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U.S. air radiation surges higher

U.S. air radiation surges higher

Sharp increases in beta radiation in Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Middle West, South and along the Eastern Seaboard. Some places, including L.A., show decreasing air radiation.

EPA Nukes Radiation Rules*

EPA Nukes Radiation Rules*

Proposed U.S. EPA “Protective Action Guide” allows hundreds to thousands of times more radiation in disasters than the agency had previously allowed. More cancers deaths seem likely.

RadNet Air Monitoring

2015/04/07 at 10:45 am PDST
While’s Spring investigations up the southern and central California coast, testing Pacific waters at multiple locations, yielded repeated samples reading at background, the April 6, 2015 edition of the Salem Oregon Statesman Journal newspaper reported that Fukushima radiation has reached North American shores […]

Radiation Food Lab

Radiation Food Lab

Thousands of food and drink radiation tests worldwide are conducted and compiled by Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia’s Peter Daley. Most comprehensive compendium.

Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia

Peter Daley
Handle: vital1
Gammascout Alert detecting in microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr)
Radiation testing streaming 24/7 plus over 742 special radiation tests and original in-depth reports as March 15, 2015 as well as hundreds of items tested in Radiation Food Lab.
Monitoring Station: […]

Radiation Station Pacifica California

David Crain
Handle: David Crain
Read about David Crain in FUKUSHIMA – THE PERFECT CRIME?

24-7 live streaming plus 80 special radiation tests as of March 15, 2015
palmRAD detecting in Counts Per Minute (CPM). The palmRAD will be temporarily offline during those tests which may include rain, fog, sea spray and other material […]

Highest Radiation in L.A. Air Yet

Highest Radiation in L.A. Air Yet

March 6 test of combined dust came in at a sizzling 6.68 times normal. Since last testing period, radiation detected has risen another 130% indicating continued upward trend.

Radiation Station Santa Monica Mountains

Handle: Annette2
Inspector Alert detecting in Counts Per Minute (CPM)

Submitted on 2012/01/19 at 4:56 pm
Agoura, CA exterior 10-minute averages, using Inspector Alert (a,b,g):
8/13/11, 11:45am – 35.2
8/14/11, 10:20am – 37.9
8/24/11, 1:30pm – 35.8
8/26/11, 5:30pm – 40.7
8/27/11, 9am – 39.7, 42.6
9/6/11, 7pm – 38.9
9/12/11, 12:14pm, 37.0
9/20/11, noon, […]

Special Radiation Station Tests

Please note that BG means background, CPM is counts per minute, INT is interior and EXT means exterior. Also note that none of our readings at Radiation Station Santa Monica are impacted by radon progeny as we discuss in Beta Watch.
April 7, 2015
9:15 pm INT RAIN SAMPLE 4: 39.6 CPM^^
9:00 […]

Radiation Station Video


KTLA News – March 16, 2011
KTLA News breaks the story of Radiation Station and creates special link on the television station’s website to hook people up 24/7 coverage of radiation readings in the Los Angeles Basin. Over 1,279,831 have done just that […]

Radiation Station Stats

We’ve conducted thousands of radiation readings of air, water, rain, food, drink and other media since Radiation Station went online March 15, 2011. We have tested numerous items, substances and sites to determine if Fukushima fallout has impacted them. Those special in-situ multi-media tests, many with video documentation, will continue […]

Radiation Nation

Radiation Nation

Nearly 700,000 have come to‘s Radiation Station in just a week to watch live Los Angeles basin readings and exchange information sparked by Fukushima meltdowns.

Radiation Station

Radiation Station‘s “Radiation Station” will go online tomorrow. We will be able to show, in live time, just what the radiation readings are in Santa Monica California.

1996 Department of Energy list of UCLA human radiation experiments

Thirteen radionuclides involved: iodine-131, zinc-65, strontium-85, calcium-47, gold-198, iodine-125, cobalt-60, technetium 99m, copper-67, manganese-54, xenon 133, indium-113m and fluorine-18
UCLA-1. Early Experimental Imaging of the Thyroid Gland Using Iodine 131
IN 1951, the University of California, Los Angeles conducted a series of tests on humans to study the uptake of radioiodine […]