings for the EPA’s Phoenix monitoring station (date/time/Beta Gross Count-CPM):

    12/1/2010 0:51 174 3/25/2011 0:07 22
    12/1/2010 1:51 175 3/25/2011 1:07 21
    12/1/2010 2:51 193 3/25/2011 2:08 23
    12/1/2010 3:52 240 3/25/2011 3:08 23
    12/1/2010 4:52 301 3/25/2011 4:08 24
    12/1/2010 5:52 318 3/25/2011 5:08 29
    12/1/2010 6:52 323 3/25/2011 6:08 34
    12/1/2010 7:52 334 3/25/2011 7:09 36
    12/1/2010 8:53 394 3/25/2011 8:09 41
    12/1/2010 9:53 422 3/25/2011 9:09 48
    12/1/2010 10:53 443 3/25/2011 12:10 81
    12/1/2010 11:53 488 3/25/2011 13:10 91
    12/1/2010 12:53 507 3/25/2011 14:10 105
    12/1/2010 13:54 517 3/25/2011 15:10 111
    12/1/2010 14:54 545 3/25/2011 16:10 111
    12/1/2010 15:54 546 3/25/2011 17:10 107
    12/1/2010 16:54 457 3/25/2011 18:11 92
    12/1/2010 17:54 377 3/25/2011 19:11 93
    12/1/2010 18:55 325 3/25/2011 20:11 63
    12/1/2010 19:55 297 3/25/2011 21:11 51
    12/1/2010 20:55 270 3/25/2011 22:11 46
    12/1/2010 21:55 241 3/25/2011 23:12 44
    12/1/2010 22:55 225
    12/1/2010 23:56 211

    The Palo Verde nuclear facility is 50 miles west of Phoenix. In Nov and Dec 2010 were we having a nuclear incident?

    All the readings I’ve downloaded show that CPM peaks between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Is it environmental radiation due to the intense sun we get? Or is Palo Verde on an emission schedule were it spews nuclear gunk into the air between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.?

    BTW, the historic data available for Phoenix is sparse. I got info for Nov and Dec 2010, and I think data was posted for just a few days in June 2010. The EPA obviously wasn’t on top of the monitoring, or they just didn’t post it.

  184. wolfenblaze says:

    btw both were beta gross radiation numbers the same thing envrio’s inspectors looking for.

    so if these numbers are correct i say it time to blow the damn siren http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_KRf7bqyIY

    i rather be turned into werewolf instead of been rad sick

  185. wolfenblaze says:

    Phoenix detection system

    2011-08-21 14:10:03

    106.0000 cmp

    2011-08-21 15:10:17

    118.0000 CMP.

    these are very high readings from what i here. though im puzzled. i got these readings from the Rad net Query interface from the EPA offical site https://cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/query.do this i think the only link that works others are errors

    problem is the readings are timed two hours ahead of Mountain which means there clock are off or these are estimates plotted by the epa.

    i been looking at both envrios inspector and The minlabs Radation network. the only spike i seen on rad network was 79 CMP

    so my question is Why did Radiation network not pick up the radiation that the EPa picked up. are the Epa readings really just estimates or they trying scare us

    none of us will really know. but as for me im taking a kelp pill right now.

  186. Potrblog says:

    @Roundabout, I have ZERO desire to be on the news; I don’t even like being on YouTube. If someone had told me 7 months ago I would be on twitter, I would have thought they were crazy.

    The data I provide on the fallout is now primarily for historical purposes; no new scientists are going to speak up any time soon.

    On the popular front, the awareness is probably at steady state or declining in regards to people who are wise to the risk. The people who don’t wish to be wise, won’t meet Darwin for another 10 to 30 years. Heck, the people in Japan who will meet Darwin much sooner still prefer to be in the dark.

  187. roundabout says:

    @wolfnblaze; the link was shut down. Which means you most likely had something there!!

    @Chase; California looks better than it has in awhile. Even so, Alaska and Canada are getting totally slammed! Do we have any Alaskans or Candadians on the board that can comment? http://www.senes.ca/japan/forecasts.html

    @gail; So they have built a ton of underground facilities and have been stocking large amounts of food and supplies. So space isn’t what “they” are looking at, there is a ton of radioactivity in space by the way! These facilities have become less “conspiracy theories” and fact of life. Denver Airport, and one out in the Mojave desert for samples. Just google underground cities, and you’ll find it… but be careful! You are thinking!! I suspect when the power grid goes down, and our nuclear facilities are in trouble, the underground cities will facilitate “them.”

    Portrblog; Any chance of getting on the news in St Louis? This reading is crazy wild!

  188. Potrblog says:

    ALERT!!! 178 X Background Radiation in Saint Louis Rain


    This data may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima.


  189. Chase says:

    Radiation Plume Maps from via Canada. (Scroll down for the C-137 dispersion.)

    Specialists in Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Sciences

    I am in the ‘green’ zone today. What color zone are you in?
    Alaska seems to go into the yellow zone on a regular basis.

    Note the difference in dispersion between the surface map and the higher elevation map. I would assume the higher amounts in the upper atmosphere come down with the RAIN at some point.

    “Oh Where, oh where has our EPA gone?
    Oh Where, oh where can they be?
    With our ears cut short and their tales too long,
    Oh Where, oh where can they be?”

  190. wolfenblaze says:

    2011-08-17 13:15:01


    Tuscon picked up 153 cmp from beta gross count… jetstream is back.

  191. gail stephany daum says:

    If the oceans are radioactive, land is radioactive, and air contains hot particles, perhaps for millions of years, where [do] the rich psychopaths, the creators, hide? AND for how long? Off-planet is the only option, again, how long? To return to a lifeless chunk of rocks and mud. My tears for our planet. To add to this, all experts are baffled for a solution.

  192. wolfenblaze says:


    Am I reading this right or on the 18th was Arizona EXPOSED TO 100 plus CMP?

  193. roundabout says:

    Here is one of the best vids I have seen as far as explaining what occurred and why at Fukushima. Startling fact that we were nuked over on the west coast long before the actual tsunami and earthquake hit! And the interviewee has been dismissed from his position!

  194. Bar says:

    Interview with Paul Gunter from Beyond Nuclear. Sounds scarey.
    In this video they interviewed some of the workers at fukushima. Gloom and doom. Where is this all going to end?

  195. Marina says:

    Here’s another guy with an inspector checking out the rain in OK.


  196. Potrblog says:

    Video of a Beautiful Baby Girl Picking and Eating FUKUSHIMA Blueberries.

    Even in the heart of the darkness people refuse to see the high speed photons.


  197. Chase says:

    60 Minutes TV program from Australia.

    Fukushima People or Radiation In All Of Us
    (13 minutes, Aug 13th, 2011)

    Some quotes from the clip:

    “I’m SERIOUS!” – Michiou Kaku

    “In fact the whole world will be exposed from the radiation from Fukushima,” Dr. Kaku told CBS reporter Liz Hayes.

    Dr. Kaku asserted about the Japanese people, “These are guinea pigs, absolute human guinea pigs.”

    “Do you think you’ll ever be able to take food, water and air you breathe for granted again?” Hayes (CBS reporter) asked Chia Maxamoto. “Ah, knowingly? I don’t think so.”

    I guess CBS News in Australia is a bit different than in the USA.

  198. sveta says:

    can someone link some info regarding equipment used to test , water/milk/ food samples

    apparently some private labs are charging $250 per sample to test , yet they tell you they dont certify anything except non drinking water, so why the hell would anyone test with them. Another reason to check everything yourself.

  199. Bar says:

    Now that people who got irradiated near Fukushima are starting to get sick and are dying, they wont be able to say that those levels of contamination are harmless anymore.

  200. Potrblog says:

    4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip: Cool Rain in the Florida Keys!

  201. Margery Brown says:

    Today in Energy News….. there is an alarming new development on the site of the Fukushima nuclear reactors. We may now be “lurching” even closer to that “precipice”.


  202. Chase says:

    @Wilma P. Your comment now ranks in my Top Ten favorite EnviroReporter comments of all time. You had me with the first half and clinched it with the JFK quote. :)

    @Potrblog Really liked the BRAWM parody, although some might label it a tragedy. I do appreciate the scientists diligence, but I thought the Japan Times article was presented in a lopsided manner and without sufficient details which is true with most news articles.

    @Weaver Great advise. I fully agree and am aware, as I would hope most are, that many people using detectors are not following standard protocols. Not following protocol creates ‘uncertainty’ and that really doesn’t help anybody.

    The point I was trying to make was that there are more and more people getting their detectors and starting too use them. The overall ‘general’ observations are increasing in numbers and appear to say that our rains via the jet stream are ‘hot’ and widespread.

    It would be nice if there were training videos for new rad detector owners that gave basic protocol procedures for taking an accurate reliable “rain swipe” sample or whatever. A simple ‘ten steps’ ‘how to’ do a better rad reading guide might be useful? Also, watching Michael’s and Potrblog’s videos should give most people the basics on testing this stuff.

  203. Wilma P. says:

    Please pardon any confusion pertaining to the marks

    In the previous post, these were meant to signify the need for the reader to replace terms “Chernobyl”, “Ukraine”, “Belarus”, or “Russia” with either “Fukushima” or “Japan”.

    FWIW, some timely recommendations can be found towards the end of the paper addressing the current state of affairs we are now facing. Here’s the link again:


  204. Wilma P. says:

    Here we go again…

    Obstacles to Analysis of Fukushima Consequences.

    Among the reasons complicating a fullscale estimation of the impact of today’s Japan nuclear catastrophe on health are the following:

    1., Official secrecy and unrectifiable falsification of Soviet Union ( replace with “Japan”) medical statistics for the first 3.5 years after the catastrophe.

    2., Lack of detailed and clearly reliable medical statistics in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. <>

    3., Difficulties in estimating true individual radioactive doses in view of: (a) reconstruction of doses in the first days, weeks, and months after the catastrophe; (b) uncertainty as to the influence of individual “hot particles”; (c) problems accounting for uneven and spotty contamination; and (d) inability to determine the influence of each of many radionuclides, singly and in combination.

    4., Inadequacy of modern knowledge as to: (a) the specific effect of each of the many radionuclides; (b) synergy of interactions of radionuclides among themselves and with other environmental factors; (c) population and individual variations in radiosensitivity; (d) impact of ultralow doses and dose rates; and (e) impact of internally absorbed radiation on various organs and biological systems.

    Above adapted from:


    This passage also:

    “Organizations Associated with the Nuclear Industry Protect the Industry First —- Not the Public.

    1. An important lesson from the Chernobyl experience is that experts and organizations tied to the nuclear industry have dismissed and ignored the consequences of the catastrophe.

    2. Within only 8 or 9 years after the catastrophe a universal increase in cataracts was admitted by medical officials. The same occurred with thyroid cancer, leukemia, and organic central nervous system disorders. Foot-dragging in recognizing obvious problems and the resultant delays in preventing exposure and mitigating the effects lies at the door of nuclear power advocates more interested in preserving the status quo than in helping millions of innocent people who are suffering through no fault of their own. It need to change official
    agreement between WHO and IAEA (WHO, 1959) providing hiding from public of any information which can be unwanted of nuclear industry.”


    “U.S. President John F. Kennedy speaking about the necessity to stop atmospheric nuclear tests said in June 1963:

    ‘The number of children and grandchildren with cancer in their bones, with leukemia in their blood, or with poison in their lungs might seem statistically small to some, in comparison with natural health hazards, but this is not a natural health hazard —- and it is not a statistical issue. The loss of even one human life or the malformation of even one baby —- who may be born long after we are gone -— should be of concern to us all. Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics toward which we can be indifferent.’

    The Chernobyl <> catastrophe demonstrates that the nuclear industry’s willingness to risk the health of humanity and our environment with nuclear power plants will result, not only theoretically, but practically, in the same level of hazard as nuclear weapons.”

    See pages 153, 259, & 288 — Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please get to know the report above and read to understand.

  205. Weaver says:

    Chase, I advise you to practice caution when watching connectingdots1’s videos. I won’t say that 100% of his material is wrong and I commend his efforts, but he is an amateur and is often careless with what information he chooses to report on – often going for the more sensational.

    A few months back I politely tried to correct him on a misquoted data figure in one of his videos and he not only removed my comment but blocked me from his channel. When I attempted to message him about it, he somehow got it in his head that I was “against” his efforts and simply spouted childish insults.

    Ironically, a few weeks later he made a video saying how “some people” were getting on his case about correctly quoting data, so he promised to be more careful … go figure.

    It’s great that there are people willing to do research and take up the slack from the EPA, but it doesn’t change the fact that some are relatively new to this and do not fully understand what they’re doing.

  206. Potrblog says:

    @Chase, let me contrast how the UC Berkeley BRAWN playbook might have handled a detection of radioactive Sulfur35. I don’t think a paper would have been forth coming from them, instead it would have been something like this parody:

    UCB BRAWN Parody:
    (1) Sulfur35 in a “NATURAL” radioactive element formed in the Atmosphere
    (2) Sulfur35 is present in quantities expected from natural processes
    (3) There is NO WAY this could in ANY WAY be related to Fukushima.

    I have to give the author’s of the study MUCH credit for giving analytical due diligence more than just lip service; maybe, that’s why there are already getting crap from UCB

    According to the latimesblogs: Edward Morse, of UC Berkeley, said ….”They’re not nuclear engineers,” Morse said. “They were a little out of their depth.”

    Anyone care to wager if Berkeley has a detection radioactive sulfur marked as “NATURAL” somewhere in their data?

  207. glassgreen says:

    Found some interesting results doing outside readings this morning.

    I usually do my outdoor reading on a concrete patio with the geiger counter elevated either on a box or on a plastic container.

    This morning I did the normal outdoor reading and got a reading of 13.9 CPM, which is within the normal range. Then, just for fun, I decided to see if I would get a different reading if I did a reading in the grass. So I put the counter directly on the lawn and did a 10-minute timed reading. I got a reading of 18 CPM.

    So my reading in the lawn was 30-percent higher than my reading on the patio!

    I’m going to work on learning how to post videos to show some of my unusual results

  208. Chase says:

    Several things astound me about the article link from Potrblog about radioactive sulfur.

    Why, did our own scientists, who had this data in the days immediately following Fukushima, not report this? Why wait to ‘publish’ it? They could have stated that the data being released was preliminary perhaps. Personally, I feel they should have a responsibility to do so. Anything else is negligent.

    Nothing is stated as to what this will do to plants and other life forms, much less the ‘real’ human factor. Even a “We don’t really know?” answer would be better than none.

    So I did some research and could not find much regarding radioactive sulfur. I did however come across an example of very misleading journalism. We will ‘most likely’ see this same ‘disinformation’ in our news soon. (if we see it at all) They quote one of the authors of the paper regarding the radioactive sulfur discovery.

    [ While the amount was higher than normal background levels, it remained small, said Mark Thiemens of the University of California, San Diego.

    “The levels we recorded aren’t a concern for human health. In FACT, it took sensitive instruments, measuring radioactive decay for hours after lengthy collection of the particles to precisely measure the amount of radiation,” said Thiemens. ]

    from Japan Times full article:

    I would say the second part of Mr. Thiemens statement is a ‘fact’. It did take sensitive instruments to detect the radiation. However, I would say the first part of the statement is NOT true or factual, but the way the sentences are put together the brain will initially file both important pieces of information as fact.

    I base my statement on brain study articles I have read, and you can google for it if you wish, that clearly show via MRI scan that the brain stores information differently when specific key words are presented. One of those key words is the word ‘fact’. The brain actually lights up and stores the information in a separate area. It’s verbal ‘trickery’, some might call it ‘subliminal’.

    So… REMEMBER this FACT: BEIR VII REPORT (Your brain is lighting up right now!)

    Obviously, the scientific ‘expert’, Mr. Thiemens needs to read up a bit on the affects of radiation to the “chain of life” and the systems of our planet. I’d say, that’s a fact too.

  209. Potrblog says:

    Fukushima’s Radioactive Ocean Contamination Has Already Hit California


  210. Potrblog says:

    A Radioactive Glass Bottom Boat Tour of John Pennekamp Coral Reef


  211. Chase says:

    I guess you can add Massachusetts to the list of hot spots.

    This is a comment I spotted while watching a video from youtube user connectingdots1. Seems legit.

    “I bought a Ludlum model 3 with a pancake detector new a few months ago. I am in south central massachusetts. Background is between 20 to 40 cpm. Rain water testes has been as high as 1200 cpm. Yesterday rain water was 600 cpm. Our governments are hiding this poisoning from us and this is treason!” ….more
    – Liberty4awl a youtube user Aug 10th, 2011

    See full comment and video located here:

    I sent the user a youtube message to let them know about EnviroReporter.

    It seems to me the ‘evidence’ as to fallout has become overwhelming.

    EPA Full Contact Info & form:

    Where do we go from here? (over 5 months and counting)

  212. Tray says:

    Hello All! I have a question. I have Austin air filters and the hepa filter last up to 5 yrs. I only have to vacuum the outside (pre filter) every few days to clean it. My question is if these filters are taking in all that radioactivity should this be kept in our bedrooms when we are sleeping? I was told not to vacuum the inside of the hepa because thats where all the bad stuff is safely contained.

    Anyone from the Glendale/ La Canada area with an inspector? We are 2000 ft above sea level and I am wondering if anyone has taken readings this high up?

  213. Chase says:

    HALF of Rice Harvest to be Tested for Cesium

    Excerpt from article: August 12, 2011
    (In Japan) Authorities will ban shipments from areas where they find rice containing cesium exceeding 500 becquerels per kg, the government’s legal limit for grains. Any contaminated produce will be destroyed.
    (Exactly how it’s destroyed I am not sure.)

    “Rice may (will) be the next product where contamination will be discovered, as it’s being grown in tainted soil and water,” Yoko Tomiyama, chairwoman of the Consumers Union of Japan, said in an interview. “Higher radiation levels have been detected in prefectures beyond Fukushima.”
    (Gee… I sort of figured that.)

    FIVE MONTHS into the nuclear disaster, the government is still struggling to build a centralized system to check for contaminated food, leaving local authorities and farmers to conduct voluntary tests.
    (One might think a Nuclear disaster preparedness plan would include testing.)

    “The government didn’t have guidelines to prepare for possible problems and has only been REACTING to developments, so the farmers were getting worried,” said Masaki Takagi, head of the farmer’s cooperative in the Takomachi district in Katori. “It should’ve confirmed the safety of the soil before we started planting. We had to do the testing ourselves.”

    Key words here: Confirm, Cesium, TESTING, Soil,
    Alternate Key Words: Should’ve, Would’ve, and Could’ve
    Article: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110812n1.html

    “…and government agencies are not going to do it for us at least not effectively. I am pretty sure of that.” – Chase

  214. Potrblog says:


    The video is part of our 4000 mile Radioactive Roadtrip fact finding mission down to the Florida Keys and back. This video was taken driving South to North through Atlanta, Ga. During a heavy down pour, the Geiger counter INSIDE the car registered a sustained THREE times background radiation as its MINIMUM reading. Approximately 10 minutes later a sample wipe from the windshield returned a 6x background reading. The highest reading we had in Atlanta was approximately 9x background.

    The pattern we noticed is that the radioactivity in the rain decreases the further one gets away from the jet stream, and the radioactivity goes to zero from storms that blow in East to West via the hurricane corridor.

  215. Chase says:

    Couple of things.

    1. @Annette2 & glassgreen & others. Thank you so much for contributing your findings here. As more and more people start to receive their detectors I hope they continue to come here and share the results. Positive or negative I/we NEED to know. Annette2 I am curious as to what the pencil pens reading actually was.

    2. Info: N95 Masks can be purchased at the concessions booth (snacks, books, etc..) at any major airport. (cost $2.99) I did not know this until last week. How convenient. You just have to ask for them as they do not put them on display.

    One might also ask, “Why would they have these at the airport?” For your safety, that’s why. Get over the embarrassment factor, or whatever, and go for it next time you or a loved one flies. Draw a smiley face or a Nuke symbol on it for entertainment, just don’t use a pen from Japan. We need a lot more people willing to test the sky. Lots! Again, we NEED to know. …and government agencies are not going to do it for us at least not effectively. I am pretty sure of that.

    3. Request: I had an idea. (actually came to me in a dream so I wrote it down) First I asked myself the question, “What would the best things be to test as good indicators of radiation accumulation?”. Obviously, milk as we know, is one because it concentrates. Another good one is the hepa filter. It’s job is to accumulate which indeed gives a ‘picture’ of what is coming at us.

    Then it came to me, “What about beach sand?” I base this on something I read from the Berkeley Nuclear forum where Mark of BRAWM stated he had tested “sand from a beach” that was positive for cesium, but he had NOT posted the results nor was it stated as to where the beach was located.

    Anyway, I think ‘BEACH SAND’ would be good because the waves pound the beach and most of the ‘dispersed’ radioactivity will again accumulate in the sand. (Like a ‘filter’, that’s my theory.) Also, if a sample were taken and it was wet, you could let it dry in a glass jar and then test it. It also seems to me that with the impending damage to the Pacific ocean coastline maybe a few baseline tests would be a prudent idea at this time too.

    Possibly the best reason to test the beach sand is because ‘KIDS’ play there. They will get sand in their mouth, all kids do. So… that’s my request, would someone or multiple someones, please test a little bit of beach sand. Thanks in advance.

  216. Bar says:

    They are talking about a cooling tower that collapsed?

  217. Bar says:

    And I thought everything was ok. Why would they need massive repairs??? Did something happen that nobody knows about?

  218. Bar says:

    Annette2, you were right to point out consumer goods. I found this: Contaminated goods in Japanese shipment to Egypt
    What’s really hard to check is all the electronic parts and chips and car parts once they are installed. They still export those goods and they only spot-check (!) for contamination.

  219. Annette2 says:

    Hello –

    Just returned from a 2.5 week vacation. Being from southern California, we followed with concern the extremely elevated beta readings reported by RADNet for LA for the same period. I noted that a couple of people commented that the Enviroreporter’s daily west LA radiation averages did not jiive with the RadNet readings. From the RadNet map, it appears that the air monitor is in the downtown area, and the beta readings are approaching 100 again today. For what it’s worth (and in all honesty, I am not entirely sure of what it is worth), I thought I’d contribute a 10 minute average taken today in my neck of the woods, using my Inspector Alert. My location is in the Santa Monica Mountains, on the Mulholland corridor (3 miles from Agoura Hills and 5 miles from Point Dume, as the crow (and the radioactive fallout) flies.

    11:45am, 10 minute average = 35.2 CPM.

    This was taken on a wooden picnic table, approximately 3 feet over a concrete patio in my backyard, and is consistent with, and even slightly lower than, other readings taken throughout the months of June & July.

    On another note, I picked up school supplies for my son yesterday. While unpacking them today, I noticed that the mechanical pencil leads and some red pens were from Japan. I ran the Inspector over them and did get somewhat elevated counts on all 3 unopened packages. For safety’s sake, I’m returning them for items manufactured elsewhere. Just a reminder to keep aware of consumer goods in addition to food. Although the scientific community repeats the mantra that “the solution to pollution (in this case radioactive pollution) is dilution,” common decency dictates that sharing this filth is unconscionable, and I’m making all efforts to avoid my family’s allocation.

  220. glassgreen says:

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been following EnviroReporter since the Fukashima disaster. I am in the Madison, Wisconsin area and received a Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 geiger counter this week. I’ve been doing 10-minute indoor and outdoor readings 4x/day like EnviroReporter, and some testing of food and rain water.

    My indoor readings have ranged from 10.2 to 13.1 CPM and my outdoor readings have ranged from 14-15.6. These are quite a bit lower than what the EPA has been putting on its site.

    Today I found elevated readings in some bulk short grain brown rice I got at the coop. It’s the type of rice that is in large bins on the wall and you flip a lever and fill a plastic bag with however much you want. I weighed the bag before the test on a food scale and it was 3 pounds. I performed the test by putting my geiger counter in a zip lock bag and then putting it in the bag of brown rice and closing the brown rice bag with a twist tie. I then did a 10-minute reading. I got a 14.2 CPM reading. I then took the zip lock bag containing the counter out of the brown rice bag and immediately did a 10-minute indoor reading with the device still in the zip lock. The indoor reading was 10.8. The rice tested 25 percent higher than background.

    Then tonight we had a rain shower. So I put a reusable plastic glad bowl out on the patio to collect the rain. A good 1.5 inches or so collected in the bowl. After the rain stopped, I placed another plastic glad bowl next to the one with the rain and placed a cover on it. I put the counter on top of the covered bowl so that the sensor/Geiger-Muller Tube window was over the bowl with the rain water. There was maybe about .5 inches separating the the rain water and the Geiger-Muller tube. I did a 10-minute reading and the average was 19.5. I then immediately moved the the counter to the location where I usually do my outdoor readings (about 4ft from where I had performed the rain water reading) and did a 10-minute outdoor reading. The average was 14.8, within the normal range I have observed since getting the counter. That means the rain was more than 31 percent above normal outdoor background.

    The numbers don’t seem high, but when you calculate percentage you take a step back and say, “whoaa”.

  221. Wilma P. says:

    @Michael; @Potrblog —

    Here’s an excellent site devoted to those east-to-west tropical storms (aka hurricanes) mostly originating from tropical waves of moist air from the Sahara. Dr. Jeff Masters runs a near-daily blog now that we are in the midst of hurricane season.


  222. Angusmerlin says:

    Just released video: “Dial “M” for Meltdown-by Brian Rich.
    Presented via Fairewinds.com.
    August 12th, 2011.


  223. @ Bonnie: I agree. Those folks feeling foolish about flying ought to consider the findings in our latest series of readings at the new post HEPA Filters – August 11, 2011 which show significant heightened radiation in HEPA filters Radiation Station in sunny Southern California. Not as direly impressive as the readings we’ve seen in Canada, Oklahoma City, North Carolina and St. Louis, but important in this respect vis-a-vis the airplane N95 mask usage: to find this amount of radiation in these HEPA filters in an environment where you wouldn’t expect much if any fallout impaction, what about flying miles above the earth through it? This is such a touchy subject with folks that fly and the people that care about them. Use of these masks need not be mortifying: wear them in your seat, remove them going to the bathroom and eating/drinking. That seem too tough to cut down on your radiation load of Cesium-137 and any number of fission radionuclides? Perhaps not. And who exactly is going to care anyway? If someone’s sense of self is so impaired that wearing an radiation protection mask is unthinkable, I do hope they would at least let their kids wear them.

    @POTRblog: Your measurements of benign/non-existent radiation overages on you Florida foray are important in at least three ways: Showing no radiation in those east to west storms off the Atlantic from Africa is invaluable information on how the mechanism of fallout deposition is or isn’t impacting our shores. Demonstrating lower rad values the farther south one is of the jet stream is confirmed by your readings. The last thing I noted in your feast at the Florida joint with the Jimmy Buffet crooner was how normal everything seemed, something none of us Raddies readily associate with each other, not since March 11. It made me yearn for the more innocent days of my youth in Florida, days and years lived before we were thrust into this battle.

  224. Bonnie says:

    Dear Michael:

    I wanted to respond to your flying with masks paragraph. There are very few individuals that I personally know that even believe the Fukushima accident is anything to worry about. So it could just be with others that their family members and friends just won’t listen, even when they are provided evidence to the contrary. Personally, I’d rather be caught dead wearing a mask in a plane than just being caught dead from cancer and other syndromes due to breathing in radioactive particles.

  225. Potrblog says:

    Butchering Jimmy Buffett with a Radioactive Baseline


    This is the first in a series of Radioactive baseline readings taken in key locations of interest during the 4000 mile Radioactive Road trip. Hopefully, the data will Never become useful.

  226. Chase says:

    “Only YOU can PREVENT Fukushimas” and “Better Active Today Than Radioactive Tomorrow” – Nuclear Watch South

    I was walking around at the airport, sort of lost actually, waiting on an incoming flight in San Jose, CA on Monday this week when by chance I starting talking with someone who had been to the MUSE Concert. (Safe Energy) She introduced herself as Glenn Carroll and she was heading back to Georgia where she was the coordinator for a a group called Nuclear Watch South and they had a web site called nonukesyall.org. She then handed me a flyer, a no nukes bumper sticker, and a small origami bird to remind me of Japan.

    Maybe it was coincidence or fate or whatever you call it, but it does seem strange to me that out of all the people there that our two paths had crossed. Of course I told her about EnviroReporter and the valuable information contained on this site too.

    I checked out their web site and it has lots of good information and video links. They’ve been around a while too, mostly fighting against Nuclear Plants in the Southern US and now Fukushima awareness.


  227. Potrblog says:

    First Fukushima Free Non-Radioactive Rain Fall- Tropical Storm Bret

  228. wolfenblaze says:


    i got lucky and manage to get a rad net query from that epa website for Arizona im not sure about the gamma ray levels but beta gross count at most hit 72 cmp. and that was only one time is arizona dodging the bullet or do we have to stay on alert

  229. Angusmerlin says:

    Hi Michael,

    Re getting the EPA links worked out before posting, I double and triple check the EPA links before posting them to make sure that the links work. Then a day or two later, some of these EPA links will no longer connect. Sometimes links will again work later. Frustrating. Very frustrating. Others are reporting the same problem.
    (P.S., one time I bracketed a link with , and the link disappeared, when I posted. Don’t know what happened, but I sure won’t do that anymore…)

    The Higgins link to EPA data (“Real Time EPA RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring For Every Major City In The Entire US On A Single Page”) has consistently worked: http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/12/realtime-epa-radnet-japan-nuclear-radiation-monitoring-every-us-city-single-page-16511/
    EPA gross beta CPM data Higgins has accessed and presented graph style is consistent to the EPA data that I have pulled up via EPA RadNet Query search charts. (A word of caution, sometimes the EPA will go back and pull data entries, or change them(?). Not often, but it happens.)

    To view overall trends, the Higgins CPA beta graphs is a nice way to go. To check for hourly CPA gross beta data, the EPA RadNet Search Query approach is useful.
    Two currently working EPA RadNet Query data links:


    You don’t have to post this. Just wanted you to know what’s been happening. Really, really frustrating. Don’t know if the EPA is having website problems, or other issues are up.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful work, Michael!

  230. @ EVERYONE: I am pleased to announce that Raddies in Sonoma County and Beverly Hills just received their Inspector nuclear radiation monitors and are testing food and sending me results. I am hoping these results will be available as soon as they master their testing and have some pertinent readings to report. (Note, as a policy, we don’t report other folks’ normal readings because it isn’t that useful).

    I am not pleased to announce that only two Raddies have endeavored to get me N95 face masks worn by folks fighting to not breathe fallout on jet trips this summer. This says to me that either none of you fly and don’t have friends and family who fly that you have taken the time and effort to convince to protect their lungs from floating fissile radionuclides, or that you just haven’t made the time to do it. Look how powerful this one brave soul’s journey to Japan with a mask on worked out to be in this post and ask yourself ‘Why haven’t I made any effort to help people I know who fly to protect themselves and then get their mask(s) to EnviroReporter.com for testing?’

    The life you save may be your own. Take the time to do this or don’t complain about flying through fallout that we clearly seeing literally raining down on St. Louis, Oklahoma City, western Canada, North Carolina and Santa Monica (to a much lesser degree).

    @ roundabout: Thank you so much for the kind words! You correctly praise Denise whose beauty is only matched by her wisdom and fury to fight for our world. Before I met her, I was the Two Billion Dollar Boy and after, the Six Billion Dollar Man. Now she acts as my bulwark and muse for the most challenging work I’ve ever faced, work being toiled on now for months that will soon come to fruition.

    But at least we’ll be enjoying the same (hopefully 100%) rad-free apple and blackberry pies together as we do it, roundabout!

    @ biggee: These are terrific measurements, thank you! I invite you to create a rain report section for Canada and the United States that is constantly updated as your idea is excellent. Note that I do not have the time to try to get folks to conform to a system that is defensible factually (such as doing backgrounds consistently and providing as much compressed video as possible) in order for me to feel confident that the work of folks I’ve never met, let alone know the capabilities of, to use on the website other than these kind and energized folks making posts. That said, I would post such an evolving report if you created it.

    @ Chase: Your eloquent posts are in a class by themselves. Please keep them coming. You are our Muse.

    @ Angusmerlin: I cannot account for the difference between the EPA’s high beta spikes in (presumably) central Los Angeles compared to our relatively normal ambient air readings 13+ miles to west by the coast. It would be helpful if the EPA actually answered questions about its sampling and testing but my feeling is that upcoming coverage you will find on this website just might pry some responses out of them. Your comments are terrific but please try to get those links worked out before posting (and don’t rely on amateur analysis using a shakey “network”) if you want to see them posted unedited. Thank you for your contributions.

    @ POTRblog: WELCOME BACK, Raddie! Your expertise and commitment are unparalleled and we are thrilled to have you back home bringing us undeniable facts and superb analysis.

    @ SLO: Thank you for your post. Here is a press release related to it I just received:

    Statewide coalition forms to shut down California nuclear plants

    San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace has put out a media release today:

    “Following the August 7 MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) anti-nuclear concert, more than 60 California groups met in San Mateo for the first statewide Anti-Nuclear post-Fukushima Summit. Participants committed to continuing work towards the shut-down of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, both of which are immediately adjacent to major earthquake faults. In addition, summit members focused on energy conservation and clean, safe, renewable solutions to establish a nuclear-free California.

    Among the groups participating were the following: Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse; Alliance for Survival; Coalition For Responsible Ethical Environmental Decisions (CREED); Ecological Options Network (EON); Friends of the Earth; Green Leap Forward; Greenpeace; Los Angeles Greens; No Nukes Caucus Veterans for Peace; No Nukes on Faults; Peace and Freedom Party; Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles; Redwood Alliance; Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE); Sacred Sites Peacewalk for a Nuclear Free World; San Clemente Green; San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace; Veterans for Peace Chapter 162 East Bay San Francisco; Women’s Energy Matters.

    The MUSE concert was a fund-raiser for the victims of the Fukushima disaster and for clean, safe energy. See Guacamole Fund website and Facebook for more information about the artists and the concert.

    Photos of the MUSE concert, featuring Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and others are available at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mothers-for-Peace/183225733141
    and at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guacamole-Fund/231062476903972.”

    For more info., contact Jane Swanson with San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace at Janeslo@me.com, (805) 595-2605, or cell (805) 440-1359.

    Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) helped pull the coalition meeting together. Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps was in attendance.

  231. Bar says:

    “The insider rumor says TEPCO/the government really don’t want those pesky satellites to look down on their broken reactors. They don’t want to see them on Google Earth..”

  232. Potrblog says:


    This is the first rainstorm I have been able to test here in Saint Louis since our 4000 mile radioactive road trip to the Florida Keys. The key take away is that rain storms blown in via the Jet Stream are radioactive, where as the only NON RADIOACTIVE rain I have detected since Fukushima was in central Florida and blown in from east to west via tropical storm Bret.

  233. Wilma P. says:



    Links above, nukes to be tested ABOVE GROUND and below. The timing for the Public Comments deadline being October 27, 2011… Is this purely coincidental or meant to coincide with the Japanese harvest when the upcoming food panic is forecast, thereby causing most to be distracted away from making meaningful comments to stop the nuclear insanity about to commence some 50 miles north of Las Vegas (not far from the California State Line)?

    The kitty drawing before was an attempt at levity, btw, but did not take form like I had hoped.

    FWIW, here is a link to a report discussing increased rates of cancer in North Santa Barbara county and South San Luis Obispo county caused by Diablo Canyon reactor emissions:


    That California current from SLO flows southward, down the coast, carrying goo from Diablo with it…

  234. Shine The Light says:

    Hello All,
    Just saw this new study about flaxseed and it’s protective properties against radiation:


  235. roundabout says:

    @Wilma; any guesses on what those mean? Where did you get these signals? Can you provide a link?

    Okay, Jesus, I am ready to go “home” for sure, take me now I’m ready!! The Japanese government is letting people back within 20 km just days after lethal doses of radiation have been found within the plant, and scientists are only speculating why and where this is happening! But you just have to be there for a few seconds before you die! But the government has got your back folks! Yep! Where’s the beef again? They are going to measure that radiation load for you before you meander back to your place… this is as absurd as the US debt! Please, if you are in Japan and have been evacuated, stay as suspicious as is necessary! http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110810a6.html

    In the meantime, we in the Central Coast area of Ca; Grover Beach, Los Osos, Oceano, Pismo Beach and all small towns including San Luis Obispo with a university there, have NO IDEA what the daily radiation levels are as there are no fixed or deployable monitors in our area! This is insane. The Air Quality Control Board gets all their data on this from the EPA, who is nowhere to be found in this area! And with a nuclear plant in its midst! Let me know if you live here and want to send me a nukealert or help me get one so I can at least get some CPM around here, and in the stores. I would be happy to youtube for everyone in the area!! I have the time and commitment to do it!

  236. SLO says:

    Please click this link and send a letter to end California’s use of nuclear power if you have not done it yet. The letter wont be available for long.

    Thanks everyone!

    Dear friends,

    This weekend at the M.U.S.E.* concert, the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility and Friends of the Earth collaborated on a electronic letter to state officials and the governor. With one click you can send to your assembly-member, state senator and Gov. Brown. The letter will only be up for a few more days and we really need your support.

    Please click http://bit.ly/CAnukes“>http://bit.ly/CAnukes fill in the categories and you have joined our voice for a future that will not include aging reactors on our fragile coast.

    Your help is greatly appreciated and if each of you would send to others it would greatly help our fall actions in Sacramento.


    *Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jason Mraz, Sweet Honey and the Rock….. In Peace

    Rochelle Becker, Executive Director
    Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
    PO 1328
    San Luis Obispo, Ca 93406-1328

  237. Wilma P. says:

    From website–


    “Considering that radioisotopes used in future Source Physics Experiments could easily drift offsite depending on meteorological conditions, it is curious that the U.S. EPA announced on the same day (evening of May 3) as the NNSA experiment (May 3) that it would halt its special monitoring of radiation linked to Japan. NuclearCrimes.org suspects that the EPA and DOE are doing a repeat of the trick they pulled during the Mighty Oak experiment of 1986.”

    So, what does this mean? Please fill in the blank…

    (\ _____ /)
    __ ‘ ‘__
    __ __
    (“) __ (“)

  238. roundabout says:

    I have to say, looking at the Eat Me receipts, I was pleasantly surprised. I would have never bought a blackberry or any berry pie, but it seems that Claim Jumpers is cool, as in not hot! Maybe from last years batch, but it was encouraging to see how things were measuring better than I thought they would! I have to say, after reading about Japan’s nightmare, although I remain diligent, I am still encouraged here on the West Coast. I can hardly wait till I get a nukealert! There has been a lot of gloom fog in Grover Beach area! The jet stream is also blowing through northern Ca, and straight across our states,into the midwest which is not the norm.

  239. Jay Walker says:

    The PCS-730 +/- 1 kV Charging Source is used to charge the CPM-720 to +/- 1,000 volts to measure ionizer decay and material decay. Electrostatic Meter. These three instruments are match calibrated to work together for accurate and efficient auditing.

  240. Angusmerlin says:

    Prior EPA RadNet Query link I gave you no longer works: .

    Now, to access EPA RadNet information (including gross beta data), here are still good links you can use:

  241. jzhawk says:

    Did anybody go to the MUSE concert in San Fran? Musicians unite 4 safer energy. I was there. It was great to be with others who get it.

  242. Bar says:

    Tricastin Nuclear Plant Explosion Leaked 8-6-11

  243. Chase says:

    Oklahoma City, RAIN… High Levels Detected… yet again.
    This may be from Los Alamos or Fukushima or maybe both?

    Independent Radiation Detector as of 8/06/2011

    Let’s see… If it’s in Canada, Washington state, North Carolina, Berkeley, California; Boise, Idaho; St. Louis, Mo; Philadephia, PA; Oklahoma City, OK just to name a few. That means it’s in our water and it will affect crops at some point. It’s ‘highly likely’ that it has already. To what extent we do not know. The overall accumulation affect can only be estimated at this point. Known FACT: It will accumulate.

    GammaCam Images:

    I found this interesting. Mouse over the thumbnails for a description of each photo. Note the pipe on a roof and the 2 ft concrete wall at Oak Ridge.

  244. POTRBLOG says:

    A 4000 Mile Radioactive Road Trip! Seek LESS Jet Stream and MORE Hurricane


    The executive summary is as follows:
    (1) The radioactivity in the rainfall decreases the further one moves away from the jet stream.
    (2) The radioactivity in the rainfall goes to ZERO for storms originating from Africa traveling eastward to the USA. (tropical depressions, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc)

  245. Bar says:

    “Dr.Takeda Kunihiko ,a former member of Nuclear Energy Council states they release radioactive gas during the night so satellite can’t observe it easily.”

    What? At least i know now that what i suspected all along is really happening. If Arnie Gunderson is right and it will take years to stop the contamination from being spewed out, than we might as well start eating contaminated food. Soon we wont have a choice anyways.

  246. Bar says:

    Michio Kaku interview CNN. It doesn’t sound good.

    “As Americans struggle to survive amid the economic depression, Obama has allocated 39 billion dollars for the U.S. nuclear power industry, an industry that peace and justice human rights defender Dr. Caldicott has called “nuclear insanity” and the “Destroyer of Worlds.””

  247. Bar says:

    Aug 6, 2011 Oklahoma City First Rain Since Drought Started.
    High radiation

  248. roundabout says:

    Folks; If you haven’t already done so, click Michael and Denise’s picture on this page to read about the caliber of reporters we have the honor of participating with! Denise Anne looks like a celebrity in photo’s and the two make a gorgeous couple together at their awards gala’s!

