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80 radiation tests as of October 18, 2018


palmRAD detecting in Counts Per Minute (CPM). The palmRAD will be temporarily offline during those tests which may include rain, fog, sea spray and other material as well as ambient air readings on the beach.



Pacifica Readings
Taken 19-20/December/2013

David Crain:
“Not good news! I have been taking readings around Pacifica, in airplanes, Colorado trips, etc. for over two years now. Thursday I went to a beach I frequent [Nine miles south of Pacifica]. Because of high tide, I had limited beach to throw the ball for Cricket so I took my Geiger counter with me. The background radiation counts (CPM) average 25-35 around Pacifica. I have fewer readings from Surfer’s Beach but they were close to levels in Pacifica. As I stepped out on the sand about 25 yards from the water’s edge, my alarm on the detector started to beep. I have never had my detector go into alarm before. I went back Friday morning and took more readings. See below. The alarm is set to 99 CPM, roughly x3 over background. A HazMat situation is assumed present when counts go x3 and higher. See my results below. The xBG readings closer to 1 were from the road or parklands immediately adjacent to the beach. The higher readings were at water’s edge. This is disturbing. I need to do more investigation but this is solid evidence something is present in that environment that wasn’t there last week. My detector is kept in a ziplock bag for protection and will not allow reading Alpha waves. The uptick has to be Gamma or Beta, both emitted as Cesium 137 decays into daughter particles. Cesium is what we are looking for from Fukushima as a signature of man-made radiation events.

“There is no stopping this thing.”


Surfers Beach
33.5 1.12 12/20/2013 9:50:08 AM
110.5 3.68 12/20/2013 9:35:59 AM
179 5.97 12/20/2013 9:30:25 AM
128.5 4.28 12/20/2013 9:22:31 AM
45.2 1.51 12/19/2013 4:01:26 PM sea grass sample
26.5 .88 12/19/2013 9:55:58 AM
28.5 .95 12/19/2013 9:51:06 AM
130 4.33 12/19/2013 9:41:53 AM
76.2 2.54 12/19/2013 9:34:28 AM

Pacifica Readings
Taken 7/9/2013

BG 27.9 cpm – taken before measuring samples at home

LMB Air 31.8
LMB 7 39.5
LMB 8 34.9
LMB Air 31.8
LMB Creek 27.3
PWS 1 26.9
PWS 2 30.2
PWS 3 27.7
PWS 4 30.7
PWS 5 32.3
PWS 6 28.9

Jet Cabin readings over America May 25, 2013 to June 12, 2013

SFO-AUS Sample 1
BG = 22.1 cpm *
Timed = 60 min
Sample = 923.3 cpm

SFO-AUS Sample 2
BG = 22.1 cpm *
Timed = 10 min
Sample = 974.4 cpm

AUS Terminal
BG =
Timed = 10 min
Sample = 38.2 cpm

BG = 29.9 cpm *
Timed = 60 min
Sample = 1026.5 cpm

BG = 44.2 cpm *
Timed = 30 min
Sample = 899.0 cpm

* 10 min sample measured in plane prior to takeoff.

DEN Terminal
BG =
Timed = 10 min
Sample = 60.6 cpm

– SFO = San Francisco, CA
– AUS = Austin, TX
– DEN = Denver, CO
– MSP = Minneapolis-St Paul, MN
– All inflight samples were taken at cruising altitude: 35-37k feet.
– Data indicates levels at this these altitudes should be ~300-400 cpm, but I can’t find definitive data regarding this.

