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  • Historic meeting of the Department of Toxic Substances Control and citizens of the Simi and San Fernando valleys takes place January 28, 2009 in Simi Valley City Council Chambers. (See “Simi We Have a Problem”.)
  • No city officials attended. Staffer left to take notes but says city will file Response Plan comments anyway.
  • Would-be developer KB Home/Lennar, along with their controversial lab Dade Moeller & Associates, also no-shows despite subject of meeting, the Runkle Canyon Response Plan, is their creation.
  • Committee to Bridge the Gap president, Dan Hirsch, rips Response Plan as “propaganda” and says 2004 Environmental Impact Report for Runkle Canyon, approved by City Council, was “fraudulent.”
  • Hirsch criticizes Dade Moeller strontium 90 resampling plan as “inadequate” citing numerous scientific flaws including only one soil sample per 19 acres to be tested. Hirsch Sr-90 study cited.
  • Dade Moeller objectivity as developer-hired company has vested interest to please employer, Hirsch and citizens say.
  • DTSC’s Norm Riley maintains that lab is qualified to do work.
  • The Radiation Rangers,,, and the Aerospace Cancer Museum of Education – Los Angeles, post their comments on the Response Plan on
  • New Runkle Canyon article in the Ventura County Reporter examines issue.
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