  249. gator says:

    We have closely followed the Fukushima disaster from its beginning. First time commenter, long-time follower of this website. Thank you to Michael, Denise, and all the constructive contributors to this website — an invaluable resource. We don’t know if anyone has seen the news reports yet on the mysterious orange goo that has recently visited a remote Alaskan village, but we thought we would pass along a link to an article regarding same: http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/news-general/20110806/US.Alaska.Orange.Mystery/. Unfortunately, we are not surprised that the article fails to mention the possibility that the orange goo may be tied to the events of Fukushima. Keep up the good work everyone.

  250. Bar says:

    “Richard Conatser, a health physicist with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said in an interview Thursday that the sorts of strontium-90 releases reported by Vermont Yankee in the early 2000s were “kind of rare. We don’t see this all the time. We see this every once in a while at generally very low values.”

    Kind of rare? Not all the time? Every once in a while?
    OMG! I just had to think about what someone else posted here a while ago: “There is nothing to worry about, nothing to see, move along!”

  251. Chase says:

    From Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Forum:
    Thread Heading: “Are there any results you have NOT shared with us? Positive for radiocesium etc?”

    “I looked through our list of samples and found a couple that fell through the cracks. We do have a few samples with levels of cesium in them that have not been reported, but it is one sample of sand from a beach and a few samples of grass from the raw milk pastures. These are not food items per se, which is what your main concern is. I will be posting these soon. We do not hold back results for any reason, nor is there anyone telling us what we can and cannot do.” – Mark BRAWM

    Just one sample of SAND! Which Beach? Only a few samples of GRASS! Where Pasture? Those where my thoughts.

    see full comment here: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/5146#comment-16188

    Berkeley Milk Test Result. C-134 detected, but no C-137. Seems puzzling. …as of 8/01/2011

    Milk data (scroll down) Why would there be no C-137? A quick scroll look on the other test dates shows they were always almost the same. Where did it go?

  252. Angusmerlin says:

    I collected a number of 10 hour segments (not “10 minute segments” as I previously erroneously posted) re the EPA Gross Beta findings for Los Angeles, California.

  253. Angusmerlin says:


    I forgot to give you Raddie bloggers the EPA source from which I obtained the EPA RadNet Query gross beta postings for Los Angeles, California, 7/28/2011 – 8/4/2011:



    Since I first reported this link to you on August 2nd, the EPA has changed the manner in which you can access their RadNet Query data. It is a bit more difficult now, though once you go to your selected city, you will actually get a lot more information. Too bad the EPA changed manner of accessing, though. A couple of days ago, all the RadNet reporting station cities for the United States were listed on one page. And, you could click back and forth between cities to see how gross beta radiation CPA levels compared. Now you cannot easily do so (or at least I could not figure out how to easily do so). The amount of information you can now obtain for a given city, however, is far more substantial.

    Happy RadNet hunting!

  254. Chase says:

    @roundabout (from mask comments area) roundabout said… “I just returned from the foothills in Tulare County. Just for historical purposes, to add to your observations, (from Aug 3rd), a dead bird embryo dropped to my car. Sorry folks, its sad and gross, but it happened. I lived in Tulare County for decades, this never happened. I just returned today, and the embryo which dropped dead happened yesterday.” Also noted was that the Jet Stream went directly over our area yesterday. Good observation roundabout. – ty

    So after what I saw yesterday, (see my dead bird comment from yesterday), I decided it was time to do a little bit more than just comment here. It’s hitting close to home now and it may be for you too, sooner than you think. Today I saw SEVERAL different species of dead birds by the side of the road. The multiple species thing I believe is a big clue. These included a red headed woodpecker, several ravens, and sparrows. Probably 6 or 7 in a one mile stretch between my house and the general store. They did not look like they had been hit by a car.

    So, I went to a town hall meeting last night regarding the prescribed fires and wild fires currently burning in the Sequoia National Park. (I really wish I had taken my video camera. I won’t forget next time.)

    There were Tulare County CA Department of Health officials, Firefighters, and Park Personnel at the meeting. Some of the fires currently are man made as part of the Redwood preservation. They need fire to reproduce. Anyway, my thought is maybe this year we should not be doing this due to fallout from Fukushima. If you get my drift. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for preserving the majestic Redwood Trees, but this year is very different.

    At the end of the meeting the speaker asked if there were any questions. All was quiet. I waited… hoping someone else would please speak first. He then said, “are you sure there are no more questions”. I raised my hand and stood up.

    I announced who I was and that I was a local resident with a background in science and that I had a concern. I went on to say, “Why??, since we know we have had Fukushima fallout, WHY would we not test the foliage and soil before lighting it on fire?” They had no response.

    I continued and pointed out, “they could easily look up the Cal-Poly milk tests as of around June 16th and prior and that cesium could only have come from one place. Fukushima. That it accumulates and we had very high snow pack. Why is no one testing? Does anyone have a detector so we could go see?” They seemed stunned.

    I also told them of my attempts to contact the county back in May and how their reply was to say “it’s no more harmful than a plane ride”. I documented that call in the comments section here back on May 25th, 2011.

    I informed them, “Ingestion cannot be compared to an x-ray or a plane ride”. I think most people get that once they think about it.

    Finally I said, “I am tired of local agencies passing the buck up the line to other agencies like the EPA. …and that the water from these mountains is used for the large cattle ranches and dairy farms not to mention the food grown on the valley floor.” I could have went on, but I figured it was good to keep it short, I had made my point and they GOT the message. I did get some cards from the officials and will be emailing and doing follow-ups with them all very soon.

    One lady did approach me and said her organization has done testing of the snow and water, but that they have not yet received the results. (seems like the same runaround as Japan) I have her name and number.

    The editor of the local paper was there too. Mr. John Elliot of the Kaweah Commonwealth newspaper. I respect John very much. He said my question was very good. We’ll see if he has the guts to mention my comments in the local paper which comes out tomorrow? (Friday) He’s fed up with the fires that’s for sure.

    Those brave firefighters and all of us here I believe are at potentially “high” risk, especially at this moment.

    1. If they didn’t know about the fallout, then they should be fired for incompetence.

    2. If they did know about fallout, then they are being negligent beyond belief at the possible cost of people lives and suffering. It’s plain and obvious.

    3. If they rely 100% on the EPA, then they are either idiots or cowards who can only pass the buck and say someday, “Sorry it’s regrettable, but it’s not my fault.” BS is what I would say to that one!!!

    My advise: Take a camera, go to a town or county meeting, show your heartfelt concern to your local officials now! If 10 of us did that, if 50 or 100, things might start to change. Make it so they MUST open their eyes and at least confront this.

    :) Thank you all for your time. I know this was a long one.

  255. Angusmerlin says:

    Current Gross Beta Radiation EPA Query findings for Los Angeles, Calif:

    Re CPM Gross Beta EPA monitor readings for dates of 7/28/211 – 8/4/2011,
    I collected 10 minute segments of reported EPA Gross Beta findings for
    Los Angeles, California. Results are as follows:

    EPA RadNet Query Interface data for Los Angeles, California:
    7/28/2011 – 8/4/2011

    Measurement End Date/Time
    Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM)
    [Over 10 minute periods]

    2011-07-28 17:00:26
    2011-07-28 18:00:40
    2011-07-28 19:00:54
    2011-07-28 20:01:08
    2011-07-28 21:01:22
    2011-07-28 22:01:37
    2011-07-28 23:01:51
    2011-07-29 00:02:05
    2011-07-29 01:02:19
    2011-07-29 02:02:33


    2011-07-29 14:05:20
    2011-07-29 19:06:29
    2011-07-29 20:06:43
    2011-07-29 21:06:56
    2011-07-29 22:07:11
    2011-07-29 23:07:24
    2011-07-30 00:07:38
    2011-07-30 01:07:52
    2011-07-30 02:08:07
    2011-07-30 03:08:20


    2011-07-30 09:09:44
    2011-07-30 10:09:57
    2011-07-30 13:10:39
    2011-07-30 14:10:53
    2011-07-30 15:11:07
    2011-07-30 16:11:20
    2011-07-30 17:11:35
    2011-07-30 18:11:49
    2011-07-30 19:12:03
    2011-07-30 20:12:17
    2011-07-30 21:12:31
    2011-07-30 22:12:45
    2011-07-30 23:12:59
    2011-07-31 00:13:13
    2011-07-31 01:13:26
    2011-07-31 02:13:41
    2011-07-31 03:13:54
    2011-07-31 04:14:08
    2011-07-31 05:14:22
    2011-07-31 06:14:36


    2011-07-31 18:17:23
    2011-07-31 19:17:37
    2011-07-31 20:17:51
    2011-07-31 21:18:05
    2011-07-31 22:18:19
    2011-07-31 23:18:33
    2011-08-01 00:18:46
    2011-08-01 01:19:01
    2011-08-01 02:19:15
    2011-08-01 03:19:28


    2011-08-01 12:21:34
    2011-08-01 13:21:48
    2011-08-01 13:59:46
    2011-08-01 15:14:33
    2011-08-01 16:14:47
    2011-08-01 17:15:01
    2011-08-01 18:15:15
    2011-08-01 19:15:29
    2011-08-01 20:15:43
    2011-08-01 21:15:57


    2011-08-01 22:16:11
    2011-08-01 23:16:25
    2011-08-02 00:16:38
    2011-08-02 01:16:52
    2011-08-02 02:17:06
    1-08-02 03:17:20
    2011-08-02 04:17:34
    2011-08-02 05:17:48
    2011-08-02 06:18:02
    2011-08-02 07:18:15

    2011-08-02 09:17:43
    2011-08-02 10:17:57
    2011-08-02 11:18:11
    2011-08-02 12:18:25
    2011-08-02 13:18:39
    2011-08-02 14:18:53
    2011-08-02 15:19:07
    2011-08-02 16:19:21
    2011-08-02 17:19:35
    2011-08-02 18:19:48


    2011-08-02 19:20:02
    2011-08-02 20:20:16
    2011-08-02 21:20:30
    2011-08-02 22:20:44
    2011-08-02 23:20:58
    2011-08-03 00:21:12
    2011-08-03 01:21:26
    2011-08-03 02:21:40
    2011-08-03 03:21:54
    2011-08-03 04:22:07


    2011-08-03 11:23:44
    2011-08-03 12:23:57
    2011-08-03 13:24:11
    2011-08-03 14:24:24
    2011-08-03 15:24:39
    2011-08-03 16:24:53
    2011-08-03 17:25:07
    2011-08-03 18:25:21
    2011-08-03 19:25:34
    2011-08-03 20:25:48
    2011-08-03 21:26:02
    2011-08-03 22:26:16
    2011-08-03 23:26:30
    2011-08-04 00:26:44
    2011-08-04 01:26:58
    2011-08-04 02:27:12
    2011-08-04 03:27:26
    2011-08-04 04:27:39
    2011-08-04 05:27:54


    2011-08-04 06:28:08
    2011-08-04 07:28:22
    2011-08-04 08:28:35
    2011-08-04 09:28:49
    2011-08-04 10:29:03
    2011-08-04 11:29:17
    2011-08-04 12:29:31
    2011-08-04 13:29:45
    2011-08-04 14:29:59
    2011-08-04 15:30:13
    2011-08-04 16:30:27
    2011-08-04 17:30:41
    2011-08-04 18:30:55
    2011-08-04 19:31:09
    2011-08-04 20:31:23
    2011-08-04 21:31:37
    2011-08-04 22:31:50
    2011-08-04 23:32:05

    Note: Zero Values for “Beta CPM”, “Gamma CPM”, “Flow Rate”, “Sampling Volume” or “Ambient Pressure” indicate data not available.Combined “Wind Speed” and “Wind Direction” of ‘0’ and ‘359’ indicate data not available.
    Graphical Plots for the Past 7 Days
    Fixed Monitor Location
    Fixed Monitor Data Category
    Gross BetaGamma Energy Range

    Normal Logarithmic
    Note: Vertical axis of logarithmic plot may not have numeric labels if data range is not large. Negative values will not work with logarithmic plots.
    Graph Type

    RadNet Data
    Monitoring Radiological Incidents

  256. Angusmerlin says:

    Arnie has offered an interesting theory to explain the sudden astronomically high increase in radiaton at Tempco’s nuclear power plants.

    I still wonder, however, if these new skyrocketing levels of radiation may be also connected to all the large quakes continuing to hit the east coast of Honshu, Japan. The nuclear reactors at Fukushima already were in horrendous shape. Now add to this sad state of affairs the fact that both last Saturday and Monday (Japan time date), +6 magnitude shakers again struck Honshu. This is not to mention all the continuing +4 and +5 after shocks off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan. And, indeed, all the after shockes following the Great Japan Quake and Tsunami.

    lAfter shocks, after shocks, and more after shocks! Sudden rises in radiation at Fukushima’s power plants?


    USGS government report for earthquakes re last Saturday and Monday (July 31st and August 2nd, 2011):

  257. lucidf8 says:

    I’m finding the following link to the public Radnet Query tool works.


  258. Angusmerlin says:

    August 4, 2011

    Arnie Gundersen 4/4/2011 video discusses the off the charts high levels of radiation reported at Fukushima’s nuclear Tempco power plant on August the 1st.

    “Lethal Levels of Radiation at Fukushima: What Are the Implications?”


  259. Angusmerlin says:

    According to EPA RadNet reporting station in Los Angeles-

    3:00pm: 109 CPMs

  260. roundabout says:

    Here is a video from Dr. Solomon discussing the BP oil spill testing fiasco… NOT testing for heavy metals etc in environment … Remember, the West Coast is going to inherit a lot of fishy fallout from Japans coastal fish, especially Tuna. If they have not already migrated here. The Gulf Coast is relegated to a website for info, or do their own testing… sound familiar? We need to get more Inspectors out there for sure! Here is the video, and most likely what will be coming our way in terms of more of the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQIXztpL6s&feature=relmfu

    There is a Dr. Otis on Youtube who has been talking about health related matters being ignored and people dying due to the oil spill, remember, this is the same government that is “protecting” our west coast populations.

  261. Angusmerlin says:

    Well, it is 12:05pm, Thursday afternoon. The EPA’s gross beta measurement for Los Angeles is now posting at 120 CPMs. Wonder if Michael’s two hot peaches were grown in an area close to where the Los Angeles RadNet monitor is stationed. Unsettling! Very– As I mentioned earlier, I almost wonder if the EPA’s rad monitor is perhaps having problems.

    Are any of you in the Burbank/San Fernando Valley area monitoring radiation levels for this area?

    The Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area appears to be OK according to the EnviroReporter Rad monitoring station.

  262. Bar says:

    OMG, Swede tries to build nuclear reactor in his kitchen!

  263. Chase says:

    Today I had several personal observations.

    I was standing on my porch this morning and I saw a bird fall from above, right out of the sky. It was a small yellow finch or canary like bird. In my over half century on this planet I have never seen that. At the same time there was a cat about 10 feet away from where the tiny bird landed. Even the cat had a bit of a look of shock on it’s face. The feral momma cat then went over curiously and touched the bird. Yep, it was dead. Then, she picked it up and started eating it. The momma cat then went back to breast feed her kitten. (There were only three kittens this year and the two runts didn’t last 3 days.) I couldn’t help but think to myself, “this is an exposure pathway, this is how the chain of life gets destroyed and I may be witnessing it before my very eyes”.

    On or around May 12 of this year we were experiencing heavy rainfall on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Tulare County, California. We are at about 1000 feet elevation. I observed several lady bugs on a wet metal fence poll on my front porch. The two of them were ‘kissing’ so to speak, and I remember thinking to myself, “if the rain is radioactive then those poor little bugs must be really getting hit”. So today, after I saw the bird hit the ground, I also noticed the lady bugs. Still there. They had become frozen in time on the poll where I initially observed them. They were still ‘kissing’. Their shells have now started to decay. I could be wrong but I don’t think lady bugs die while ‘kissing’.

    I remember it was May because I left a comment here regarding some research to determine what the first signs of fallout might be. I came across several articles stating that insects could be one of the first signs.

    So none of this is proof of anything. It is only a subjective observation, but I thought it was worth noting for possible future historical purposes. This is what I saw and this is when I first saw it. For whatever it’s worth, I just can’t help but wonder. hmmmm…?

  264. Angusmerlin says:

    *Correction: To access EPA RadNet Query gross beta data postings, you must use the following EPA link:


    From that link, you can scroll down and click on “Los Angeles, Ca” to bring up the gross beta postings for Los Angeles. Or, whatever city you wish to choose.


    (Sorry for confusion! The second EPA Los Angeles link I earlier posted will not work.)

  265. Angusmerlin says:

    At Majia’s Blog site I came across this reference to a still posting EPA “RadNet Query Result” link for gross beta CPA findings in cities across the United States:



    When I went to the EPA “RadNet Query Result” site for Los Angeles for today (world date, 8/3/2011)–
    beta gross count posted at: 94.00



    Does anyone know exactly where in Los Angeles the EPA RadNet monitoring location is located? 94 CPM seems especially high. Other local EPA monitoring stations (Riverside and Anaheim) registered results that appeared normal.

    Michael, any clues? Above Los Angeles readings do not seem consistent with your EnviroReporter monitoring station findings from Santa Monica/West Los Angeles. I realize that even a few miles can make a big difference re wind patterns. But, this much difference? Holy smoke! Hope the monitor is broken.

  266. roundabout says:

    Have been running around the state, unfortunately without a geiger counter… but got away for a day or two. In checking in, I see there are new developments of people waking up to the Fukushima fallout disaster! This one German site reminded me “not to eat my fresh veggies”! Will be sending my car air filter to you soon Michael, (well packaged so no leakage)Here is the green leafy site in Germany: _

    Also Dutchsinse has predicted Santa Barbara to Santa Maria (my area) is going to have a tornadic storm in a day or two. I always wonder about Diablo during these storms. I may just spend a few more days in the central valley, LOL!

  267. Bar says:

    This video has englisch subtitles. It really makes you wonder whats going on in Japan. Its not a third world poor country. Why is the japanese government acting like this?

    Prof. Kodama Angry about Japanese Gov.’s Gross Negligence
    Part 1
    Meanwhile the world gets nuked and nobody in power seemes to care.

    “Up to around one billion becquerels of radioactive substances are believed to be released every hour from reactors No.1, 2 and 3. It is not known how accurate this
    figure is because it was worked out by taking readings of the air on the plant’s premises.”
    “However, it said the discovery would not slow continuing efforts to bring the plant’s damaged reactors under control.”
    How can they continue working with 10 sieverts per hour. Where is that coming from? Something must have happend there.
    The levels inside are too high to messure:
    “People risk death if they are exposed to radiation doses of 10 sieverts per hour, or 10,000 millisieverts. The high levels of radiation mean that a person could be exposed to 250 millisieverts of radiation — the upper limit set by the government for workers engaged in restoration work at the Fukushima plant — within 90 seconds.”
    Could it be that this earthquake caused damage at the Fukushima Plant, that we dont know about?

  268. Chase says:

    Here’s a video that everyone in Japan and the world needs to watch!!!
    (Warning: this video contains some graphic images)

    The Experiment continues…(I did not know this.)

    Then, for an opposing view watch this one.
    “Bill Gates LOVES Nuclear” April, 2010

    He says that… Based on “Deaths per megawatt” Nuclear Power is much safer. Obviously, Billy didn’t take into consideration many other factors. He clearly states where his monetary investments are. I for one will never purchase another Microsoft product. EVER! I’m switching to linux a.s.a.p.!

    “The new monsters peer over the horizon, good intentions spliced with blind arrogance and numbing greed.” – by unknown (yet well said)

  269. Bar says:

    “Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, said it detected the highest radiation to date at the site.”

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/07/31/bloomberg1376-LP8WWK6JTSEJ01-5PIJEFGJ36KM50OK194CMKAJ22.DTL#ixzz1ToHbod97

    What are they doing there? Its getting worse not better!

  270. Wilma P. says:


    Appreciate the info. It does not end, however. To get an idea, open next:


    The article above sheds some light upon why the Japanese farmer was compelled to resort to testing radiation herself as covered in that NYT link you provided. Specifically, the… “conscious decision to project an aura of calm” as remembered, albeit infamously, by:


  271. Chase says:

    @Wilma P. Thank you. Those are great links. I have heard Dr. Rokke (rocky). It’s easy to tell he speaks from experience, knowledge, and practical facts.

    I had asked a question the other day about a cesium spread map. Well, I came across one today as I was reading about a hero in Japan. Kiyoko Okoshi is her name. Yes… another individual with a Rad Detector and the guts to confront officials.

    Main article: Japanese Find Radioactivity ON THEIR OWN – Testing Soil

    I can’t help but wonder what her opinions are and how she feels about ‘acceptable limits’ and ‘acceptable risk’.

    The MAP: Cesium Tracking Map
    (soil) surrounding Fukushima:
    As I looked at this map I thought of the killer bee maps I had seen and how over the years they ‘slowly’ moved north from South America. (yet another foolish little science project gone wild) Anyway… as I looked at this map I realized that radioactive material is not like bees or even viruses. Radiation from “fallouts” WILL CONTINUE to spread in multiple ways. Spreading in ways we should be anticipating with a little more forethought perhaps? It DOES NOT go away, until it’s hazardous lifespan ends. Basically, you can only move it or get away from it. You can cover it, but that is temporary. You can pretend it does not exist, but there are more than several drawbacks to that logic.

    (large view – MAP by the US Department of Energy and the Japanese Ministry of Education)

  272. Ke'ala says:

    I heard an interview on the radio yesterday about the Japanese families who come temporarily to Hawaii to stay with guest families. They mentioned that it’s only for three months and after that they have to go BACK to Japan. To me that seems worse than never having left in the first place..so sad.

  273. Chase says:

    What Does Radiation Do to Living Things?:

    “In every PLANT and ANIMAL species adequately studied, radiation resulted in deleterious mutations.” – Dr. James N. Yamazaki, UCLA Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics


    How Radiation Affects Pregnant Women and Children:

    “The incidence of miscarriage, stillbirth and death during infancy was 43 percent…”

    Note: This percentage number seems amazingly close to other ‘unofficial’ studies that are current. ie… Philadelphia, PA


    (*Based on studies of Nagasaki done in the early sixties)

  274. Bar says:

    LAS, thank you so much for that link! I didnt know they existed. Please, everybody pass that link on and post it wherever you can! Thank you!

  275. Bar says:

    Chase, you said “Then it came to me. Those who had the means and/or the ability to leave are long gone. Those left behind, well… they may be like the animals left behind at Chernobyl. It’s almost like they are being treated as though they have a kind of “rad-leprosy”. They aren’t going to be allowed to go anywhere anytime soon is my gut feeling. I think the people of Northern Japan have started to slowly figure that out. What can be done about it? I do not know. I’m not even sure what the options are or if there are any good ones?”
    You are so right about what you are thinking. Some of them know whats going on but they are left to fend for themself. Like the People in this Video.
    SOS from Fukushima

  276. Wilma P. says:


    October is right around the corner…


    IMPORTANT NEWS: The DOE has just announced the release of the Draft Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for the continued operation of the DOE/NNSA Nevada National Security Site and off-site locations *only* in the State of Nevada (not for the Rio Blanco and Rulison Sites in CO, nor for former nuclear test sites in NM, AK, etc…).

    This document essentially guarantees that for the next 10-15 years the U.S. has immunity from any citizen, tribe or organization appeal or injunction on legal, environmental or other grounds to resume underground nuclear testing at the former Nevada Test Site. Learn more about this EIS and what it means here on NuclearCrimes.

    If you care about not becoming a downwinder and not becoming shafted by the U.S. judicial system from your claims that the government lethally poisoned your offspring with fallout, you will want to learn about this SWEIS and learn about how to comment – in writing and in person.


    BTW, missed the NRC Near-Term Task Force event AND ManHands’ Jeff Rense radio interview. Any links to archives of both events would be received with pleasure. Thank you both for all the Goo-D work.

  277. Chase says:

    “The ultimate measure of a man (person) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

    I have watched several movies, such as: Andromeda Strain, The Stand and others where they show the spread of a virus via computer simulation. I wonder if anyone has come up with a Cesium/Radiation contamination spread map? First Air, soil and water. Then consumed via plant or animal uptake at some point. Then, those humans or animals consume things, the accumulation of contamination will then spread via bodily excrement’s. Remember, important things like fish parts and cow poop get used for fertilizer too. These ‘chains’ and ‘loops’ are seemingly endless.

    Thinking of this made me ask myself the question. “Are the people of Northern Japan being held hostage in a way?” Is it possible?

    The reason I thought this is because of a Chernobyl documentary I watched where special armed forces were sent into the ‘no go’ zone in order to kill, exterminate, all living things possible. Boar, birds, deer and basically anything that moved. The reason for this was to help prevent the escape or ‘spread’ of contamination from the ‘zone’. Not only was the contamination on the animals themselves, but any foods they may have eaten would also spread as excrement. The excrement will then affect the next thing in the chain…. and so on. Even when the animal dies and decomposes, the bones and the spot where it died will ‘most likely’ be contaminated too. With Chernobyl, the humans in the immediate area were at least evacuated fairly early on.

    However, Fukushima is different. We now know, that PEOPLE, especially women and children, should have been evacuated immediately, but they/we were all lied to. So now they and their children have been there for going on 5 MONTHS! They have to eat. They have to drink water. They go to the bathroom. They are the living nightmare experiment now. (We all are!)

    Then it came to me. Those who had the means and/or the ability to leave are long gone. Those left behind, well… they may be like the animals left behind at Chernobyl. It’s almost like they are being treated as though they have a kind of “rad-leprosy”. They aren’t going to be allowed to go anywhere anytime soon is my gut feeling. I think the people of Northern Japan have started to slowly figure that out. What can be done about it? I do not know. I’m not even sure what the options are or if there are any good ones?

  278. Wilma P. says:

    The wow factor is pretty high on this one:


    90-minute NHK documentary special about Shinzo Kimura, a scientist specializing in radiation hygiene. He once worked for the National Institute of Radiological Sciences where he was on the research team for the Tokaimura nuclear accident. Kimura later transferred to a research center at the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare where he visited Chernobyl to perform his own research. After the Fukushima accident, Kimura was ORDERED TO REFRAIN FROM ENGAGING IN ANY SORT OF RESEARCH. Kimura left the agency because he felt his hands would be tied from not being able to utilize all that he had learned from researching both Chernobyl and Tokaimura. A network of scientists assist him with his independent research of the Fukushima crisis.

    Since the accident, Kimura has been commuting to the area to assess the radiation. He heads into evacuated villages and takes samples of soil and plants. One of the projects being undertaken by Kimura and Masaharu Okano, an expert and pioneer in radiation research, is to create a radioactive fallout contamination map as a way to visualize the amount of radioactivity from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. This documentary was a result of a two-month long collaboration by scientists. The video is split into seven parts, each a short fifteen minutes or less.

    Please share.

  279. Tray says:

    Great story on NPR about the fact we have so much nuclear waste and no where to put it. Diablo Canyon being one of the many sites.


  280. Wilma P. says:



    On the webpage above, chose from drop-down menu “Select Film” and then chose the ‘Japan Emmission Dispersion’ video clips to see real-time (today) releases of radioisotopes extraordinaire from Fukushima.

    The nighttime videos you mention showing constant radioactive steam leaving the plant are real, thank you for the info.

    It looks like Erin Brockovich ought to be made aware of those Erionite roads…

  281. Chase says:

    Here’s my thoughts after reading an article about a grocery store chain in Japan starting to test their beef for Cesium. At first I thought, “What a great idea”, then it made me wonder. hmmm…??? uh..oh!!!

    If you had the choice between Certified Cesium Free Beef (food) or Cesium within ‘acceptable limits’ Beef(food), which would you choose?

    What if you had no choice? No way of telling?
    What if the Cesium Free Beef(food) costs more?
    Which are we actually choosing now? (I am not really sure to be honest.)
    Which Beef(food) would the NRC and EPA members choose for their children?

    Especially, if the ‘acceptable limit’ had been increased like in Japan to 10 TIMES that of the Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident.

    I think the NRC/IAEA ‘whoever’ should crunch the Fukushima numbers for…
    “how many lives…?”
    “how many species…?”
    “how many lifeforms…? will be irreversibly affected!”
    “how many ‘chains’ of life will be broken?”
    “… and for how many years to come?”

    (Note: ‘irreversibly affected’ MAY also include death or extinction.)

  282. Bar says:

    “10 times higher, they say…That’s old news, now more than 10 times higher?”
    WilmaP. i have to agree with you on that one. As long as the Fukushima plant isnt fixed it will spew out contamination. It has since the accident happend and they havent done anything to keep it from getting into the enviroment. All the steam that keeps coming out of the wrecked reactors is full of radioactivity. They said that the water in the buildings contains extremly high levels of contamination and the steam comming out is from the same water. If you watch the recent videos from the livecam at fukushima you dont see much steam coming out. Thats not because things have gotten better but it is because it is very hot and humid in japan right now so you dont see the steam. But if you look at the videos taken at nightime than you can see that its business as usual. People are used to seeing steam at nuclear powerplants and think thats ok and it might be so if the reactor is working the way it supposed to. But fukushima is not and the steam that comes out there is a nightmare. Its still going on thats why “10 times higher” is not old news. It still applies, unfortunatly.

    This Link has nothing to do with radioactivity. But its importend to read because: Erionite deposits are found in at least a dozen US states, particularly in California, Nevada and Oregon.


  283. Wilma P. says:


    Enlarge by clicking and view Figure #3 CTBTO animation (enable translator in your browser if wish English and not German; Google Chrome has this capability, BTW). Next note Station #70 on the map (Sacramento, California CTBTO site) and notice how Sacramento is the first CONUS location to light up showing the station being hit by Fukushima radiation on 3-16-11. EPA/DOE/BRAWN/DHS/et. al., must have known we were getting hit as well but refused to share. It was the foreign diplomat from the UN that first alerted and reported to the American people through a Sacramento newspaper, and not a U.S. official on U.S. soil. And since then, NRC still continues blocking further CTBTO data to be let out… What are they hiding from?


    Perhaps one of the more salient points regarding the French CRIIRAD piece previously provided can be gleened by memorizing the following:

    “The results made available for the United States seem to show substantially higher contaminant levels (approx. 10 times). It is even more important to avoid the regular consumption of rain water and excessive consumption of
    vulnerable foods such as leaf vegetables, fresh milk and ricotta /cream cheese.”

    10 times higher, they say…That’s old news, now more than 10 times higher? I add red meat to the list.

    Americium-241 (deadly alpha emitter with 432-year half-live & dangerous for 8600+ years) from Fukushima was sampled for and found in the french countryside but not sampled for in the U.S./Canada/Mexico except until just recently at Los Alamos during the forest fire there. Am-241 is not on the BRAWN list or any U.S. university testing protocol for Fukushima. Does not make sense.

    Another point brought up was this:

    “To this effect, the CRIIRAD received dozens of mails from persons using radiometers and dosimeters who
    recorded an increase of the ambient radiant level or who questioned the results of the IRSN marker. Lacking
    sufficient time to respond to each individual file, we are suggesting several indications of general scope for
    the time being (information notice to the radiometer users’ attention).”

    It seems like those citizens who CRIIRAD say reported, are much more equipped with Inspector-type devices than most, if not all, North American citizens are. Indeed, if this is true, then more people need to be looking at our air, dust, food and water supplies and reporting to authorities like they seem to be doing in France, one would reasonably think.

    @Margery Brown

    I like what Mr. Alvarez had to say:

    “Isotopes like iodine-131 are not part of normal background radiation, and have unique properties that background radiation does not, like accumulating in the thyroid gland”

    We are now learning the fact that the term ‘background’ is a trick. The term “Artificial Radioactivity” is more descriptive; as is, “Natural Radioactivity” (see CTBTO link above). Cesium-137 is definitely not natural; nor is Strontium-89/90; nor is Plutonium-239; nor is Americium-241; nor are the many, many more radionuclides emitting from the Japan nuclear crisis at the moment. The nuclear industry trys in vain to trick people into believing that artificial radiation is the same as natural non-man-made background? We weren’t born yesterday. Thanks for the link and for Mr. Alvarez in stepping forward in this regard.

  284. Denise Anne says:

    Tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, from 10 am – 1pm PDT, the NRC is holding a public meeting to go over the recommendations of the Near-Term Task Force Report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The public can participate in-person, by telephone or view online via webcast. In-person and telephone participants can comment or ask questions of the members of the NRC Task Force.

    To attend by phone:

    Passcode: 6166981

    To attend in person:
    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    One White Flint North
    Commissioners’ Conf. Room
    11555 Rockville Pike
    Rockville, MD 20852

    To view by webcast: http://video.nrc.gov

    The Task Force report begins with a dedication to Fukushima workers and states that their efforts contributed to “no fatalities and the expectation of no significant radiological health impacts” which is of course ludicrous as previously addressed by EnviroReporter. The workers’ efforts are heroic indeed but asserting that there will be no health effects is absurd and an insult to the workers whose health will most certainly be impacted.

    From Physicians for Social Responsibility:

    “While the Task Force report’s recommendations are a start, they do not include all of the measures that need to be taken immediately as a response to the Fukushima disaster. For example, the report fails to recommend:

    * moving spent fuel out of packed fuel pools and into hardened onsite storage;
    * overhauling emergency planning zones and evacuation; and
    * suspending NRC relicensing of old reactors or licensing of new reactors until new safety measures are implemented.

    At the same time, it is unclear whether any of the Task Force recommendations will be carried out. The nuclear industry opposes any changes and two of the five NRC Commissioners (Magwood and Svinicki) have voted to send these recommendations to NRC staff for further review – meaning that implementation would get delayed indefinitely.

    This NRC meeting is an opportunity to demand that the NRC Commissioners vote to make real improvements to nuclear reactor safety immediately.”

  285. roundabout says:

    So the University of Washington thinks this thing is winding down and is stopping their measurements in a few days, while the BRAWN team will continue as long as there is interest… while the EPA is holding data. So easy and convenient to forget we are witnessing an unprecedented crisis that has not stopped. I thank GOD for this Enviroreporter forum! Potrblog’s contributions as well as all the others!! It’s survival of the informed…

    Chase, a few spiderwort plants may be the most objective source for what is happening on the central coast, and cheap enough for us poor folk! Lol. The PBS documentary you and Denise Anne posted was very enlightening indeed! I just wish Sam Blakslee would address the Fukushima fallout on the west coast more… however, we are grateful to have a geologist as a representative given Diablo Canyon… I keep my large plastic role with duct tape in closet, and my gas tank as full as I can due to the chance that those sirens could go off at any time!

    Sent hubby to the infrared sauna last night due to my suspicions of him being irradiated by chocolate milk… after 30 minutes, he felt a lot better, no stomach ache this morning! Yeah! Infrared sauna does help detox the rads out from what I read early on…

    You guys rock when it comes to the great links! Thanks for all!

  286. Weaver says:

    On the subject of air quality…
    http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_18552391 Massive plastics fire in Fairfield, still happening at the time of this post. A thick smoke plume is heading east, already covering Vacaville, Dixon, Davis and onto Sacramento.

    Officials say that “1 mile” is a safe distance from this fire… yeah, right.

  287. Chase says:

    Is it just coincidence both of these articles are dates April 5th? (probably)

    @Wilma P. (Article date April 5th, 2011)
    This document made several great points regarding children and pregnant women. It also makes several points I would question or disagree with. It’s one of those articles that makes some factual/truthful sound bites while trying to throw a “spin” on “trivial” acceptable limits. There was only Iodine data and nothing regarding Cesium. I also see that in a lot of articles. They always forget the Cesium. (1/2 life 30 years, which means it remains hazardous for well over 200 years)

    @Margery B. (Article date April 5th, 2011)
    I agree fully with Michale’s reply to you. But, I wanted to note that the article itself is ‘old’ news. There are no links to any updated or current information.

    My other personal observation is that the ‘feed’ of information regarding pretty much anything nuclear or radioactive, so to speak, has been ‘controlled’, ‘spoon fed’, or deleted altogether over the last 90 days at least.

    Now what I am observing in the mainstream media is an increased ‘feed’ of ‘disinformation’. Headlines like, “Fukushima Stabilized”, “TEPCO Workers Meet Deadline”, etc.. This started really picking up about a week ago.

    For some reason??? The articles which come up first on searches seem to be ‘older’ ones. That’s how it appears to me anyway. So, I do attempt to ‘sort’ by most recent sometimes, but that doesn’t seem to help much either.

    Here a simple example of the “Feed Control”. I read an article in an Asian newspaper about the Norway bomber. It talked about how one of the plans of the radical groups he belonged to was to attack Nuclear plants in the United Kingdom. Yet, no mention of this plan in any American news. Just an observation.

    A Mini Timeline: (as per the history of these comments) –
    In the beginning it was noted in the EnviroReporter comments section for the first time on March 21, 2011 that people stated they felt the media was being manipulated.

    March 20, First report from Berkeley released.
    March 21, First Control of media comment seen.
    March 22, First comments of data not making sense and possible coverups
    March 22, Japan stated there was “no cause for alarm”.
    March 22, EPA monitors started going down?
    March 22, Bonnie seems to be a “few atoms short of a molecule”
    March 23, First Independent Readings on West Coast begin to elevate.

  288. Wilma P. says:



    BRAWM & EPA seem to ignore Fukushima isotope Americium-241 but the French sure want their citizens to know about it (open above). Wonder why that is…

  289. Denise Anne says:

    Reminder to California residents – the CEC workshop on nuclear power is tomorrow at 10 am PDT. Public comments will probably begin at 4 p.m. Information on how to watch and participate via WebEx or phone is here http://www.energy.ca.gov/calendar/events/index.php?com=detail&eID=1472&year=2011&month=7 .

    Written comments must be submitted by 5 pm August 2 – information on how to do that is at the above link.

    Documents for tomorrow’s workshop, including some of the presentations and comments submitted to date, are here http://www.energy.ca.gov/2011_energypolicy/documents/index.html#07262011 .

  290. @ Marge: “Correct and complete” rad testing means more than just accurate sampling and lab detection, which U.C. Berkeley’s BRAWM has down adequately. That said, BRAWM’s ability to adhere to scientific methodology is certainly suspect when it attempts to compare internal ingestion of radiating alpha and beta particles to gamma radiation experienced in jet travel which is like comparing apples to orange juice (to lift from the ‘comparing apple to oranges’ analogy). To measure correctly and then to interpret incorrectly with a clear bias is “science” at its worst.

    I can’t speak to DOE’s response to the ongoing Fukushima meltdowns but EPA has gone one step further than BRAWM in upsetting scientific methodology: A little over a week before Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex owner TEPCO announced that there had been, in reality, three total meltdowns beginning the first day of the earthquake and tsunami March 11, EPA suspended its Fukushima-related testing saying, in essence, ‘there’s no there there so we aren’t testing anymore.’ Did EPA change its tune after the TEPCO admission? No. Did EPA change its tune and restart its testing after TEPCO announced that the meltdowns had become “melt-throughs” as well? No. Did EPA remove testing data when our friend from St. Louis, POTRblog, called EPA on censored data in his region? Yes.

    So I’m going to compare the testing of BRAWM and the EPA and, sure, it’s like comparing apples and oranges but in this case both seem to have the same rotten results.

  291. Margery Brown says:


    I would appreciate some feedback from you and your bloggers re: this article that I would like to be able to put into context, since so many writers are struggling to supply their families with pre-Fukushima foods and milk.

    Are the Universities to be trusted with correct and complete rad testing any more than the EPA or DOE?


  292. This was sent to me this morning:

    Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
    PO Box 1328
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
    (858) 337-XXXX (805) 704-XXXX http://www.a4nr.org
    July 25, 2011

    Rochelle Becker (858-337-XXXX) Rochelle@a4nr.org
    David Weisman (805-704-XXXX) David@a4nr.org


    Represents ratepayers at California Energy Commission workshop on nuclear power

    Appearing before the California Energy Commission (CEC) workshop on the future of nuclear power in California, The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) presented the CEC with five recommendations to guide the future of nuclear power in California. “In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the economic impacts and loss of grid reliability from nuclear plants located in seismic zones must be scrutinized,” stated A4NR executive director Rochelle Becker, adding, “these are all concerns solely within state jurisdiction, and the CEC is the right agency to hear the public’s questions.” Both the Diablo Canyon reactors of PG&E and the San Onofre (SONGS) facility of Southern California Edison (SCE) will be discussed.

    The recommendations include requiring the nuclear utilities to undertake planning to replace their nuclear megawatts in the event of a Fukushima-type outage; asking the federal government to explain how seismically California can afford to host radioactive waste into an undefined future; requiring an examination of the inadequacy of the $12.6 billion liability insurance cap in the event of a radioactive release; evaluating the costs of expanding the evacuation zones around reactors from 20 to 50 miles as the Japanese did; and considering the validity of the current state CPUC permits that allow the two nuclear plants to operate. The full A4NR recommendations can be downloaded from: http://a4nr.org/?p=1543

    It was in the CEC nuclear workshop process of 2005 that the impetus to study the costs risks and benefits of relying on nuclear power was first broached. An outcome of that workshop was AB 1632 (Blakeslee, SLO) that mandated the CEC to do the study, and from that came the recommendations for advanced seismic work. The need for seismic studies—championed by geophysicist senator Blakeslee and supported by A4NR—are at the very heart of the nuclear license renewal debate in California.

