1. @ DanS.: Where did you buy those cups, Dan? I wouldn’t throw them away too quickly – better to keep them in storage somewhere because the tale of the hot cups may be something worth exploring. Keep the evidence.

    @ All: New post called “Seasons Readings” telling the tale of Denise and I traveling on jets to and from Michigan for the holidays experiencing up to 800% of what the Inspector Alert manufacturer says we should expect in the air, which is also dozens of times terrestrial background. We also detected hot particles on these masks once we landed. In this post, there are two videos (also available here and here) that show a jet stream driven winter storm in Southwest Michigan that came in at 561% of normal and 650% of normal background on the second to last day of Year One – Fukushima.

    We will be discussing all on the Jeff Rense Radio Network tonight at 9pm PST LIVE as well as new threats to New Media journalism like that you read, hear and see here as well that will determine the fate of continued accurate and unbiased reporting on the ongoing and growing threat of fallout and global poisoning from the Fukushima disaster.

  2. On second thought, maybe the cups are hazardous waste? calling my DPW bud. sh*t……

  3. I have an Inspector Alert (got it in August, 2011)- just took a reading of my coffee cup (using it for years) made in China. My interior background radiation averages 30 -32 cpm. Cup went up to 104-108 within seconds. I had 2 of the cups – threw them out. Now they go to the muncipal incinerator (garbage to energy plant). wow. airborne or slag heap?

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