Places as arid as Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the California border regularly get ‘cloud cover’ from vapor trails left by jets according to B.J., a resident of the city of 52,000 on the Colorado famous for its fresh clear air and the London Bridge spanning the Colorado River. The aerosol thick atmosphere that has cut views in the last few years isn’t London fog assured B.J. “I have so many chemtrail photos, you would not believe some of them,” said B.J in an e-mail. “When people say they don’t see them, they might as well say they don’t have eyes!”

B.J. moved to Lake Havasu in 1979 and became a snowbird from Pennsylvania enjoying Arizona’s clean clear air and mild temperatures. She had noticed an occasional aerosol trail in her old photos but the spraying began in earnest in October 2010. “I sat next to the window with my coffee on my day off one morning and saw them going at low altitude going back and forth,” B.J. wrote. “I said to myself ‘that’s those chemtrails people keep talking about! And I’ve been taking pictures of them ever since. They even sprayed on Christmas and New Year’s Day!”

After this gallery went up, B.J. wrote to make sure folks understood the photos 006 and 007, second and fourth in the series below and labeled ‘After’ shots. “I would clarify that the 2 ‘before and after’ pics were of our scenery ‘before’, (on ‘no spray’ days), but the white milky ‘after’ pics were taken March 17th 2011, 6 days after the nuke explosion at the Fukushima reactors,” B.J. wrote September 3. “Never did we see our air SO WHITE! The day after the tsunami (Mar. 11), was also one of our thickest chemtrail days, with them continuing the spraying all that week, till we woke up to the worst air EVER that Thurs. morning of the 17th when the first plume of radiation hit our skies.”