    The CEC began assessing the risks of nuclear power before the 2007 Japanese earthquake idled the Kashiwazaki nuclear plant at a cost of over $12 billion of dollars in repairs and replacement power, and well before Fukushima. PG&E that failed to heed the recommendations of the CEC and applied for Nuclear Regulatory Commission relicensing before completing the studies, drawing a public rebuke from CEC Commissioner James Boyd in 2009. It was only after the tragedy of Fukushima that PG&E has begun the studies in earnest, and the NRC has belatedly admitted they even need to reevaluate seismic and other threats to nuclear power plants. “Our state CEC was asking all the right questions in advance of the disaster, and deserves praise for the their farsightedness,” noted A4NR’s Becker.

    A4NR carefully reviewed PG&E and SCE’s responses to data requests made by the CEC and found numerous contradictions, omissions and inadequacies. “In order to make responsible planning decisions, our regulatory agencies need accurate and current data, and we found the utility’s answers flawed,” commented Becker. A4NR’s detailed comments can be read at: http://a4nr.org/?p=1595

    Presentations submitted to the 2011 CEC workshop by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) are at odds with the assertions of PG&E. With regards to the Shoreline fault, 1800 feet from Diablo Canyon, PG&E’s written response to the CEC states, “Currently our logic tree does not connect the Shoreline to the Hosgri fault, because we believe this is an unrealistic scenario based on two recent studies…” In the USGS presentation, however, the agency concludes that the “Northwest end of Shoreline Fault extends to the mapped trace of the Hosgri Fault, indicating that there is no gap between these faults at seismogenicdepths.”

    Ms. Becker adds, “It is hoped that the new 3-D seismic studies will help clarify any uncertainty regarding the ‘unknown’ hazards threatening the Diablo Canyon site. PG&E’s claims and research must be subject to independent peer review by state regulators. It was this lack of objective oversight that led to the devastating seismic cost overruns 30 years ago.” Furthermore, SCE is decades behind PG&E in updating their seismic and tsunami research at the San Onofre reactors, which are of concern because over 7 million people live within 50 miles of SONGS. The unfunded mandate of storing radioactive waste at that geographically constrained location—and the need to plan for revised evacuations—are all potentially costly state burdens. Ms. Becker concludes, “The CEC is taking on the very role they should—safeguarding a reliable and affordable supply of power for California. This isn’t about being for or against nuclear power, it is about responsible planning.”

  293. Chase says:

    “Sooner or later in any foolproof system, the fools are going to achieve the proofs.” – Arnie Gunderson

    Video 1 of 4 – (7/24/2011)

  294. Bar says:

    TERROR ALERT – Nuclear Power Plants In United States (7-21-11) ‬‏

  295. Chase says:

    An ‘all natural’ way to detect ionizing radiation. If you cannot afford a Radiation Detector, like a lot of people, then this may be an option. At least it’s something to try and they’re colorful too.

    Tradescantia (aka Spiderwort Plant, a weed)
    The cells of the stamen hairs of some Tradescantia are colored BLUE, but when exposed to sources of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, the cells MUTATE and change color to PINK; they are one of the few tissues known to serve as an effective bioassay for ambient radiation levels. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tradescantia

    Might be a good idea to place these plants next to doorways or vents perhaps. …or even near your garden plants too.
    (caution: possible allergies as with any weed)

    @ Denise Anne
    I watched this short PBS documentary via one of the links you provided. Thank you. It gives a true/scary insight into the political aspects of Nuclear Power and how it’s regulated. Nuclear Safety at Diablo Canyon: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/environment/video-double-fault-nuclear-safety-at-diablo-canyon/10457/

  296. Bar says:

    There are 442 nuclear power plants on this planet and 65 under construction. If all 442 of them each release a little bit of Radiation on a regular basis. How long will it be before this planet is uninhabitable? Nuclear energy is insanity!

  297. Denise Anne says:

    For those of you who live in California, especially if you are near the Diablo Canyon or San Onofre nuclear power plants, please participate in the the CEC’s upcoming workshop on nuclear power this Tuesday, July 26th. The workshop will address relicensing for both plants and issues around seismic safety.

    The public can participate and submit comments at the workshop or via WebEx or phone. More information on how to participate is here http://www.energy.ca.gov/calendar/events/index.php?com=detail&eID=1472&year=2011&month=7 and here

    The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility has sample comments you can submit or edit to make your own (preferred) here http://a4nr.org/. This is a very important opportunity to speak out!

  298. Chase says:

    Question: Do Nuclear Plants release Radiation?
    Answer: YES!

    “…Nuclear plants, like Indian Point, can and do release strontium, both during normal operations and as a result of accidents or incidents.” said Lochbaum, (former nuclear plant operator)

    The Mother’s Milk Project:
    “The so-called Mothers’ Milk Project has detected low levels of both SR-90 and *SR-89 in scores of samples of milk from humans and animals. Burton believes the results are a smoking gun pointing directly at radioactive releases” – (Nancy Burton, an attorney… has been quietly collecting milk samples in the area around Indian Point, from human mothers, as well as cows and goats.)

    “Radiation is a cause of thyroid cancer. I can’t point to the plant but if it’s giving off radiation that’s a risk factor. This is more than just getting more CT scans. I am absolutely concerned. Nuclear radiation is a cause of thyroid cancer,” Richer said. (Sara Richer, an otolaryngologist and surgeon at St. Vincent’s Medical Center)

    “It’s frustrating,” said Margo Schepart, co-founder of the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition. “I think these plants are emitting more than they admit.”

    Full article – http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/The-nuclear-safety-debate-hits-home-1471908.php

    So, once again, it’s up to a single person or small group of individuals to “prove” to the NRC/EPA that they are either pompous ‘experts’ or pretentious liars. (or both)

    “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” Maybe it is just me, but when I read the NRC replies it really does make me ‘hot’ under the collar. It certainly goes beyond my comprehension trying to decipher how anyone could be so blatantly foolish. ‘Why’ they make these kinds of statements should be obvious even to a casual observer, but apparently it’s not. Hopefully, that’s changing.

    *NOTE: SR-89 has a half-life of 50 days. That means Chernobyl and atmospheric testing cannot credibly be considered sources of SR-89. Strontium ONLY comes from Nuclear Fission.

  299. Bar says:

    These streetlight should be everywhere. There is a way out of nuclear power without having to go back to the dark ages. Why isnt this being done?

    Have you ever heard of wavepower? Check this out:
    Thats clean energy!

  300. jill z says:

    Below is the email address for CBS. You can comment, give show ideas, and get in contact with Armen keteyian who wrote the article.
    Let’s give encouragements to the ones who can make mass awareness. Post this on other websites, like minded people that feel passionate about the state of the nuclear industry. Ready for truth and accounability. CBS email address is audsvcs@cbs.com

  301. Margery Brown says:

    An excellent article on Radiation In Our Food…..courtesy of the jet stream from Fukushima….the gift that apparently will keep on giving for much too long!


  302. Tray says:

    I posted this on Eat Me after some phone calls to some food companies:

    Here’s my contribution to this wonderful site. Lakewood juices (I buy at Whole Foods) have a 2 yr shelf life. The are packed with leafy greens and other great fruits and veggies you should not be eating since March 11th. It’s a way to get all our veggies especially for our kid (who surprisingly loves it) Right now we are drinking fruit garden summer gold and red dragon as well as some others.

    On to turkey meat.. I called Jennie O and all their turkeys are in a barn they do not see the light of day. I have been very creative with this turkey meat. Meatballs, tacos, burgers, chili. We need protein and this is a safe way to go.

    Cheese: Tillamook makes aged cheese 15 months and 2 years. They don’t shoot the cows up with that milk hormone. So this is a good cheese option.

    If anyone has a good bread option please let me know. I need to find one because we love our peanut butter and jelly in this house.

    More fruits from Chile: Trader Joes pomegranates, whole foods apples (green and fuji), kiwi, and asian pears. Pineapple too.(not from chile but i needed to expand a bit. Pineapple form costa rica.)

    Michael, please let me know of any safe fresh veggies if you find any. Especially carrots and broccoli. Thanks for all of this! I have said this before but my appreciation and respect for you and your wife is huge. Thanks!!!

  303. SLO says:


    I think a “Super Think Tank” to solve Fukushima as best we can is a great idea. I value your line of thinking. Don’t know how to get started, because I am doing all I can now. But I am writing to encourage your thinking and ideas. Facebook, or a letter writing campaign are both excellent ideas. Probably we just have to start. Start something, anything, or like you suggested, join with a group that has started communicating with TEPCO, Japanese Government, and the US government to DO the right thing here.

    Hold authorities responsible if they do not accept advice and do their absolute best to protect the world’s health! YES!


  304. Check out the Jeff Rense Program last night. Our first interview was April 12, 2011. We covered a lot of ground in half an hour – peaches, policy, Canada, St. Louis, rad free food, air and water plus whether President Obama has the food served his daughters checked for radiation and more.

  305. @ Chase: re: “Well, why didn’t you do anything?”

    I’m sure some of us answer “Well, what am I supposed to do?”

    That is a question that a 71-year-old great-grandmother named Ann Harris from Tennessee will be able to answer robustly. See this gallant heroine on CBS’ The Early Show this morning and see what can be done when one says “Enough! I’ll take it from here.”

    Note the bumper sticker on Harris’ wall… it says “We Are Everywhere.”

    Then ask yourself if you are part of that “We” and what you are going to do protect yourself, family, friends, community and nation.

  306. Bar says:

    Look at this:
    What to Do About Radiation

  307. Chase says:

    Scrambled DNA

    (from news article)
    “…the biggest scientific survey ever carried out on the veterans’ descendants, provides the most damning evidence yet of the horrific legacy of the tests. (Nuclear bomb tests) It also backs up a an investigation in 2002 which found leukemia rates among grandchildren of test veterans were SIX times the national average and the number with Down’s Syndrome was seven times the norm.”

    “…families of soldiers used as guinea pigs in Britain’s first nuclear tests shows they will suffer acute health problems for TWENTY generations.”

    Article Oct, 2007 – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/2007/09/16/500-year-curse-98487-19797285/

    Pretending to travel in time:
    If time travel were somehow possible and I could jump into the future, say several hundred years from now, I am sure people might ask me. “What the heck were they thinking back then, didn’t they realize what this stuff did to DNA?”

    …and my answer would be, “Yes, we did realize. But, most people were not thinking and that’s the problem in a nutshell.”

    And if they say, “Well, why didn’t you all do anything?”

    I could only reply, “I don’t know? It’s most certainly regrettable because the majority of species did not want this! Perhaps, the news media ‘blackout’ and information control had something to do with it? Sorry, but my time here in the future is up and I must return to the reality of 2011, see ya sooner or later”, I said.

    They replied from inside their ‘bubble’ dome covered cave, “Good LucK!!!”

  308. Angusmerlin says:

    Rad test results for Canadian rain taken over 3 day test period
    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2011-07-19 07:40.

    Dear Anonymous re your assertion that Canadian test findings were only the result of naturally occurring radon; and not due to Fukushima radiation fallout:

    The Canadian geiger monitor user in the above article is reported to be experienced in using geiger monitors. The geiger counter was calibrated prior to the beginning of the testing period. Three different days at different locations were tested for rad results during the Canadian rain monitoring tour. On all three of the test days, radiation from from the Canadian rain generally was found to be very “hot” relative to background radiation levels. Vancouver was one of the few exceptions, where testing was found to be within normal radiation range.

    Were the high rad test results purely radon test artifact? It is doubtful that radon artifact contaminated test results, since the testing occurred over a three day period of rain; and, not just for a single first day of rain.



    So, it still appears to stand that the Canadian “hot” rainfall is consistent with the two “hot” peaches in Los Angeles.


  309. Angusmerlin says:

    While you are interviewing, I am downloading this Michael:

    “Home » Forums » Berkeley Radiological Air and Water Monitoring Forum
    “Two Peaches in Greater Los Angeles found high in radiation”

    In Los Angeles, on Friday, July 8th, 2011, two peaches found at a local Santa Monica market were confirmed to have sustained radiation levels of 81 CPMs, or greater. The market’s background radiation was said to be about 39 CPMs. The two peaches, thus, had significantly high radiation contamination equaling over two times site background levels.

    Another blogger noted that: “What makes this discovery especially significant is that the 2X background radioactivity detected in these peaches was likely significantly attenuated by their water content; when eaten the exposure rate may be significantly higher. Even worse, it is likely that the detected radioactivity is from a longer half life radionuclide; which when eaten, would irradiate a person from the inside out for potential years to come.”
    @Potrblog, July 10th, 2011, at 8:05 pm

    Additionally, it appears the Greater Los Angeles Basin is continuing to get intermittent low level elevated radiation readings. That is, radiation levels less than 100 CPMs, but elevated relative to normal background levels for the geiger counter testing station).


    Any other areas in California coming up with similar radiation findings?


    “Consistent with the “hot” two peaches, “hot” rain in Canada”
    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2011-07-19 02:06.

    Not in California, but consistent with the Los Angeles “hot” peach finding:

    “CRMT- Kelowna BC receives High Fukushima Fallout Radioactive Rain on 07/16/11″

    “Canadian Monitoring Tour has also found the same levels of radiation in the rain which fell at around 12:10 AM on Sunday July 17th 2011″

    Uploaded by connectingdots1 on Jul 16, 2011


    “Fukushima jet flow patterns”
    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2011-07-19 03:58.

    “Re the above “hot” rain in Canada article, you may ask, “What does this have to do with California, especially Southern California? Well, to answer this question, here is a link to a weather forecasting station that frequently updates Japan Jet Stream Air Flow Patterns over Northern America. Handy. Very handy. If you read a report such as the above ‘connectingdots’ report of “hot” rain in Canada (or where ever), you now have access to analyze the Japan jet stream air flow patterns re the reported “hot” rain. You possess at your finger tips on the internet at least some idea as to where that “hot” jet stream from Fukushima is flowing. Yes, definitely handy. Very handy. By the way, when I checked the flow patterns yesterday (July the 17th, 2011), at one point the Japan jet stream was going over Southern California. So, guess what about the radiation flow from Fukushima…

    Yes, indeed, this is consistent with two “hot” peaches showing up in Los Angeles.”


    Source from Dept. of Nuclear Engineering U.C. Berkeley Public Forum:



  310. @ Raddies: I’ll be talking again with Jeff Rense live tonight for half an hour at 9:00 pm PDST at http://www.renseradio.com/listenlive.htm

    We will be discussing those hot peaches and other subjects about the nature of the spread of radioactive contamination in America and the challenges in detecting and reporting on it.

    Jeff is a real smart cookie and one of the best interviewers I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with on-air. Don’t miss it!

  311. Wilma P. says:


    Melt-down…Melt-through…Now, Melt-OUT.

    Fukushima seems to not be a simple-solution Chernobyl tunnelling affair. Plus, the Pacific is a tad bit too close to the water table unlike at Chernobyl where a tunnel was drilled down by mining companies who were able to place a cement shield underneath the corium in order to prevent a worse situation — a Melt-OUT.

    Once that Fuku corium goes to groundwater/Pacific seawater, then there will be a real bad mess on our hands as the superheated radioactive steam will go everywhere, in multiple directions, real fast — and for a long time. Not to mention further explosions being a possibility.

    Fuku to Cukoo. Prepare the best you can.

  312. Chase says:

    “Definitely here!” he says. High levels in the Rain in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada. Independent guy testing. The warning sound does go off at the end of the video.

    July 17, 2011 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZZVlGrBp2c

    If it’s in the rain, then it will be in the water, then it will be accumulating. Somewhere? No doubt! (Regardless of his technical methods I believe the detector is giving an accurate warning overall.)

  313. Bar says:

    JT, the problem is, you cant fix a nuclear meltthrough ASAP. Workers cant get close to the nuclear fuel because the radiation is so high that they will fall over dead after a short while. Robots or machinery fail if radiation is too high, because it will interfere with the electrical
    components in them. So, what do you do?
    The only smart thing to do is to shut all the nuclear power stations off BEFORE an accident happens.

  314. Chase says:

    @JT You’ve started right here.

    @Potrblog http://youtu.be/pm2fV0ag6tY
    “After some research, a person next to a truck legally shipping radioactive materials could expect a dosage between 10 mR/Hr to 200 mR/Hr.” (law)

    “…a pregnant woman should avoid anything greater than 2 mR/Hr…” (medical knowledge)

    It’s obvious, something’s not quit right here??? The law does not even come close to protecting a fetus or small child based on our current medical knowledge.

    So…. Who’s responsible for the law in the first place?
    And… How do we go about getting it corrected/changed?

    What about when those transport trucks are on surface streets and sit for 5 minutes at a traffic light? We know that’s happened. No doubt about it. How often does it happen? More than we want to realize most likely.

  315. JT says:

    I have been reading this site for months and appreciate the information and efforts that Michael and everyone else are making to help us get through “Fuke 2011″.

    I was lying in bed wondering what to do about helping solve this crisis, given that the radiation could keep coming for years and that the Pacific Ocean is in grave danger which obviously means that we are all in danger. I am very concerned that the Japanese are not doing everything possible to “fix” “Fuke 2011″ ASAP.

    I know that this sounds simple (and maybe you have already discussed this) but it seems clear that one of the positive things we can all do right now to help fix this mess, is to do everything in our collective power to aid, encourage and pressure TEPCO, the Japanese Government, and the U.S Gov. We need to encourage them to help them get the job done and “fix” this mess as best as can be possibly done. We need to let them know that they will be held accountable for not doing everything possible, We need to let them know that they will be held accountable if they do not accept advice from the best in the world.

    In that regard, it seems that we need to get the best minds in the world to come up with the quickest and best solutions. If the Japanese are not doing this, we need to do everything in our power to encourage them to take advice. We also need to encourage our Government to help put together a “Superteam” or something of the best most creative nuclear problem solvers. (If you think about it it would make for a great movie if it all “worked out”).

    Maybe our amazing “President of Change” B. Obama is already on this but somehow I think he might be more interested in protecting the Nuclear Industry.

    If anyone knows the best place to get started, please tell me. If something is already going I would love to know about it.

    Maybe a letter writing campaign to our President, Congressman, etc, would be a place to start. Or a Facebook page

    I know this might not help (and might sound crazy) but at least we might make a difference.

    Any Thoughts?

    Thanks and Peace,

  316. Bar says:

    WilmaP., thanks for the links. I just send a Mail to both. I dont know if they can help but at least i did something. If anybody has any ideas please give it a shot. Its worth a try.

  317. Wilma P. says:



    Maybe Bill Gates can release some funds, please contact him. Long term relocation is the only solution for the victims of Fukushima, we all KNOW this as fact. But there is no ACT.

    Also, Warren Buffett; see…


  318. Bar says:

    Onkalo (Finnish for “hiding place”) is under construction in Finnland, it’s a cavernous world of tunnels and corridors, a permanent storage facility for nuclear waste. Its a chilling 7 part video.


  319. @ Chase, Angusmerlin & all you raddies looking for rad free food: Check out my latest blog post “Eat Me” which hopefully helps some folks in their urban food foraging quests. This dynamic list which will continually expand is doubly important since the EPA abandoned crucial Fukushima fallout testing. The agency was joined this week in the Unsound Science Club by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in completely discounting the Fukushima meltdowns as EnviroReporter.com reveals in this new post.

  320. Bar says:

    About 3 million packages of radioactive materials are shipped each year in the United States, either by highway, rail, air, or water.
    Maybe the car manufacturers should add a layer of lead for radiation protection.
    Did you know that there is ionizing radiation, usually Americium (Am-241) in some smoke detectors?!

  321. Potrblog says:

    Radioactive Container Truck Spewing Gamma Rays Into Traffic on I-270
    7/15/11 UPDATE:

    After some research, a person next to a truck legally shipping radioactive materials could expect a dosage between 10 mR/Hr to 200 mR/Hr.

    According to the government, a pregnant woman should avoid anything greater than 2 mR/Hr. At max, if she stayed next to such a truck for more than 15 minutes should would be required to wear a dosimeter for the rest of her pregnancy.

    At 30 minutes she would have to avoid all other exposure for the remainder of the pregnancy.

    The younger the baby is in the gestational period, the greater the risk of miscarriage. A woman early enough in her pregnancy to not know she is pregnant might actually miscarry from a passing “legal” exposure.

    As I initially indicated in the blog post, the lesson learned is to AVOID RADIOACTIVE TRUCKS!


  322. Chase says:

    I stumbled upon this via Potrblog’s site. I could not believe what I read. Why such a variance in dates? I thought this might be important because people may be buying older pre-fukushima foods. (Especially powdered milk products)

    FDA: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cms_ia/importalert_401.html

    MELAMINE: (flame retardant and other uses)
    Import Alert # 99-30
    Published Date: 03/18/2011
    Type: DWPE
    Import Alert Name:
    “Detention Without Physical Examination of All Milk Products, Milk Derived Ingredients and Finished Food Products Containing Milk from CHINA Due to the Presence of Melamine and/or Melamine Analogs”

    Reason for Alert:
    “In September, 2008, FDA became aware of thousands of infant illnesses in China…”

    (AND the reasons…OMG!)
    1. “Melamine is added to the water/milk mixture to increase the nitrogen content in order to inflate the apparent protein content found in the product. Milk is transported from the collection centers to milk processing facilities.”

    2. “The problem of melamine contamination in Chinese food products is a recurring one. In 2007, bulk vegetable protein products imported from China were contaminated with melamine and melamine analogs, apparently from deliberate contamination.”

    So… moral to this story, avoid ‘stuff’ from China. Especially if you eat it!

    * Items may say ‘packaged’ in the USA and the only way to tell the products ‘actual origin’ is via the Bar Code Numbers.

    How to read a product bar code:
    00 – 09 … USA & CANADA
    30 – 37 … FRANCE
    40 – 44 … GERMANY
    471 … TAIWAN
    49 … JAPAN
    50 … UK
    690-692 … CHiNA <–

  323. Potrblog says:

    Nuclear Fission occurring in that thunderstorm over your head?
    Yes, it is possible thanks to the Fukushima disaster.


  324. Angusmerlin says:

    Dear Chase,

    Well, if BRAWM had gone after the Peaches to Bananas comparison, then we could have all enjoyed a banana split with peaches. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate sauce. That might be very interesting. Michael could add this special dessert to his new, “Eat Me” blog.

    Now, I am thinking about banana splits with peaches and chocolate sauce…. Great! Do most bananas come from south of the equator?

    Thank you for your sweet complements re the Angusmerlin “Two Peaches” post. I really do appreciate that. Thanks, Chase!

  325. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, I believe there is something wrong at BRAWN; “Peach Gate” is a good example of it. For them to make a claim that a pancake surface contamination meter like the Inspector cannot quickly distinguish between background and 2 times background is just troubling; but what was more troubling was the statistics mumbo jumbo they threw out to support their their rationale for avoiding further investigation. For those who understand the math, the BRAWM team was recommending that Micheal use a Markov dependent Poisson based “uncertainty” calculation on data from equipment the produces Non-Markov moving average based data.

    The rest of their “rationale” sounded like something from a third grader (or the designer of the Titanic)- “that can’t possibly happen”. Certainly not something I want to hear from people training the engineers who will sign off on the safety of future nuclear projects.

    In regards to the milk, further study is required. Its possible the cows are from an environment with a 30% higher background radiation; maybe it is artificially fertilized feed. Or, maybe my decoding of the date code is wrong and it is post-Fukushima milk.

  326. Bar says:

    “The PMDA reaffirms the commitment for each country to dispose of no less than 34 metric tons of surplus, weapons-grade plutonium by using it in nuclear power plants
    as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel, said a July 13 statement by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).”

    Well its great that they get rid of the surplus plutonium. But do they have to use it as MOX fuel?

  327. Chase says:

    Your comments are ‘excellent’ and well stated. Thank you. Especially, the one I just read over at The Berkeley Forum.
    Read Angusmerlin’s FULL comment here:
    Some more thoughts on the Two Peaches – http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/4973#comment-14748

    One of the many points you made which I feel is critical says, “If it is true that portable geiger counters tend to result in false negatives in identifying radiation in food, the fact that Michael Collins’ Inspector Monitor found any radiation at all in two peaches in Los Angeles is pretty significant. Contamination may actually have been worse than the Inspector CPM readings indicated in the two Los Angeles peaches tested.” – Angusmerlin (excerpt)

    Just for double clarification. I never stated the reply by Mark B. was directed at Michael. I also gave the full link and stated “judge for yourself”. I just gave that paragraph because I felt it’s ‘wording’ was similar to the other seemingly lopsided comments made by Mark that all sound like he talks ‘down’ to others. (Note: My opinion, maybe not others) I am sure he’s a great guy with tons of knowledge, but that don’t make him God or even God’s little buddy. I think he, and the whole BRAWN Team, should try to help or assist in a more productive manner is what I am trying to say. I hope he reads this, I pray he does the ‘right thing’.

    btw – potassium chloride: Layperson Translation – salt substitute

    I am just glad he didn’t go for the Peaches to Bananas comparison. :)

  328. @ Potrblog: Your dry milk finding is most disturbing. I have some pre-Fukushima dry milk that started to taste bad prompting our move to almond “milk” so I will test that ASAP and report back if it’s hot. Your Peach Gate coverage has been superb. It is only matched by the obstinate and unsound science that seems to have become the hallmark of BRAWN. Since when is it sound science to posit certainty that any detection of radiation in the United States, in all the foodstuffs they’ve tested, and my two peaches, that there is no way it is from Fukushima and that there is no way that Fukushima could have affected the U.S. when you have found rain several times hotter than 32 to 62 times background? It’s almost comical except that folks who have respected UC Berkeley’s long-vaunted association with creating and maintaining nuclear weapons still believe this clap-trap. I would drum dunces who do this out of the department if I were dean.

    Their blather is not a joke, but this is: Two peaches drop into a market and one says to the other “Is it hot in here or is it me?”

    Thank you, thank you, but Lady Fingers (Denise’s chat moniker) came up with that one.

    @ angusmerlin: Thank you for your excellent comments and being a link between BRAWN’s babble and Radiation Nation’s natter. Feel free to invite Mark “the Bark” Bandstra to come on over and take his best shot at me and Potrblog because there is no end to this hilarity. Peaches are on me.

    And thank you for the kind words about “Eat Me” which will go up tonight Friday July 15, 2011 as a blog post on EnviroReporter.com where all of your comments are food for the mind and soul. We hope it widens your choices of food to forage in the urban jungle.

  329. Angusmerlin says:

    Dear EnviroReporter bloggers,

    Full quote of what was said by Mark Bandstra (BRAWM Team Member) specifically to another blogger (not to Michael), in response to that particular blogger’s comment that the blogger thought that his own personal geiger counter was “junk”:

    “Enjoy the cherries
    Submitted by bandstra on Thu, 2011-07-14 19:21.

    I would agree with Angusmerlin — your monitor is not “junk,” it’s just not useful to detect the trace levels in the environment from Fukushima. I just discussed this in a comment above.

    Please by all means test powdered milk or whatever else you want [the blogger had just been talking about testing powdered milk]. Your counter is made to find obvious levels of radiation, and there always could be some natural radiation that happens to be higher in some particular sample (e.g., potassium chloride). You know how to take the data and calculate the uncertainties.

    Mark [BRAWM Team Member]”



    P.S., This particular blogger, BC, often participates at the Berkeley forum, and not infrequently seeks the BRAWM Team’s comments, often Mark’s. Don’t think Mark Bandstra’s comments were meant in the least to be patronizing to the blogger.


    Dear Michael,
    Love your idea about listing safe meals under, “Eat Me”.
    I live in the Burbank Airport area and hope you guys also include ideas about foods from Trader Joe’s, Henry’s, or Whole Food markets. Thanks so much!

  330. Chase says:

    @Potrblog I have been drinking pre-fuk dried milk ‘assuming’ it would be safe. Any guess as to what might be the cause or source? :(

    The only thing I can think of is that our milk products have been and/or are still be tainted perhaps from another source or sources. We just haven’t been looking closely enough up until now. Nor has the EPA I might add.

    RE: UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering BRAWN Team –>
    “……advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either COMMON SENSE or MORALITY. That’s why many laymen are better qualified to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.” – Dr. John Gofman MEDICAL Physicist (Nuclear Power Pioneer)

    It’s very easy to see the “absolute arrogance” of BRAWN team member ‘Mark’. Here’s some of his reply, you be the judge: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/node/4973#comment-14728

    “……your monitor is not ‘junk,’ it’s just NOT USEFUL to detect the TRACE levels in the environment from Fukushima. I just discussed this in a comment above.”

    “Please by all means test powdered milk or whatever else you want. Your counter is made to find obvious levels of radiation, and there always could be some natural radiation that happens to be higher in some particular sample (e.g., potassium chloride). You know how to take the data and calculate the uncertainties.” – Mark [BRAWM Team Member]

    One would think that BRAWN team member Mark would at least say… “I’d like to see more testing”, but no, instead it’s all about the slam dunk attempt at debunk. No real reasoning, no err on the side of caution.

    I would say Michael and Potrblog know how to take data and calculate. As for the ‘uncertainties’?? There will always be some ‘Deniable Credibilty’.

  331. Potrblog says:

    Baseline Radioactive Test of Pre-Fukushima Organic NonFat Dried Milk


    I took two 10 minute readings from a sealed foil package of 12oz Organic NonFat Dry Milk, non-instant Grade A. The date code on the package was 10351BEXP1111, I believe that corresponds to a packaging date of February 4, 2011.

    The procedure was as follows
    10 minute timed count from the back of the package; 426 total counts.
    10 minute timed background count from the table under the package; 329 total counts.
    10 minute timed count from the front of the package; 457 total counts.
    10 minute timed background count from the table under the package; 351 total counts.

    The result is that the PRE-FUKUSHIMA milk radioactivity read 30% above background
    The corresponding average reading from the milk container was 0.0126 mR/hr
    The corresponding average background reading was 0.0097 mR/hr

    I will update, with future readings as I start to use more pre-Fukushima dried milk.

  332. Potrblog says:

    UC Berkeley Nuclear: If Its Not Raining Here, Its Not Raining ANYWHERE? Their case for not testing peaches despite positive detections of radioactive peaches. Read it, you will cringe at their logic. Dare we call it Peach Gate.


  333. Potrblog says:

    @Bar, thanks for the link; it made me wonder why that story is getting coverage now

  334. citizenoftheplanet says:

    Of course with approval, I submit an article and story about a company reaching out and helping to heal the Japanese people.


  335. Chase says:

    I am not a member of the BRAWN team, but if I was, I would certainly speak the absolute truth, even if it hurt. They know, and we know they know, that’s the sad part.

    New X-Ray WARNING for Pregnant Women – Feb 13, 2011
    “Previous studies of children born between 1940 and 1970 found an increase in childhood cancer, particularly leukemia, in those exposed to x-ray before birth.”

    I find it strange when the “it’s only an x-ray” ploy is used. If people only knew the basic facts, they would know that this ploy is a misdirection. (like a magic trick)

    Actually, it can be an excellent way to debunk the “no body died as a result of Three Mile Island” ploy. (my opinion, as I have stated in an earlier comment) Seeing as the surrounding TMI area including Harrisburg, PA received the equivalent dose of 1 x-ray according to ‘official’ US Government media statements at the time.(1979) So, then I ask, “Well, how many pregnant women were in Harrisburg over those days?”. You get the point. (It’s also pretty much accepted at this time that the releases at TMI were much higher than we were told. Go figure?)

    It is also my opinion that the truck spewing gamma radiation is “worse” than a terrorist attack and should be met with the harshest of punishments for ALL involved. This is far more insidious. Because it spews randomly at unaware innocent people who “will” become ill and never have a clue and the culprits responsible will never get caught or pay for their wrong doing and they make money at the same time. And most likely the large corporation behind it will be able to dodge any retribution even they if they do get caught. While at the same time paying little to no taxes.

    You know, like corporations that build Nuclear Power plants or parts for power plants. Same thing, in the end.

    former GE Slogan: “we bring good things to life”
    How ironic/moronic is that?

  336. Potrblog says:

    Here is a question to anyone who says gamma radiation spewing from the radioactive transport truck I encountered was safe and/or legal:

    “If a pregnant woman is stuck in traffic next to a radioactive container truck operating at its maximum legal limit of radioactivity, how long should the pregnant woman remain stuck in traffic next to that truck before she should flee her vehicle for the safety of her child?”

    Maybe the BRAWN team at UC Berkeley will venture forth and answer it.

    Here is a link to the video of the truck spewing out Gamma rays:

  337. Potrblog says:

    I put up a new blog video detailing the EPA’s Nationwide Blackout of Real Time Radiation Monitoring. The video is pretty short, simple and straight forward; it gives a good indication of why the EPA has decided to engage in an information blackout.


  338. roundabout says:

    Thanks Michael, for the clarification to me on your plan to assist us with the food direction!

    Well, peaches or beef, either way, testing needs to be done. If I can get an Inspector or cesium geiger I believe I could open up a great full time business! In the meantime, I will pray over my (now non cage free) eggs…

    I believe just like in Japan, the info is going to come out in our food. Where is the beef in the USA about beef? The government (Japan) being shocked about the food supply is only going to mirror the west coast later on. In the meantime, the very real concern and “threat” of our budget crises is demanding out full national attention.

  339. Movieyawn says:

    The old EPA Fukushima data, including beta radiation, can be found here: http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/rert/radnet-data-map.html

    I am finding an interesting pattern in the newer monitoring data. Between 6/27 and 7/4 (and into 7/11) there are either spikes in gamma radiation or missing data. This can be observed in a number of states, but (interestingly) not on the west coast. The anomalies are most apparent in IA, MN, IL, WI, NJ, NC, LA – all in the general direction of the wind/jetstream from Fort Calhoun. Similar radiation spikes were seen on 6/6 (again, MN, SD) – this was roughly when there was an electric fire at Fort Calhoun. Given how difficult it is to find status update on the flood situation at the plant, it makes you wonder…

  340. Chase says:

    Report: Peaches in Los Angeles-area found with radiation at more than double site background levels
    July 12th, 2011 at 05:43 PM

    Links back to EnviroReporter STATS.
    Over 1500 views and 78 comments in 5 hours at this point. The number 4 most popular story of the day and climbing on that site alone.

    People want to know…NOW! They need to know, yesterday!!!

  341. Art Smith says:

    My meter shows .1mr to .2mr or a little above,consistently,for Enumclaw,WA-about 35 mi.SW of Seattle,WA.Never saw .01 on this old 1960’sLionel meter.

  342. @ Potrblog: You are to be commended!

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, for the wizards of BRAWM to make any educated guesses about this. Despite the fact that they frequent Radiation Station’s comments every day, this crack team has little to say about those two hot peaches found in Santa Monica let alone something as important as your expert detailing of EPA’s tomfoolery with RadNet data. Perhaps the UC Berkeley team considers engaging with you (and us) to be hazardous, say, as much as the radiation exposure one might get shooting off a bottle rocket (borrowing from their oft-used dismissals of radiation ingestion as being similar to jet flight gamma radiation exposure).

  343. Potrblog says:

    @Weaver, I will take credit for the EPA “suddenly removing” their RadNet data. I blogged a detail analysis of the Data Censoring the EPA is doing on RadNet. Shortly after that they shutdown the Saint Louis data, as you have discovered they are now shutting down all the Beta graphs.

    It is interesting how they now admit they “review and approve” the data, and the data “frequently do not pass quality control criteria due to local radiofrequency interference”. I have to laugh out loud at that one; the data censoring chart on my blog site shows a definite pattern to that “radiofrequency interfrence”. That pattern matches the the early Fukushima explosive releases, and it also matches points where I had high detections of fallout in rain water.

    I can only conclude that the term “RADIOfrequency interference” is pseudo ethical legalistic technical jargon for RADIOactive materials they don’t want to report. Maybe someone should ask Berkeley’s BRAWM team to speak up on the analysis, LOL once again.

    You can find the summary chart of my data censoring analysis here:

    You can find the videos that go into the detail of the analysis here:

  344. Bar says:

    Weaver, could there be a conection to this problem:

  345. Weaver says:

    I thought this was odd: A few minutes ago I tried checking the EPA Radnet ( http://www.epa.gov/radnet/radnet-data/index.html ) and found that every station listed on the map was linking to an Error (page not found). After a few more minutes everything came back, yet now the real-time Beta monitoring has mysteriously vanished for all stations.

    The FAQ has already been updated to reflect this:

    “Near real-time beta monitoring results frequently do not pass quality control criteria due to local radiofrequency interference. For this reason, near real-time beta monitoring graphs are not displayed on this site.”

    It goes on to say that you can query your own graphs from the data, but be warned that “there may be large gaps in these data.”

    Thoughts? It seems fishy to me that they would suddenly remove a feature of their website that has been in use since before March 11.

  346. Bar says:

    Jellyfish cause city blackout
    Electricity is cut off to the Israeli city of Hadera, after a power station’s cooling system is flooded with jellyfish.


  347. @ jill: The Berkey filter is no longer legal to ship the Berkely filter to California due to passage of AB1953 an anti-lead law in November 2009 (even though Berkey does not have lead, and reduces lead – see http://www.bigberkeywaterfilters.com/wordpress/berkey/berkey-water-filters-cannot-be-shipped-to-california/)

    We have a Berkey Light and ordered ours, and extra filters, in the summer of 2009 as part of our general emergency preparedness, prior to the CA shipping law being enacted. This filters the outflow of our reverse osmosis system (advertised on our site – we are affiliates so if you buy a system through this link, you will not only get a great sales price right now, it will help EnviroReporter.com maintain Radiation Station). The reason the Berkey is piggy-backed on our Free Drinking Water Counter Top model on the advice of Potrblog to really remove most if not all of the rads.

    One of the benefits of this kind of water purification is that everything we drink tastes unbelievably good and smooth. Same with using Hepa filters – the air is markedly fresher and odor free. Indeed, many of our preparation methods (which, again, we will be sharing comprehensively soon) have made our lives so much better. It can be a time-consuming hassle, sure, but it beats getting Fukushima’d by fallout in our air, water and food.

    Yes, I would like to test your hepa filter debris. Send me a message to tell me how to contact you, Jill. Use contact [[at]] enviroreporter.com. Thank you!

    @ Angusmerlin: We do not know where those two peaches were grown. An educated guess might be California.

  348. jill says:

    hi micheal, was wondering which berkey machine you got and how you got it shipped to california. Also, i live in santa monica and have a hepa filter that is going to changed out. do you want it?

  349. Becster says:

    Just a note to thank you for continuing to list daily averages and further information regarding specific foods/places ratings on the radiation scale. Looking forward to your “eat me” list. Fabulous dedication on this life threatening subject. My family and I are greatly appreciative.

  350. Chase says:

    (Re: Peaches) “…which when eaten, would irradiate a person from the inside out for potential years to come.” – Potrblog

    So… this raises many questions for me. Some general, some ethical perhaps.

    1. Who ‘exactly’ is in charge of testing our foods and what do they have to say? or What do you think they would/will say? (that’s actually 2 questions in one)

    Will they say it’s ‘acceptable risk’ safe in their opinion?
    Will they look into the matter and get back to you later?
    Will they use “Deniable Credibility”?
    If their tests match will they advise the public “Don’t eat that”. (That’s if they even do a test?)

    2. Should the store be notified and the peach company?

    3. What if some child eats those peaches with milk or with their ice cream? Is it worse? (most likely)

    4. What about the worker who picked that and probably ate one or two several weeks back?

    5. How exactly did the peaches become 2x contaminated?

    Maybe they were sitting on a freeway next to a medical waste transport truck? or Perhaps stored during shipping next to some new cars arriving from Japan? (I do agree however, “most likely” Fukushima.)

    6. Why does an independent team like Michael & Denise have to be the ones to walk into the store and do this?

    I am very glad they tested it though! Let’s not forget those powdered milk samples either. …or masks, or filters, etc… “Thanks so much!” – Chase

  351. Angusmerlin says:

    P.S., Michael,
    Do you know where the two high rad peaches came from (where grown)?

  352. Margery Brown says:

    Here is a new video from Fairwinds with Arnie Gunderson of Fairwinds and David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists, talking about how FUKUSHIMA CAN HAPPEN HERE. After watching this video, you may not want to eat.


  353. @ Potrblog: Thank you for the “Alert”!

    We also appreciate the response we’ve gotten for our informal Eat Me food shopping receipt-sharing idea. Denise is creating the post/system that will make it possible to access this information that is as simple as reading a food receipt. That will be online and good to go tomorrow.

    Right now, we’ve dropped the Radiation Station Chat Room pre-approval requirement meaning that the chat is open for registration and not invite-only. We have new moderators that will help us make sure that the chat will stay free of any of the hanky panky some ingrates tried to plague us with when we first started the chat. Nothing will replace these comments, and food/supplies are an essential part of them, but the chat will really allow for deeper, drill-down discussions designed to deliver delicious delectable dinners that aren’t dangerous*

    * – Our tip of the hat to Potrblog’s delightful alliteration.

  354. Potrblog says:

    I put an “Alert” on my blog about the peaches, its short enough to “CC” here.

    Fukushima’s First Frightening Fruits: Radioactive Peaches in California

    Hat tip to Michael and Denise at ENVIROREPORTER.COM for detecting and reporting the July 8th discovery of Radioactive Peaches in a Santa Monica market.

