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EnviroReporter.com first reported on controversial developer and architect Wayne Fishback in late 2006 in an article entitled “Fishback MountainOne man calls his project on the L.A./Ventura border the pursuit of a dream home, but others just see an illegal solid waste dump.”

October 5, 2006 (continued from Gallery 3): What seemed to be a dirt-filled arroyo above Simi Valley changed in perspective from the side of the mountain. Just over the edge of the fill was broken concrete, tile and rebar, not exactly the definition of “clean fill” according to government regulations.

“What I’m doing is, to a certain extent, almost required by the law in terms of controlling runoff from your property,” Fishback said in a 2006 interview. “Ranchers and farmers have all kinds of regulations on them now in terms of sediment runoff and controlling erosion.”

“It’s almost not even a choice anymore to be a good steward of the land,” said Fishback. “My wife and I are trying to develop this ranch and our dream home.”

“The truckers pay me $25 per load for spreading out the material they deliver,” said Fishback property gatekeeper Wayne “Kenny” Ochoa in an October 23, 2006 court declaration. “I do not get paid by Wayne Fishback, and I do not pay Fishback anything for the opportunity to stay at the Ranch.”

Neighbor and dump opponent Robert Mionske finds this fishy. He said that the truckers signed receipts they dropped in a box at the property entrance, above three photos, with each load brought in and that he had repeatedly seen Fishback take them out and count them.

Activist Todd Doherty estimated that 10,000 trucks had dumped debris on the property, loads that would have otherwise cost $400 each to deposit at a licensed Ventura County dumpsite. That would mean around $250,000 had been generated by dumping at Fishback’s “ranch.”

Fishback Mountain Gallery – 6 galleries of Ventura County dumping

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Wayne Fishback Investigation Main Page