January 22, 2012
The aggregate measurement of the dust and debris of both the Honeywell and Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA filter air cleaners was shocking – 5.38 times normal. As we discuss in the upcoming post “Beta Watch,” these measurements, and indeed most all the measurements at Radiation Station – Santa Monica, are not impacted by so-called “natural” radon progeny being pulled out of the air by these breath-saving machines which suggests that there is an entirely new method of radioactive fallout from Fukushima impacting coastal zones of the United States and Canada, if not eventually all 44 nations on the Pacific Rim.

The Numbers:

8:00pm 10-minute average INTERIOR background average: 37.2 CPM^


  1. Hi Michael…Have a ?.Dont know if you already answered it.I have forced air heat/cool in my home and change my filters often.Im going to purchase 2 Hepa filters..? is….How do I clean the Hepa filters without re contaminating the air/myself etc? Vacuums are notorious for blowing back dust into the air from what its vacuuming up…..and washing in a sink (handling) hmm!and if the filter reads a Very High CPM??…Suggestions anybody?

    [EDITOR’S NOTE- We aren’t sure what biggee is asking but we think he means a HEPA filter air cleaning machine. Yes, of course we do as we’ve written and discussed many times. We vacuum it with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and repeatedly test the results.]

  2. @Shell Sharp: You can buy an Inspector Alert from International Medcom (California) like we did or through any of a number of outlets, some of which advertise on Including an Xtreme Boot to protect it, and including shipping, handling and tax, you’re looking at $750 to $900.

    @biggee & Potrblog: Thank you for these readings. Folks should pay particular attention to these readings because they’re being taken by experienced and trusted individuals who know what they’re doing and are gladly sharing with us their readings. I encourage other Radiation Station contributors to update us frequently as well.

  3. Where may I purchase the meter shown in your reports and what is the price? Please contact me at the email address provided in the reply,thank you for this informative site.

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