    The Peaches had a sustained radioactivity of two times above local background radiation. What makes this discovery especially significant is that the 2X background radioactivity detected in these peaches was likely significantly attenuated by their water content; when eaten the exposure rate may be significantly higher. Even worse, it is likely that the detected radioactivity is from a longer half life radionuclide; which when eaten, would irradiate a person from the inside out for potential years to come.

    Unfortunately it is not surprising that the Fukushima’s first frighting fruits would be peaches. The explosive growth and transformation from peach blossom to green fruit almost exactly coincides with the Fukushima disaster and the associated radioactive fallout in the United States.

  355. @ roundabout: We’re delighted you like the idea but perhaps something got lost in translation here. We couldn’t possibly do what you’re envisioning because we haven’t the resources or time. What we do is 1) look for foods made pre-Fukushima (cans, longer-lasting stuff) using oft-times confusing codes; 2) look for foods produced south of the Equator (not easy but doable) and 3) make ‘educated’ choices in store. Then we buy the food, which generates a receipt, test the #3’s and assuming all is a-okay, we would scan our receipt so you could Eat Me (or more accurately “us”), meaning you would know what we feel safe eating at a particular store at a particular time. Nothing here is guaranteed – we could miss something. But we’re putting our mouths where our money is because we are eating these foods after checking them with the Inspector to make sure they have no radiation. So if you are near the stores we shop at and want to know where the not-hot deals are, then you can sign up on our Eat Me list we’re creating and get the receipts sent to you when we do it. Unless someone like me or Potrblog were to actually accompany you shopping, there is really very few options out there to consume food products with greater safety assurances. It is our way to try to share some expertise that could benefit you and your family. And it will be free. One admonition, though, these fantastic comments could be severely impacted by talk of not-hot hot house tomatoes or Two Buck Upchuck so we would take the Eat Me food talk over to the chat where others who can share modern food foraging discoveries can converse and consume with confidence.

  356. roundabout says:

    Michael and Denise; I LOVE the idea of food measurement published, and would so appreciate the information. Purchasing an Inspector has just been out of my reach this year. I have stopped eating hormone free Chicken because as much as I trust the hormone free product, with the beef testing so high in Japan, my animal protein diet may be all but gone. Which is unfortunate since I am a protein metabolic type and am apt to gain weight, which is unhealthy. The stores you mentioned are found throughout California so that is great.

    May I suggest you focus on the brand name of food, such as “egglands best” or Lucerne Eggs, or particular label noted on the produce rather the store name or at least talk to a lawyer-friend about this so that you and Denise safe legally from multi-billion dollar conglomerations such as Albertsons etc. It would be far less convenient for us to have the store name, but just talk to someone first, okay? It can’t be a moment too soon to get this going, and perhaps you might need someone out in the stores full time to get the requests that will be pouring in as your station has lots of readers!

    I wrote yesterday that my observations were that they are printing Fukushima fallout news at the very best on Thursday, mostly on Friday,too late in the week to do a lot of screaming about it during the week, except if you are highly organized till Monday. Forbes blogger validated me… I just love/hate it when that happens!

    Folks, we are smarter than we are given credit, follow your gut!!

    Potrblog; I hadn’t known about the water content in food barring some of the reading… very concerning enlightenment, thank you.

  357. @ Potrblog (& roundabout): Thank you for the clarification. It’s ironic that it’s good to know that those peaches were really hot. Your knowledge of radiation science and use of the Inspector is invaluable. Thank you many many times over.

    I’ve tried to figure how testing the food we buy (when we can’t get 100%-assured pre-Fukushima or south of the equator) can benefit the rest of the raddies and I think there is a way. Since so much of the major stores are nationwide, and because many raddies are from Southern California, we’ve decided to start posting what we’ve bought, from where and when, and display the receipts so folks who want to know what we got, tested and will eat, is available to them too. Places like Trader Joe’s, Smart & Final, Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons. Then instead of avoiding peaches altogether, for instance, if a raddie knew we bought not-hot peaches at one of these stores, they would at least have an idea if the item they’re looking at in the same store at about the same time is probably not hot. No guarantees but it won’t cost anything for people to see what we’re buying, testing then eating – as rad free as we can make it when buying the unknown product. (Note that we have greatly changed our diets and are growing sprouts, R/O’ing our water along with Berkey-izing it, and buy lots of corn products now, so don’t think we rely only on the Inspector.)

    We’re going to call it “Eat Me.” Denise will have it up soon. Do you folks like the idea?

  358. Bar says:

    roundabout, thank you so much for that link! I have been reading and shaking my head. Its really incredible what you can find there. This one is a good one:
    Did i get that right? Nine people died at Los Alamos in a nuke accident? I cant believe they actually put that in the I-net.

  359. Angusmerlin says:

    Thanks, Michael, for the produce info.

    It’s really a sad state of affairs that we have to now worry about where our food comes from. It’s even more troublesome that most people are not aware that there may be a radiation issue one way or the other….

  360. Big R says:

    Check your emergency food supply once or twice a year, I checked my parents’ and there were a few old cans of food that were bulging and leaking. It made a sticky mess that took almost an hour to clean and got on some other supplies.

  361. Big R says:

    As far as testing N95 dust masks, I think it is worth testing an N95 mask worn while on the ground for a comparison of those worn while in flight. This could indicate whether there is a difference between breathing air while flying versus a more typical everyday scenario.

    Or at least test a new, unused mask for a “baseline” comparison.

  362. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, that’s NO ribbing; that’s a REAL WOW!!!

    The radioactive rain I have detected is strongly short half life fallout, but I believe it is a strong indicator of the dangerous (but harder to detect) longer half life radiation.

    Your Peach, on the other hand, is likely long half life radiation. And on top of that, that water in the peach is actually preventing a large part of the radiation from actually reaching your Geiger counter.

    The radioactive Peach you detected is a very strong indication of the SERIOUSNESS of the Fukushima Fallout; I should not be surprised given what I have detected in the rain, but once again I will say WOW!

  363. roundabout says:

    For all you researchers out there, here is a link that will give you reports on anything you type in. I typed in “radioactivity from Fukushima on the west coast” and got a ton of pdf’s mainly from government reports you won’t find on the net. Here is the link, for those who are compiling http://www.pdf4me.net/pdf-data/2. I got it off the bing server…I know, bing is bing.. or type in pdf4me and see what comes up. It seems to be filed by date, so it makes it interesting…

    Rats, Michael! I have to make a fruit salad for a church function today (as requested by them) and its main ingredients are peaches! Since when is changing recipes a moral issue? Times are a changin’! Thanks for all your measurements. Have you measured hens eggs at all?

  364. @Potrblog: Hey, it’s not 32 to 62 times background rain multiple times north of St. Louis or a truck zapping you and the family 32 times background, but it is what it is. I can take the ribbing but if you have an actual point share it. Or at least include a “ha ha ha!”

    What you and I need to really test are the N95 masks I’ve asked for where people protect themselves flying through Fukushima fallout and send the masks to me for testing. Surely, you know some folks who fly, eh Potrblog?

    It’s a peachy idea.

  365. Chase says:

    Regarding Fukushima:
    “We are at an exposure level that should not be there!”
    “No way to contain it, no way to clean it up… they do NOT realize the extent of the problem.”
    “Do we have a world wide problem? YES!”
    “Are we prepared? NO!” – Dr. Doug Rokke (pronounced rocky)

    DR Rokke is a Depleted Uranium Expert: (specializing in clean ups)
    bio: http://newsworldwide.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/exclusive-roger-cooper-interview-with-doug-rokke-there-is-no-safe-radiation-level/

    Radio interview at the University of Illinois by Roger Cooper located at this link –
    47 minutes: http://www.podomatic.com/profile/rogercooper99

    I learned a tremendous amount from this interview. One of the main things I learned here is that we ARE disposing of radioactive waste from Nuke plants. The ways we are disposing and using this stuff will amaze you. It’s in products and building materials etc… Such as airplane ballasts, golf clubs and more… if these things burn in a crash or fire… then uh oh.

    Note 1: DU – Depleted Uranium – DEPLETED does not mean depleted is this case. It’s a word that is used specifically to deceive.

    Note 2: Interstate 40 near St. Louis, MO has concrete made with DU. The workers who built that freeway are very sick.

    “Public awareness is increasing exponentially” – Roger Cooper interviewer

    I certainly hope so!

  366. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, 2x background in a Peach? WOW!

  367. @ Angusmerlin: The two peaches found high in radiation emissions were actually in a Santa Monica market as noted, not the Farmer’s Market. I tested the fruit in this small market had because the opportunity presented itself. None of the other fruit present were higher than the background radiation in this store. That said, those peaches were sold in who knows how many places.

    Since the March 11 meltdowns began, we have concentrated on buying fruits from South America south of the equator (because the whole continent isn’t south of the Fukushima Line), especially from Chile and Argentina. No need to test that fruit which we have found at Smart and Final in Southern California.

  368. Angusmerlin says:


    Just curious re the two high rad peaches at the Farmer’s Market yesterday– How many other fruits and vegs were tested in total? Have you encountered other high rad produce, since the March 11 Japan quake?

    I have told many about your Live Monitoring Rad Station, and check at least daily for greater “Los Angeles Weather”.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  369. @ Bar: Since 1998, my reporting on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory has appeared in numerous publications. This facility 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles had a partial meltdown in 1959 that released hundreds of times more radiation into the environment than Three Mile Island did 20 years later in Pennsylvania. This site’s pollution has affected neighboring places slated for development including Runkle Canyon and Ahmanson Ranch.

    EnviroReporter cut his teeth on these places where I learned the science of radiation and chemical contamination and the art of government and big industry complacency and conspiratorial shenanigans.

    These issues involved and involve billions of dollars and the hopes and oft-times dashed hopes of communities. Cleanup at Rocketdyne alone will cost hundreds of millions most of which will be borne by the American taxpayer.

    All of this pales in light of the challenges presented by the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns and melt-throughs but provides excellent insight into the myriad ways that the nuclear industry and government in this country will continue to feed the American people the line that this form of energy generation is safe even as the Missouri River rises even higher at two nuclear plants that teeter on the brink of disaster.

  370. Weaver says:

    Potrblog’s video was very alarming indeed – thank you to everyone at Potrblog who produced it.

    A quick Google search of “Associated Couriers” (the sticker on the back of the truck) revealed this website: http://www.acistl.com/index.htm . They are apparently a “nuclear medicine” carrier company. I then had to look up “nuclear medicine” because the name alone sounds like a complete oxymoron, but it basically relates to products used in radiation therapy. So, unfortunately, I think any calls made to this company will be met with canned responses to the tune of “nothing to see here”, “this is legal”, “the limits are safe”, etc.

    The question still stands: how the hell are these trucks safe for the road? Never mind the obvious catastrophic results if the truck got into a crash or caught fire; this vehicle is overflowing with radiation in all directions. It’s essentially a mobile nuclear hot-spot, weaving in and out of unsuspecting drivers and ionizing all of them in the process.

    If there is one silver lining to the Fukushima disaster, it would seem that more and more people are becoming aware of the rampant misuse and poor handling of radiation in the U.S. and the world.

  371. Chase says:

    “I am here ‘fighting’ for my future, I am here for ALL GENERATIONS to come…”

    “In my anger I am NOT blind… and in my fear I am NOT afraid, of telling the world how I feel…”

    “You are what you do, not what you say! ….I challenge YOU, please, make your actions reflect your words.” – Sevem Suzuki, a 12 year old girl from Canada, speaking to the United Nations (guessing circa 1992)


    :( Apparently, they were not listening then and they are not listening now either.

  372. roundabout says:

    Bar; I believe the video link is what Michael is referring to as the Rocketdyne Romperoom. There is a full length video you can stream for free on one of the documentary on-line channels, an most likely from the History Channel.

    So the Japanese are getting increasingly upset? As one Japan resident stated “I felt sorry for those in Iitate, I never knew it could happen here.” (sic) So I wonder how Seattle is going to feel about the latest readings this month per our Government? Citizens of Seattle Washington, are not ones to take things sitting down… thumbs up Seattle!

    As an aside, from perusing various info sites on the net, I am seeing a trend of intensive concerning news regarding nuclear situations show up just before the weekend… hardly ever on Mon, Tues and Wed, and we are just lucky to get any on Thursday. Makes it more difficult for follow-up unless you are very organized and most people are too busy. Just an observation over time… Since I am unemployed at the present time, I have the luxury of these under the radar observations, (between applying for lots of jobs of course!)

    I intuit we will be facing a information overload (west coast collective) in the next few weeks and months regarding these nuclear disasters… women’s intuition. Get stocked up on your personal detox supplies now is my suggestion.

    FYI our San Luis advocacy/support group will be meeting soon, and we will be happy to share on this board how we decide to support our community through this. This is going to become increasingly important as info begins to leak out to the public. We should be meeting in about a week.

  373. Bar says:

    You think the government can’t keep secrets? Think again!

  374. Bar says:

    “…..the public was not informed sooner because of the low level of danger. The amount of radioactivity was compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray.”
    Thats real bad news for pregnant women!!

  375. roundabout says:

    Potrblog; Saw your video linked to Dutchsinse on youtube regarding that radioactive truck! What a treat that was… Chase has great follow up on questions regarding this. We are being nuked all over the place. Glad you got the name of the company off the back of the truck and the phone number. Wonder how many calls this company is going to get from the youtube video alone, not to mention all the other links. You are amazing! I am even more convinced now to carry those n85 masks in the car with me at all times. Will be interesting to see where that truck was going. I am wishing for an inspector too! I am so curious about hens eggs!

    Here is potrblog’s youtube link: watch?v=pm2fV0ag6tY

  376. Bar says:

    Potrblog, i cant believe what i just seen in your video! I guess they figure that people dont go around with geiger counters, so no one will know whats going on and they are right. Imagine somebody with a little Baby driving alongside of that truck for a distance, or even worse gets stuck in a trafficjam beside this truck. I think this truck is so contaminated that it still “glows” when its unloaded. The big question is, what do they do with that contaminated truck when its old and broke and they have to scrap the metal? Its insane. You cant smell it you cant see it and it seems to be everywhere. The drivercabin might have some sort of protective shield in it. At least i hope for his sake that it does.

  377. Chase says:

    @Potrblog “Wow! and Dang!”
    On youtube also… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm2fV0ag6tY&feature=player_embedded

    If they had stayed by the truck it would have gotten even hotter, you could tell.

    Lesson learned. I think that truck is a carrying a very large can of worms. In more ways than one.

    Perhaps there should be an attempt to contact the driver?

    My next set of questions would be…
    – Who’s enforcing the “acceptable” radiation levels during transport laws?
    – Just what are the acceptable transport levels?
    – Who is responsible for this kind of negligence during rush hour on a freeway in a highly populated area?
    – Where was that truck headed and who else may have been affected?

  378. @ Potrblog: This is an outstanding capture which will chill the bones of anyone who sees it. Do not miss this, folks. Potrblog and crew show that the problems of radioactive contamination being allowed into the environment in this country with little or no controls are making our roads hot zones. Not to mention the number that [SPOILER ALERT] the driver was sitting on top of at least 32 times background glowing with gamma. What the hell is in that truck? Maybe it was full of utensils or the driveshafts of automobiles.

  379. Potrblog says:

    We got stuck in traffic next to a 18 wheeler with “Radioactive” placards on it. We pulled out the Geiger counter and camera. Lesson learned, AVOID RADIOACTIVE TRUCKS!!!

    I posted video of the Gamma ray spewing truck on my blog site:


  380. Chase says:


    “…advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either common sense or morality. That’s why many laymen are better qualitfied to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.” – Dr. John Gofman Medical Physicist (Nuclear Power Pioneer)

    Also on this site I found an article, “Forest fires around Chernobyl could release radiation, scientists warn” which was written April 28th, 2011. Before the Los Alamos, NM fire. Yet I saw little or no mention of anything like this in our news. Except that the EPA had tested the air and “there was nothing to worry about”. If I lived on the Texas Panhandle, (ie… Amarillo, TX), I would have been or would now be somewhere else.

    Guilty by Omission: (criminal law)
    This is indeed criminal, and the ‘experts’ know it.

  381. @ Jon: Yes we would consider testing your used water filter for free if it was in operation from 3/11/11 until now or thereabouts. However we will closely scrutinize anyone who isn’t a regular commenter or who we don’t know because of the inherent risks associated with strangers sending us possibly radioactively-contaminated material. So if you want to start the process to send us this filter, email us at contact [[at]] enviroreporter.com and expect to produce your real name, address, phone number, email address and digital photos of what you want tested. Like we said, we will do this for free but would be grateful if you included a small donation to cover the expense of my time and equipment. Should your filter be exceptionally hot, we will videotape testing it for all you raddies of Radiation Nation to see. This could become an invaluable data base of hot detections across America.

  382. Bar says:

    Chase, those solar windows are just perfect. There is no view marred. Im so happy that people are doing research and developing things like these solar windows. Because we do need to get rid of nuclear power. Nuke power IS nasty and its outdated.

  383. Bar says:

    “Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s center for radiological research, also found that the body scanners are likely to lead to an increase in a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, which affects the head and neck.”

  384. Chase says:

    It’s astonishing that high rise buildings use 72% of generated electricity in the USA. I found that hard to believe, but that’s what they said.

    Solar Panel Windows can run a whole building: CNN video

    Solar Panel Powered Trains now in operation in Europe. Eight soccer fields of Solar Panels can run 4000 trains or power 1000 homes.

    We should of done this kind of stuff 40+ years ago. But that’s the “shoulda/woulda/coulda” excuse. We are here now. This can be done.

    Renewable energies are able to do this! (my opinion) People just need to quit listening to the rhetoric of pro-nuke ‘experts’ who exclaim that this cannot be done. It’s really NOT whether in can or cannot be done… it MUST be done!

    (Nuclear Power is…) “Nasty stuff. Too nasty to entrust to those driven by profits. These clowns have had sufficient generations to play god with their dangerous toys and dreams of ‘saving’ us from something other than themselves.” – George Kamburoff

  385. Potrblog says:

    @Tray, I am drying the radishes to make it easier to detect the radioactivity. I am not aware of much that can be done to remove radioactivity which has been taken up by food products, preventing the radioactivity from entering the foods is the way to go.

  386. Jon says:

    Michael, would you consider testing used/expired water filters or would it simply be redundant to already sampled water tests?

    Thanks again for the stellar work; looking forward to the upcoming expose(s)

  387. citizenoftheplanet says:

    Great graph by Dr. Solar as are the comments and offerings. As always, thanks to Michael, Denise Anne and all the contributors.

  388. chad whitworth says:

    This will be the loss of ALL the remaining freedom we have left.
    From the Natural News Website:

    (NaturalNews) In the wake of hundreds of dietary supplements recently being outlawed across the EU, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that, if fully implemented, could ban virtually all dietary supplements in the USA that were formulated after 1994.

    That means nearly all superfoods, multivitamins, detox supplements, and medicinal herbal products we have all come to depend on to prevent disease and boost our immune health could soon be stripped from store shelves and outlawed across the nation. I call it the “End Game” of the FDA’s war against humanity: Phase one was the enforcement of nutritional ignorance by threatening and raiding companies that dared to make truthful health claims on their own websites (http://www.naturalnews.com/021791.html). Phase two involves “nuking” the entire dietary supplements industry by simply denying the use of nearly all the ingredients presently used in supplement products.

    On the front lines of health freedom
    The discovery of this new End Game strategy by the FDA to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements comes to us from the Alliance for Natural Health, the leading health freedom non-profit group in America, and the group that consistently reports fact-based information on how the FDA and FTC are squashing health freedom in America. Their most recent announcement, entitled FDA’s New Sneak Attack on Supplements (http://www.anh-usa.org/fda-new-snea…) explains how this new assault on your freedom is being engineered by the FDA.

    Here’s the brief story of where this comes from and how the FDA is now waging a new war on our vitamins, herbs and supplements:

    In 1994, after years of armed raids, oppression and censorship by the FDA, Congress passed a law known as DSHEA. This is the law that essentially forced the FDA to stop regulating dietary supplements out of existence, and groups such as the Life Extension Foundation (www.LEF.org) were instrumental in helping get this law passed in 1994.

    But one of the little-known sections of the law required dietary supplement manufacturers to “notify” the FDA any time they used a new ingredient in their formulations. However, the details on how supplement companies were supposed to abide by these notification guidelines (called “NDI” or New Dietary Ingredient rules) were never published by the FDA, and since 1994, this entire section of DSHEA has remained essentially unenforced (or selectively enforced).

    Now, suddenly, the FDA has decided it wants to enforce NDI, and its enforcement of this technicality would essentially amount to the FDA denying permission to use nearly all dietary supplement ingredients introduced since 1994. So last Friday, the FDA proposed its new rules on NDI — on the Friday before a long weekend, no less, which is a common tactic government uses when it wants to do something that nobody notices — and these new rules run the risk of being adopted as active regulations, threatening virtually the entire dietary supplement industry with an eventual shutdown.

    Why did the FDA wait 17 years to take action on NDI rules? Believe it or not, this was mandated under the new Food Safety Bill (S.510 remember?) that Congress passed into law late last year without even reading the bill (http://www.naturalnews.com/030789_F…). So now, the FDA has been forced into issuing these new guidelines, and it obviously is going to take every opportunity it can to destroy the nutritional supplements industry (and thereby protect the profits of Big Pharma).

    FDA goes Fukushima on dietary supplements
    Importantly, nearly all vitamin and supplement ingredients could soon be banned under the FDA’s new NDI rules because very few supplement ingredients can be conclusively shown to have been widely used BEFORE 1994. As the ANH points out, the FDA recently banned a common form of vitamin B6 by claiming the vitamin was a “drug” that was never “approved” for use in supplements (http://www.anh-usa.org/when-is-a-vi…).

    That story is also covered here on NaturalNews: http://www.naturalnews.com/025606_v

    The upshot of all this is that by issuing new guidelines on the NDI requirements, the FDA can now essentially disallow the use of virtually all supplement ingredients that exist in the market today. As ANH warns:

    “We fear that they will use this power to ban any supplement innovation unless the supplement is turned into a drug and brought through the drug approval process. Since nobody can afford to pay for the new drug approval process if the substance is not patented, and supplements generally already exist in nature and cannot therefore be patented, to require full new drug approval is to ensure that there will be no new supplements. This should suit the drug industry very well and, based on past behavior, the FDA as well.”

    Supplement companies would need to seek FDA approval for all their formulations
    Through this clever trick with NDI rules, the FDA can now position itself as the gatekeeper for all supplement approvals. Far from merely being a requirement to “notify” the FDA of the use of new ingredients, NDI rules essentially subject supplements to approval from the FDA.

    As the FDA has proven time and time again, it can simply refuse to approve anything used in natural products. Even today, the FDA refuses to approve walnuts for preventing heart disease, or vitamin C preventing scurvy. The FDA won’t even admit that vitamin D can prevent rickets! Imagine the difficulty of trying to get the FDA to approve cherry extracts, or Chinese medicine herbs, or glucosamine for that matter. Nearly all the top supplements you’ve come to enjoy and value over the last two and a half decades are now threatened with being utterly outlawed and stripped off the shelves.

    The FDA, in other words, is now gearing up to gut the natural products industry, bankrupt vitamin retailers and enslave the American people in a system of failed chemical medicine where they now have zero options for natural nutritional therapies. This, of course, would cause chronic disease rates to explode across the nation, greatly enriching the pharmaceutical industry and cancer treatment centers, all of which must be cheering these proposed new rules as a great way to recruit new patients who can then be milked for profits.

    But synthetic drugs need no notification approval!
    Amazingly (or maybe not, if you know the FDA), the new NDI rules state that synthetic copies of natural molecules are exempted from any new reporting requirements. Thus, drug companies that commit biopiracy and steal molecules from nature then turn them into chemical drugs are exempted from this whole thing. But natural product companies offering safe, effective and full-spectrum nutrients made by Mother Nature are suddenly put out of business.

    These rules are selectively applied, in other words, only to natural products, not synthetic chemicals. It is yet another monopolistic betrayal of the American people by the FDA, an agency that has consistently and maliciously taken every opportunity to protect the drug companies while destroying the natural products industry. (http://www.naturalnews.com/021952.html)

    “In these proposed rules, the FDA has effectively created a de facto pre-market approval system” for nutritional supplements, says the ANH. And the FDA will, of course, routinely deny virtually all supplement ingredients from ever being approved. Because the FDA is already on the record with its position that there is no such thing as any vitamin, nutrient, herb or food that has any biological effect whatsoever that could prevent, cure or reverse any disease or health condition.

    That’s the FDA’s official position! With that kind of distortion, it is impossible for this agency to ever recognize the innate ability of any natural ingredient to actually produce a health benefit.

    Take action now
    Help us oppose the FDA’s proposed new rules by signing this online petition:

    Once again, your representatives in Washington need to hear from you — pronto! — if you hope to maintain your right to purchase vitamins and supplements in the USA.

    Lest you think this is an exaggerated warning, keep in mind that hundreds of dietary supplements have just been banned across the EU (http://www.naturalnews.com/032302_h…). Regulators in the USA are gunning for the same kind of wipeout of the supplements industry as a way to lock in decades of disease profits for Big Pharma and the greed-driven cancer industry (which cares far more about treating cancer than preventing it).

    If these new FDA regulations go into effect, your access to dietary supplements could simply disappear before the end of this year, turning vitamin sellers into “criminal dealers” and “smugglers” (much like raw milk retailers today). Armed FDA raids would be conducted on vitamin and supplement companies, and the founders of those companies would be rounded up and sent to prison for their “crimes” of selling unapproved ingredients.

    This is the FDA’s end game. Even if the FDA only partially enforces this new rule, it would still place a heavy compliance burden on small nutritional supplement companies. As the ANH says, “The bottom line is that when new and unreasonable burdens are placed on supplement manufacturers, it immediately becomes a financial increase for consumers. And if the pressure becomes too great, the nutritional supplements on which you rely may simply become unavailable.”

    That’s exactly what the FDA wants, of course: To put dietary supplement companies out of business, leaving the field open only to those pharma-chemical vitamin companies largely owned by the drug companies themselves. They use synthetic chemicals which are NOT subjected to these new FDA rules. Many of those synthetic vitamins are, in essence, poisons. Isn’t it interesting that the FDA says companies need no approval to use poisons in their formulations, but they need FDA permission to use natural substances that actually prevent disease?

    Learn more at the ANH: http://www.anh-usa.org/fda-new-snea

    And please consider supporting this outstanding group with a donation so that it can continue its mission of staying on top of legislative and regulatory issues that impact our health freedoms. NaturalNews is a long-time ANH supporter, and we honor the work this group is doing.

    Stay tuned to NaturalNews.com for more reporting on this latest FDA assault on health freedom.

    Read the FDA recommended regulations yourself
    You can view them at:

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032912_FDA_dietary_supplements.html#ixzz1RLdG8fym

  389. Chase says:

    I watched an interesting/informative video regarding the dangers of EMF Radiation, (ElectroMagnetic Field) that covers many appliances in our homes. Just some good basic information we ‘most likely’ should all be aware of. With each new gadget and electronic device we add to our homes and offices we are also adding to the ‘accumulation’ of our overall exposure. These little teeny tiny bits add up with time. (sound familiar?)

    EMF Radiation Protection Tips:

    I then went to the video creators web site and found some additional relevant information regarding CT Scans. (You have to scroll down 3/4 of the page to get to the CT Scan part.)

    [From Website]
    How Much Radiation Do You Really Get From A CT Scan?

    The Stats:
    A 40-year old woman who has a coronary CT scan has a 1 in 270 chance of getting cancer from that single scan. This statistic doubles for a 20 year old Woman.

    That’s massive when you consider that in the US:
    – around 19500 CT scans are conducted daily
    (over 70 million scans annually)

    – between 2000 and 2005 spending for imaging studies more than doubled (follow the money)

    – one in five Americans will receive a CT scan in any given year

    Some estimates say that CT scans cause 29,000 excess cancers each year in the US alone, mostly in women.

    Ironically, once you get the cancer they will want to do a CT scan to determine how bad it is.

    That’s why you sign a form allowing them to perform the CT scan or other scans. Read the ‘fine’ print. So don’t get me wrong. These scans can be life saving fantastic things, but with all we get exposed to people should ask themselves on a regular basis… “Do I REALLY need this?” Our medical professionals should be asking that same question much more often too. Make an informed decision. That’s all I’m saying.

  390. Bar says:

    What sort of missiles are exploding there? Could there be some sort of nuclear warhead or uranium in/on them? Will we get more fallout in a few days?

  391. Tray says:

    You said you are cutting up the radishes and drying them out, does this take away any possible radiation. Should we all be doing this with carrots, cucumbers, red peppers? Would love to know because I used to make a big plate of these for my family to nosh on and they miss eating there fresh veggies.

    Also the more processed the food or if food is cooked or frozen does this lessen the radiation? Just thinking out loud. I wonder about that. Is ice cream that bad? I really want a no on that one cause it’s summer and my kid (like all kids) LOVE it! Thanks so much for any input.

  392. Bar says:

    What if……..an airplane crashes into this cloth tent construction filled with barrels of plutonium waste?

  393. Marina says:

    One of the things that has caused me considerable frustration is deciphering the EPA website. Perhaps you folks are ahead of me, but FWIW, here is the link to the gamma energy ranges the EPA uses, and a helpful table which correlates radioisotopes with their energies. Now you too can know what might be meant by that little red or gray line.

  394. Chauncey says:

    Thank you Chase for the turning point.

  395. roundabout says:

    I can barely wait for Michael’s and Denise’s and Dr.’s videos! Thank you again for your labor of love…

    Potrblog: Someone in the EPA is having a meltdown! Thanks for the unabashed truth in analysis.

    Chase: Amazing heart touching story. Thank you.

    I ate ice cream yesterday because I forgot about the contamination for a minute. Well, what can I do if there is plutonium in it, will it glow despite a detox program? Wish hubby was on board to keep me on top of these things! Will try again! Will not forget next time! Hope there is a second chance.

  396. Wilma P. says:

    Northern Hemisphere harvest season is just around the corner. Has anyone here acquired a Radiation Isotope Identifier? I find The Inspector’s generalist CPMs ineffective in identifying the specific isotopes like Strontium-89 and Strontium-90, or the Cesiums (134 & 137), or Americium-241, or Plutonium (238, 239, 240, 241, & 244), or Cobalt-60, or Tellutium-132, or Uranium (235 & 238), or Thorium, or Iodine-131, or the dozens upon dozens of other man-made isotopes emitted and in our food sources including saved rainwater.

    Apparently, USDHS has these devices and are testing but not making the data public?


    One way to think of it is if you were a dairy farmer, you’d be testing for this stuff.

    Trust but verify. . .

  397. Chase says:

    @Potrblog – Agree fully… Thanks! Excellent summation as usual.

    In all of our lives there comes a time or times when a moment occurs that is a turning point in our life. It’s not always clear or easy to see while the “turning point” is happening, but it WILL become clear, that is for sure.

    I had a turning point on the 4th of July 1998. I was at a company barbeque. I took my dog with me that day. He was a beautiful full blooded Great Dane. He weighed 160 plus pounds and stood 6’2″ on his hind legs. He was well trained and had a heart of gold. Phazer was his name. (like the Star Trek gun)

    While having a beer and munching on food one person commented what a ‘huge’ dog I had. (I got that a lot)

    I replied, “That’s not a dog, it’s a rat that I found next to Three Mile Island”. Everyone chuckled, except for one of my coworkers who started crying.

    I saw her turn and walk away sobbing. I went to her and asked what was wrong. She said she grew up next to Three Mile Island and that both of her brothers had recently passed away from leukemia. (They were approximately 10 years old at the time of the TMI 1979. They did not live to see age 30.) I felt pretty bad about the joke, I explained that I did not intend to cause anyone pain. She said she understood that.

    So that day was one of many turning points for me. Now when I hear some arrogant expert claim that nobody died as a result of Three Mile Island it makes me sad and very angry at the same time. I remember the look on her face and the pain in her heart. It’s not always about the number crunching, sometimes it’s about people and doing what is right.

    When YOU become the ‘acceptable risk’ it won’t seem fair. As long as it’s not you or your family, then I guess it’s acceptable? hmmm…??? I don’t think so!

  398. JMS says:

    So it’s been a while since I have posted but I have been keeping an eye on recent posts.

    I had to share something that happened last night:

    I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the political arena. (I am refraining from saying what he/she does out of confidentiality.)

    We were sitting around the dinner table, talking about food habits and the opportunity presented itself to explain why my son and I are no longer drinking milk and cutting out most dairy.

    I waited for the usual mockery or looks of “you have lost your mind” but it never came.

    She then proceeded to explain to me that, despite the fact that the topic is not in her area of work expertise, what has been happening in California as a result of Fukushima and the resulting fallout here in the West Coast is not only well known in the legislative world, discussed and researched, but there are actually pieces of legislation being discussed and compiled as a result of what is happening and what could happen.

    She personally has not changed her eating habits and she doesn’t think it’s “raving lunatic, the-world-is-ending” bad but the levels seen and the research being discussed regarding the affects of the levels seen would cause her to modify the diets of her children (if she had any) and that she would, in the very least, not allow them to drink milk or eat a lot of cheese or ice cream. She also said she understood my choosing to limit my exposure since I have been breastfeeding my daughter. It was the first time I have talked to someone who understood what bio-accumulation meant!

    I wish I could say I was surprised, but I guess I’m really not. But what really upsets me is that they know about it, they are all talking about it, but do you hear ANYTHING about it in the press?!?!?

    While it was refreshing to talk to someone to whom I did not have to give explanations to but on the other hand it was really frustrating.

  399. jzhawk says:

    Did someone list an address of a place in Texas that will test hepa filters and compile a list over the country. I have a relative in Florida that has a hepa filter

  400. @Potrblog – Thank you so much for this excellent analysis that Denise and I have just begun. This is the summer blockbuster we’ve been looking forward to and we want all of you to take the time (over half an hour) to see what the Man From Missouri has exposed. It is fascinating and will make your blood boil.

    You now see that the Brits have had a hand in covering up the disaster of our times in their fair, but increasingly hot, land. Potrblog shows us how Americans, Americans paid with your taxes, are covering up the radiation literally raining down on us in St. Louis.

    Denise, I, Dr. Solar and a number of raddies are tying this all together to show you what has happened here in California, America and beyond and what you can do about it.

    The information exchanged here has been invaluable for raddies of the Radiation Nation but don’t think for a millisecond that this is enough. You must act. You will act. We’ll show you the facts and you’ll make decisions that will affect you, your families, friends, community and nations. Or you won’t. But we will.

    Our long-awaited expose(s) are coming. We are working round the clock on them because radiation never sleeps and does not magically evaporate with the rain. It is here, contaminating our air, water and food and wrecking unknown havoc with our genes and the genes of the coming generations. We cannot allow this to happen silenced by our own fears and lack of comprehensive knowledge. Or because we’re sick and tired of trying to figure out what’s hot and what’s not and how to avoid it in the grocery store or in the very rain that waters our country.

    Potrblog is a resourceful and well-equipped American that is here helping us. As we help ourselves, realize that forces you know and don’t know about are allied against truth because it threatens the economic and social fabric of society and also because they simply don’t know how to stuff the malicious genie of nuclear fallout back in the bottle (and reactor core and cooling ponds).

    You are the answer. Potrblog is providing you the information which leads to questions that you will be demanding answers to. It is an appropriate time for all this, it being the birthday of our country. Truth will save America as much as it can from this growing peril.

    You are America. Just goo it.

  401. Big R says:

    Here is a link to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV. At the bottom is a link to weather stations with gamma radiation detectors in southern Nevada and Utah. These stations are part of a network designed to monitor air readings downwind of the Nevada Test Sites.

    http://www.cemp.dri.edu/cemp/recent/map.html (This map is easier to read, you can select gamma radiation or various weather readings.)

  402. Potrblog says:

    Detail Video Analysis: EPA RadNet Data Censoring Radioactive Fallout in St. Louis. The video is definitely worth your time to watch. I think you will be shocked by the amount of data censoring occurring, and the potential implications.


  403. Bar says:

    Ft.Calhoun Nuclear Threat Continues To WORSEN

    I just watched this video and at min 0:40 he said:”We store radioactive materials in that building. There is some minor water leakage into that building and that water we treat as radioactive waste.”

    Did he say the water that gets into that building gets contaminated?? What are they doing, or can they do anything at all, to keep that water from going back out and contaminating the floodwater? What happens to the flooded houses when that contaminated water flows into them?

  404. Bar says:

    “….Johns Hopkins University study which revealed that radiation zones around body scanners could exceed the General Public Dose Limit…”

    Thank you Carl Willis for your answer. Thats good news. I hope the fire stays away from Bayo Canyon. I was wondering if the people that have houses there above know what lies beneath them?

  405. Movieyawn says:

    Hi guys. I read this blog daily but am not much of a poster. Still, found these two articles in the Guardian and wanted to share. The first one is about children in Japan testing positive for internal radiation exposure. The second is about coordinated effort in the UK to play down Fukushima.



  406. Annette2 says:

    @ Michael – wonderful, thank you!

  407. potrblog says:

    @Michael as of now we are still eating mostly pre-Fukushima food, except for when we eat out (which is why I was lamenting about the kids having to drink HFCS Coke). I just did test some unopened whipped butter containers from a restaurant. The initial test was negative, we’ll see what happens when I open it up.

    My wife did test some radishes grown in our raised beds in the backyard, and they tested radioactive in a 10minute test. I’ve cut them up and they are drying out, along with some store bought radishes as a control. I am hoping to rig up a lead shielded test enclosure to make the tests more accurate. I also have some pre-Fukushima dried milk that I am also looking for some time to test.

    I did test some fresh organic milk back in April, it came back in a range broaching inconclusive to possibly radioactive. But it is difficult to test liquid products because the water in them shields the radioactivity. I believe the Medcom.com site suggests taking a 24 hour count and that an average increase of 1 cpm is indicative of contamination.

    The other day I tested a burger from Steak-n-shake in which they were supposed to hold the cheese and did not. I could not detect any radioactivity in the cheese, but again it is one of those products where there could be damaging amounts that are not readily detectable until they were turned to ash and tested.

    My strategy has been to eat mostly Pre-Fukushima foods, avoid ALL dairy, and eat more corporate chicken. The company chicken is still eating last year’s corn and doesn’t get to see or feel the sky.

  408. Carl Willis says:

    @Bar The Las Conchas Fire is NOT burning in Bayo Canyon. To get there, it would have to cross much of the residential part of Los Alamos and one or more major roads. It’s not clear to me if ANY known legacy contamination is directly threatened by the fire right now, but I do agree it is appropriate to deploy air monitoring stations out of an abundance of caution. As a nuclear engineer, it seems a far stretch to envision any scenario at LANL in which radiological issues get on the short list of major hazards to life and health from this fire.

  409. Marina says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks to Michael and Denise for this website. I lurk here every day but don’t comment because I have nothing to add but my dismay for the slow poisoning of America, and for the total dearth on information on the news. Sure, there’s plenty about Kate Middleton’s various dresses, but nothing about how to keep our children from getting cancer from this event. So, your site is an oasis! Thanks again.

  410. Bar says:

    The wildfires are burning in bayo canyon, are they not?
    Is the reason for them watching for radioactivity in the air, the contamination mentioned in the video?

  411. @Chase & Annette – We’ve offered to test face masks worn on jets by regular commenters who contact us. Now we will add air conditioning filters and home HEPA filters. Car filters do not give a precise idea of how much fallout radiation there is as much of what they filter is dust from the road which is impacted with radium and uranium already in the soil naturally. Plus, we test with the Inspector which is much more accurate than Geiger counters using the much-older technology of dial system readouts. We will charge nothing from regular commenters and the filters will not be returned. They will, however, be tested on video if the results warrant it.

  412. Chase says:


    Regarding the ocean contamination. I would believe it is safe to assume that ALL systems and cycles will be affected and I agree that forward thinking or lateral thinking, depending on how one looks at it, is definitely called for here. I would surmise that the particulate matter would both rise and sink. Depending on many variable factors. It will continue to disperse AND accumulate… somewhere, that is for certain. The amounts and durations are yet to be determined, but again, assume it will be a lot and for a long time to come.

    Note taken: We should all be preparing for these ‘additional’ impacts in many ways now! …or at least taking a closer look to better establish ‘in advance’ what we most likely need to know in order to increase our chances of better health and/or survival in the months and years to come.

  413. Bar says:

    Tray, when i lived in Mexico the kids always trank ricewater and they loved it. The rice in the stores is all pre fukushima. This years crop isnt harvested yet. Maybe your kids will like it too.
    Agua De Arroz (Mexican Rice Water)

  414. FMG1991 says:


    I just wanted to inform you, that our (German) parliament just voted about going nuke-free until 2021 and almost all parties agreed on the chancellor Merkel’s plans! :)
    I’m very happy and relieved. I’m pretty sure that we can do it and I hope, that our foray encourages other nations to follow us.

  415. @Jon – The website you’re referring to requires that you buy their products before becoming part of it. If that also means becoming electronically tethered between radiation monitor and computer, where their program resides, that inhibits use of the detector outdoors. Repeatedly, I have questioned what the simplistic whole-number readings because the legend on the map is so poor and does not explain what is being detected or how. I do not rely in the least on this “network” for radiation readings for the country as you may have noted – it is not included on our Resources page.

  416. Jon says:

    Strange coincidence? Never had a problem accessing this non government site with nation wide continuous real time cpm’s… till today! http://www.radiationnetwork.com.

