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Death Valley Aerosol Trails

EnviroReporter.comhas discovered, and exposed in "No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread" that whatever these aerosol trails are, they are "scavenging" Fukushima fallout and mobilizing it to deposit on the ground in even dry places like Death Valley. In the process, people, animals, plants and the overall environment are being subjected to radioactive bombardment from short and medium-lived radionuclides like Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 from the multiple meltdowns.

Lake Havasu Arizona Aerosol Trails 2011-2012

Places as arid as Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the California border regularly get ‘cloud cover’ from vapor trails left by jets according to B.J.. The spraying began in earnest in October 2010. “I sat next to the window with my coffee on my day off one morning and saw them going at low altitude going back and forth,” B.J. wrote. “I said to myself that\'s those chemtrails people keep talking about! And I've been taking pictures of them ever since. They even sprayed on Christmas and New Year’s Day!”

Santa Monica Chemtrails May 3 2012

As EnviroReporter.com exposed August 27, 2012, whatever these gaseous streaks of white aerosols are, they are airborne Fukushima Dai-ichi radioactive fallout and through a process of accumulation of molecules, mobilizing this goo and bringing it to the surface of the Earth.

Mutated California Sunflowers July 2012

Inducing mutations into sunflowers using radiation has been going on since at least the mid 1960s with one constant result: the more radiation the shorter the plants. The Santa Barbara-area sunflowers in this gallery are not only severely mutated, they appear shorter than the normally towering stalks should be.