Aerosol trails seem obvious in their bold streaks across the sky. But they’re not. A disinterested public, in general, has bought the notion that they are just contrails made by jets who apparently have nothing better to do than to fly back and forth spraying something in a streak across the sky. With the cost and risk of flying these jets back and forth across a very crowded airspace, whatever it is that is being sprayed must be very important.

As exposed August 27, 2012, whatever these gaseous streaks of white aerosols are, they are “capturing” airborne Fukushima Dai-ichi radioactive fallout and through a process of accumulation of molecules, mobilizing this goo and bringing it to the surface of the Earth. Observations of air readings at Radiation Station Santa Monica California included seeing these detections drop when there were less aerosol trails present. Our hunch that the inverse would be true – that increased aerosol trails resulted in higher radiation reading in the air – resulted in the August 27, 2012 article “No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread” where we piece together the evidence that shows that this aerosolized chemtrail activity is inadvertently nuking people, plants, animals and the environment in dry regions that are more immune to “wet deposition” of radioactive fallout. In short, chemtrails are nuking folks as they “capture” floating radionuclides in a process called “scavenging.”

Now the next time you see vapor trails that don’t dissipate like water vapor would, you’ll know at least some of the ingredients.