  417. Annette2 says:


    Along the same lines as Marco Kaltofen’s air filter testing that Arnie Gunderson references, the kind folks at ki4u have offered to test our air filters, if we mail them in to them (feeling pretty concerned for the postal workers, as well as contamination of our mail these days – be sure to seal those filters up good). I contacted the ki4u people and they said they’ve had a really apathetic response so far. This is really a shame, because mapping the detection levels by location using data from a widespread response would give a great chart of the particulate plume from a couple of months back. Since we’ve got such a dearth of information here in California (and elsewhere), this information would be extremely helpful in helping quantify the actual amount of hot particulate matter we all received, and using that info to make ongoing lifestyle decisions (safety of gardening, leaving outer garments at the door or not, etc.).

    I’m sending our car filters in… maybe several others out there would be willing to do the same, in the interest of expanding our collective knowledge of, and refining our individual responses to, this event. Thanks!

  418. Annette2 says:

    I have been tossing this thought around in my head for awhile… perhaps someone with a better understanding of physics, specifically the physical properties/behavior of radionuclides in water and earth’s water cycle could shed some light, please. Will the radioactive contamination in the Pacific Ocean become reentrained into the air with the water vapor, which will then have another opportunity to drop as radioactive fallout through rainfall, mist, fog, etc.? I just do not know if the radionuclides/particulate matter will rise with the evaporative ocean water, or if it will stay settled in the sea and ocean floor (and sea life, which obviously presents other grave risks). I hope I phrased this question clearly enough. Thank you.

  419. @Tray – We got un-hot Silk Pure Almond “milk” at Smart and Final. Thank you for planning to wear a fallout-protective mask next month when you’re traveling by jet and then sending it to us. If you folks are planning to fly, do yourselves a favor and wear a good mask and then get rid of it… by getting it to us for testing.

    @Potrblog – Your insights on food consumption are excellent. Who knew that oft-times disturbing ways we “grow” our food could make for rad-free food. Since you (and I) are able to detect radioactivity with our Inspectors in different media, do you use it to check your food?

  420. roundabout says:

    I know its late for this posting, but Coast 2 Coast AM is having its first hour on the latest nuclear plant problems in the USA. There is a recap at 2AM for you night owls. Coast 2 Coast has a website that lists all the host stations. You can retrieve the podcast later for around 6 bucks which will get you to all their archives in case you missed a show. Anyway, it sounds like a good show for tonight… starts at 10:00 and the subject on nuke plants will be for an hour, then recaps at 2AM…

  421. Tray says:


    You can get those little boxed milks for the kids at Trader Joes they have a year shelf life. I called 3 times to confirm that. You can buy chocolate or 1 percent regular. I also have been buying Lakewood organic juices at Whole Foods they have a 2 year shelf life and they are loaded with vitamins and leafy veggies we aren’t suppose to ever eat again.

    Your family is very fortunate to have your own meat supply. I am now branching out and making Jennie O turkey burgers mostly. How about carrots are they okay to eat now? I ran out of our pre fukishima supply. I’m just doing the best I can and praying for this to be over soon.

  422. Potrblog says:

    I have to agree with you on the HFCS. PreFukushima the kids would get water, milk, or fruit juices; now they get COKE. It is unfortunate that 100% sugar Mexican Coke is not available as a fountain drink. The HFCS we can reverse the effects of, not so true of ingesting radioactive materials.

    Anyone interested in the subject should check out, http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/about/
    I suggest watching the video clips in the reverse order of what is presented.

    I have to admit the food aspect of Fukushima troubles me; we have our own farmer who supplies us with grass fed & grass finished cow, pig, and chicken. We even render our own leaf lard. I REALLY don’t like the thought of switching back to corporate grown food. We consider switching back mostly because the food is eating last year’s corn, and because the company chickens never see the sky.

  423. Tray says:

    Wilma P.,

    I know it’s crazy! I spend so much money cutting high fructose sugar out of our diets. I think soy lethician (spelled wrong sorry) is the new high fructose corn syrup. I will tell you this, i will take the corn syrup over the radiation. What’s the choice these days? Pray and eat as best u can. Thanks for the link very informative.

  424. Bar says:

    In one of the comments Anon says:…”I live in Omaha” and toward the end of it he says:

    “The Cooper plant further south has had a close call, but nobody seems to be reporting on that one.”

    Anybody know what happend there?

  425. Bar says:

    Ft Calhoun, Cooper – Arnie Gundersen on Five O’clock Shadow with Robert Knight, WBAI, June 28, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    Minot SD Nuke Missile Silos – An Air Force base, overseeing 150 Minuteman III missiles in underground launch silos over 8,500 square miles, is partially under water
    Los Alamos Lab – wildfire in the US state of New Mexico has moved closer to the Los Alamos laboratory and thousands of outdoor drums of plutonium-contaminated waste.
    Authorities have stepped up efforts to protect the site where the first atomic bomb was built and monitor the air for radiation.
    Salem2 in NJ – Salem 2 nuclear plant is under “hot-shutdown” mode and under investigation after a cooling pump failure caused it to close Monday.

    Its getting to be a bit too much isnt it?

  426. Big R says:

    I thought the EPA switched back to quarterly testing. That could mean results coming for end of June.

  427. Bar says:

    Tray, i dont think the EPA has stopped testing. I think they stopped going public with the test results.

  428. Wilma P. says:



    Must see if you care what goes into your body or your kids bodies.

  429. Tray says:

    Michael you ROCK! Thanks for answering my questions. The almond milk we are drinking is Whole Foods 365 organic original. Is that the one you are drinking? I forgot to ask about meats. I figure turkey and chicken are okay just not free range or grass fed. Still staying away from cow but if you give the go I am going to In and Out ASAP! Thanks so much for all you and your wife do!!! And everyone on this website you are all brilliant people!

    If anyone is traveling please send Michael the mask they wear. I will definitely when I travel next month.

    Big R,

    I was told by my doc 3 things can contribute to cancer
    1. time (how long exposed),
    2. exposure(what exposed to)
    and 3. resistance level (how much can your particular body handel).

    Everyone is made different and diet plays a big factor. Really hard for EPA to put this out and kinda weird considering they stopped testing. I am loyal to enviroreporter because I am trying my hardest to reduce our expose from Japan. Lots of praying too! EPA needs to step up and as far as I am concerned well… my mother always said if i don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  430. Potrblog says:

    @Tray, I can’t tell you with certainty that it is “necessary” to wear a filter mask while flying; but I certainly would say that it is prudent. And after seeing Michael’s test, I would say it was wise to do so. I’ll also share this tidbit with ya’ll, I have at least one hit on my website from someone in Japan searching for information on how to decontaminate an aircraft’s air conditioning system.

    In regards to the Dead Sea salts, the Dead Sea is a drainage evaporation pit; eventually as Fukushima drags on for years, it would need further investigation.

    On the food front, it might be safer to have almond milk from south of the equator. One thing I would stay away from north of the Equator is Radishes(I’ll probably blog about that after the holidays)

  431. Chase says:

    “Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater…” (over the years)

    “Leaks from at least 37 of those facilities contained concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard – sometimes at hundreds of times the limit.”
    (hmmm… I never heard of any of this for some reason.)

    “…reported that regulators and industry have weakened safety standards for decades to keep the nation’s commercial nuclear reactors operating within the rules.”
    (I remember playing Monopoly as a kid and making up our own rules as we went along, that was fun and it made ‘winning’ easier too.)

    “…the reactors keep getting older – 66 have been approved for 20-year extensions to their original 40-year licenses, with 16 more extensions pending. (Yikes!) And, as the AP has been reporting in its ongoing series, Aging Nukes, regulators and industry have worked in concert to loosen safety standards to keep the plants operating.”
    (I cannot find the words to describe how I feel about this. Maybe, “Holy Crap… DANG!”)

    From article:

    Tritium is potentially dangerous if inhaled or ingested. Half Life >12 years.

  432. Big R says:

    Link to new and updated EPA Radiogenic Cancer Model and Projections bluebook. http://www.epa.gov/radiation/assessment/blue-book/index.html

  433. @Tray:
    1. The almond drink we are drinking reads negative for radiation.
    2. We vacuum our HEPA filters’ filters and today I need to also ‘wash’ by hand the pre-filter by Honeywell. When futzing with these filters, do it outside of your home and wear a mask and gloves. Do not wash the actual filters.
    3. All these foods are good. If you find a chunk of lava in a pomegranate it means you are lucky. But don’t eat it – use it as a paper weight.

    4. YES it is ADVISABLE TO WEAR MASKS like the ones shown on Potrblog.com or the N95 one you see Yoko wearing to Japan in my post. I WANT YOU RADDIES (REGULAR COMMENTERS) WHO FLY TO WEAR THESE MASKS AND MAIL THEM TO ME FOR TESTING LIKE YOKO DID. Masks from family and friends of you regular raddies would be welcome too. Please arrange this with me by emailing to contact [[at]] enviroreporter.com.

    5. Israel is waaaaay faraway from Japan but, as Potrblog and Arnie point out, the deposition patterns of fallout in the Northern Hemisphere are not predictable as we are in uncharted territory. I am sure you can get soaking salts from the Aussies. I’m not big on soaking in salt to detoxify. Getting good exercise and sweating is a good thing too to get out toxins.

  434. Tray says:

    Okay a few questions if anyone can shed some light i’d appreciate it.

    1. I am giving my family almond milk from Whole Foods. They say they use filtered water. So good i guess. Here’s where i am a little confused. They use almonds which they grow in California. Is this still good to drink?

    2. Hepa filters. So I have one in every room and I was wondering if they have radioactive dust on them is it okay to have one in your bedroom or you living quarters for that matter. I vaccum them with a hepa vaccum but is that all i need to do?

    3. Buying all my produce from Chile. Apples, pomagrates, frozen berries. Is this still good to do with all the Volcano stuff going on? How about apples from New Zealand?

    4. Going to Florida on a trip. Per Portablog wearing our masks. Just want to make sure this is still necessary. (I really think I know this answer!) Any other tips. Anyone fly cross country and give mask to Michael? Saw the video about the trip to Japan. Just curious about trips in the States.

    5. I bought some dead sea salts from Israel in Whole Foods. Good to soak in to remove toxins but kinda close to Japan and Europe.

    Okay I guess I just need a second brain on these questions. I don’t really have anyone else to ask.

    On another note. I just got a whole water filter from Aquasana you can get it for $699.00 even thought the price on the website is higher. It does cost some money to put in but worth it and last for 3 yrs. I use this and keep all my filters on everything still along with it. Big difference in the water.

    Also if you haven’t done this per Arnie you should change out your air conditioner filters in your home. Apparently every 3 months. I was not aware of this so passing info along. Also getting the coils cleaned in my air conditioner very dusty.

    God Bless and thanks!!!

  435. Bar says:

    Here are alot of goodies that will keep you awake at night…

  436. Bar says:

    Here is the link for the Idaho Driggs Geiger Meter that Tim mentioned:

  437. Bar says:

    More trouble.
    “…. wildfires could stir up and spread radioactive material, experts warned Tuesday….”
    This article from greenpeace is from last summer, but it shows that, there is cause for concern here.

  438. Tim says:

    Umm has anyone seen the Idaho Driggs geiger meter remaining steady at 100 plus CPM!!! WTF?!?!? Anyone have any news? Look it up on ustream

  439. Bonnie Corwin says:

    Hi Chase: In response to your question about technology – I imagine that there are experts who can and who do what you are asking. But even if they had answers my opinion is there is a media blackout.

  440. Potrblog says:

    [ALERT] Emergency Declared at Kansas Research Reactor- Possible Meltdown


  441. Bar says:

    If you have time watch these 3 videos. Very informative.


  442. Potrblog says:

    If wonder if anyone has filed a freedom of information act request asking for footage of the “accident” that cause the rubber, water filled, flood berm/dyke to deflate at Fort Calhoun. I picture a Fork Truck from “Sector 7G” popping the dyke like at water-ballon.

  443. Chase says:

    “Not enough money to disable old nuclear plants”

    Associated Press Interactive Chart showing the decommissioning costs for each plant:

    Maybe they should have thought about that one a little more in depth before building them? Seems like there’s a lot of things the ‘experts’ should have considered, but they didn’t.

  444. Check this out: Hot HEPA filters from Santa Monica and Glendale California:

    SEE VIDEOS OF THE TESTING WITH COMMENTARY: http://www.enviroreporter.com/2011/06/hepa-filters-june-26-2011/

    10:00 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON AGGREGATE DUST OF LARGE PROGRESSIVE KENMORE HEPA FILTER after 6 months usage in Glendale, CA: 67.6 CPM OR 1.9 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND

    9:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON AGGREGATE DUST OF KENMORE PLASMAWAVE HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 98.6 OR 2.8 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND

    8:45 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF LARGE PROGRESSIVE KENMORE HEPA FILTER after 6 months usage in Glendale, CA: 55.6 CPM OR 1.6 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND

    8:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF KENMORE PLASMAWAVE HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 84.2 OR 2.4 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND

    6:48 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average: 35.4 CPM

    1:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF HONEYWELL HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 99.2 CPM or 2.6 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND

  445. Chase says:

    Another retrospective:
    (from March 12th, 2011)
    “There was and will NOT be any significant release of radioactivity. By ‘significant’ I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on – say – a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation.” – by Dr Josef Oehmen Phd., a research scientist at MIT, in Boston.

    (the ‘absurd’ article this came from)

    I so wish I could look this guy in the eye and see what his response is now. My guess, probably no different. It’s a ‘belief system’, most of these arrogant experts are not going to change any time soon. They will continue to spin and talk “acceptable limits” and make comparisons to bananas and use ‘deniable credibility’ when it comes to deaths, suffering and genetics. They will continue to push their agenda for your own good. It’s not really for your own good, but that’s what they believe. (sort of)

    “There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris” – McGeorge Bundy Adviser to J.F.K.

  446. Bar says:

    Shouldnt they move fast and put a SECOND ring of bems around cooper nuclear station ??!? Is cooper still running at 100%?

  447. Bar says:

    Thanks Jill for the info.
    What did he say in this video?
    ..and today theres been an electrical incident…

    Another question is, how are they going to get more dieselfuel into the plant if everything is flooded?

  448. jill says:

    i have a question and thought you might know the answer. I don’t know if you have heard about the berm breaking in nebraska. well, i am trying to inform my friends properly in the midwest. I read an article in the omaha paper and i feel like they are down playing the situation. so, in the article it says the plant is in cold shutdown for refueling… does that make the situation less of a problem. …. don’t they still need to be cooled and if the cooling systems is flooded it will still be the same problem. can you help me.. if you know the answer

  449. Bar says:

    Did you know that Spiderwort flowers detect radiation that conventional instruments don’t. http://tinyurl.com/3lpbf8e

  450. Chase says:

    It seems to me that if we can take satellites and point them to deep space and take x-ray images, gamma images, etc… and, if we can tell what gases and minerals planets are made of, etc… then, WHY can’t we look at the atmosphere or clouds on our own planet and tell with some sort of precision what the internal makeup of those clouds are at any specific time? (or in real time maybe) How much are those clouds in the jet stream carrying and of what? Can’t we tell? Or… Do the “Experts” have that data and just aren’t saying anything? Just wondering?

    Couldn’t we also fly drones or balloons through the clouds and atmosphere to take specific measurements at many locations that would give a truly accurate picture?

    We get fairly accurate weather reports now, we get allergy reports also, why not the “What’s your expected Rad Count for the day too…”

    :) The weather man could/should say something like… “We are getting rain today with rad levels in most areas expected to be below 120 cpm, please wear protection and don’t let children stick their tongues out to catch the rain drops… or, it’s a sunny day today, don’t forget your sun screen.”

  451. Potrblog says:

    !!![BREAKING] TEPCO Document Indicates 0.6 EXA-bequerels Released on Day 2 !!!


  452. Potrblog says:

    @Jill, a “non-detect” finding from a few random strawberries is worth ZERO reassurance. The radioactive fallout is weather driven and as such the deposition of fallout is variable.

    Moreover, individual farming practices would also affect the uptake of radionuclides. Therefore, for a “non-detect” to have any reassurance value, a team doing such testing would have to come up with a statistically valid sampling plan that took into account all the variability. If someone were offering reassurances of food “safety” without that kind sampling plan, first I would have to question their competence; and second, their motives.

  453. Potrblog says:

    @Weaver, the Xenon 133 is extra troubling because it decays into Cesium 133. Cs133 is stable; it won’t decay further; it will linger in the upper atmosphere; and when it gets hit by a high energy solar proton it will spall into a number of radioactive Iodine Isotopes. Here is a link to a video I made about the Xenon 133 / Cesium 133 threat.

  454. Weaver says:

    @Tray and Bar

    Those maps with plumes of radiation at the maximum detectable amount are showing Xenon-133. It has a half life of about 5 days and unfortunately there is little information about health effects, as up until now there’s been no studies of xenon in massive quantities like this. The only information I’ve been able to find about possible health effects is here: http://chemistrydaily.com/chemistry/Xenon (scroll down to “Precautions”). It only seems to say that it is more dangerous to inhale than helium, but not much else.

    Personally, I would be much more concerned if that thick plume was Caesium or Iodine. However, we are all guinea pigs in a worldwide experiment at this point… no one really knows what will happen. Those plume maps are interesting but they are predictions, not actual maps. The actual radiation may be lower or even higher.

  455. Bar says:

    Tray, i watched your link and its scary. Have you seen this:
    This french guy alex lives about 200 km from fukushima. He is really teet off. He talkes about being censored and that they will put him in jail if he keeps posting news about fukushima. The reason he says is they dont want people to know whats going on because they are afraid that people will panic. Viewing your link and then listening to what this french guy says, i dont know, it fits together and its not good.

  456. Tray says:

    Hey Guys, after a much needed hiatus I am back.

    My husband found this on you tube about a guy who found some sites that were taken down that showed the spread of radiation over the northern hemisphere. Pretty interesting what they are trying to hide from us. These are recent, dated May 11, 2011.


  457. jill says:

    i heard berkely site said there was non detection of cecium etc in strawberries when the previous test showed it increase. Do you think this is acurrate of they just want to put it to rest. I fing it hard to believe that one week there was an increase and the next time it was non detectable. I would love to make an account to people to donate to and do our own testing. is that possilbe

  458. Annette2 says:

    @Potrblog – You’re right. Not only is the link to the laboratory data not up (has previously always been an active link), but the the “Detection,” column heading has been changed. Previously it simply read, “Results,” and the footnote indicated that samples were tested for a number of listed radionuclides. Now, the column heading reads “Iodine-131 Results,” although the footnote has not been changed. Seems to indicate that the tests were completed for all the radionnuclides, as previously, but the public report has released results specific to only Iodine 131. Hmm.

  459. Bar says:

    Big R, if only all the streetlights are powered with solarpanels, imagine how many nukeplants could be shut down and those panels dont look bad or marr the view.
    These streetlights/trafficlights work even if we have a blackout. You could combine both electric and solar. Install every other light a solar, then no matter what you always have a lightsource. No more total blackouts.

  460. Potrblog says:

    Anyone who is interested in an analysis of the Aftershock potential at Fukushima, I made a video explaining the situation and how such an analysis is done. The video is on by blog site at

  461. roundabout says:

    Wow Michael and Denise!!! Sounds encouraging about the plan in place to wake this nation up to the danters! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Let us know as time goes on, what we can do to help! We so appreciate you both! My prayers will go toward the enviromentalist’s as they prepare and plan this coming week… People are listening. I talk to people every time it is socially appropriate to do so, and it often is, as people truly are interested in the truth.

    Big R: Trader J’s up here (AG) didn’t have Boxer, but they had tons of aged cheeses and NONE of their cheeses have hormones, all are Rbest free. Wow… TJ’s sharp chedder had a packing date on it, and was a safe date. If you want Boxer, try Albertsons in the specialty cheeses around the Deli section. It’s white and square with black letters. TJ’s also had a ton of long aged cheeses from Spain and Holland which were extremely before March 11th 2011.

  462. roundabout says:

    Wow Michael and Denise!!! Sounds encouraging about the plan in place to wake this nation up to the danters! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Let us know as time goes on, what we can do to help! We so appreciate you both! My prayers will go toward the enviromentalist’s as they prepare and plan this coming week… People are listening. I talk to people every time it is socially appropriate to do so, and it often is, as people truly are interested in the truth.

  463. Big R says:


    I looked for Boxer cheese at Trader Joe’s today and did not find it. I asked two employees and they never heard of it. Can you describe what it looks like? Thanks.

  464. Bonnie says:

    Some people are allergic to Spirulina. I know I am. I really wish I could take it. Think it’s great!

  465. Big R says:

    Here is another link about spirulina. There seems to be a lack of research by western universities and institutions on this stuff, except for Russia. It almost seems like pseudo-science but I did buy Soy Protein Powder with Spirulina (and apple pectin ingredient) at Wholefoods in a blue can.


    Other links on detox, I don’t detox but maybe I will start:

  466. Weaver says:

    @Chase The important thing to consider with Chernobyl is it was an open graphite fire that burned for almost two weeks, releasing highly-concentrated radiation up into the atmosphere and across Europe at a very fast rate. While Fukushima is hardly better (potentially has already released 50% of Chernobyl’s total release in three months) it is more controlled and contained than an uncontrolled open fire, in my opinion.

    That being said, Fukushima has the very real potential to be WORSE than Chernobyl if recovery continues to drag along at a snail’s pace like this.

    Unfortunately, the corporate brainwashing continues to keep most people unaware that the worst industrial catastrophe in human history is happening right now and it affects the entire planet. The general response I see from friends and family is that a disaster that happens on the other side of the globe warrants no concern or interest here at home.

    No, we’re far more concerned about Anthony Weiner’s penis. That’s what keeps America up at night.

  467. Potrblog says:

    @Annette2, thanks for the link. I don’t trust those “non-detects”, especially since they have not yet put up the links to the raw data. Picture if you had a rain gauge in the desert that only measured in gallons of water, and all of a sudden every day the rain gauge ended up with a cup of water in it. Well, since your protocol tells you that anything less than a gallon of rain is not 100% conclusive, you must mark it as a non-detect. The question then becomes how many days of “non-detects” before people start drowning in the desert?

    What makes the whole issue of “non-detects” down right scientifically criminal is that there is a KNOWN SOURCE spewing radioactivity in our direction; the typical protocols for a non-detect were NOT created with that in mind. The no detection protocols should be modified with the current active source situation in mind.

  468. Big R says:

    Interested in renewable energy? Looks like Los Angeles County has a lot of potential for solar or wind and there are talks or debates about developing that potential in the northern areas. Ironically, it looks like environmental interests could be a major opposition with concerns over poppy reserves, bird species and views marred by windmills. If this moves along it would help CA go green and maybe start the rest of the country to get off or reduce nuclear. California was supposed to be a leader in that sort of thing.


  469. Big R says:

    Here is a CNN Money link to a map showing nuc plants across the USA. Enter your zip code and it finds the closest reactors with 10 and 50 mile evacuation zones.


  470. Annette2 says:

    CA Dept. of Health Air & Milk testing from May & early June up. Air clear. Milk (SLO)- no iodine detected, cesium still detected but decreasing.


  471. Chase says:

    Consider this… Chernobyl was “capped” at 15 days. Fukushima… multiple melts and no “cap” in site.

    After the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed over the U.S. West Coast in the spring of 1986 his research uncovered a severe die-off of young birds. (Dr. Dave DeSante is the founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California.)

    …Later, researchers Gould and Goldman duplicated his results with human mortality data from both the U..S. and Germany. The young, the old, and those with weak immune systems were the main casualties – an estimated over Forty Thousand in all.

    Excess deaths in the USA in the 4 months after Chernobyl.
    @ 15:00 minutes in he explains how the human deaths were determined. “Astounding!” he says.

    “That kind of dishonesty is criminal because people are going to die from it…” – Dr. Dave DeSante (@ 27:30)

    “(even) Background Levels have an affect. Raise it above background and you raise the risk.” (@ 28:00) “How much of an affect it will have depends on many factors. Stay out of the rain!… Good Luck!” He also hints at the fact that the EPA will most likely not do proper testing.

    This is a 30 minute video, but worth it. Well stated data and his conclusions are very solid in my opinion.
    Video Uploaded March 18th, 2011. (still relevant)

    ALL LIFE is being affected. No Doubt!

  472. crooked pine says:

    Someone was asking about where to buy turmeric and knowing its origin. Mountain Rose Herbs – India – $8.00/lb. You can buy it smaller amounts or larger as well. All of there herbs state the country of origin. I’m including a link… it’s for the ‘T’ page. Turmeric is located at the bottom.


    Also, know that Technu, everyone’s favorite poison oak scrub was originally created (and used as) a waterless method to remove radioactive particles from skin.

    Note:I’m not an advertiser, nor in the retail business. Just a gatherer of what used to be useless knowledge.

    Also, one of the only articles from today regarding the two plants in Nebraska – Ft. Calhoun and Cooper plants, currently surrounded, or more, by flood waters.


  473. @ Potrblog: Yes, it is a sad state of affairs that we have to do this but the “we” includes you and the rest of the Radiation Nation that has come to the fore and stood up for America in this time of crisis with no apparent end, crisis that seems surely to get worse. We all didn’t ask for this fight, but fight we have risen to it.

    In the upcoming days and weeks, there will be more revelations as disturbing as this one, and the repeated ones Potrblog has shared us in the St. Louis region showing astronomical amounts of radiation in precipitation there. This information will demolish the walls of apathy, unsound science and national denial about a threat that exceeds any other we have faced in our history. It will take a mighty media push to make this happen.

    We are up to the challenge. We have faced this threat. We have prepared (with much more to do in that department). Now we will make other Americans sit up straight and notice, beginning with President Obama. When even more shocking revelations come out on this website, in partnership with our friends in alternative and mainstream media, there will be little doubt that we are in a national emergency.

    Do not be discouraged that this monumental task has fallen to us. We will rise to the challenge because we know it is the right thing to do to protect our families, friends, states, country and world. We can and will do this. We have the strength to do this. This crisis crosses class and party lines, ignores race, creed and beliefs and does not give a hoot about the untold numbers of animals and sea creatures it destroys. And it is all our fault.

    Radiation does not sleep. We will not rest either. It is YOU who will make the difference. Continue to stand with this newly created ad hoc Radiation Nation as we boldly challenge the darker powers of ignorance and denial.

    In the next week, environmentalists will begin the organizing necessary to demand that the EPA not only resume testing, but resume it in a vastly more robust and transparent way. You will play a huge part in this.

    We can do it. We shall do it.

  474. Michael Collins says:

    @ Potrblog: Yes, it is a sad state of affairs that we have to do this but the “we” includes you and the rest of the Radiation Nation that has come to the fore and stood up for America in this time of crisis with no apparent end, crisis that seems surely to get worse. We all didn’t ask for this fight, but fight we have risen to it.

    In the upcoming days and weeks, there will be more revelations as disturbing as this one, and the repeated ones Potrblog has shared us in the St. Louis region showing astronomical amounts of radiation in precipitation there. This information will demolish the walls of apathy, unsound science and national denial about a threat that exceeds any other we have faced in our history. It will take a mighty media push to make this happen.

    We are up to the challenge. We have faced this threat. We have prepared (with much more to do in that department). Now we will make other Americans sit up straight and notice, beginning with President Obama. When even more shocking revelations come out on this website, in partnership with our friends in alternative and mainstream media, there will be little doubt that we are in a national emergency.

    Do not be discouraged that this monumental task has fallen to us. We will rise to the challenge because we know it is the right thing to do to protect our families, friends, states, country and world. We can and will do this. We have the strength to do this. This crisis crosses class and party lines, ignores race, creed and beliefs and does not give a hoot about the untold numbers of animals and sea creatures it destroys. And it is all our fault.

    Radiation does not sleep. We will not rest either. It is YOU who will make the difference.

  475. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, I wager the change in reading you got after opening the plastic bag were from radioactive gasses leaving the bag. But more importantly, it is a sad state of affairs when we have to count on a lone married couple in California to give us an indication of the radioactive Cabin air quality on a transcontinental flight in the midst of 3 Nuclear meltdowns.

  476. Chase says:

    Thanks Michael for the Surgical Mask test. Well done!

    While listening/watching your latest video I came across several good links. (All from the same site.)

    * FREE Test – Air Filter Radiation Testing:
    It seems to me this would be a great method for determining the dispersion. (Why is our Government not doing this?) My car has not been outside of a 50 mile radius in the last 4 months. I am sure that it may not be 100% accurate, but it would give a relative picture. Not to mention some personal knowledge. I advised my nephew, who is an auto mechanic to use protection when installing filters. He says he already is and has been. Gloves and mask. Seems to me that some sort of warning should be issued to auto mechanics specifically. …and probably everyone who changes out a filter of ANY kind.

    * Surviving Radioactive Fallout & Radiation Contamination from Japan or from anywhere for that matter –
    “…rain can concentrate the fallout into localized ‘hot spots’ of much more intense radiation with no visible indication.”

    There is also a chart about half way down the page that is very interesting. Regarding: “National Cancer Institute Study Estimating Thyroid Doses of I-131 Received by Americans From Nevada Atmospheric Nuclear Bomb Tests”

    The NCI’s estimate is that fallout from nuclear weapons testing likely generated from 10,000 to 75,000 cases of thyroid cancer! I grew up in an “orange zone” during the sixties. (St. Louis, MO)

    * What to Do if you are Downwind of Fallout: A worst case scenario, but the basics remain the same. –
    Stay or Go?
    What to do First…
    Food & Water…

    The more you learn about “What to Do” the less you have to fear. That’s my opinion.

  477. Yesterday, I received an N95 mask worn on a flight June 9, 2011 for over 9 hours on a flight from LA International Airport to Narita, Japan, some 38 air miles northeast of the center of Tokyo.

    I tested the mask three times and each test confirmed the presence of additional particulate radiation (including beta radiation). The overages were 45.6% above background, 23.3% above background (videotaped) and 28.7% above background (photographed).

    It is possible that the initial reading tested the highest as it was monitored by the Inspector immediately after coming out of a sealed plastic bag. Radioactive particulate progeny may have diminished after opening the bag.

    This may be the first confirmed evidence that people are flying through detectable fallout when traveling to Japan. This flight flew within 75 miles of the Fukushima Daiichi complex where the meltdowns and melt-throughs are occurring.

    These findings with additional information will be the subject of an upcoming article Monday. I thought you ‘raddies’ should check out the results first.

  478. Margery Brown says:

    Fukushima reactor #4 now moves front and center as the “worst.” It is loaded with plutonium that is apparently at the boiling point, and has a crack down the side which will cause water to run out. If memory serves, the reactor is also leaning over or “toppling”.

    This video by Arnie Gunderson will explain the severe risk much better than I can. It is the most discouraged that Gunderson, a longtime nuclear engineer, has sounded.


  479. roundabout says:

    Michael, thanks for the uptick on the Boxer Cheese, I will go and try it with confidence…

    I found this link on a Nebraska station, curious about the flooding and the Omaha power plant. A few days ago, I heard on another link that the river only had one and a half more feet to rise before trouble occurred at the Ft. Colhoun (?) plant. This was on the 17th or so. Tonight, more water released, not good news for the power plant. Can’t find anything on their local news about the power plant but did read that Obama is swearing people to media blackout on the nuclear issue due to loyalties. Here’s the link to the local Omaha newscast; http://www.ketv.com/missouri-river-flooding-extended-coverage/28319060/video.html

  480. Chase says:

    Milkin’ Lies

    So… maybe send this link to friends or relatives who only believe “mainstream” media.

    June 21st video CNN Report – Expert Physicist Kaku interview.

    News reporter states: “……we can see it in milk in New York, that’s frightening.”

    KAKU: “…Realize Chernobyl was one core’s worth radiation causing a $200 billion accident and it is still on- going. Here we have 20 cores worth of radiation. Three totally melted, one damaged and the [rest in] spent fuel pumps, 20 cores worth of highly radioactive materials. …”

    The EPA is not testing? (like they should be) That way they don’t have to lie. They don’t want people to panic or something? (That will be the excuse down the road.) What they should be doing is their job (testing everywhere, every day) and advising people what to do. If it’s okay, then fine. If NOT, advise us. How hard is that? Seems like it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

  481. Potrblog says:

    Canada Govt, Companies, Universities Refuse To Do Radiation Tests!

    I found the link (and his title for it) on Rense.com; here is the direct link to the story.

  482. Potrblog says:

    @jzhawk, the Federal government believes that its power to control “interstate commerce” allows it to force you to do what ever it wishes; be that forcing you to buy their health insurance; forcing you to eat certain foods; or forcing you to use nuclear power.

  483. @ christine – Thailand is north of the equator so be very careful with this tea (i.e. – test it for radiation before steeping). Argentina is south of the equator and its world-famous Yerba Mate will put hair on your chest – it is that strong a tea.

    @ roundabout – Boxer cheese is excellent, cheap and also available at Trader Joe’s.

  484. christine says:

    found green matcha powder in thailand. origin is thailand.

    1. From high mounatin tea plantations:
    Our tea plantations are with an elevation over 1000meters. The tea tree in high mountains grow slower than in low elevation areas because temperature in hign mountains is low.
    Nutritions in tea leaves from high mountains are also more than tea leaves from low elevation areas
    2. Organically grown:
    No chemical fertilizer and agricultural chemicals are used in these organic tea plantations.
    These tea plantations have obtained international FDA organic certificates, GMP, HACCP and ISO.

  485. jzhawk says:

    Does anybody know if nuclear power can be shut down/ outlawed state by state…say starting the movement in California

  486. roundabout says:

    Bonnie; I got my last bottle of tumeric under the New Frontiers label, they were out of the Bluebonnet Tumeric. Not sure where they source their tumeric, I never thought about Japan selling tumeric, so point well taken… Life Extension has highly absorbable cucurmin that I have had in the past, and they are a phone call away so I will call them for sourcing.

    Also regarding cheese, there at Albertsons (in Arroyo Grande) maybe others, is Australia’s Boxers Cheese which is aged THREE YEARS! Not sure how good it is, but should be very safe!!

    Thanks to all for the great links!

  487. Potrblog says:

    Like my family, many of ya’ll are avoiding dairy and are only buying aged cheeses. Unfortunately, the Cabot Vermont ‘minimum 24 month aged cheddar cheese’ we have been buying at Sam’s Club is stealthy being replaced (and co-mingled) with a Cabot Vermont cheddar cheese that has been ‘hand selected to have a 24 month aged cheese flavor profile’. Of course it’s the same price, what I don’t know is how much of that ’24 month flavor profile’ is Fukushima enhanced. Be careful of what you buy, and always read the label.

  488. Bar says:

    An unpublished 1993 report confirmed 1990-91 research, concluding “spirulina decreases radiation dose load received from food contaminated with radionucleides, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90. It is favorable for normalizing the adaptive potential of children’s bodies in conditions of long-lived low dose radiation.”


  489. Potrblog says:

    Children playing a park with 60 times background radiation; a video more terrifying to a parent than any horror movie.
    The local is Kashiwa Japan, rougly a 3.5 hour drive away from Fukushima


  490. Margery Brown says:

    Even small towns must be difficult to evacuate, but how about Tokyo with 1.5 million people? Where in the world could they all go?


  491. Potrblog says:

    @Bar, it certainly would be possible to build a giant solar facility out in the desert and pipe in water from hundreds of miles away, the risk is that more energy would be used to build it than would ever be extracted out of it. Along the same lines, more money would be spent to build it than would ever be hoped to made out of it. The environmental impact statement alone might kill it. Of course, the Army doesn’t have to worry about such things because we are the source of their money.

    There are places where solar does make sense for the Army, and that’s in places where the fuel has to be trucked in from hundreds of miles away, over routes that are under constant enemy attack. But even in those places, eventually war will bankrupt an economy.

    On the other hand nuclear makes money; and it is relatively safe from competition because governmental regulations make it near impossible for competitors to enter the field. The only downside is the occasional nuclear accident, and those costs of failure are socialized out to the public (much like the Wall Street Bailout)

    Another aspect is the Energy Density, Toshiba is working on micro nukes that could power and apartment building or a housing block; that would not be possible with solar cells.


    At the moment we are sort of trapped in a “Nuclear Energy, can’t live with it, can’t live without it” zone. The free market can come up with a way out of the mess; but the free market has pretty much been dead since 1913.

  492. Chase says:

    Déjà vu

    What we knew THEN:
    1979 – Walter Cronkite CBS – Three Mile Island
    (This video gets taken down every so often, but someone else always puts it back up so you can search it.)

    What we know NOW:
    2009 – “People Died at Three Mile Island” (30 yrs)

    This article makes an indisputable point in my opinion.
    Regarding TMI – “Official estimates said a uniform dose to all persons in the region was equivalent to a single chest x-ray. But pregnant women are no longer x-rayed because it has long been known (proven fact) a single dose can do catastrophic damage to an embryo or fetus in utero.”

    “Studies by Wing and by Arnie Gundersen, a former nuclear industry official, significantly challenge official pronouncements on both radiation releases and health impacts.” (at TMI)

    2011 – Seem familiar?

  493. chad whitworth says:

    In 1890 Black Elk was a child and he saw his people butchered at Wounded Knee.
    At this point the Nation’s Hoop was shattered.
    This new America did not win at the Wounded Knee Massacre
    As a nation we set the stage for a slow painful death..
    we are now suffocating in our own poisons.
    The earth will heal and the sacred hoop will regenerate
    This life force is within us
    Radiation cant touch it

    “I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heapen and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young.And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people dream died there. It was a beautiful dream. . . the nations hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead.”

    -Black Elk, Lakota

  494. Chase says:

    I checked out the comments on SLO Tribune sight. Very interesting!

    @Jane Strong
    You’re right. That was a really good Geiger Counter video. I learned a lot. – Thanks!

  495. christine says:

    anyone know where to find matcha powder other then Japan?
    also, how do we know where our brown rice is coming from when we buy in store? package doesn’t say. i did find a bag of brown rice at Albertsons from Thailand.

  496. Bonnie says:

    Roundabout – where is your tumeric coming from? I found some but I believe it was from Japan. Just not interested in obtaining tumeric from Japan. Please advise.

  497. Bar says:

    Potrblog, they have Solar Parks in Deserts already here:
    Sun power: Army unveils giant solar project
    They could plaster all the desertlike regions with solar panels. To get needed water to the solar facility they could build Waterpipelines. That shouldnt be a problem. They`ve got oil pipelines that are thousands of miles long in russia. You could put a Desalination Plant on the coast and use the solar power produced by the solar park for enery. http://www.water-technology.net/projects/adelaide-plant/
    It is possible and if an accident happens there the worsed that would happen is that your freezer might thaw and your icecubes melt.
    …reactor 4 of the six-reactor plant after it discovered the water level had dropped to about one-third of its capacity…..The drop caused equipment in the pool to be exposed, releasing high levels of radiation, officials said……. An estimated 1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials were released, compared with 500 million becquerels when the double doors of the building of reactor 1 were opened in May, the Jiji Press agency reported, citing TEPCO. The operator denied that the releases would have an impact on the environment.
    It is getting really scary! And no end in sight.

  498. 2dogs says:

    The local San Luis Obispo Tribune is having a series of articles on our own Diablo Canyon site and issues. Here is the first on dry storage. The article presents just the surface of the issues, but the locals responses that follow are the most frightening- fine examples of propping up the aging giants and disbelief of recognized nuke problems and any critical thinking.


  499. 2dogs says:

    The local San Luis Obispo Tribune is having a series of articles on our own Diablo Canyon site and issues. Here is the first on dry storage. The article presents just the surface of the issues, but the locals responses that follow are the most frightening- fine examples of propping up the aging giants and disbelief of recognized nuke problems and any critical thinking.

  500. Potrblog says:

    @Bar, Solar does not do well in the desert because lots of water is required to keep things clean, especially in a dusty place like the desert. It would be possible to avoid the water and dirt aspect by placing solar collectors in space, but then you have to transmit the energy down to the earth. And by any other name, that’s called a death ray. Nuke energy plants came into existence for a reason; making them go away won’t be pretty. Obviously, keeping them ain’t so pretty either.

  501. crooked pine says:

    I can’t shake the feeling that something else is going on with these statistics regarding infant death rates. Why is that only FOX (barf) affliates are reporting it? As the undisputed leader of sensationalism and propoganda… I don’t know, something doesn’t feel right.

    On the other hand, the two that put together the study produced another one on a similar topic in 2000. I’m in the middle of reading it now and it is just stunning. It should be thrust into the hands of any elected official, especially ones in Santa Barbara and SLO counties as they are in the process of forming an opinion on the fate of Diablo.


  502. Bar says:

    Infant mortality rates drop around five US nuclear power reactors after reactors closed
    4 May 2000


    Can’t they build Solar parks in Death Valley and close at least some Nuclear Power Stations down?

  503. Chase says:

    Another place another SPIKE in the infant mortality rate.

    Fox News article Seattle, Washington June 17th (35% increase) The figures were calculated after 10 weeks of Fukushima.


    So… as I read this story I saw a link for the same news station for a video on “Why the Milk is Safe to Drink” dated March 31, 2011. The rhetoric is the same from state to state. Whether it is Texas, Pennsylvania, or Washington the state/local “experts” continue to pass the buck. (in the same identical way, using almost the same exact words) They mention iodine only. No mention of cesium. Maybe they should have advised the public to err on the side of caution until more is known. Why wouldn’t they do that? I just don’t get it. They do however mention that milk is the second largest INCOME producer for the state.

