A tarry material found in Runkle Canyon contains high levels of Benzene, a carcinogen.
A tarry material found in Runkle Canyon contains high levels of Benzene, a carcinogen.

EnviroReporter.com has completed its analysis of thousands of pages of KB Home reports submitted to Department of Toxic Substances Control as part of Voluntary Cleanup Agreement signed in April. Other critical documents were also analyzed, revealing that radiological and chemical contamination in Runkle Canyon may actually be worse than previously publically known.

We have submitted these analyses to DTSC and have created interactive Runkle Canyon Timelines to facilitate understanding of this complex subject [through 2008].

In addition to the high levels of chromium, strontium-90, arsenic, nickel, vanadium, perchlorate and trichlorethylene, the Runkle Canyon cocktail of contaminants has now grown to include:

  • Toxic NDMA found in Runkle Canyon groundwater.
  • A reading of 330 parts per billion of perchlorate was detected in Runkle Canyon’s groundwater, five times higher than any detection there before. (The Radiations Rangers have requested that wells MW-1 and MW-2 be reactivated in order to further test the groundwater.)
  • Benzene was found in a tarry material in Runkle Canyon at nearly 55 times its EPA Preliminary Remediation Goal for residential soil and at level exceeding chronic level for the carcinogen.
  • Developer lab, Geocon, found toxic heavy metal vanadium at level four time higher than previously known by EnviroReporter.com. This surpasses the “Notification Level” where local water purveyor informs customers of water threat.
  • Test results of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons include a result of 24.3 mg/kg for benzo(a)antracene which is 39.19 times its PRG of 0.62 mg/kg.

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