Runkle Canyon Timelines

EnviroReporter.com has created three powerful interactive timelines to help citizens and government agencies better understand the extend of contamination problems in Runkle Canyon through 2008. New through 2020 is upcoming. Here you will find fully substantiated analysis of reports and events. See below for descriptions of our timelines for Complete Runkle Canyon Investigation timeline which includes photographs and video, Critical Runkle Canyon Documents, and Analysis of 41 reports KB Home provided to DTSC.

Complete Runkle TimelineComplete Runkle Canyon Timeline
Timeline documents efforts to develop Runkle Canyon which borders former nuclear research center, site of three partial experimental meltdowns. Reports, studies, and investigations. Includes photographs and videos.
Runkle Canyon Timelines


Critical Runkle DocsCritical Runkle Canyon Documents Timeline
Analysis of information generated by licensed laboratories that should have precipitated further soil, surface water and subsurface water testing. Information was submitted to DTSC on July 3, 2008.



KB 41 docsAnalysis of 41 reports KB Home provided to DTSC Timeline
Analyzes 41 reports that KB Home supplied to DTSC as part of their April 2008 “Voluntary Cleanup Agreement” of Runkle Canyon.

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