    Video Fox News Seattle Mar 31, 2011

    What I would like to see now is a follow up story where they interview the same “experts” and then show them the current infant mortality data and get their reply or a least the looks on their faces.

    What will the headline be in 6 months? 3 years? 10 years and beyond? What will these experts say then? They will probably say, “Well, we did not have all of the data”. One issue I see is that there is no “check and balance” system in place. The ONLY check or balance we have at this time are heroes like EnviroReporter!

    My non-psychic prediction would be that the “don’t let the public panic” scenario is going to backfire worse than if they had told the truth. Not to mention the additional suffering to humans and the planet’s lifeforms that could have been averted or a least decreased.

    I can only hope that someday, some future historian, will be able to access these documents/comments and realize that some of us were aware that we were being misled and we tried our best to speak up.

    “Truth is a powerful thing! So are deceptions and lies except in reverse.” – Chase

  504. roundabout says:

    Chase thanks for the Fox video. Amazing. I hope this continent begins to wake up. Don’t touch our babies!! When you touch our babies, the women WILL rise up. Both were women reporters. Also great letter!

    Jane; Thanks for the video on measurements. WAS the BEST explanation.

    Sometimes I get tired of figuring out how to stay safe… but am getting it down. Making sure to take that 600 mg of Alpha Lipoc Acid daily among other things, like tumeric. We just do the best we can… and try to stay stress free. I think we are going to start seeing the USA West Coast disaster stories in the next 5 months. It will be an interesting social phenomena to see the West Coast wake up. And I am 16 blocks from the beach in sunny Ca!

  505. Potrblog says:

    @Rocket, a Keynesian would see the economic, societal value of all the long-term Fukushima induced illness as a way to replace all the baby boomers who are aging out of the governmental-industrial medical complex. In other words, think of the disaster as just another stimulus package / bail out.

  506. Jane Strong says:

    This person has the most simplistic explanations and demonstrations of Geiger counter use and radiation I’ve been able to find. I’ve been struggling to understand more so I can protect myself better and I find his you tube videos do the trick. http://youtu.be/afB709We9y8

  507. rocket says:

    i will reiterate a previous post before the infant mortality story was exposed. fukishima is an abominable heinous genocide eclipsing the halocaust. intentional and willful negligence, leading to human tragedy, irresponsibility, cover-up and collusion. dead babies and grief stricken parents. the only path to a solution is facing the truth. there is hope.

  508. Chase says:

    Maybe we should ask ourselves this question…

    “WHAT IF you lived in a time of crisis and no one around you seemed to know?” – Majia

    Is this how Christians felt prior to entering the Coliseum in Rome?

    Is this how Native Americans felt when walking the “trail of tears”?

    Is this how Africans felt before “the boat ride” to America?

    Is this how the Jewish people felt prior to WWII in Europe?

    What does it feel like to be gagged and tied prior to being executed? I’d say that’s a similar feeling that most of us who are “aware” are likely encountering at this time.

    “AWARE” a blog article by Majia
    ( VERY well stated in my opinion! Thank you Majia )


  509. Bar says:

    “…The plant, a $12 billion project…It’s Japan’s most dangerous reactor…1.4 tons of highly toxic plutonium fuel… “Let’s say they make this fix, which is very complicated,” Mr. Ban said. “The rest of the reactor remains highly dangerous. And an accident at Monju would have catastrophic consequences beyond what we are seeing at Fukushima.”


    Thats insane! Cant somebody stop all of this? What if Monju gets like Fukushima? The US will be literally doomed.

  510. Chase says:

    I had to respond to this. Below is the email I sent to the author/journalist that wrote the article cited by Bar earlier.

    RE: article

    Headline: “Radiation levels in city tap water detected but still within safe limits”


    Dear Mr. McElwain,

    What !!!?

    First let me say, there is no such thing as a safe limit when it comes to radiation. That’s a fact!

    Secondly, the so called “limits” have no real application when talking about Nuclear Fallout from a nuclear power plant. Radiation accumulates, we’ve been getting pelted for more than 90 days now. The Japanese have admitted about not telling the truth regarding initial high levels that were released and that did make it to the USA via the jet stream.

    Thirdly, these people who “pass the buck” off to the feds or the state or someone else should someday be held criminally responsible for their action or inaction as the case may be. Saying years from now that they wish they would have done more testing and “at least” advised pregnant women and children to avoid the drinking water. Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution than to say later “sorry, that was a regrettable decision.” Makes simple sense to me. Unless I owned stock or worked for the water company who relies on selling water.

    Fourthly, what if you water your garden and the plants uptake the radiation and then you eat it. And you drink it. And… let’s say the cows eat the grass that’s also tainted and you drink their milk too. etc… etc… The little bits add up. That’s not been calculated into the EPA’s “limit” numbers has it?

    That’s what you should be reporting. You should be screaming that you want more testing because children lives and our genetic future is at stake and that you don’t want people passing the buck. Instead saying “well, if the EPA says nothing, then everything must be okay”. How stupid is that?

    What I personally see from independent testing is that the EPA is being negligent in their non-action and their lack of testing. That’s what your article should be stating. (Note: a lot of the EPA positions are held by people who have worked for the NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, you know, the ones who issue Nuclear Plant licenses.)

    Instead you put the word “safe” into the headline which is misleading and untrue. Get a clue. Do some research.

    Ask these people you interviewed, “Why they aren’t doing their own testing?”. This stuff is too important to rely on an agency (EPA) that obviously has “conflicts of interest” when it comes to stating the facts regarding this matter.

    Citizen USA

    p.s. My hope and prayer is that you have read this and will “wake up” and help people by giving them the true facts.

    (News Flash: It’s NOT like riding in an airplane or an x-ray.)

  511. Bar says:


    “There’s basically nothing you can do about it anyway,” Disch said. “There’s no way to treat the water, but I don’t really expect it to become an issue anyway.”

  512. Big R says:

    Here is another article about presence of iodine-131 in Philadelphia water. Article says they are still trying to determine the source. A couple months ago I came across an article that stated high iodine levels in local tap water were suspected of not coming from Japan, but possibly local medical waste discharge from cancer treatment. High levels were previously detected in 2010 as well. Unfortunately I do not have the link to that article and I do not remember if it was Philadelphia. I will try to find that article this weekend.


  513. christine says:

    last night i tried to share the fox news report on the babies and facebook would not allow me!!!

  514. Chase says:

    Headline: Iodine-131 Killing Babies in Philly. (in the water)

    I saw this report on a FOX News station and then it was gone/removed. (?) It can still be seen at these 2 links. It may not stay up long.

    (same video)

  515. Potrblog says:

    FOX: Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philly?
    The news video/interview has since been removed from the Fox website in Philadelphia.
    Here is the original link:


    The news video can still be found on youtube, but I wager it won’t be up long.

    It is interesting that the story appears to have be squashed; The squashing makes the conjecture presented in the interview worthy of further consideration.

  516. Bar says:

    Cooper Nuclear Power Station
    “…The plant, operated by the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), is located in southeast Nebraska, near Brownville in Nemaha County.
    NRC inspectors said some of the station’s procedures for manually operating valves – which are part of system for releasing coolants under high pressure – wouldn’t work in the event of a fire. The independent emergency cooling system is one means available to provide water to cool the reactor in case of an emergency..”

  517. Bar says:

    On June 9, Nebraska’s other plant, Cooper Nuclear Power Station near Brownville, filed a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE), advising it is unable to discharge sludge into the Missouri River due to flooding, and therefore “overtopped” its sludge pond.

  518. angusmerlin says:

    @Bill G says:
    June 16, 2011 at 10:23 am
    Nebraska Nuclear Plant at Emergency Level 4 due to flood.

    From what I have read, there must be at least one related death to have a Level 4 status. Technically, therefore, Nebraska is not yet Level 4. Sure looks close, though.

  519. christine says:

    @Geo – I have a detector and I thought about testing the air filter in my car but the article says they are radioactive and the hot particles could lead to cancer. I don’t plan on messing with that. I live in Oregon and I have made several trips from Portland to Seattle during the month of April in my car. If some one would like my car air filter for testing, I will have the oil change guy put it in a plastic bag and I can mail it out to whomever wants to test it.

  520. Potrblog says:

    I asked yesterday if anyone knew what happened to the University of California Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department’s enrollment after the Three Mile Island disaster, well I found the answer. It’s not pretty.

    UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department MELTSDOWN to ZERO after Meltdown


  521. SLO says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I just emailed President Obama my opinion through Credo Action that he needs to put solar panels on the White House. I did not realize he had previously promised to do this by June 21, 2011. Let’s encourage him, especially in light of the Fukushima disaster and the dangers of nuclear power in general!


    Subject: Tell President Obama: Put solar on the White House!

    Dear Friend,

    There hasn’t been much for environmentalists to cheer about when it comes to federal action to combat climate change.

    But back in October of 2010, we did win a small, but symbolically important victory. The Obama Administration committed to install solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the White House by spring of 2011.

    June 21 is the official end of spring – but there are no solar panels on the White House, yet. It’s time for President Obama to make good on his promise.

    I just signed a petition asking Obama to stand by his commitment and put solar panels on the White House! Join me and add your name too:


  522. Geo says:

    Everyone please begin testing car air filters for radiation and post the results for different cities/places

    “sources are finding radioactive (automobile) air filters in the greater Seattle area of the US as well” (containing radioactive particles from the Japanese Fukushima Reactors still in full meltdown). (english.aljazeera.net)


  523. christine says:

    could not agree more chase.

  524. Today is the Second Annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood at 4 pm starring our very own Denise as Perchlorate.

    You can come to this free event or watch it streaming at http://www.toxies.com.

    Check out Perchlorate in our Featured Gallery on our index/home page.

    I write about this toxic silver siren in Toxies Take Tinseltown which I invite you to comment on.

  525. Chase says:

    “if people had the real data they might KNOW something…”

    @Wilma P.

    Yes, I have thought the same thing. Someone had asked the other day why Amarillo TX was always so “hot” regarding rad levels. My thought there was, it is 300 miles due east of Los Alamos, NM. What if one day some testing happened and a rain cloud dumped on Amarillo. (just speculating) It could be hot for years to come.

    Almost every area of the mid-west and eastern USA have tornado warning systems. So… why doesn’t every city/county own and operate a Rad Detector for public safety and awareness? Seems like common sense to me. They buy expensive cameras to monitor traffic lights to supposedly make the public safer. These rad detectors could be linked together by the tens of thousands across the country. This would give us a “true” analysis and an early warning system. (or warn as fast as possible system) This could be done at the local levels and no need for federal oversight.

    Now I think I know what you may be thinking. That is a GREAT IDEA! But, it will never happen. Why? Because if people had the real data they might know something.


    Because if people REALLY knew where and how bad the cancer hot spots are, and how unbelievably corrupt our political system is, and has been for a long time, especially regarding the proliferation of their nuclear agendas and the subsequent cover ups that in many ways go far beyond other historically criminal mass genocides. Except this is on a much larger scale and in a more sinister way, because the people being perpetrated upon are supposedly friends, not enemies. We are also the ones who pay the taxes to fund our own suffering. Wow!

    Maybe people will turn off their TV’s, wake up, and begin to think for themselves one day. Maybe they will realize that clean air, water and food are more important to life than electricity. Maybe? I hope and I pray for that day soon!

    “if people had the real data they might DO something with it…”

  526. Bill G says:

    Nebraska Nuclear Plant at Emergency Level 4 due to flood.


    Very informative report.

  527. Bar says:


    “A leak of radioactive tritium from a nuclear plant in New Jersey drew no federal sanctions”

    “The groundwater is processed through the Oyster Creek plant’s cooling system, where it is diluted. Then it pours into the Oyster Creek. So there are small concentrations of tritium in the creek where Alfonse Esposito fishes. But both state and federal regulators say those levels are far below what the Environmental Protection Agency would consider unsafe.”

    Everything is fine. No need to worry….

  528. Bar says:

    Japan-Complete nuclear shutdown next summer?


    Wouldnt that be great? Japan nuke free. :)

  529. Bar says:

    Wilma P. thanks for the link. Thats really unbelievable.

    Japan is starting to go into the right direction. Fukushima wants to quit nuke power. Lets hope the whole country follows.

  530. FMG1991 says:

    @ potrblog:
    You are right about the numbers. But you forgot that no one wants to shut down the plants immediately! We still have ten years in order to improve our energy supply… And our government already decided to invest billions in new windfarms etc. (most of them offshore) and of course new power grids since the majority of the “green” electricity will be produced near the shores and the biggest part of the economy is situated in the south.

  531. Wilma P. says:


    Some clue bird on my shoulder suggested this interesting read:


    Has anyone here thought of the possibility of local releases disguised as Fukushima fallout? An interesting research idea might include mapping all 103/104 U.S. reactors, the Canadian reactors, and ongoing nuke testing underground to see if there are any spikes in the local neighborhoods. By way of an example, in Hanford, Wash., (EPA Richland monitoring station) pre-EPA takedown, there were extraordinary amounts graphed for all to see from March 11th and well into April 2011.

    The piece above spells things out quite nicely, in my humble opinion.

  532. Potrblog says:

    Anyone know how much UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department’s student enrollments dropped after 3 Mile Island?

    Anyone care to guess what is going to happen to new student enrollments post Fukushima?

  533. Jon says:

    Debbie; EPAs site shows wide cpm fluctuations in Nebraska this week. On the 11th Omaha hit 134cpms then stopped recording till the 13th.

  534. Claudia says:

    Quick question-is the morning mist (daily june gloom here in South OC) as bad as (fallout) rain? I was hoping that those low clouds actually act like a shield and protect us from radiation…?

    Thank you,

  535. I wholeheartedly agree with Potrblog about staying out of the rain and if caught in the mists, wear a simple surgical mask to cut down on the droplets you inhale.

    You won’t need masks tomorrow at the Second Annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood at 4 pm. I write about it in Toxies Take Tinseltown which might give you a wizened grin or two.

  536. Debbie says:

    Hi all: I have been reading your postings for some time now but I haven’t had a lot to contribute. I do have a question though: Has anyone heard anything about Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska? I’m spotting several articles about it being in trouble from flooding. There is also a ‘No-Fly’ zone around it.Any info from your end?

    As a Canuck,my attention was caught by an article I almost missed regarding Canada’s decision to accept all food imports from Japan…so if there are any other Canucks browsing this site as I am…be aware.

    As many of you regular posters have noted, accurate information is minimal or non-existant. The closest CPM radiation reading I can get is from a station on the south shore of Upper New York, through the Radiation Network. Since I am on the north side of Lake Ontario, I figure it isn’t too far off from what is falling out around here. Needless to say, I also note what the numbers are in SoCal.

    And while I am at it, I did read a posting or two concerning what others are doing to mitigate the danger so I will add my two cents by what I am doing as follows:
    I take liquid Bentonite Clay in water every morning on an empty stomach. I take Spirulina in divided doses, three tabs A.M. and three in the P.M. I take a Kelp capsule every day as well as my usual regimen of Vitamin D 3000-5000units/day depending on the sun/cloud forecast and Co-Q-10. I’d like to add Zeolite but I haven’t found it so far.

    I am very glad to have found this sight way back in March and I’m comforted by the thoughtfulness and insights all of you have provided. Blessings to all of you… especially to Man Hands and Lady Fingers! I am grateful for all of your work on this issue.

    Sincerely, Debbie

  537. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, I would love to be wrong about the following; and I keep hoping someone would/will reference a study that the clearly indicates that all is well. But, it has not happened.

    As a result, I have spent TOO much time reading studies on radioactive rain. The short of what I have come up with is that anything over 2x is likely from a man-made cause. There is one pre-Fukushima report of 4x background using our method of rain sampling, so that should be the floor level to consider as possibly indicating Fukushima.

    The fallout I have measured has had a composite 46 minute half life, natural radon daughters would have a 36 minute half life. But for the sake of argument, lets assume it is Radon, just so happens Radon(etc) is found in fuel rods.

    Radon is also transported across continents. Most Radon washes out of the clouds and not the air. Local Radon washes out in the first part of the storm and dilutes the heavier the rain is. The fallout I have measured is strongest at the end of storms, long after local radon would have fallen out.

    But it gets even more interesting, “lucidf8″ pointed out a report showing strong high energy (potentially deadly) gamma rays in Lightning strikes. So what potentially happens when high energy gamma rays hit high atomic weight fallout? Its call photofission.

    So as a result of Fukushima, fission might be occurring in that thunderstorm over your head. If its not from the lightning, it might be from Solar products. What ever is going on it is a witches brew that no single person has researched or completely understands. But what is understandable is that there is Fallout source up wind of us, and people who should know better are not erring on the side of caution when they tell us things are safe.

    Given the limited tools we have, the only thing I can say for certain is -Stay Out Of The Rain.

  538. Potrblog says:

    @Michael, I would love to be wrong about the following; and I keep hoping someone would reference a study that the clearly indicates that all is well. But, it has not happened.

    As a result, I have spent TOO much time reading studies on radioactive rain. The short of what I have come up with is that anything over 2x is likely from a man-made cause. There is one pre-Fukushima report of 4x background using our method of rain sampling, so that should be the floor level to consider as possibly indicating Fukushima.

    The fallout I have measured has had a composite 46 minute half life, natural radon daughters would have a 36 minute half life. But for the sake of argument, lets say it is Radon, just so happens Radon(etc) is found i

  539. Potrblog says:

    @FMG1991, thanks for speaking up, and making me look at the data. On average Germany does export more electricity than it imports. Here is a cool chart that shows the data


    The short of it is Germany imported 33 Twh and exported 45 Twh. What that means is that sometimes Germany is still short of electricity (maybe a function of cost or capacity). Germany’s total nuclear generation capacity is 141 Twh. When those nuke plants shutdown there will be times when Germany will need to import 33+141=174 Twh. Throw in the unreliable Russian natural gas sources, and the peak electrical demand could be much higher.

    If I were a Chinese nuke exporter, I would be looking for generating sites is Slovkai, Poland, and Czech, + some Mediterranean countries

  540. @ Big R

    The vehicle was just washed. I make sure to have the windshield clean when thick fog or the occasional rains come. This was the so-called June Gloom and a collection plate with clean paper wouldn’t capture the mist that is inhaled by thousands of people, pets and wildlife on the west side of LA. The vehicle was outside – the mist doesn’t seem to penetrate parking structures, open or not, as far as I can tell. Your admonitions to high standards in operating procedures are well taken. Thanks.

  541. Big R says:

    @Michael Collins

    It still bothers me to see rain or moisture samples to be taken from leaf and windscreen surfaces as was done in recent rain sampling. I think that sampling method has potential for false readings due to accumulation from previous rainfall or fallout. samples should be taken from “clean” surfaces. Perhaps a cleaned jar, plate or sheet of plastic or wax paper left out to collect moisture or rain. For example when was the last time the windscreen was cleaned, is the car parked outside or garaged?

  542. Bar says:

    MFG1991, good for Germany! Lets hope other countries will follow. We do need to get away from nuclear power. We do need change. You´re right @Chase

  543. Chase says:

    The media news virtual blackout regarding Fukushima still seems overwhelmingly blatant. It has been for weeks now and it appears to be continuing unabated. I should also note that in the initial weeks of supposed reporting mostly what we received was disinformation, lack of information, or outright lies.

    I am not sure which is better. No information or disinformation? Actually, what would be best is truth and accountability, but I doubt we will see much of that any time soon.

    Sometimes a picture can make a powerful statement. Like the photo of the Vietnam Execution (1968)or the photo of a jet as it strikes one of the Twin Towers. These moments get frozen in time and they can instigate “change”.

    There is a photo of the mother and child in Japan which had the same affect on me. The title of the photo is “Time for Change”. You don’t “see” a gun or an explosion but the danger is real and it’s upon them. Perhaps you will feel the emotion of this photo as I do. The innocence in the child’s eyes. The determination of a mother to protect her child. OMG! (The little strawberries on her face mask are so cute. Strange to think she may never get to eat one.) In my opinion this photo should be on the front page of every newspaper/web blog in the world.

    Article: (scroll down to see the photo)

    It IS time for change. Whether it’s one person or one neighborhood or one country at a time.

  544. FMG1991 says:

    I am from Germany. I don’t think that we will need to outsource. After the Fukushima disaster our government decided to shut down 7 old power plants until the government decides what to do with them. Two weeks ago, another 7 power plants where shut down for three days because of regular security-controls etc. (14 of 17 reactors where shut down at the same time, by coincidence). The companies predicted power cuts but nothing happened. Apparently germany produces enough energy to sustain our households and economy even if the vast majority of nuclear power plants are shut down. The companies just sell a lot of electricity to other countries…

    No need to worry after all :)

    In Germany there has always been a broad anti-nuclear-power-movement (even before Chernobyl or Harrisburg) and nowadays it is as strong as never before. I live in Berlin and I watched the protests 25.000 people, sometimes even more, in front of the “Reichstag”. I think the politicians really mean it this time. At least i hope! Normally I don’t trust politicians, but in an election in “Baden Würtenberg” (very conservative region), the environmental party won for the first time ever! And this happened in the most conservative region in the entire country. The other parties who used to be pro nuclear power lost a lot of votes…. So most political parties agree on changing the constitution about going nuke-free within 10 years. Lets hope everything everything will be fine even if they just do it in order to keep their votes.

  545. Bar says:

    Radiated workers may be drop in Fukushima bucket
    Six more Tepco staff exposed beyond limit

  546. While this in no way compares to the amount of high levels of Fukushima goo in Potrblog’s expert sampling, this is quite remarkable for the Los Angeles Basin which has been bereft of rain. This is on our Radiation Station Stats page:

    10:00 pm 10-minute EXTERIOR average of WIPE SAMPLE FROM MIST ON WINDSHIELD IN SANTA MONICA: 100.9 CPM which is 217% above the subsequent EXTERIOR average of 46.5 CPM. Sheet of paper test indicates strong beta presence.

    Perhaps the UC Berkeley team would chock this off as “radon progeny” but according to Potrblog, at most rain* will read is between 1 to 1.5 backgrounds at most still leaving this sample inexplicably high unless it came from the most obvious source: three full meltdowns and multiple melt-throughs at the Fukushima Daiichi complex in Japan.

    Denise and I photographed all as we tested which will be part of an upcoming package.

    * (I’m not sure about this seasonal “June Gloom” mist versus rain and its effect on fallout adhering to either medium. Both are forms of water, obviously.)

  547. Potrblog says:

    The Best Chernobyl documentary. The video in this link is 1.5 hours long and it has details and interviews with some of the top leaders and scientists responding to the catastrophe. I call this video a MUST WATCH because it is a veritable playbook for how the Fukushima crisis is being handled.

    The things I learned from the video are that
    (1) Iodine 131 causes the metallic taste in people’s mouths

    (2) The greatest risk from Chernobyl was a 2nd NUCLEAR explosion the Commies had calculated would be in the 3-5 MEGATON range!

    (3) Preventing Public Panic was job #1.


  548. Potrblog says:

    @Bar & @Stefanie, there is a “positive” side to the European countries out sourcing nuclear; all the old tech nuke plants will shut down, and the new nuke plants will all be the latest next generation Chinese technology (on the downside, another US export bites the dust). There is a Monty Python skit/song in there somewhere.

  549. Jon says:

    “California, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida were hardest hit. Areas in California and Arizona were 10x,15x, up to 53x background.
    Beta Radiation in the United States Following the Fukushima Disaster freepdfhosting.comA statistical study.
    Highlights:Beta radiation was 5x background in the US overall in the second half of March.Increases in beta radiation were statistically significant in March, April, and May.” http://freepdfhosting.com/e9ba1877d6.pdf

    [Michael Collins note: The sourced document here is only identified as being written by a “Bobby1″ and therefore the data and conclusions of this document are impossible to verify.]

  550. Jon says:

    “California, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida were hardest hit. Areas in California and Arizona were 10x,15x, up to 53x background.
    Beta Radiation in the United States Following the Fukushima Disaster freepdfhosting.comA statistical study.
    Highlights:Beta radiation was 5x background in the US overall in the second half of March.Increases in beta radiation were statistically significant in March, April, and May.” http://freepdfhosting.com/e9ba1877d6.pdf

  551. Bonnie Corwin says:

    Hi Cizenoftheplanet. I thought that boron is only used for preventing criticality. If they are using this how would it apply. Does someone know the answer to this one? Thanks.

  552. FMG1991 says:

    @ Stefanie:

    i am from germany. i don’t think that we will need to outsource. after the fukushima disaster our government decided to shut down 7 old power plants until the government decides what to do with them. two weeks ago, another 7 power plants where shut down for three days because of regular security-controls etc. (14 of 17 reactors where shut down at the same time, by coincidence) the companies predicted power cuts but nothing happened. apparently germany produces enough energy to sustain our households and economy even if the vast majority of nuclear power plants are shut down. the companies just sell a lot of electricity to other countries…
    no need to worry ;)
    in germany there has always been a broad anti-nuclear-power-movement (even before chernobyl or harrisburg) and nowadays it is as strong as never before. i live in berlin and i watched the protests ;) 25000 people, somedays even more, infront of the “reichstag”. i think the politicians really mean it this time. at least i hope :) normally i dont trust politicians, but in an election in “baden würtenberg” (very conservative region), the environmental party won! the other parties who used to be pro nuclear power lost a lot of votes…. so most political parties agree on changing the constitution about going nuke-free within 10 years. lets hope everything everything will be fine…

  553. Bar says:

    Something strange happened at Fukushima Tuesday night. This article is German but look at the video. After minute 2:00. There is weird smoke or steam coming from somewhere and it lights up like a fog. You got to see this.

  554. Jon says:

    EPA’s site shows Los Angeles 2011-06-14 @176cpms.

  555. Stefanie says:

    The sad thing about outsourcing Nuclear especially in Germany is that they have a near spotless record and are extremely careful and precise. If they outsource it, it will go to a country that isn’t as spotless, precise or careful, never mind careful about environmental laws. Ironically but handing this off to someone else they might precipitate the nuclear disaster they fear so much.

  556. Bar says:

    Potrblog, I hope you’re wrong.

  557. lucidf8 says:

    Need another source of radiation to worry about? How about gamma rays generated by lightning storms. Check out this article about the added dangers to air travelers. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/12/gammarays/

  558. Potrblog says:

    @Bar, no one in Europe is going “nuke free”; it just can’t happen at the current rates of demand. What they MAY be doing is going “nuke outsourced”, which means the nuke plants will be built in other countries and the electricity will be piped in. It will end up being the functional equivalent of a Nuclear OPEC.

  559. chad whitworth says:

    Not sure how accurate this article is from healthfreedom.org
    but it made me feel better so have a read and feel free to comment:

    The Fallacy of US Radiation Readings From Japan’s Fallout
    Submitted by Lois Rain on June 9, 2011 – 11:14 pmOne Comment.46
    ShareEven though Japan earthquake and nuclear damage media coverage has slowed, there is still much radiation concern here in the States.

    While some of the products for radiation protection wouldn’t be bad to have, some companies intend to keep profiting from panic stricken Americans. A guest writer brings more insight into how radiation is measured and why it is very unlikely that Japan’s radiation has made too much of an impact here.

    ~Health Freedoms

    The fallacy of radiation readings circulating here in the US
    (written March 2011)
    There has been a lot of spreading of alarming numbers of radiation readings coming from all over the media and internet since the nuclear power plant problems in Japan. With this article I hope to shut them all down.

    First, I sell radiological survey meters, geiger counters, and dosimeters at gun shows around the country. So I would have an ulterior motive to panic you further to sell more equipment, but in actuality I am more interested in the truth getting out there instead of all this panic, hype and lies being spread suggesting the problem is much worse than it is. I have made guest appearances on many talk shows in the last week to try to get the truth out about what is going on.

    Invariably someone who owns a piece of radiation detection equipment, usually a surplus Civil Defense radiological survey meter, will go on the internet with their “report” of what they are reading in their local area. Civil Defense models such as the CD V-710, CD V-715, CD V-717, and the CD V-720 are for detecting high level gamma radiation (although they will also detect X-rays). Let’s examine gamma radiation for a moment. Gamma radiation emits as rays from a source and travels in straight lines and penetrates objects much like X-rays do. Mass is the best protector from Gamma radiation, that’s why our Fallout Shelters from the 50′s and 60′s were underground; you only need mass between you and the gamma source to protect yourself.

    Because of the curvature of the earth and the nature of gamma radiation, it is not possible to measure gamma radiation from Japan here in the US with the above listed equipment. If you are measuring anything on one of these devices you either:

    1.don’t know how to use the equipment
    2.your equipment is not calibrated properly or faulty
    3.you are lying
    4.there is something else going on locally that they are blaming on Japan
    Here’s a way to confirm this at home; take a reading as you were before outside, then without changing anything on the instrument, take it in an underground location such as a basement and you will see the reading persists on your instrument. If you really had been reading gamma radiation, the needle would have dropped to zero when you took it underground.

    Beta radiation acts differently and must attach to a particle such as dirt or dust, then travel via the prevailing winds to be measured away from the site of trouble. This is called fallout, and in the event of a nuclear weapon detonation, the beta particles will be blown high into the atmosphere by the blast as seen with the large mushroom cloud. In this event the beta particles could go into the jet stream and travel for some distance before finally falling back to earth where we could measure them.

    Now in the case of Japan, there has been no mushroom cloud, only much smaller hydrogen explosions which even if there was any radiation present at the time of those explosions they certainly wouldn’t have gone high into the atmosphere. Any beta radiation will travel with surface winds and wouldn’t get very far before falling into the Pacific Ocean or whichever way the winds might take it. The only surplus Civil Defense models that could measure beta radiation would be the model CD V-720 (high level only), and the CD V-700 which can measure low level beta and low level gamma. Remember, this is the ONLY type of radiation that could POSSIBLY get here from Japan, and this is extremely unlikely unless there is some sort massive explosion that could get the beta particles airborne high enough to reach the jet stream.

    Another device which is more important but much less known because of the movies is the CD V-750 dosimeter charger and dosimeters. Dosimeters are small devices that you wear that measure your accumulated gamma radiation level (expressed in roentgens or “r”) over time. The dosimeters from Civil Defense have different scales on them and will be the models CD V-138 (0-.2r), CD V-730 (0-20r), CD V-740 (0-100r), and the most common CD V-742 (0-200r). If you were be exposed up to 50r you would not have any visible effects.

    If you were exposed from around 50-200r you would get radiation sickness depending on your immune resistance and bio-terrain. Between 200-500r some will die from these exposures. If you were exposed all the way up to 600r you would die within two weeks. These higher numbers are what people are falsely claiming to have been exposed to already here in the US, but I haven’t heard any reports of people passing from radiation here, or even Japan for that matter.

    For up to date information on real radiation numbers as updated every 15 minutes here in the U.S. go to http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html

    The bottom line is, I need not worry what happens in Japan if I am living in the United States, even if all of the cores completely melt down. I would worry if I was in Japan, but not here. Now that’s not to say that I need not worry; that earth quake could as just as easily happen off the coast of California, or even on the New Madrid fault in Missouri. Then there could be a concern for my safety here in the US.

    Remember, we already fought World War III many times over. We bombed ourselves, the Soviet Union bombed themselves, the Chinese, etc. with all the nuclear wepons testing done over several decades all over the world. Did you panic then? That was a much greater danger than what we are seeing in Japan today.

    Craig http://www.ForbiddenKnowledge.info

  560. Potrblog says:

    HOT PARTICLES in California, No it is NOT like Flying on a Plane

    The long time readers on Enviroreporter will recognize the decay particle and Lung cancer calculations shown in the link above; what I have done is point out how that math in those calculations relates to Arnie Gundersen’s statements on detection of “hot particles” in Seattle. The fact is that pretty much all of the detection data given by the EPA in Bq/m3 or pCi/m3 are much more easily understood by people if given in terms number of hot particles inhaled.

    Arnie Gundersen is owed a debt of gratitude for breaking through the malfeasance of describing inhaling and ingesting radioactive fallout as being akin to cosmic radiation exposure from flying in an airplane. My hat’s also off to Michael and Denise of Enviroreporter for being good enough reporters to not allow themselves (and us) to be sold a ‘load of poles’ by “experts” who should know better.

  561. Margery Brown says:

    Here is a new video by Arnie Gunderson of Fairwinds.co, in which he discusses th
    hot particles being received in Seattle, and in addition, the meaning of a metallic taste in one’s mouth.

    “Fairewinds Update”

  562. Potrblog says:

    @Weaver, the individual asking the question in that link detected 4x background radiation, and it concerned him enough to ask that question. The response from the “expert” was basically that anything over 1x higher than background was the result of man made activities. What was really interesting about the individual’s question was that he was using the exact same Geiger counter that Michael and I use. He was also using the exact same paper towel method I use to check my car.

    Using that method, I have detected over 60times background radiation. There are other sources that also indicate that the maximum increase to be expected from strong storms is 2x background. In the article that BAR linked to, their alarms went off at 1.3X background.

    If you want more details read this post on my blog.
    Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials:The Smoking Gun on Hiding Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

  563. Bar says:

    “The increases in background were associated with low atmospheric pressure.”

    I dont know much about it either, but it looks like the higher data is from the radon and has nothing to do with Fukushima. Please correct me if my assumtion is wrong.

  564. Weaver says:

    There is an interesting article I picked up from a comment made on http://www.facebook.com/Tokyo.Radiation.Levels (a Facebook page I recommend everyone check out)…

    It’s a question/answer about radon accumulation on cars after rainfall, posted in October 2001. It seems to say that short-lived “radon daughters” are responsible for exposure rates in recently-fallen rainwater to skyrocket for a few hours, and that they have little to no bearing on background radiation levels.

    However, I am to also understand that these same “radon daughters” have a tendency to attach to dust particles and enter the body.

    My question is: Are the high readings in rainwater, such as the ones Potrblog have been finding, indicative of serious radiation levels, or are they simply being amplified by these short-lived “radon daughters” that decay within hours? I would appreciate any educated feedback people have about this, as I know very little about it.

    The article: http://hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q1241.html (Like everything found on the internet, please take it with a grain of salt.) Thank you all in advance.

  565. citizenoftheplanet says:

    Chase, outstanding art project link! thanks for sharing

  566. Potrblog says:

    @Jon, Amarillo seems to be always 150cpm higher on Beta than any where else in the country. Amarillo is also pretty much the western boundary of “Tornado Alley”. The photo in this link I think does a good job showing why the Radioactive levels in the ground air might be higher in Amarillo, and why it would be higher in the rain in Missouri.


    also here is a webpage that puts up all the EPA Radnet graphs in one easy to view spot.


  567. Jon says:

    Potrblog; thank you for the info you provide here and on your site. Check out Beta hot spot AMARILLO TEXAS. Since April average around 300cpm. Last weeks range 153cpm to 477cpm.

  568. Bar says:

    Good news for us!
    Heavy rain pelts much of Japan

    Here is an interesting gadget. Good to have in the emergencybag.
    Boiling water charges cellphones

  569. Potrblog says:


    Who would have ever though that drinking rain water in Hawaii would be a bad thing? If she can, she should get a Watts Premier wp-4v drinking water filter; if her water supply is limited she should add a Zero Waste Retrofit Kit.

  570. Potrblog says:

    Here is a link to what Jon alerted us to

  571. Jon says:

    Big R; http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ then click Message. My sister is there and her water source is the rain.

  572. Big R says:


    Which of the Hawaiian islands had these measurements? I looked at the EPA’s RadNet site and didn’t see any high spikes on the real time air monitor at Honolulu, although gross beta counts are offline, but the gross gamma air monitor is online and looks normal. Deployable monitors at Oahu and Kauai appear “normal” for gamma too.

  573. Bar says:

    christine wilkes, when i lived in Long Beach, Ca. years ago everybody was talking about the big earthquake coming and got me all scared. So i moved to Portland Ore. thinking i would be save there and guess what Mt.St. Helens erupted and i ended up in a 5.6 earthquake and ash.
    I wouldnt move if i were you. Arnie Gundersen is very smart but he cant look into the future. He dosent know exactly what will happen next. Even if unit#4 blows, you will have to check to see wich direction the wind is blowing. Right now they have their typhoon season (from June until Dec). The wind swirls around in a big circle and it rains like crazy. That washes the radioactivity out of the air and you wont get much of it. Here is a link for the local weather in Fukushima http://www.jma.go.jp/en/yoho/ You have to go to Prefecture Fukushima. They have rain in the forecast the next few days so that will reduce the amount of fallout alot.
    I think the reason why we dont hear much about the fallout in the news is because they are worried that people get scared and panic. It is scarey. We shouldnt run. We should fight against nukelear power. Its an old, dirty and illmaking dangerous technology. This is 2011. Water wind and solarpower ist the new clean healthy and safe powersource.

  574. Jon says:

    Update: 6/11/11, 8:00 A.M. – Hawaii station detects Fukushima Radiation?
    Early yesterday morning, at about 3:00 A.M. local time, one of our new Monitoring Stations in Hawaii broadcast a Radiation Alert over the network, reaching a sustained level of over 100 CPM (Counts per Minute) for a period of about 15 minutes, peaking as high as 141 CPM at one point. The readings then subsided to normal background levels of about 37 CPM for that station, but within less than 2 hours, trended quickly up again to over 100 CPM for another 5 minutes or so link; RadiationNetwork.com

  575. Jon says:

    (The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:

    4 weeks ending March 19, 2011 – 37 deaths (avg. 9.25 per week)
    10 weeks ending May 28, 2011 – 125 deaths (avg.12.50 per week)

    This amounts to an increase of 35% (the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3%), and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. In 2001 the infant mortality was 6.834 per 1000 live births, increasing to 6.845 in 2007. All years from 2002 to 2007 were higher than the 2001 rate.) By JANETTE D. SHERMAN, MD

  576. Chase says:

    This video is an art project, but it is truly much more.

    “1945 – 1998″ Multimedia – artist: Isao HASHIMOTO

    ‘2053’ <- This is the number of nuclear explosions conducted in various parts of the globe between 1945 and 1998. It's time lapsed so a month equals a second in time. The end does a recap by country of the areas of the planet that are now damaged.


    At times there are so many going off so quickly that the sound effect is like popcorn!

    This should be page one in our history books as an example of what NOT to do to one's own planet. It could now be updated to show Chernobyl, Fukushima, Simi Valley, and the rest of a long unfortunate "regrettable" list of nuclear/toxic fiascoes world wide.

  577. citizenoftheplanet says:

    I offer my humble and continued appreciation and thanks for all who contribute their opinions, link references and endless commitment to help one another through Radiation Nation/EnviroReporter and this comment forum. Truly, an Oasis of Useable Valued Information in the vast Sea of Uncertainty and Misinformation.

  578. Big R says:

    If you are interested in knowing where seafood comes from (especially in relation to distances from Japan) here is a map. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and hover the mouse cursor over the fish icons. Note Chunk Light Tuna is made of skipjack and yellowfin tuna (http://chickenofthesea.com/product_line_list.aspx?FID=11)

    Map link – http://chickenofthesea.com/go_fish.aspx

    I bought some frozen shrimp a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a lot of seafood is farm raised and will state country of origin even if it is at the super market deli. Maybe I am “chancing” it but the frozen shrimp came from Thailand & was farm raised and I believe the package date was in 2010.

  579. Potrblog says:

    @christine wilkes

    Just picture the people who left Nazi Germany and relocated to Paris. There is nowhere safe, there is always some sort of threat. The key is to measure the threats, rate them, and mitigate them. (I find thoughtful prayer to be the best mitigation).

    All that said, If you are strongly inclined; this will give you a start in things to consider.


  580. christine wilkes says:

    @Chase – Thank you for that radio interview. I plan to sit my husband down tonight and share this with him. While he does not share my level of concern, he has said to me many times these past few months,,,,you make the decision if, when and where….then, I will follow. So, I believe Gunderson is trying to warn us on the West Coast. My husband and I have both grown up in Seattle. It’s our home, it’s where we met, fell in love and had two children. It’s where we hoped to raise our children. Fukushima has changed that. This may be extreme or this may not, I don’t know but I have this strong feeling we need to relocate. I just can’t get traction because I don’t know where to go.

    Anyone else on this board from the West Coast that has also thought about leaving and if so, where?

    Anyone on the board have ideas about a “safer” as I know there is no “safe” place but some place safer then the West Coast right now.

    I just worry about Arnie’s warning on Unit #4.

    I have even thought about Australia. Anyone know about Maine? I know it’s North but at least it’s East!

    Florida scares me with all the hurricanes.

  581. Chase says:

    Arnie Gundersen (Nuclear Plant Expert)
    – Robert Knight RADIO Interview

    Re: Ft. Calhoun Nuke Plant in Omaha and Fukushima.

    It’s a 40 minute interview, but well worth the listen.
    At around 29:00 to 30:00 into the talk he mentions again the “hot” particles from Fukushima we are breathing in on the west coast of the USA. He also states when asked directly about the EPA that we must rely on independent scientists for true readings.


  582. Potrblog says:

    Have young children? Save those baby teeth!

    During the 1950-60’s Scientists in Saint Louis collected over 325,000 baby teeth to measure fallout from above ground nuclear tests; 40 years later 80,000+ baby unused baby teeth were found and used to related radioactive fallout exposure to cancer deaths in their 40 year old donors. The result: “the average Sr-90 concentration in teeth of persons who died of cancer was 122% greater, or more than twice the level for healthy persons the same age. The 122% excess was statistically significant at p<.04."


