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Tougher toxic excavation and transport standards at Aerojet Chino Hills

Goo To Go

Thousands of truckloads of toxic cargo could rumble through the San Fernando Valley over the lifetime of the Rocketdyne cleanup, scheduled for completion in 2017.

Runkle Canyon goo had heavy metals contamination ignored by both developers and City of Simi Valley.

Runkle Park – Build it and they will bum

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, looking at a $1.5 million shortfall in its upcoming budget, plans to drop $1.5 million on a “Runkle Park” with no mention of the pollution problems.

Black goo. Man with benzo(a)anthracene in Runkle Canyon July 2, 2007 with Simi officials.

Mountains of Goo

Runkle Canyon’s Radiation Rangers uncover KB Home’s promise to remove two giant mountains of slag material that are leaking pools of toxic sludge. Rangers say it’s a mountain of malarkey.

Simi, We Have a Problem

Simi, We Have a Problem

DTSC meeting on Runkle Canyon. CBG’s Dan Hirsch, rips Response Plan as “propoganda” and says 2004 Environmental Impact Report, approved by City Council, was “fraudulent.”

An October 2006 EPA-funded Simi groundwater report links Rocketdyne water to Runkle Canyon

Down the Test Tubes

KB Home’s lab Dade Moeller produces 10-page report showing strontium-90 radiation only a quarter of “background” for Runkle Canyon, a fraction of previous results. Hot zone hooey.

Simi Valley City Council meeting

Dirty Business

Radiation Rangers and Simi Valley residents demand new Runkle Canyon Environmental Impact Report and a government meeting over pollution concerns at the Simi Valley City Council meeting.

Runkle water bubbles on Simi resident Terry Matheney

Bubble Trouble

City of Simi Valley tests Runkle Canyon water and soil for arsenic after Radiation Rangers’ samples show same. Rangers release full Pat-Chem lab report on heavy metals in Runkle Canyon Creek.