EnviroReporter.com first reported on controversial developer and architect Wayne Fishback in late 2006 about dumping in Ventura County in an article entitled “Fishback MountainOne man calls his project on the L.A./Ventura border the pursuit of a dream home, but others just see an illegal solid waste dump.”

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Fishback Mountain 1

Alarmed by all the truck traffic, residents near Wayne Fishback's property took photos of the massive operation on May 5, 2005. Thirteen (13) photographs

Fishback Mountain 2

Residents protest on Valley Circle Boulevard in western San Fernando Valley adjacent the fenced off former Chatsworth Reservoir downhill from Fishback Mountain. Fourteen (14) photographs

Fishback Mountain 3

October 2006 look at Fishback Mountain reveals just how extensive the dumping and filling was. Vistas overlook Simi Valley below. Eighteen (18) photographs

Fishback Mountain 4

October 2006 photos (continued from Gallery 3) show that just over edge of the fill cliff was broken concrete, tile and rebar. Not “clean fill” according to government regulations. Fifteen (15) photographs

Fishback Mountain 5

November 2006 - More images of dumping on Fishback's property. A month later, additional aerial shots show extent and soil cover-up. Eighteen (18) photographs

Fishback Mountain 6

January 2008 - Ventura County officials inspect Fishback’s dump. Large fissures had formed on steep slopes. In February 2008, more shots reveal radical land transformation. Nineteen (19) photographs

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Wayne Fishback Investigation Main Page