  583. Bar says:


    “Lawmakers in Switzerland’s lower house of parliament Wednesday cemented in a landslide vote plans by the government to phase out use of all five of the country’s nuclear reactors by 2034, making it Europe’s second country to abandon nuclear power in favor of renewable energy in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi crisis.”

    Germany and Switzerland are going nukefree and Italy is voting June 12 and 13 to continue or end nuclear in their country.

  584. Potrblog says:

    17X Background radiation from rain in Lansing Michigan


  585. Tray says:

    I am so touched by all your comments I can’t even tell you! Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement I really appreciate all of you and your kind words. I guess I was trying so hard to do it all perfect this threw me for a loop. I have been thru quite a bit for my young age and will do anything to protect my family. This has become an obsession for me and I need to magnify my God not these issues. I know what to do to protect us now I need to move on. You all don’t even know me and the very thought of you all taking the time to help me thru such a weak moment I can put it into words how much that means to me.

    Michael and Denise, this is a true testament of amazing this website is! Thank you ALL!!!

  586. Big R says:


    The article said that it could take thousands of years for the ground water to reach Death Valley.

    “The Energy Department has said the contaminated water is moving very slowly downhill toward Death Valley National Park, but it could take thousands of years to reach any affected community.”

  587. christine wilkes says:

    Annette2 – Your post is very interesting to me at this time. My son started with a dry cough at night time about 2-3 weeks past. He is not sick, no other signs of illness, no cold nothing. Just a dry coughing attack for 30-45 min at night. And, sometimes during the day but mostly it’s at night when he is sleeping. It’s not bad enough to wake him up but I can hear it through out the night. He is and always has been a healthy boy. He is 3yrs turning four. So, I started to think about what has changed in our environment. Well, a lot really with this radiation scare. I also thought about the HEPA filter. We got the Austin Air with a military grade filter. It’s rated as one of the top 10. I also have been running it at full speed. There is one side that blows out air. My son thought it was fun to stand in front of it and let the air hit his face. He played in front of it quite a bit fascinated with putting things in front of the air vents to see how the forced air would blow different weighted items up into the air or shooting them out this way and that. Anyway, not sure if I’m describing this correctly but nonetheless he was having fun so I let it go on. He naturally was breathing this forced air into his lungs. I don’t know for sure if this is what is causing these coughing fits but as a mother we have these instincts and this is mine. Now even more so after reading your post.

  588. christine wilkes says:

    Tray – I’m with you 100%. I understand exactly how you are feeling. I did leave this site for a while because I became so scared I was having anxiety and panic attacks. My husband interjected and said enough! All the hours I spent in front of the computer were for a greater good but nonetheless I wasted precious time and moments with my family. My daughter turned one and had a lot of first moments during these past three months and it was hard for me to really enjoy much of them. When I start to feel like all this is too much and I’m going to fall to my knees and burst into tears, I shut off the computer for 2 days and just lay on the floor and play with my children. There are days when I say aaah f*** it and let all the rules go just to keep my sanity and the family happy. We took the kids to Cannon Beach last weekend and they played in the sand (some of it was swallowed i’m sure). I will always be haunted “what if” that was the day I destroyed the future of their health. But for that day, I let it all go and we had a wonderful time together. My son was allowed to have a donut and he enjoyed an icecream cone with his Dad. I do my best every day with some days allowing an exception or two. It’s a scary time and many of us don’t know what we are to be doing. We are learning and trying new things. Our instinct to protect and care for our children is a natural response during a time like this and with that comes worry and doubt. This is all so overwhelming for a parent, especially to young children, babies and expecting parents. There have been many days where I just throw my hands up and fall back on my faith in God. The more I pray, the more peace I get. It’s the days I don’t pray that my anxiety, fear and doubt take over. Also, I do feel God is willing me to continue with my quest for information and due dilegence in protecting our children. So I push on with Gods help.

  589. roundabout says:


    You will calm down because you are a Loving Mom and realize that your child will learn to thrive in any challenging environment with an introjection of calmness, coolness and collectness that he learned from you. What a great opportunity you now have to teach your son cool problem solving. You can now be developing in your son the path to life long problem solving without fear or panic. You will continue to rise to this challenge. You are the first mentor, example and teacher he has on how he will perceive his future challenges. Will he panic, or thrive?

    So try an epsom salt bath for the family members with good old baking soda tossed in and know it will all work out in the end. Please stay on this site and be the proactive and informed parent you are. And take some time to play as a family and get your joy and peace back. And if I may suggest that prayer works, it does. There is nothing wrong with detoxing radiation out of a child so that his immunity can sustain itself. Trust it will be okay so that you and your son can enjoy today, Today is all we have. Enjoy the moment and enjoy the fact you can trust if you choose. I hope this helps. I pray you are surrounded by love and peace and calm.

  590. Annette2 says:

    Dear Tray –

    I totally feel for you. We find ourselves in uncharted territory here – and we’re all just floundering along the best we can, trying to advance along the ginormous learning curve as quickly and thoroughly as we can as we try to protect our loved ones.

    Re: the Death Valley clay – I am not familiar with that clay – we’ve been using another brand. Regardless of the brand, from what I understand, once the clay (bentonite) binds the radioactive substances it does not release them, so even if the clay had been exposed to some radioactive particles before it was packaged (who knows???), according to what I’ve read those radioactive particles would not be released in the bath.

    We live in Agoura (so CA), and have a strong, healthy, athletic 15-year old son who came down with walking pneumonia 2 weeks ago. His fever freaked me out – 104, chills, wracking cough… just debilitating. After his diagnosis I started thinking about what could have aggravated his lungs – what had changed in our environment beyond the probable exposure to some sick kid in school? This was late May – and no rains or known major Fuk-onsite releases of late, so probably not the potential exposure to particulates that we would have had in late March/early April. Anyway, I zeroed on on those SIX hepa air filters I had blasting away throughout our home nonstop since late March. I did further research on each one of them, and turns out that 4 of them had ionizers and “plasmawaves” that emitted ozone, which would irritate the lungs. I have no clue what actual combination of factors added up to my son becoming so ill – but I do know that all those hepa air filters – while performing a potentially life saving action of cleaning our indoor air of incredibly dangerous radioactive particulates, could at the same time have aggravated his lungs & bronchials enough to predispose him to this illness. I returned the polluters & replaced them with safer (and more expensive) models.

    I was so upset at first, but I came to realize that we are all just doing the best we can, and every give has a potential take as well. Did I make my son sick by plugging all those beasts in? Maybe. They also may have added some years to his life by intercepting some carcinogen before it reached his precious lungs.

    We’re playing mouse to a big old cat, and it is no fun. Being on the defensive is tough – it’s hard to gain any perspective when you’re bobbing & weaving all the time.

    Zeolites, bentonite & montmorillonite clay, turmeric, apple pectin, epsom salt/baking soda baths with calcium lactate chasers, no dairy (except aged cheese), limited fresh fruit & vegetables, sprouting, buying up cases of “old” water from the dollar store, sleeping in wind tunnels from the air filters, wearing face masks when we groom our horses while the neighbor kids watch, mouths agape, stripping down at the door & showering every time we come in from outside – these past 3 months have been freaking nuts! We have made HUGE changes to our internal & external environments & are praying that we’ve made the correct choices. Let’s talk about the teenage boy when he can’t eat pizza – forget it!!! Poor kid looks like a freak at pool parties eating pizza crusts with marinara (cheese peeled off) & carrot sticks – … whatever. Alpha contaminants in the pool water? Can’t even go there… kid’s gotta live. We are doing the best we can with the limited data we’ve got… I pray we’ve made the right choices.

    Access to the hard data that we know exists would be helpful, that means you, EPA! Yes, releasing testing results, rather us poor schmucks speculating & patching together milk & produce & water & soil & air data from northern California & hoping it’s somehow relevant to my family 400 miles away, when we know darned well that the government is sitting on actual data from my neck of the woods but is not releasing it … come on! Yes, we can do harm by changing the environment (external & internal) so Tray, you are spot on for being uber-concerned about not harming your son. These certainly are hazardous times & I admire your courage for acknowledging the dangers & facing them square on. We’ve got our precious families to protect & thanks to Michael & Denise, we’ve got each other for support. Blessings on you & your family.

  591. jzhawk says:

    Also, if your on Facebook the is a group called 500 million friends: beyond nukes. Try to join it. That way more people become aware there is a problem. (And even realize there is one.

  592. jzhawk says:

    Tray, I don’t think you should be worried. I am not sure if you are worried because the clay was from Nevada. It’s detoxifying. I have two kids. One 4.5 and one 1.5. My older one takes the Zeolite once a week or so. Also giving him more probiotics. The younger one I have not been able to give it to her. She has opinions…not been so easy. I have given them baths in it too. Trust me….I have had my moments of stressing about all this, but I feel right now I want to do what I can…detoxing, taking supps, watching my food.

  593. Tray says:

    Big R,

    I just gave my son a bath with some freakin clay from Death Valley in Nevada called Aztec Secret. I am really freakin out, shaking after I read what you posted. I only put a little in his bath a few times. 3 times to be exact.

    I need to know if this is okay. I am really freaking out and need confirmation. I will say this is the first time I really decided I may have to exit this site and just relax and live my life. Anyone who may be able to calm my nerves please write.

  594. christine wilkes says:

    Bonnie, Tray – I started 1tsp ZeoForce last night and no problems. Are you both taking this daily or every couple days?

    Bonnie I got my ZeoForce at Wholefoods. They are pretty well stocked on this should you need more.

  595. jzhawk says:

    What chat line is tray referring to and can anybody tell me about the mist situation

  596. Big R says:

    LA Times article about Nevada nuclear test site ground water contamination and compensation. Estimates are 1.6 trillion gallons of ground water is contaminated after hundreds of underground nuke tests. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-0610-radioactive-water-20110610,0,1208277.story

  597. Potrblog says:

    chad whitworth,

    With this solar storm probably the best place for detections would be in Canada. The real concern is as Fukushima keeps pumping out Xe133 for the next months and years. Assuming the situation is not the maximum worst case, you wont hear about it until years later when the geologists and chemists start noticing that they are getting strange readings trying to date the age of rocks. The other indication will be when ObamaCare stops covering Thyroids.

    In regards to iodine, what I do is paint a 2×2 inch patch of iodine on my arm or chest. How fast the patch disappears gives me an indication of how rapidly my thyroid is scavenging Iodine.

  598. chad whitworth says:

    It will be intersting to see if this solar storm creates a witches brew of fall out…if so we should see some kind of spike on Michael’s readings.
    Is anyone else out there taking kelp?
    I only take 4 tablets a day (225mcg of iodine per tablet)
    however due to a surfboard going through my head i have a wired skull and hyper-thyroid
    I am skeptible to take more with this thyroid deal.
    Curious what others kelp levels are (especially those with abnormal thyroid function)..however anyone’s kelp input would be appreciated
    I think I would need to take 20 or 30 tablets a day instead of 4 to get the iodine benefit others are receiving.

  599. Tray says:


    Was there any high reads in the preciptation this morning? My son had field day and was running around with the rest of the school in the mist this morning. I thought since we didnt detect any in the last rain fall we should be okay but I just checked in on the chat line and noticed you wrote something about staying out of the mist today. Arrrgh I am going to throw the kid in the shower and rinse him off. My kid is going to think I have gone crazy throwing him in the shower in the middle of the day! I guesss thats the kinda Mom I am.

  600. Tray says:

    Thanks Bonnie. I will research more. I nursed my son for 13 months so I think that provided lots of immunities till he was one. I would probably be more incline give him zeolite now that he is older with more research. I guess I just wonder if you should detox a kids body. How will they build a resistance? These are things I will research more. Thanks for your email.

  601. Bonnie says:

    Tray: Although I never personally heard of anyone becoming dependent on Zeolite (it is a mineral), I know I didn’t. Because we are/may have radiation coming on our heads daily now/soon, this is new territory. I guess I am going to experiment. At this time I was planning to take it forever because I believe the radiation is here forever. Zeolite detoxes heavy metals. There are many ways that you can detox anyone’s body without doing something drastic. My suggestion would be to really research. My son is now 27, but if he were small I would really look into all the different ways to detox, for instance Q-Spa foot baths – as long as water is not contaminated of course. Infrared Sauna check into size and weight — older adults are not recommended for Infrared Sauna. Infrared Sauna is FDA approved for detoxing. There is a HEPA filter out there that has Zeolite in it. I have a HEPA for allergies from 2005 – I am purchasing the HEPA filter with Zeolite soon. Look into supplements that support the liver. Zeolite is given to children in Chernobyl. This is why I would give it to mine if he were small in a heartbeat. I heard somewhere that children should not take until they are at least one. Bathing children in bentonite clay is something I’ve heard is really good.

    Building immune system. There are many ways to detox out there and I suggest you really research and study. None of my information is a suggestion or medical advise – it is just what worked for me, others I saw and suggestions that may help in these very different and very dangerous times. The consensus is detox daily now. Hope this eases some of those thoughts. When I couldn’t find zeolite again several years back – well, after Fukushima, I searched hours and hours to find it. That’s how much it meant to me and to others that I saw taking it. Just make sure that you purchase a zeolite that you are sure is pure. Animals can use it too. (Did not spell check anything – in a hurry at my lunch hour.) Hope this helps.

  602. Bar says:


    [Editor: Electrical fire threatens fuel cooling pool in Nebraska nuke plant on Missouri River.]

  603. Bar says:

    roundabout, look at this:
    Thats not too far from Wyoming. Who knows what else might have happend there. It sounds like the workers are trained by Homer Simpson.

  604. Our friends in Nebraska and the Heartland of America probably already know this – The Missouri River is flooding one of Nebraska’s reactors, with another five feet of water expected over the next week.

    This re-emphasizes what we’ve been saying all along: If you think the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns/melt-throughs are bad, it can get even worse and now it is, right here in the middle of the United States, the breadbasket of our country.

  605. Tray says:

    Go to aboutclay.com and hit clay info at the top. That explains a lot and also go to living clay and give them a call they explained everything to me. I got this referral on this website for living clay so I just found out about this all yesterday.

    This whole catastrophe is going to give me a heart attack if I don’t chill. My little joke to myself.

  606. Bar says:


    How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease And Stroke

  607. Potrblog says:

    The Aurora Borealis’ New Nuclear Sheen


  608. potrblog says:

    This is an interesting read
    “10 Tipping Points Which Could Potentially Plunge the World Into a Horrific Economic Nightmare”

    #5 on the list is Fukushima. And If it were not for #3 on the list, Fukushima would have significantly dropped oil prices for the short to medium term.

  609. roundabout says:

    I was wondering regarding the clay. I have liquid clay, so now I know I can use it to wash produce. Thanks for the link. However, I heard that it isn’t the best to use internally, and that the powder is the best for internal use… is that correct? Anyone?

    Dutchsines on youtube got an amazingly high reading west of cheyenne Wy. He is headed out west measuring as he goes… I stroll to the end of the segment just to get the final readings. Here is the link below. The reading was way over 700. To my most recent knowledge Wy does not have nuclear power plants at all. However, they do house nuclear warheads underground, somewhere in Wy. Here is the link:

  610. Tray says:

    I hear you. I will give wheat grass and spirullna. I am a walking contradiction myself. I guess I just have to go with my gut.

    Let me know how it goes for you.

  611. christine says:

    OK, thank you for the Zeolite responses. I’m going to take my first tsp tonight before bed.

    Tray – I’m with you. It’s foreign and scary for me also to give the children this. Which I don’t completely understand my mental block because I give them hemp powder in their hemp milk, I give them each rooibus tea and probiotics.

    Maybe after I take it for a month, I will start small with my son who is almost 4.

    I’m nursing my daughter so she may get a lil bit anyway.

  612. Tray says:


    I wonder can your body become dependent on Zeolite? That’s what concerns me when giving it to children. Also detoxing a childs body? I wonder if they need some of the good and some the the not so good stuff. (not the radiation of course) Builds immunity? I am not going against what you are saying works for you and for that matter lots of people. Just thoughts in my head.

  613. Bonnie Corwin says:

    Christine, I’ve been taking zeolite off and on since 2003. I used it as a colon detox reommended by an alternative health practitioner. Sometimes I take 1 tsp per day. Other days I take up to 3. I got caught in huge rain storm in late March and had interesting symptoms until I began taking the zeolite. It does seem to settle my digestion. Whether you ever purchase from this site or not, it has good information about zeolite and dosage. etszeolite.com. Not my site, although I have one. My understanding is that children can begin using zeolite at the age of 1. Two weeks ago I added some to my blueberry pancakes. YOu can bake with it, I put it in my coffee, etc. Pets can take it too. So far I have not had any negative reactions, nor have I heard that anyone has. Everyone is different though.

  614. Tray says:

    No I will not give anything orally to my kid other than Yummy Greens and a multi vitamin. I will however bath my child in the clay, baking soda and bath salts. I just have mental block with giving any internal stuff to my child. Don’t know if this makes sense or is right or wrong but it is what I feel good about.

  615. christine says:

    Zeolite, those of you taking it…how much did you start with? 1 or 2 tsp?

    I just got the HealthForce ZeoForce powder.

    Tray, are you taking this or have you given to kids?

    Anyone have negative reaction?

  616. christine says:

    Tray – This is GREAT! Thank you. Excerpt…..
    To remove radiation from your produce, Perry A~ Arledge, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, recommends starting with liquid clay. This is Calcium Bentonite Clay mixed with water at a ratio of 1 part clay to 8 parts water. In a large non-metallic bowl, mix ¼ cup of liquid clay with 1 quart of water. Toss your fruits or vegetables in this clay water making sure they’re completely covered and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse and dry them, and store them as you normally would.

    I REALLY miss my carrots. I let my guard down yesterday and purchased carrots but I also got the liquid betonite.
    Hope it really works. My kids love carrots and I want to feed them carrots again.

  617. Tray says:


    Just bought some living clay. I like the fact I can wash my fruits and veggies in it and it will help detoxify them from radiation and pesticides. For all of you who miss a nice crunchy carrot or apple from the good ole US here’s a good way to enjoy them again. Because eventually we are going to run out of our food stash.


  618. Nancy says:

    Hi everyone,

    You guys may have already found this, but I wanted to share the transcript of an interview with Arnie Gundersen which occurred on June 3 on Chris Martenson’s radio program. The links are below.



    Here are some notable highlights:

    1) “… so let’s imagine, Arnie, there you are, you are living in Tokyo now or closer, how would you be behaving over there right now?”

    Arnie Gundersen: Yea, and actually we should extend this to the West Coast, because the same particles there too. To answer your question about Tokyo; what I’m advising people in Tokyo who are there now, is take your shoes off at the door, wet dust. Don’t dry dust. We are actually finding that contamination inside houses is higher now than contamination outside because it has been trucked in over the last two months and it hasn’t left. And if you dry dust you throw all of that radioactive material up into the air. I am also advising friends there to buy these little HEPA filters, high efficiency particulate filters that look like a little round device that sits on the floor, and change the filters frequently. Also advising people to remove the filters in their air conditioners and the air conditioner in their car, and replace them. Because they pick up particles over the last couple of months and it is a good time to replace them as well. Also telling people don’t do any demolition work. The last thing you want to do right now is tear a wing off your house because you will stir up that dust, not knowing exactly what’s in it, you run a risk of contamination.
    The other things I am telling friends in Tokyo is keep your eye on Unit Four. If there is an earthquake and Unit Four topples don’t believe the authorities you are well beyond where science has ever imagined and it is time to get on a flight and get out of there.
    [If you live on the West Coast]- “If Unit Four were to topple, I would close my windows, turn the air conditioner on, replace the filters frequently, damp mop, put a HEPA filter in the house and try to avoid as much of the hot particles as possible. You are not going to walk out with a Geiger counter and be in a plume that is going to tell you the meter. The issue will be on the West Coast, hot particles. And the solution there is HEPA filters and avoiding them.”
    2) So I’m still telling friends until the middle of June stay away from milk and dairy products. Clearly washing the vegetables is critical.

    3) “… the tuna haven’t migrated across the Pacific. But I am thinking by 2013 we might see contamination of the water and of the top of the food chain fishes on the West Coast.”

    4) Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day

  619. christine says:

    Jill – We have had this whole house water filtration system in our home since 2002.

    Bummer, that we moved to Oregon and rented our home for the next year. Good for their family of 6 though. They have 4 small children, so I’m happy they are all drinking clean water.

    It was rated and reviewed as #1 when we purchased, perhaps it still maybe.

    There is an additional $400 – $500 cost to professionally install.

    Replace the filters every 3 years on average. We noticed a huge difference in our drinking water when we moved out of our house.

  620. Bonnie Corwin says:

    Jill: I have several ideas for you regarding your water. You need to make sure that you know what kind of water exactly helps you. There are several choices out there. All of them that I know of except one are pretty expensive (and the one I know of may not help with radiation protection). I guess you could try to get in touch with me through this site. I am not going to leave my email address here. I don’t know the rules but maybe we can connect through this site?

  621. Bar says:

    Red Cross declines blood from Fukushima


    I havent thought of that! Donated blood can be contaminated!

  622. max says:

    perry a. is reconised as an expert in the clay world.

    search adam abraham-talk for food
    her latest interview is up in the archives

  623. @ christine: We have thought about building a forum to address many of the different topics that have been so well discussed in these comments. Two issues with that: These comments allow everyone to see everything giving them a holistic understanding of what everyone is going through and what the challenges are. Changing the format might lose some of that inclusiveness. Also, a forum takes a lot more time to maintain which further cuts into my investigative work which you will see the fruits of soon enough.

    So here’s a solution and it’s already really successful with many really smart women and moms talking about the issues that concern you most. It’s the Radiation Station Chat. This exclusive chat has been a treasure trove of information, just the kind you are looking for, and the people chatting, like the folks here, have become friends and provide crucial support and guidance.

    Christine, I took off your email address on your comment to protect you from spam. But I will leave ours because if you, Tray and/or anyone else hear making these outstanding comments want to join the Radiation Station Chat, drop me or Denise a line at contact [[at]] enviroreporter.com and we will hook you up!

    But also know, christine, that your concerns as a parent facing this crisis are welcome here in these comments. The outstanding group of individuals that have contributed so much to these myriad discussions are enriched by your contributions and questions. And so are Denise and I.

  624. christine says:

    Tray – I have been following your posts for some time now. I have been impressed by your diligence to protect your children. I too have been doing everything in my power and under what knowledge I have to keep my children healthy and safe from radiation. I wish this site had a separate area for parents to share and chat with each other. Perhaps we could email off line. I would like to be connected with some one who share the same thoughts and discipline with this whole radiation mess and how it’s affecting our children. I have no one to talk to about all this from a parenting standpoint…..as everyone around me in my every day life has absolutely no clue and no concern.

  625. Bar says:

    “Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper says this “melt-through” is far worse than a core meltdown, and is the worst possibility in a nuclear accident.

    This is the first official admission that a “melt-through” may have occurred.”


    This is scary!

  626. Potrblog says:

    For the first time, Japanese authorities have suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant may have gone beyond a meltdown.


  627. Tray says:

    For the first time, Japanese authorities have suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant may have gone beyond a meltdown.


    WOW! Maybe the EPA should take note of this and get back on that monitoring thing!

  628. jill says:

    does anybody know approx. how much a water filter cost for the entire house. the one that filters it before it comes to the faucts… 500…1000 …2000.

    just wondering want to approach my landlord for the apt complex

  629. Weaver says:

    I’m sure this will come as little surprise to most people here, but Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency “has dramatically increased its estimate of the total radiation released to 770,000 terabecquerels of iodine-131 equivalent, up from 370,000 terabecquerels under its previous estimate.”

    Basically, we are now at roughly 15% of total Chernobyl release. The article doesn’t say what the current rate of emission is, but I suspect it too is much larger than previously announced.


    This pattern of “oops, the numbers are actually bigger” has been persistent ever since the disaster struck…

  630. Claudia says:

    FUKUSHIMA: bunny born without ears…..
    This has been all over in the European NEWS-not a word here in the US…..of course!


  631. Tray says:

    Christine, For some reason it freaks me out to give my son the clay orally. I was told to put my kid in a 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of dead sea salt in his bath and that would do the trick. Also if you shop at whole foods I give him yummy greens in the vitamin aisle. The magnesium in it is a natural radiation protector. Hope this helps. My feeling is the very fact you are on this website tells me you are doing all that you can. And that is all we can do as parents. The best that we can. Pray and eat right has always been my motto.

  632. christine says:

    Nanenmate – Could we talk over email: christine5wilkes@yahoo.com

    I’m wanting to try the clay and give to my kids but never having done this and feeling it’s a bit foreign to me, I’m naturally nervous about it. I took a betonite clay and sea salt bath last night along with my kids and I went to bed with a headache and feeling very weak. Still have a headache this morning. The container says it’s for external use only. It’s a green powder. Perhaps I have the wrong kind for drinking?

  633. Nanemnat says:

    Sign letter urging your representative to attend Renewable Energy Expo….

  634. Big R says:

    For future reference here is info on responding to nuclear, radiological, chemical threats, etc. Good old civil defense.

    Shelter in place instructions:

  635. Nanemnat says:

    to christine re: bentonite clay
    I am drinking the b. clay occasionally and have given it to my kids in hot chocolate, they never noticed! Just now I had some mixed into my TJ’s coffee ice cream- quite yummy. I have not been good about taking it regularly but here and there. I have the Zionhealth Kanwa Energy Detox powder and have another brand to take baths in but haven’t used it yet.

  636. christine says:

    Is there anyone on this board actually drinking betonite clay as part of their radiation detox?

  637. Chase says:

    Top Ten Richest Counties in the USA

    9 out of 10 of the richest counties are just outside of Washington DC.

    Number 6 however, is LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico. Gee, I would not have guessed that one in a million plutonium half-life’s.

    “Most of the richest counties in America are in the East. The richest county in the Western United States is Los Alamos, N.M., where decades of government money spent on nuclear weapons has resulted in median annual household income of $100,423. Most of the 18,000 residents of this county, which is New Mexico’s smallest, live in Los Alamos or White Rock and the biggest employer is the Los Alamos National Laboratory.”

    From a yahoo/forbes real estate article:

  638. christine says:

    Thank you. Just ordered from internet grocer. The importer does not sell by can. I want to try a can first before I order in larger quantity. Thank you for your reply! :)

  639. Potrblog says:


    Did you try the primary importer listed on my site?
    I am NOT affiliated with them in ANY way. I have not even ordered from them, but I did talk with them and they seemed very helpful. They might be able to point you to one of the other importers (if they don’t have any in stock themselves).

    You might also try
    sometimes they have it when others don’t, but they are more expensive.

  640. Potrblog says:

    @Michael Collins,

    Be happy to answer the questions, the key to remember is that the original answers reflect a “3 minute minute analysis”, and reflect the actions I would take if I lived in LA.

    Q1: Just averaging the averages listed would have yielded 3 pCi/L. If one assumes all the listed averages were measured at the exact same time “3” would be the better answer, “4” represent my safety factor based on the ranges listed and the assumption not all the testing occurred simultaneously.

    Q2: The ranges listed represent the max value, based on the “southern wells” higher range its obvious it has broached over 100 pCi/l. What makes it even trickier is that they are combined readings, meaning one well could be higher than the others but its effect is averaged down.

    Q3: The answer can be detailed, it would require a knowledge of steam tables and Radon solution rates. The effect is difficult to measure because the lung dose would be a function of aerosolized Radon laden water and Radon vapor. The size of a shower, and the amount of water used during a shower is the basis of my answer. A good Radon mitigation company would have the equipment to instantly measure the vapor portion of the Radon level, but not the aerosolized portion.

    Q4: The Radon reading in my house is 1.7 pCi/L (AIR). I don’t measure in the bathroom because of the humidity. My local water quality report indicates no Uranium detected. The Gross Apha particle reading from my water quality report is also “no detection”. If I had LA’s water, I would be taking the precautions I listed. At minimum, I would vent the bathroom.

    Q5: Now that’s a trick question; the correct answer is that tap water should not be a government forced monopoly. But if one is stuck with that monopoly, I would think a researcher could develop enough local human data on uranium kidney toxicity. My view is the cost efficient mitigation is advisable, but that is a measurement made by individuals not governments.

    Q6: My fire place may raise the temperature inside my house by 1 degree, but that is not much reassurance that I won’t get burned if I jump in the fireplace.

    Final note, the cheap Radon kits won’t accurately measure the levels in the shower. An instant test would be required, and that would under estimate the exposure because it won’t accurately detected the aerosolized radon water aspect.

  641. christine says:

    Anyone find a site to order New Zealand butter that is not back ordered?

  642. Bar says:


    According to Wiki, krypton-85 is primarily released from spent fuel rods.The half life is 10+ years, and it seems to be more carcinogenic when it is in the form of a gas cloud.

  643. @ Tray: We got almost negligible sprinkles but were prepared to test anything that would make our outdoor sampler wet but nothing registered. We didn’t test anything because there wasn’t enough precipitation.

  644. Tray says:


    Did you detect any fallout in the rain last night? Curious.

  645. Margery Brown says:

    While I have not yet become involved in replacing any food items,I have been absolutely fascinated with the gradually revealed status of the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

    It would appear that the truth does come out…..eventually.


  646. chad whitworth says:

    ‘DEATH WINDS’ WARNING From the book ‘Healing Chemtrail Sickness’, by M. Elspeth: Crazy Horse (Tashunca-Uitco) saw a great darkness fall upon the people,followed by visions of great machines moving across the land and flyingin the air to produce what some North American Plains Indians refer to as the Death Winds. Is it possible that the Death Winds and the Chemtrails are one and thesame? Prophecy of dire things is a warning to be stopped – not fulfilled.

  647. @ Potrblog: You are suggesting that LA-area folks are getting gassed by Radon at high amounts which they very well may be. Looking at a few Radon facts and figures has me wondering where you are getting your numbers.

    Could you clarify a few details for us?

    1. Table 1 says Uranium is averaging from 1.8 to 3 pCi/L but you say it is “averaging roughly 4 pico Curies per liter of water.” How did you come to this higher number?

    2. Could you explain how Table 3’s “Southern Combined Wells” range of radon, which says in the table “<100 - 150" means that it is "at least 100 pCi/l of Radon in it"? Could the table mean that the actual number is less than 100 pCi/L?

    3. Could you detail, and source if you can, this? “During a steamy shower, or a fine misting shower, the Radon level in the bathroom air may shoot sky high. Likely much higher than the EPA levels.”

    Are you aware of an accepted and tested equation that converts Radon as pCi/L of water to pCi/ of air? It is unclear from your statement if the Radon in water converts completely to gas. Does it? Is whatever amount of Radon that converts to gas dependent on the temperature of the water? If so, is there any kind of research you can refer to that analyzes what this percentage is based on water temperature?

    4. Page 6 of this 9-page report says “If you are concerned about radon in your home, test the air in your home. Testing is inexpensive and easy. Fix your home if the level of radon in your air is 4 picoCuries per liter of air (pCi/L) or higher.”

    Potrblog, have you tested the Radon gas coming off of your tap water in the shower? If so, what were the results?

    August 2001, states that “The State of California has an MCL for uranium of 20 pCi/L based on earlier studies of toxicity to the kidney in rabbits.”

    The amount you refer to is 4 pCi/L. Is California’s Uranium PHG too low?

    6. According to the October 2, 2006 “Maximum Exposure Guideline for Radon in Drinking Water” by the Environmental & Occupational Health Program, Division of Environmental Health, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Maine Department of Health & Human Services:

    “The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recommended using a transfer coefficient of 1E-4, midway between the estimates from measurements and modeling. This is equivalent to a water:air ratio of 10,000:1 (10,000 pCi/l in water will result in 1 pCi/l in air). This ratio is used to estimate the lung cancer risks of radon escaping to air from water (NAS 1999b). According to this ratio, the average Maine well water concentration of 10,000 pCi/l will add 1 pCi to each liter of air in the home. This would be in addition to radon entering the home from the surrounding soil.”

    Would that mean that the amount of Radon gas derived from the So Cal water of “<100-150 pCi/L" in water equate to 0.001 - 0.0015 pCi/L of Radon in air using this equation? If so, then wouldn't these numbers be much lower than the EPA's limit of 4 pCi/L of air by a factor of 2,667 to 4,000 times?

    Regardless, Potrblog brings up a very important angle to the radiation exposure rate. Of course, now many of us will want to test the radon gas in our steamy showers and that is cheap and easy to do. The California Department of Public Health has these radon testing kits for $7.

    Potrblog’s amazing contributions to these comments and his stellar monitoring of the radiation from Fukushima fallout in the St. Louis, Missouri area on his superb website cannot be commended too much. When he says ‘it’s hot,’ we listen. In this case, because of the huge implications of his conclusions, it will be helpful to know how he came to his various results.

  648. Jon says:

    Tons of info on this B.C. Canada site w/daily jet stream.

  649. Potrblog says:

    speaking of carbon filters, be aware that wet activated carbon will remove oxygen. And while that may be okay for a shower head filter, its probably not so good if a carbon filter face mask gets soaked in a rain storm.

  650. Tray says:

    I just read this on “My safe food” list Berkley website. and thought it was informative about the food situation.

    I figure iodine is the biggest danger for storage inside the body, because of the thyroid, so since it seems to be out of the water (4 tests now) I plan to switch soon from pre-Fukushima bottled water back to reverse-osmosis water from my sink and even occasional tap water (drinking fountains, restaurants). I have also read that the body does not store cesium as persistently as it does iodine.

    I am also concerned about two things, both of which encourage me to go back to eating good foods as soon as I feel ready:

    1. The meltdown situation is looking bad, and if anything blows up we’ll be right back in it again. The difference will be there won’t be any pre-whatever foods to stock up on, so I’d like to save some of my stock, especially the bottled water and packaged milk (at least through the September expiration dates).

    2. Fresh, organic food is good for you, and the nutrition it provides fortifies the body against all kinds of toxins, so I wouldn’t want to stay on non-fresh food longer than I have to. Eating out of my garden, which should be at this point iodine-free, would be good. I have already cut all herbs and leafy greens back to nubbins (trying not to kill the plant), removing all leaves, and have removed all strawberries that were forming during the worst plume time (third week of March to second week of April) – I intend to let the very tiny strawberries grow now and eat them.

    I have read (I’m sorry, I didn’t bookmark all the sources) about phytoremediation, and will be growing sunflowers among the veggies for a long time. I have read that certain veggies pick up and hold more radionuclides (berries, leaf crops, etc) and that others aren’t as big a concern (carrots, beets, potatoes) and that tree fruit and tomatoes are not much of a concern either. I will plant and eat these, plus beans. As soon as the kale in these studies seem clear of iodine and low in cesium, I’ll plant kale from seed. I have been flushing the growing garlic (planted in October) with tap water, and will decide whether to eat those and the onions based on the topsoil readings.

    I have also read a couple of studies indicating that the more a food is processed, the more radiation it loses, so that flour and rice and foods where they remove the outer husks and process the heck out of it lose a lot of their contamination. For this reason, my concern about grain is less. (However, I am making my own bread and tortillas an naan because of the water, and because at my market they freeze the bread.) It’s ironic that raditation crisis make the non-fresh, more-processed foods more desirable.

    Next, I will be going through my list and, if there are no more explosions at Fukushima, calculating out 81 days (days till iodine is gone) past when the plume was here (using the first good water date of April 26) and trying to make sure I don’t buy things produced between March 13 and July 16.


  651. christine says:

    Could I hear some opinions on taking kids to the Pacific Coast Beaches? Playing in the sand?

  652. Potrblog says:

    @Michael Collins,
    Thanks to “Big R”s comment on LA water quality, I found this 2010 LA water quality report

    Table 1 of that report shows Uranium in the LA tap water averaging roughly 4 pico Curies per liter of water. That is a strong indication that there is a lot of Radon in the tap water. Sure enough, Table 3 of the same report shows that there is less than 100 pico Curies of Radon per litter of water. The most telling is the source listed as “Southern Combined Wells”; they list Radon as less than 100 to 150 pCi/L. That means the tap water has had at least 100 pCi/l of Radon in it.

    Radon is a dissolved gas in the tap water. The EPA level for Radon in the AIR is 4 pCi/l before action should be taken in your home. The Radon in the LA tap water is going to off-gas and become airborne in the shower. During a steamy shower, or a fine misting shower, the Radon level in the bathroom air may shoot sky high. Likely much higher than the EPA levels. A good test would be to get a Radon mitigation expert with the right electronic equipment to get an INSTANT reading of the bathroom Radon levels during and after a steamy/misty shower.

    The cheapest mitigation strategy is to make sure that the bathroom is very well vented to the outside. A carbon block shower head filter will help absorb some of the Radon. A better solution would be a whole house carbon block filter. Adding a GE branded (NSF rated) water softener to the house would help remove the Uranium from the household water supply, but probably would not help with the Radon.

  653. Tray says:

    Just spoke with a guy at Aquasana and asked him if warm water messes with the filter capabilities. He said that it takes down the percentage of removal of contaminants when warm water flows thru the shower filter. For example run cold water only you get 99 percent removal. Run the warm water your removal is 91 percent. Still really good in my opinion. Much better than none at all. He also told me no shower filter is taking away radiation.

    God Bless you all and thanks for all your amazing info. I really can’t thank all of you enough for all your amazing advice and comments. Again you are making my world a little more sane in an insane world.

  654. Liz says:

    POTR: Thanks for that excellent Gunderson/Martenson interview—-it’s one of the best overviews of the situation I’ve read. Everyone here should read it (or listen to it) in its entirety.

    It just stuns me that major media reporters who normally do pretty important investigative/exposee journalism (like Anderson Cooper) never touch this story (and its implications for the U.S.) with a ten foot pole.

    Fukushima is a story completely forgotten by the mainstream media…..so few realize that this is an ongoing situation with possible/likely criticality concerns still looming on the horizon, as Gunderson explains so well.

    Thanks POTR for this and for all of your other articles, your research and your dramatic video demonstrations.

  655. Bar says:

    “…full meltdown at three reactors…”


    Reactor 3 had Mox fuel rods. Thats bad news.

  656. Michael Collins says:

    @ Potrblog: Could you source that because this message is more mysterious than it is clear. Where did you read this? In the 2010 report? 2011? What exactly do you mean?

  657. roundabout says:

    Stay vigilant with your food. We still have 10x more hassle that Europe.


    Shower filter; Mercola and Aquasauna and Jon filters seem to be the best and have more than just the carbon filter. Mercola is extremely meticulous by nature with products but Aquasauna and Jon are also beefed up to take out some radioactive fallout. If you have to choose between water filtration at the sink or the shower might choose shower. Your body absorbs water per skin and lung. More difficult to control in the shower the exposure. You can still purchase distilled for drinking. Just a thought. And you can drink your shower water…

  658. Potrblog says:

    Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Aftershocks Facing Fukushima by Sept. 9th, 2015

    Read the details and be prepared

  659. jill says:

    Does anybody have an opinion between the aquasana or the raidiat shower heads?

  660. jill says:

    Does anybody in santa monica or los angeles want to split a case of the new zealand butter?

  661. citizenoftheplanet says:

    Time for foreward thinking inventors and companies to help us reduce our intake of radionuclides.

    Don’t forget our skin is the largest living breathing absorbing organ of our body.

    I have no clue if this filter will reduce the isotopes from the municipal water supplies, and until such a device is invented and for sale, this one is better than using nothing at all.


  662. lucidf8 says:

    To Bar, Thanks for your reply to question #1 and the links. Very informative video by Gundersen and Busby. Let’s hope there is time to apply long term cooling with neutron absorbers. If there is no time to allow for cooling, because of a resumption of nuclear reactions, I believe the only option would be to use dispersal (this would would have monumental consequences if done badly, and very serious consequences even if done correctly). Breaking up a near criticality with high energy kinetics or explosives would be the solution of last resort. But, at least the chain reaction would end, and gradual cooling and entombment might then be an option.

  663. Big R says:

    You can submit your questions and comments to LADWP at https://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/comment/EmailComments.ladwp?act=show&contentId=LADWP000353

    I just submitted the following comment to DWP:

    “I read the LADWP statement of May 20, 2011 regarding radiation concerns for the water supply. It states that the most recent routine water quality data is available for 2010. Do you plan to publish the more recent data for the expanded radiation monitoring taking place since March 11, 2011? Last month (May) I requested if daily routine testing results were available online but was informed that they were not. I believe that this information should be freely available and done so in a more timely manner, it is not acceptable that we might have to wait until next year to get the 2011 water quality data in light of recent events. I just now (June 2011) received the 2010 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

    The statement of May 20, 2011 is too vague, any claims should be backed by publishing specific data on these measurements. The LADWP should have specific information available to the public or at minimum instructions for acquiring that information, including any relevant Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) protocols.”

  664. Big R says:


    There are carbon filters for showers, but I have read that carbon filters don’t do well with hot water as they end up releasing the chemicals that they absorb. Pur and Brita filters warn against running hot water thru their sink faucet mounted filters too. The only way I think you can effectively filter shower water is with a whole-house filter system. Or get a carbon and KDF 55 based shower filter and run it with cold water only!

    One brand someone previously posted on this site was Aquasana, I believe it has both KDF 55 and a carbon filter. I have a Sprite Showers filter but it has only KDF 55 & something called Chlorgon & makes claims for chlorine reduction only. I always take short 5 minute showers. I have a link for shower filter ratings but it is on my other computer, I will look for it later.

    KDF media is used in other industrial and municipal water filtration applications for removal of chlorine and heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, etc. but in shower heads the water flow rate is too high to effectively remove these metals. http://kdfft.com/

  665. Tray says:

    Portblog, I use a shower filter from Aquasana they have a carbon filter. Also once a week I will the tub with 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of salt and I through in so natural calcium bentonite clay. I soak my kid in it for like 20 mins.

