The following reports, presentations and maps are associated with the subjects covered in the exposé Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial. Their order is generally the same sequence as in the exposé and sometimes labeled as to the information they provide.

AJU – American Jewish University
ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
DOE – Department of Energy
DTSC – Department of Toxic Substances Control
NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

12-30-04 Brandeis-Bardin Soil Tests

11-23-05 Brandeis-Bardin Water Tests

7-2011 EPA Radiological Background Study Report

10-2011 EPA Final Background Study

4-22-14 DOE Brandeis-Bardin Chemical Map

4-28-15 DTSC Brandeis-Bardin Chemical Map

9-2008 Brandeis-Bardin Channel D Chemicals

4-12-16 DTSC Bi-Annual SSFL Update



6-11-07 Brandeis-Bardin Institute Strontium-90 readings

1-19-95 McLaren/Hart Additional Brandeis-Bardin Institute Soil and Water Sampling

5-21-14 DTSC-LARWQCB SSFL Ground & Surface Water

7-29-08 Boeing Plutonium-238 at Brandeis-Bardin

1-2013 NASA Cesium-137 Brandeis-Bardin

6-25-91 Rocketdyne Radioactive Cow Meadow Muffins

2-2006 UCLA Potential for Offsite Exposures Associated with Santa Susana Field Laboratory

2-2007 University of Michigan SSFL Rocketdyne Epidemiologic Study

11-9-15 DOE Final Groundwater Work Plan [BACKUP COPY]

11-2016 NASA LOX Groundwater

4-14-83 Rockwell Fluoride Spraying

2016 DOE-AJU Summary Brandeis-Bardin analysis

9-1995 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal – Antimony

12-23-16 ATSDR Biomonitoring Summary – Molybdenum

9-2003 ATSDR Toxicological Profile for Selenium

1-21-15 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

3-25-2014 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal – Naphthalene, 1-Methylnapthalene, 2-Methylnapthalene

3-3-11 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)

12-4-14 NIOSH Fluorine

10-8-15 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal – Endosulfan

3-12-15 ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal – Aldrin/Dieldrin

7-1-14 NIOSH Lindane

1-6-17 DOE Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

24 Years of Award-Winning SSFL/Rocketdyne Reporting
June 1998June 2022