[KB Home’s Runkle Canyon development is now called Arroyo Vista at the Woodlands]

Runkle water bubbles on Simi resident Terry Matheney's gloves after the May 18, 2007 Pat-Chem sampling.
Runkle water bubbles on Simi resident Terry Matheney

The City of Simi Valley tested Runkle Canyon water and soil for arsenic on July 2 after the Radiation Rangers’ tests showed high levels of arsenic. (See “Bubble Trouble.”) 

The full Pat-Chem lab residents’ report was released July 6, adding 15 pages of non-detects for other chemicals to the two previously released pertinent pages. EnviroReporter.com has addressed media and city official comments as well as the “melting” glove in its Pat-Chem Report and Analysis.

StopRunkledyne.com has analyzed high arsenic at Rocketdyne and reveals faults that lead from the lab into Runkle Canyon which could explain its high arsenic levels. In addition, StopRunkledyne.com has analyzed the criminal investigation of a former CEO and KB Home’s development that was built on a U.S. Navy practice bombing range with unexploded bombs.

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