    Also with summer coming, I am purchasing a water filter for my hose so my boy can play on his water slide. We went RVing this past week and my brother showed my the awesome water filter (with carbon block) they use on their RV from camping world.

    I also was reading in natural news how magnesium is a great radiation protection. http://www.naturalnews.com/032596_magnesium_radiation.html

  666. Bar says:

    lucidf8, in this video, prof. Christopher Busby, from the “Europeen Comittee on Radiation Risks”, said the same thing that Arnie Gundersen did. They have to build a containment around the damaged plant to keep the radiation and the particles from escaping into the enviroment.

    For question 1, i think cooling the nuklear fuel with water and using additives like boric acid to stave off fission reactions could stop the meltdown. The problem is the huge amount of contaminated water. It has to get decontaminated and re-used somehow. Because this cooling has to continue for a long time.

  667. Wilma P. says:

    @Chase. Nice interpretations regarding Los Angeles Department of Water and Power water quality. Have you seen Michael’s write-ups pertaining to the shuttered LADWP Chatsworth Lake-Reservoir? This is the location of your country’s worst nuclear meltdown to date at a place called Rocketdyne (BTW, now called Santa Susana Field Laboratory today) found just up the drainage on the mountain above that infamous Chatsworth catch basin (aka Lake-Reservoir). LADWP served up water to millions before finally draining this poisoned basin in the early 1970s as water there was found replete with radioactive isotopes. 1970 is the year when the Federal EPA came into existence. Draw your own conclusions. . . Now the LADWP recently went for a sly name change calling that hot basin the Chatsworth Nature Preserve, a place surrounded by razor wire and 12-foot chain link fencing. FOIA LADWP? Good luck.

  668. Chase says:

    (( My responses are in Parenthesis ))

    (( In case you didn’t read it. ))
    From LA-DWP
    Their Notice to the Public:
    Under Water Quality Update

    May 20, 2011

    The March 11, 2011, earthquake in Japan and the related nuclear reactor incident focused renewed attention on radiation. (( True )) The good news is that the level of radioactive fallout from events in Japan has proven to be extremely low. (( low may be debatable, but duration is not, these so called ‘low’ levels accumulate with time. We are going on 90 days. ))

    In fact, based on results of air and other monitoring conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA, no additional monitoring was required by state or local governments.
    (( So we can pass the buck and say it was not required. It’s time local agencies step forward and protect themselves and their local residents, saying years from now that “our decision was regrettable” will not help. Saying, “we did all we could because we wanted to protect people and err on the side of caution”, sounds much better to me. ))

    Although the LADWP has a routine monitoring plan, which includes testing for radiological constituents, the decision was made to expand monitoring for radiation in response to these events.
    (( Oh WOW! This is great news. I love this kind of forward thinking!!! Just how often will this be done? ))

    Source waters were analyzed for several radioactive contaminants including Iodine-131, uranium, and alpha and beta particles, among others. (( no mention of Cesium? or it’s ’30 year half life’ )) The results of this additional monitoring support the EPA conclusion; no increased levels of radiation have been observed. (( That’s good! )) LADWP provides water that consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for radiological and other contaminants in drinking water. (( Are these the new standards or the old ones ? )) Results from our special radiological monitoring show no change from historical background levels. (( Okay, so let’s see the results. ‘no change’ is a pretty solid statement. )) The most recent routine water quality data can be found in the 2010 Drinking Water Quality Report available at this website.
    (( 2010 would not be the most recent. Where’s a 2011? Where’s the SPECIAL RESULTS you were just looking at? ))

    (( Now here’s the reassuring part. ‘reality explained’ ))
    The reality is that radiation is all around us, all the time; it is part of our environment. Most radiation is naturally occurring. It is usually found in the ground or in the air and, to a much lesser extent, in the water.
    (( I am so tired of this type of 2nd grade style explanation of radiation. I am sure most people are. I will again briefly mention the equation ‘dose + duration’. Really how hard is that? ))
    (( And I really like the ‘to a much lesser extent in water’ remark. That is so heart felt an reassuring. Thank you whoever wrote this for DWP.))

    The term “radiation” refers to the products of the decay of radioactive material. When an atom of a radioactive material decays, it emits “particles”. These particles carry energy, and this energy may be imparted to any substance which the particle comes in contact with, thus the concern for alteration of living tissue. For more information on radiation please visit the EPA website on radiation…
    (( They at least mentioned ‘particles’. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they could have explained the ‘particles’ part in a little more detail. ))

    (( There is no mention of the word “ongoing” fallout, because there’s nothing in their play book for that. There is no mention of genetic mutations, I guess they assume everybody knows that one or that 2nd graders don’t really understand genetics. There is no mention of any current increase in testing or schedule. There is no mention of PLAN for ‘what to do’ should it become worse. Even though a large number of experts tend to agree that the possibility is ‘highly likely’. …and why isn’t someone testing the snow, water run off and/or other sources for levels that would forecast, to a certain degree, what may be to come? Makes total sense to me. Whether it’s required by the EPA or not. ))

  669. lucidf8 says:

    Regarding Question #1 again: How do we stop the China Syndrome once it has begun? The special case of this question is how do you stop it once a meltdown has entered the water table in sufficient amount to begin a catastrophic radioactive geyser potentially blasting thousands of feet into the air? Assume the worst, all plant staff are evacuated or perish if they remain. No one can approach the site any longer. Options are very limited under this scenario. Who would act during such a catastrophe, and what would they propose doing about it. This situation would be very close to doomsday, is there a solution?

  670. roundabout says:

    Big R; Thanks for the info on the milk. I am not a milk drinker, but if I need chocolate… i might go get the prefukushima boxed chocolate milk!! (you know a chocolate emergency…)

    Potrblog; always great information from you, thank you. It sounds like we may be wearing masks if number 4 blows. I have a box of N95’s saved for such a disaster. Bought them last month along with my vapor free plastic sheeting to cover windows and doors in case of having to shelter in.

    Bar; When the gov. has to prepare an evacuation zone at an airport, and it hits the main news…(link on this chat) and the winds are blowing south with a possible collapse of a power plant… time to definitely rethink living on the coast in California. Interesting that the there in a “larger Chinese presence”…in the area there. very curious.

    Last night I couldn’t sleep due to a generalized feeling of something is not right… I know I will keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Japan. They need a way out. It would take a lot for the government to finally admit they don’t have what they need to fix this.

    Arnie G. mentioned zeolite. That may be a good purchase for detoxing. I bought bentonite clay, then found out it couldn’t be the liquid form. Anyone know about this?

  671. Potrblog says:

    @Big R ,
    Those LA Water and Power numbers for Uranium in the tap water are high enough that I would buy a GE brand water softener (NSF rated). With levels that high, the Radon levels are going to be sky high in the shower. I don’t know if anyone makes carbon filters for shower heads, but I would be looking for one.

  672. Big R says:

    Map for retail locations for Hershey Shelf Stable Milk products. Click on your state for list of stores that carry this line of products.


  673. Bar says:


    Its not getting better. Its getting worse.

  674. Big R says:

    A Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power link to info on water quality is below. Note that there is an update in response to concern for the water supply due to the 3/11/11 earthquake and nuclear incident in Japan. Also look at the Annual water quality reports for 2010 and earlier as they show presence of uranium in the tap water “due to erosion of natural deposits”. LA DWP water sources include wells with measurable amounts of uranium. I have a hard copy of the 2009 report and saw this info before and since someone recently posted a preference for well water as a food ingredient it came to mind. The levels appear to be within state or federal health standards, but you should know what is in the water. You should check your local water utilities for this info.


  675. Big R says:

    I don’t want to inspire additional fear but I have been thinking about vacuum cleaners. In particular the bagless variety. I recently replaced a bagless as I was tired of getting dust all over when I emptied the canister, plus the vacuum’s air filter was a pain to clean and also released dust during cleaning. If home air filters are testing positive for radioactivity then vacuum lint and dust may as well. Bagged vacuums are easier to clean and release less dust when replacing bags, they could be better for allergy sufferers too.

  676. Big R says:

    Gossner milk date codes:

    I found the Gossner milk at Dollar Tree too and I got the date decode info from Gossner.
    For example,

    A = machine filler code (ignore)
    3 = first digit in julian date
    4 = second digit in julian date
    5 = third digit in julian date
    0 = last digit of year (2010)
    F = processor code (ignore)
    1 = (ignore)
    Translation A3450F1 = package date is 345th day of 2010.

    The code appears to be just below the stamped Best Used By date. Best to try to find julian date 0701 (70th day of 2011) or earlier; a few days later should be OK though.

    The 1 quart boxes are approximately 6.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches. Blue boxes are low fat, red boxes are whole milk. You may find them in the refrigerated section or on the regular store shelves at Dollar Tree. If you do find them you may have to sift through the boxes to weed out the newer stock. Cost $1 each. May not be at all stores.

    I also saw a similar boxed milk at some Big Lots stores under the Hershey label. It is appears to actually be Gossner re-labeled as Hershey. Cost $1.80 each. According to Hershey they package their milk 13 months before expiration date. May not be at all Big Lots stores.

    For contact info:

    Shelf life is several months to one year, no refrigeration required.

  677. Potrblog says:

    I usually wear a dust mask while mowing (even before Fukushima); I have been detecting radioactive spots on my mask after mowing. I put up video of it on my blogspot a few days ago. The N95 mask I was using won’t stop radioactive gasses, but it will filter radioactive particles. Recently, I have laid in a stock of N95 masks with carbon filters.

  678. Potrblog says:


    I did some analysis on that a while back. In the USA we would could readily face 71 Fukushimas from a Carrington sized event. Check the blog to see which reactors in the USA face the greatest risk.


  679. Potrblog says:


    This link to my Risk Mitigation posts will give you the info on where to get New Zealand canned butter. You will also find lots of info about water filters and stuff. Just scroll through the info to find the data you need.


  680. Potrblog says:

    Good Gosh Golly Gundersen Gives Great Guidance


    make the time to listen to these pod casts, especially part 2

  681. Bar says:

    Vapor Event Fukushima Daiichi TEPCO TBS Livecam Simulcast 6-3-2011 9-40-20 AM

    lucidf8, look at this:
    “…..Arnie Gundersen: I think they will be forced to build a building around the building and then, because you need heavy lifting cranes – cranes that lift a hundred and fifty tons, which are massive cranes, to put the nuclear fuel into canisters, which then can get removed. That is sort of what happened at TMI, but all of the fuel at TMI was still at the bottom of the vessel. But it was a three-year process to get the molten fuel out of Three Mile Island – four years actually. So the problem here is that all of the cranes that do that have been destroyed, at least on units 1, 3, and 4. And you can’t do it in the air. It has to be done under water. So my guess is that they will have to build a building around the building to provide enough shielding and water, so that they can then go in and put this fuel into a heavy lift canister…..”

  682. Chase says:

    Excerpt Part II: Arnie Gundersen Interview: Protecting Yourself IF The Situation Worsens

    Arnie Gundersen: Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day.

    Chris Martenson: What? I did not know that.

    Regarding the West Coast of USA ie.. Seattle
    Here’s what Arnie is saying for protection: IF Unit 4 topples.

    “….what I am advising at that point is keep your windows closed. I would definitely wear some sort of a filter if I was outside. I certainly wouldn’t run and exercise until I was sure the plume had dissipated. This isn’t now. This is, as you were saying, this is worst case. If Unit Four were to topple, I would close my windows, turn the air conditioner on, replace the filters frequently, damp mop, put a HEPA filter in the house and try to avoid as much of the hot particles as possible. The issue will be on the West Coast, hot particles. And the solution there is HEPA filters and avoiding them.”

    PART II the article: from June 3, 2011

    This answers one of my questions. When to wear a filter outside? I think the we should have already been wearing them and be prepared to wear them more is what I really get from this.

    Getting Americans to accept this fact should be interesting, but it should be done. Somehow?

    Maybe a public service announcement by our political leaders or from the EPA regarding this might be helpful.
    (Yes, I am a dreamer.)

    Of course right now they would have to say something like: “oops, sorry we should have told you that 2 months ago, but we didn’t have all of the data in and we felt it was ‘highly unlikely’ and we wanted to avoid panic, therefore we said virtually nothing.” Which is most likely why they will continue to say nothing of significance in the near future.

  683. jzhawk says:

    I live in Santa Monica. Does anybody want to split a case of the new Zealand butter. And does anybody remember where to order that from. Also, water…..is the reverse osmosis from the co.op in Santa Monica ok. And should I get a carbon filtration picture?

  684. jzhawk says:

    How often you all doing Zeolited, how much and are you giving to kids

  685. lucidf8 says:

    On the topic of Question #2: How to remove radioactive debris from the top of the spent fuel pools safely. My idea would be to use a floating robotic platform, perhaps a helium airship tethered to the nearby cooling towers. Two additional towers to the seaward side could be floated in on barges to provide additional tethering points. The airship could host sensors, cameras, and hydraulically controlled shearing and cutting tools. If the airship could survive the heat and steam coming off the reactors, it could snip away at the debris, dump it over the side of the buildings where remotely controlled hydraulic cutters and grapplers could carry away the debris for burial or transport by barge to nuclear waste dumps. I envision the tethering system for the robotic airship to be somewhat like those remote controlled flying cameras in NFL stadiums, allowing fine control of postion. The airship would have to be fully robotic and capable of moving away in very high wind conditions. The lifting capacity of current helium airships (the largest) would be about one ton. That may be enough for relatively light debris removal. Those fuel assemblies would probably require a larger heavy lift crane, however. They could be hoisted down into temporary cooling pools or storage casks for transport to safer areas. Remote controls may be necessary for this piece of equipment also.

  686. chad whitworth says:

    Live Gourmet at new frontiers and I believe Ralphs or Albertsons carries greenhouse butter lettuce and water cress
    I called them in Carpinteria and he said they use well water.
    So I have been eating alot of these salads.
    Ezekial breads were still made before mar. 11th as of 2 weeks ago.
    I believe next time I check Ezekial it will be post 3-11?!
    So im starting to stress about our next bread source.
    I’m hoping to first of all find a co. that uses well water.
    Ingrediants wise i have talked to a few food co.s and we will not see 2011 crops in foods for 2 to 3 more months.
    And maybe levels have dropped in municipal water supplies but good luck finding truthful info anywhere on the water topic….considering water is a main ingrediant in most foods it is really one to figure out.
    Will there be elevated levels in the next rains dropping into the water ?!
    Maybe we could make a game show out of it to raise awareness!
    And the survey sais:……Water and spinach safe! Straberries off limits.

  687. Annette2 says:

    “Often, you could tell what’s going on by looking at the information that is withheld.” This line opens Ex-SKF’s blog re: reading between the lines of TEPCO’s press conferences, in this instance the recent prevailing silence re: the water levels in the trenches precipitated today’s announcement that the highly radioactive water may overflow soon (with upcoming rain).

    I think this seemingly universal truth we can usefully applyto the California Dept. of Health’s Rad Report that was posted yesterday, dated May 27.

    What is typically present and is missing (withheld perchance?), in this report? http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/Pages/RHB-RadReport.aspx

    …. milk testing results (prior 2 reports showed same Iodine 131, Cesium 134 & 137 results twice) – and were significantly increased as no detection was reported in prior reports. Yesterday’s posted data includes no milk testing data.

    I’m doubling up on zeolites today because I was weak yesterday and partook of the cream at the Huntington Tea Room. My mistake.

    Be careful out there.

  688. Tray says:

    For all the moms who have kids begging for chocolate milk, at Trader Joes I found chocolate milk little milk cartons that were packed Jan of this year. The expiration on these little milk cartons is Oct 6, 2011. I thought I found gold. My kid is beside himself.
    The number I called to check when things were packed is (626) 599-3817

  689. lucidf8 says:

    Yes, 170 sq meters, is large, for the Core-Catcher. Placing that behind the building might be possible, but under it seems like it would take too long?

  690. lucidf8 says:

    Good idea, Bar. I think sizing would have to be right. The drill or tunneling machines have to be big enough to insure a probable capture, not so large as to be difficult to field. The Core Catcher itself would have to be pretty large wouldn’t it? That molten core can melt through just about anything. I thought a quick core eject would get it out of there into an easily prepared larger and deeper core capture area for a longer term cool down.

  691. Chase says:

    Okay… I may be going out on a limb here.

    They keep saying the ecoli outbreak in Germany is a mutated strain. Could it be that one of our biggest threats will come from these genetic mutations on a microscopic scale? Thanks to low dose long term radiation levels. I wonder?

    I am sure that “deniable credibility” will far out weigh my simple speculations. But still, somebody’s got to ask the question.

  692. Bar says:

    tunneling is possible if you use tunnel boring machines, similar like the ones they used for the Eurotunnel under the English Channel. Waterproof pipes would have to be used to keep the groundwater out. If you put CoreCatchers in the “Pipeline” under the reactor, the goo could later be moved out.

  693. lucidf8 says:

    Ok, here is my first idea for dealing with Question #1. Solving the meltdown China Syndrome scenario.

    If the water table is very high and no tunneling is possible: Get a large diameter drill like the ones used to rescue the Chilean miners recently. Drill from the landward side of the reactor #1 building. The drill has to be able to be tilted sharply, creating a straight bore hole going directly under the foundation of the basement. Drill to a location where the molten fuel will be when it burns through the foundation. Line the hole with a stainless steel tube to prevent cave-ins. Retract the drill, place a small explosive charge at the bottom of the bore hole, with a heat or radiation sensor that will detonate the charge when the molten fuel drops through into the tube. Fire the small charge which is just big enough to eject the molten fuel out of the bore pipe into a previously prepared target area behind reactor #1. This area would be like the cooling slab used at Chernobyl and would contain neutron absorbing materials.

  694. Tray says:

    Concerned mom,
    I have been buying watermelons from Mexico at Ralphs and Trader Joes. I am too a concerned mom and I am running out of options on the food thing.

    If anyone has any information on what is safe fruit and veggie wise please let us know. I really would appreciate the info as well. I don’t know ANY safe fresh veggies to buy. Are carrots okay? How about cucumbers from Mexico? Thanks for any info.

  695. lucidf8 says:

    Thanks Bar for your reply to question #1 Solving the meltdown China Syndrome scenario.

    Yes, the efforts at Chernobyl to dig under the reactor did prevent the burn through to the water table. However, in the case of Fukushima, the water table is probably so high that it may not allow any tunneling under the basement foundation. How does one deal with that complication? I will submit one possible solution shortly. Anyone have an idea on how to access the hot magma-like goo under those conditions?

  696. Bar says:

    #1. Solving the meltdown China Syndrome scenario. If the melted fuel burns down through the dry well, into the basement, through the foundation, into the ground and water table, it will create a radioactive steam geyser perhaps thousands of feet high. How can we prevent that or stop that once it starts happening?
    At Chernobyl hundreds of coalminers dug a long tunnel and build a cooling slab unterneath the reactor to prevent the hot nuclear fuel to burn thru the base.

  697. roundabout says:

    Dollar Store Special!! LOL. Okay, regarding milk. If you go to a dollar store, sometimes they have that milk in a box that does not need refrigeration. It lasts for several if unopened. For a buck, and a call to the company you may find a cheap answer to the milk problem. I would inquire today as time is marching on since March. The stuff I bought was not “organic” but it also states on the box it does not use hormones! I opened the one carton I bought for guests, and then froze the rest, (not being a milk drinker). The company is Gossner foods, its a 2% milk product. Its also great to use for your emergency food kit. And its the right price!

  698. @ lucidf8: You have come up with some very concrete and provocative ideas for preventing the melted reactor goo from going out of control. We need this kind of thinking and we need it now and this is just the place for it. Japan seems frozen by inaction and our government has wished it away. This is the radiological crisis of our times but, as lucidf8 knows, it could get worse.

    This is a welcome addition to the ongoing discussions we are having. Thank you lucidf8.

  699. @ Concerned Mom, Annette2, Marina: Low on rad-free powdered milk, I purchased a hefty bag of it today in a large market and brought it home to test hoping we could use it. See Radiation Station Stats for the numbers but in a nutshell: two different tests of the same bag of non-fat powdered milk showed it radiating 70.2% above background. And unlike the background in our abode which is primarily gamma, this probably was a beta emitter. The bag itself prevented any possible alpha radiation from being detected because I wasn’t going to open the package, test it and then take it back to the store (which I did later for a refund on the unopened package, no questions asked). Nor would I have kept the powdered milk for any kind of evidence because if the beta emitter is Iodine 131, it would have a half life of a little over 8 days which would diminish the quickly changing the sample’s reading.

    Radiation from Fukushima in Los Angeles-area milk products should be no surprise. The California Department of Public Health’s May 16 report shows the following:

    (San Luis Obispo) Cal-Poly Dairy Farm 5/2/2011 detection of:
    Iodine-131 @ 4.14 pCi/liter
    Cesium-134 @ 4.55 pCi/liter
    Cesium-137 @ 5.11 pCi/liter

    The EPA drinking water standard is 3.0 pCi/liter.

    Though I’m not divulging the name of the product or store it was bought in yet for a number of reasons, I will note that Concerned Mom mentioned Organic Valley which says it has “the ability to detect the presence of radiation in milk,” and “these monitoring efforts will allow us to take appropriate action.”

    As a reporter who also is a milk consumer, I have repeatedly called and emailed Organic Valley for EnviroReporter.com coverage of this ongoing crisis to ask ‘how do you test your milk products for radiation.’ I have not gotten a response yet.

  700. lucidf8 says:

    I’ve emailed Michael a few ideas about how to deal with the problems at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plants #s 1-4. He suggested I use the comments section to start a discussion about those ideas and to encourage others to submit their own ideas. We can ask engineers to vette the suggestions and submit them for consideration to the authorities dealing with the crisis in Japan.

    Problems or Potential Problems Needing a Solution:

    #1. Solving the meltdown China Syndrome scenario. If the melted fuel burns down through the dry well, into the basement, through the foundation, into the ground and water table, it will create a radioactive steam geyser perhaps thousands of feet high. How can we prevent that or stop that once it starts happening?

    #2. How do we quickly remove the debris from the top of the spent fuel pools and hoist the fuel assemblies (damaged or not) out of the pools and place them safely into storage containers for relocation? Ideally, we accomplish this without exposing workers to dangerous levels of radiation.

  701. Concerned Mom says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Summer is coming and I am having a tough time with all the fresh fruits I see in the stores. I’ve only been purchasing fruit from the Southern Hemisphere (pineapples, mango, papayas, bananas, and pears) and organic frozen berries, but I know my children are yearning for watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, avocados, etc. (all California grown). Definitely, we will be staying away from the peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries, because of their soft, skin thins, but I am wondering about fruits with thick peels.

    I must be missing reading some posts on these and other blogs – I can’t find information on the safety of eating fruits with thick peels. Is it safe to eat them, if they are first washed very well? If anyone can direct me to any research on this, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Mom

  702. Concerned Mom says:

    Hello Michael and Denise,
    I am very concerned about the radiation you found in powdered milk and would like more information on the milk you purchased. I am not sure if you can tell us the brand of milk you purchased, but can you give us the date that the item was packaged? I hope that the powdered milk you tested was packaged after March 11, 2011, otherwise this finding would be very troubling.

    Just an FYI: I have called two companies regarding their packaging dates, and this is what I have found:

    1. Bob’s Red Mill, Non Fat Dry Milk Powder (Country of Origin: USA) = Code is by Julian date and appears above the sell by date. My package reads as follows:

    1033 1068G01 06:25

    1033 = Milk was received on on the 33rd day of 2011
    1068 = Milk was processed on the 68th day of 2011

    2. Organic Valley Non Fat Dry Milk (Country of Origin: USA) = Milk is packaged one year prior to expiration date.

    Thank you.

  703. Marina says:

    Annette, it is right here on this site. Either Michael or Denise Anne purchased powdered milk and tested it in the bag it came in. Look on the page with the daily averages.
    What I want to know is the date on the milk and where the milk was from. Perhaps later that will be provided. I assume the kind couple running this site also have other facets to their lives that require attention!

  704. Tray says:

    Chase: Wow just wow! My son just asked me when he can eat blueberries again and I thought sometime next year after Jan. But I am feeling maybe not. When can we eat normal again? This video just pretty much told me our world is destroyed by this and we shouldn’t eat any produce or anything anymore. What do we do? What do we do? I just pray there is an end to this soon and I pray to God for supernatural protection for us all.

  705. Chase says:

    “Take notice of what Dr. Helen Caldicott is saying about the dire consequences for ‘all of us’ over the next few decades from the near-destruction of the Fukushima Daichi PLUTONIUM-enriched Nuclear power plant.”

    Excerpt recorded at the press conference “The Dangers Of Nuclear War” in Montreal, Canada, in March 18th, 2011
    (she called it correctly too)


  706. Annette2 says:

    @sky……. would you provide the link to the radioactive powdered milk in la? Have searched and cannot find any reference to this. Thank you.

  707. Marina says:

    OK, WHAT now about the powdered milk? That’s what I’ve been feeding my family. I check the “best by” dates and assume a shelf life of one year, hence milk with a “best by” date prior to March 2012 should be OK, or so I thought. And this was locally powdered? Can’t have been sold off the shelf of a regular grocery store in a bag.

  708. Tray says:

    Wow! on so many of these posts especially the milk today. Is it okay to be drinking almond milk and for that matter what about cantaloupe and watermelon from Guatemala or Mexico? Thanks my trusted friends.

  709. Sky says:

    Does anyone know about the safety of baby foods and/or baby formula? I was pretty alarmed to read that powdered milk in LA has been found to be radioactive.
    Bay Area Concerned Mom

  710. Bar says:


    “He said that a tonne of rare earth generates about 8.5kg of fluorine and 13kg of dust; up to 12,000 cubic metres of waste gas containing dust concentrate, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid; about 75 cubic metres of acidic waste water and about one tonne of radioactive waste residue.”
    “Where are we going to dump or store all this waste?…”


    “….Smith said Molycorp is on track to produce 20,000 tons of rare earths annually by mid-2012.”

  711. 2dogs says:

    NRC will put hold on Diablo Canyon nuke plant operation extension;
    SLO locals, politicians, Mothers for Peace still concerned:

  712. Annette says:

    I attempted to comment, “OK, many people here thinks it’s so WISE to use nuclear power then I suggest you offer your town to have one built there.” To get a comment posted I had to fill out a survey of how much I made, what my “title” was, etc. Unbelievable. I hope everyone here votes on this page because it’s the principle of the matter. Wall Street Journal has its own connotations & it really irks me that the WSJ readers are so “uninformed” on nuclear radiation.

  713. Bar says:

    “I was then astounded when I read some of the comments. I really could not believe one comment where the guy says that if only people were “more educated” they would know how good Nuclear power is.”

    The guy that made that comment dosent know that Chancellor Dr.rer.nat. Angela Merkel is a trained pysicist who got her doctorate for her thesis on quantum chemistry and that she also worked as a researcher at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof from 1978 to 1990.

  714. Potrblog says:

    EPA data says 67% Chance of Plutonium in Riverside California; Review says 98%+

    After seeing what looked to me liked possible disinformation, I thought people should know what the actual math says about the subject of Fukushima Plutonium in California.

    Read the details on my blog.


  715. 2dogs says:

    Great compilation article from our local San Luis Obispo regional monthly e-paper:

    Another article outlining whistle blowing on safety at our local Diablo Canyon nuke plant:

    and CA Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office sent this after my sending a note to them concerning continued public subsidy of nuke plants:

    I believe the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan on March 11, 2011, and caused systemic failure at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station has demonstrated the risks of nuclear power. I recently visited both of California’s nuclear power plants in order to learn more about their emergency preparedness. I believe we have an obligation to learn lessons from the disaster in Japan in order to ensure that our plants are as safe as possible.
    As you may know, the President’s fiscal year 2012 budget proposal requests $36 billion in loan guarantee authority for the domestic nuclear industry and research and development of advanced nuclear technologies. I appreciate knowing your opposition to this funding. You may be pleased to know that I recently voted for a fiscal year 2011 Continuing Resolution that provided no additional authority for loans to nuclear facilities.

  716. Big R says:


    It is almost always different if they want to build a reactor next door. Attitudes can change real fast. Maybe that should be one of the questions on that WSJ survey page. “Do you want a nuclear reactor built in your neighborhood?” How many will say yes?

  717. Chase says:

    @Annette (I voted)

    Question: “Germany is shutting down its nuclear program. Do you agree with the decision?”

    I was amazed that 43% voted yes and 56% voted no. (at the time I voted) Of course it is the WSJ, Wall street Journal, but still, I was amazed.

    I was then astounded when I read some of the comments. I really could not believe one comment where the guy says that if only people were “more educated” they would know how good Nuclear power is. In this case I think “more educated” means more misleading Media Spin. (propaganda)

    I do agree that education and facts are key to understanding the severity of the threats we all face.

    We are ALL affected by this uncalled for contamination.

    How about letting the entire world vote. Every single planetary inhabitant! I bet the results would be very different.

  718. Annette says:

    Please vote here & let the German people & the world know that what they are doing to turn away from nuclear power is so profound & brave…….

  719. Chase says:

    “The Voices joining are becoming louder and more prominent.”

    Radiation and Cell phones. What you might want to know. Doctors vs. The Experts.

    CNN video Dr. Gupta Reports “It is a cumulative problem” “A sea of radiation” (You’ll get the picture in the first 5 minutes)


    We are poorly served by saying “everything is okay”. Again… more testing needed. Sound familiar?

  720. Margery Brown says:

    Here is an important article by Dr. Helen Caldicott.


  721. Chase says:

    Fukushima: Weather today, spread of radioactivity

    Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China are getting their share of additional fallout today as rain and winds from the storm move westward at this time.

    May 30th, 2011 – Plume Map(in German)

  722. roundabout says:

    Thank you Michael and Densie! The SLO group assembled together this last Saturday for a very successful upstart group in SLO county. We are all very excited! It was great to be with people who would actually listen and not deny the Fukushima problem existed. We hope to contribute to problem solving and information. It all started here at Enviroreporter!!

  723. @ Kim Downs – We were averaging which totals counts over a ten-minute period. This is explained on our Radiation Station Stats page.

  724. Kim Downs says:

    Was watching this site yesterday when CPM shot up in minutes to over 300. Then hand comes in shot, removes detector for a few seconds and when it is returned it reads about 5. What’s with that guys?

  725. Potrblog says:

    TENORM: The Smoking Gun on Hiding Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

    If you want to understand what is happening with the radioactive fallout, please read this blog post. It certainly will raise your eyebrows as to what UC Berkeley Unclear Engineering Department has been trying to pull on this site.


  726. Margery Brown says:

    An interesting article by a Pysiscist in Sarasota, Florida.


  727. 2dogs says:

    Interesting piece by NRC spokesperson/spokesmodel in local San Luis Obispo digital rag. He notes NRC public meeting in San Luis June 15, 6pm at Embassy Suites in SLO about safety at our Diablo Canyon nuke plant.

    One has to note the tone of the tome, including: ‘more progress needs to be made in addressing issues involving problem identification and resolution.’


  728. Chase says:

    RE: Cesium in milk samples from the Cal Poly (from 2dogs)

    Two things jumped out at me about this report.

    1. They do mention the half life of iodine being ONLY 8 days, yet there is no mention of the half life of Cesium which is 30 YEARS. No mention of accumulation either. (?)

    2. “Information to date indicates that the duration of the exposure should not exceed a few weeks” <– Who's making this statement? Based on what information? Define few?

    I would rather number 2 say something like "Information to date indicates we really don't have a clue, therefore we feel it is is prudent and in the public's best interest to do more testing." – Now that's what I would like to hear. That's what we should be hearing.

  729. 2dogs says:

    Cesium in milk samples from the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Dairy Farm, but ‘1000 times’ less than the federal standard.


  730. roundabout says:

    Thank you Michael and Denise for all your help. I just emailed the list you sent and will be using that for the meeting times. And we will let you know our plans and what transpires after the meeting tomorrow. You are the reason for our inspiration, and you should be proud to see what you have started! :)

  731. Chase says:

    We may soon be getting another lesson in Nuke Plant vs Severe Weather in Fukushima, Japan come Sunday the 29th of May.

    …as heavy rain, dust, and other materials mix together into a radioactive soup along with high velocity wind from Tropical Storm Songda which is projected to reach Category 5 and will reach the Fukushima coastline. Then head east.


    I would think that it is “highly likely” to see increases of radiation levels over the coming days and weeks.

    Why is there not increased testing of our air, water and food? Why, why… WHY???

    What IS the plan for long term daily dose radiation exposure? (where “long term” and “daily dose” are both fluctuating variables)

    I am tired of riding on this plane, I want to land soon and exit safely.

  732. @ SLO: We sent you folks an email with all your emails. Do not post email addresses here because this is a public comment and anyone can read them. This is for you security. Didn’t you get that email, SLO?

    What you are planning to do is very important. Please finalize your plans by email.

  733. SLO says:

    My suggestion is that we meet at New Frontiers tomorrow, Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. I truly hope Chad can make it. Since we have not heard from Chad but Michael has asked we use email to communicate, perhaps one of the guys would feel comfortable posting his email address here. At this point I do not.

    I am hoping since Chad mentioned rescheduling for sat at the “same time” as it was supposed to be today, he is free…

    I will be there tomorrow at 4:30. Let’s meet with who can show up so far: roundabout, Nancy (pending childcare), me, and 2 dogs (plus little dog activist?). That is my best idea, since we need to stop using the comments section to plan and reschedule, and have not yet heard from the whole group.

    Chad, I hope this is okay for you… just seems we need to know what is going on at least a day in advance. If we need to reschedule, I am open to it, but please someone post your email so that we have a “point person” who can collect everyone’s votes and email us back by using “CC” (old carbon copy reference).

    Thanks Micheal Collins and Denise Anne for your site, support, and patience. We will report back on the meeting outcome!


  734. @SLO folks – It is very encouraging that you folks have hooked up like this! Please communicate about meeting times from now on through e-mails and not these comments unless absolutely necessary. Please report back to us on what happened.

  735. Tray says:

    AP Exclusive: Fukushima tsunami plan a single page


    I really am so freakin mad I don’t know what to do with myself. Dumb!

  736. 2dogs says:

    SLO, roundabout, Chad, Nanemat [did I forget others?]-
    I am good for saturday at 4:30

  737. roundabout says:

    SLO, 2dogs, Chad et al;, I can be at New Frontiers Saturday at 4:30 no problem. Thank you. I will check back in to make sure that indeed, the meeting has been changed to that time. Otherwise, I am on. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  738. Ruth says:

    Arnie Gundersen addressing the NRC:


  739. Nanemnat says:

    I can try to make it to the Saturday meeting depending on childcare issues, but definitely cannot go on Friday as I work the PM shift. Hope to see you there if the meeting is held on Saturday.

  740. Nanemnat says:

    Hi, I have been meaning to write with questions/comments for a while but usually am reading this very late at night… I am “spotty” on my radiation knowledge but am worried about the poisoning of our world. I live in SLO county and will try to make it to the New Frontiers meeting.

  741. SLO says:

    TO: SLO FOLKS, Roundabout, Chad, 2dogs,

    I am good Saturday after 4pm as well. I can also still do 6:30pm Friday (tomorrow) at New Frontiers. I have no problem rescheduling so roundabout is included. My mom can’t be there sat, but she will be ok with that. I will be checking on here tomorrow until 1pm for our latest decision, then I am out of the house with no access to the Internet.

    Since I feel chad has a good point that we all need to be there, I propose we meet Saturday at New Frontiers at 4:30, if that fits with everyone’s schedule.

    Please VOTE by posting your comments here by 1pm tomorrow (FRIDAY MAY 27) for keeping the meeting as planned [6:30 FRI]


    Rescheduling for SAT. 5/28 at around 4:30pm.

    Thanks for everyone’s input and patience. We are doing a good thing here!


  742. 2dogs says:

    SLO folks-

    I am flexible-I am good for saturday after 4 if that works.
    also good for Friday 6:30 as previously planned.
    can’t do sunday or monday.

  743. Chase says:

    Here’s another great article.

    Interesting reading in retrospect. Even the comments.

    by Michael Collins
    March 15th, 2011

    “U.S. may be ill-prepared to track ground fallout from Japanese meltdowns…”


  744. Pla says:

    See this article. While I understand most of it, I’m not an expert in any of it. Can any of you guys share what you think.


    In short, it claims reactor 4 cannot have exploded because it was already shut down and open for maintenance which is confirmed by the pictures.

  745. roundabout says:

    PS: I wonder if Greenpeace gives grants for expanding local environmental awareness, or some other foundation. That would be cool. Michael, have you thought about a getting a grant to help keep this site up? I so need to learn about grant writing… Any ideas folks?

  746. Potrblog says:

    @Weaver, good eye on noticing the difference between the sheet metal readings and the truck readings. The primary difference is the sheet metal is small and located under a gutter downspout, so in heavy rain there is ALOT of water that washes over it and tends to clean it off more. It tends to understate the fallout from heavy rains. My plan early on was to use it only when there were very small amounts of rain. (I need to revisit that)

    I prefer using the vehicles to sample radioactive fallout because most people will be exposed to the weather while driving. Moreover, the vehicles don’t generate radioactivity. The vehicle grime on the towel does not consistently correlate to higher readings, sometimes areas with less grime have higher readings. At least one test also showed little fallout contamination difference between a vehicle that was driven through the rain vs one that sat in our driveway.

  747. roundabout says:

    Chad; Thank you for being thoughtful about my situation of not being able to be there. It is ironic for me. I think that because this meeting was submitted well in advance, ethically, everyone should not have to meet at another time. If and only if, it wouldn’t make a difference to everyone, and I mean each person, to have it on Sat, then lets do it. If not, I will still read your letter even if it means meeting up with you at another time. I have to be in S.M. by 6:15, but I would love to read your letter.

    I also think that this will not be the one and only meeting we have. I am sure, positive in fact, that the group will be meeting again. And perhaps, we can also get a free space that the local groups you mentioned, can converge with us and have even more of a consensus on what should be done in the SLO area.

    In the meantime, unless I get a cancellation which by the nature of the appt, I don’t think it will, I am hoping that someone will keep me in the loop. I am willing to meet anyone anywhere in the county to let me know what is going on… I know this is a talented group, and even having a youtube channel might be a good idea… to alert SLO county. The New Times might even give us a bit of space to advertise the channel so we can talk freely about it for free.

  748. Potrblog says:

    @Ana, their response is humorous. They must not have bothered to watched the video, the sample was taken after 2 hours of heavy rain from Tornadic thunderstorms. There should be no natural “washout” left. Check out my other link from to day to see how many “natural” radionuclides are in 10 year old fuel rods.


  749. Margery Brown says:

    I feel very lucky to have discovered the below mentioned link here, on Enviroreporter, and find it to be really inclusive and on target with respect to all of the current Japanese contamination issues.

    There is a lot of current information on every possible aspect of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns, and up to date articles regarding contamination in the USA, as well.

    This web site has now become the very first one I pull up, after checking in first with Enviroreporter.

    While I have not yet personally gotten around to stocking up on any pre-Fukushima food or water supplies, I do greatly appreciate the information on the subject that you are all detailing every day, and I have been passing it along to others.

    The above mentioned web site is:


  750. Ana says:

    Michael, Portblog : just posted Portblog’s recent video on BRAWM forum and this is how they responded:

    Submitted by bandstra on Thu, 2011-05-26 18:44.

    The spikes in gamma and beta count rates can be caused by natural radioactivities in the air (radon decay chain) or instrumental effects (gain drift from temperature changes or electrical interference).

    As for the first cause (radon daughters): the concentration of radon gas and its decay products depends greatly on temperature and weather patterns. When the air is cooler, or when there is an inversion layer “holding down” air near the ground, there can be a higher concentration of radon gas and its decay products — especially Lead-214 and Bismuth-214, which are strong gamma and beta emitters and are quite radioactive. Other weather conditions can cause large variations as well, especially rain. Rain washes the radon progeny out of the air. So when it rains, there should generally be a short spike in the gamma and beta counts followed by a period of lower counts.

    Weather and temperature cycles generally repeat over the course of 24 hours. If you look at any of the EPA RadNet air data, there are always up and down patterns that have a frequency of 1 day. Any other spikes above and below would be due primarily to rain or other conditions, and electrical interference (which the EPA notes on its RadNet website).

    These spikes happen all the time, and that is why the EPA is not increasing their monitoring. If this weren’t natural, then they would know, and we here in BRAWM certainly would know, too.

    Mark [BRAWM Team Member]

  751. Weaver says:

    I am no radiation or mechanical expert by any means, but I have heard “through the grapevine” that the engine block and electrical wiring in a recently-used car will emit radiation (I can’t find any articles to back this up, though). Potrblog wiping the grime off his truck right after it was driven seems to consistently show higher numbers than his other sources (like the sheet metal test a few days ago), and while I have no doubt that fallout is being concentrated in the rain, I have not seen any independent rad monitoring come close to the numbers he produces… which really grabs my attention.

    Potrblog, thank you for all your hard work. Regardless of my (uneducated) hypothesis of cars producing ionizing radiation, I encourage you to please continue collecting samples and readings AWAY from your truck in order to rule it out as a source of high readings. I do not have a rad monitor so all I can do is make suggestions… what I wouldn’t give for an EPA that actually did the work they are supposed to do.

  752. chad whitworth says: