HEPA Parts 1 and 2

9:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON AGGREGATE DUST OF KENMORE PLASMAWAVE HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 98.6 CPM OR 2.8 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND


HEPA Part 3

8:45 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF LARGE PROGRESSIVE KENMORE HEPA FILTER after 6 months usage in Glendale, CA: 55.6 CPM OR 1.6 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND
8:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF KENMORE PLASMAWAVE HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 84.2 CPM OR 2.4 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND


HEPA Parts 4 and 5

6:48 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average: 35.4 CPM
1:20 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average ON ONE HOT SPOT OF HONEYWELL HEPA FILTER after 6 weeks usage in Santa Monica, CA: 99.2 CPM or 2.6 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND




  1. what about the possibility that you are getting may be coming from the Santa Susanna meltdown from years ago…but fires, winds, etc..I guess it isn’t likely, but you are also downwind from that and the meltdown was complete.

    Watch Jeremy Riftkin speaking on the French interview about Nuclear AND see the lastest post from Fairewinds- a must see. Also link to Mother’s For Peace because there is an important vote tomorrow (Thursday) on the future of licensing as they are even considering building small reactors!!!!
    Thanks and good luck to us all…Helen Cald. and Michio Kaku were right…we’re toast.

  2. @jump-ball: You might have not read this site closely but if you had you’d know we bought these Hepa filter machines March 19, 2011 after the meltdowns hence why what you suggest test-wise would be impossible to perform. You also seem unclear on how Hepa filters work, i.e., one must clean them and/or replace them often especially when dealing with filtering the air of Fukushima fallout.

    But more to the point: We tested our new Hepa filters when taking them out of their packaging. They read ‘zero’ for radioactive particulates which clearly would be expected since Sears doesn’t sell radioactively-contaminated Hepa filters, obviously. Our sampling is meaningful because when we tested the particulate matter in the filters, they registered over what background radiation there was in the interior setting of Radiation Station. This is a true indication that despite having fairly ‘normal’ ambient air readings at Radiation Station since the Ides of March, Fukushima fallout still has penetrated our building and been sucked into our filters.

    Also, your science seems a little shaky: you don’t obtain “control” filters by going to “AC, auto and other repair facilities” simply because they don’t carry the filters we have which are for use in stand-alone home air cleaning machines, not automobiles. However, since you want more “meaningful results” even if based on unsound science founded on a fuzzy grasp of the in-situ reality of what we have clearly explained, we invite you to do what you have told us to do and we’d be glad to analyze your methodology and “results.” Good luck!

    @Potrblog: I just finished your videos showing how EPA has censored data in the St. Louis area. While technical (and what regarding this subject isn’t?), you clearly show how EPA manipulates the data by withholding it in part, withholding in entirety, replacing filters slowly to bring the rad rate down, replacing filters before they’re due to be replaced to bring the rad rate down, and doing a number of dubious things to seemingly ensure that a “trend” towards higher radiation readings rates does not occur.

    EPA counts on the fact that most of us can’t figure out what the heck their data mean anyway. But “Every Polluter’s Agency” as EPA is sometimes derisively called did not count on someone like you (or me) who do understand the data and even have our own advanced nuclear radiation monitors.

    We are so fortunate to have Potrblog explain this highly technical data to us. He continues to take the (unpaid) time to discuss what the government won’t or can’t: America is getting intense amounts of radioactive fallout from the Fukushima disaster which is affecting our air, water, soil, animals, food and… the gene pool.

  3. Enviroreporter: Please consider the more meaningful results you might obtain by comparison testing of 2 identical filters from the same area, one of which filters was taken out of service in February, and the other continued in use through 3-11 to the present.

    Some searching through AC, auto and other repair facilities would turn up plenty of ‘control’ filters discarded in February, or filters remaining in cars, AC or HEPA units taken out of service the same month before Fuku I.

  4. What is going on in Southern MI? How do I find out? My daughter is pregnant and so is my Son’s wife. I’m worried for them. Thanks for the info you are providing.

  5. thank you

  6. The larger Kenmore Progressive filter is showing a lower, but still significant, contamination level. This is probably because my entire house has a .01 micron Carrier HEPA filter and electronic filter in my HVAC system. That filter will be removed for servicing on July 1st. And, I plan to have that tested for radioactive contamination as well. We will soon see how much additional goo has been filtered from the air in my house in Glendale CA! I really urge everyone to consider installing HEPA filters to improve their indoor air quality. The life you save may be your own or your loved ones!

  7. Re: HEPA3
    @7:00 minutes… Your commentary regarding the EPA says it all.

    “It is what it is.” – M. Collins
    At least we know. Thank you!

    Now if we can just get the local/state Department(s) of Health and other organizations to watch this. What will they say? What will they do?

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