Pacific Water Samples

Submitted on 2013/05/018 at 9:00 pm
Retests of May 1
Location/ Background/ Interval/ Sample/
LMABAIR/ 29.6/ 20 min/ 28.5
LMABAIR/ 28.9/ 20 min/ 32.4
LMB8/ 30.0/ 10 min/ 35.9*
LMB7/ 30/ 10 min/ 37.1**
LMB1/ 30/ 10 min/ 28.3
PWS1/ 29.6/ 10 min/ 29.8
PWS2/ 28.9/ 10 min/ 32.3
PWS3/ 30.0/ 10 min/ 31.3
PWS4/ 28.7/ 10 min/ 29.0
PWS5/ 28.6/ 10 min/ 28.7
PWS6/ 26.9/ 10 min/ 28.3

* [Editor: 19.67% above background]
** [Editor: 23.67% above background]
Submitted on 2013/05/01 at 11:47 pm

The following May 1, 2013 data table and map show six ocean locations sampled. A background was taken for each sample over a ten minute period. The background and sample result are given and show all Pacific Ocean water samples registering normal background. May 18 retests were normal.

May 1, 2013
Sample with washcloth about 5 foot out from waterline.
Clear and sunny conditions. Tide @ 1 foot

PAC LMB Map Location/ Background/ Interval/ Sample/
PWS1/ 29.6/ 10 min/ 29.8
PWS2/ 28.9/ 10 min/ 32.3
PWS3/ 30.0/ 10 min/ 31.3
PWS4/ 28.7/ 10 min/ 29.0
PWS5/ 28.6/ 10 min/ 28.7
PWS6/ 26.9/ 10 min/ 28.3

2012/10/07 at 6:42 am
My last comment was 2 days ago but I need to correct a bad link to my database. This link should take you to a logon page where you can sign on as a guest:

The hosted database is a FileMaker document that allows me to easily enter and track readings over time and share the results with others. It may have some quirks but it is simple and accessible with the right link. This is a work-in-process and always open to suggestions. Thank you.

Submitted on 2012/10/05 at 8:47 am
No significant change in readings compared to background. Database updated today:

I did have the opportunity to test some Albacore tuna caught off the north coast of CA a couple of weeks back that a local fisherman had given me. The sample was meat cut from the fish ‘close to the gut’, as explained to me. No shift over background read from the sample. Most of the people I talk to on the beach are ignorant of the radiation being dumped into the ocean.

2012/07/24 at 10:38 pm | EnviroReporter in reply to David Crain.
@David Crain: Since you don’t have a laboratory, of course, I’d suggest filtering a liter of water through a coffee filter and see if you pick up anything over background. For places where I haven’t wanted to get in the water or couldn’t but could reach it with, say, a broom, I’ve attached a sock to said broom and went dipping. Squeezed out some of the water and measured the wet sock. Sound primitive but it does the trick when you have an Inspector Alert like you do. Your documenting these measurements, along with the time/date/exact location on Pacifica’s beach, will help everyone watch to see if you’re impacted yet, by how much, and if the continuing testing yields an uptick in radioactivity. Thank you for your excellent Radiation Station Pacifica California, David.

2012/08/12 at 7:56 am
All readings continue to be at normal background levels.

2012/07/23 at 5:29 pm
The last comment I made was a month ago after returning from my trip to Little Rock (via Dallas/Ft Worth). Since then I have been taking weekly readings in my local environment and am happy to report no change above “normal” background radiation level. My FileMaker DB is updated. Datalink is on Pacifica Station page, http://pacificastation.net/

I am not too sure about the reliability of my water samples. Doesn’t water block most radiation? Even if the sample had contaminates how much radiation would you pick up if blocked by the water surrounding it? I want to learn best in class methods for using my InspectorPlus radiation detector. Please comment.

2012/06/27 at 6:37 am
On a trip to Little Rock, AR from San Francisco, June 2012, I took some readings on the leg between San Francisco (SFO) and Dallas, TX (DFW), both directions. The outgoing CPM measured on the ground and again at landing were very close (~21cpm) and inflight at cruising altitude 48 times that value (1028cpm). The return trip ground reading at departure was ~30cpm and two samples inflight were 752cpm and 760cpm respectively, 25 times ground reading. When normalized to 21cpm this reading is 36 times reference.

I found the first leg results interesting in that my in-plane ground samples were so close together and lower compared to my RadStation background readings (benchmark = 33cpm). My return trip did not allow for readings upon landing but at departure was closer to this benchmark. Here is my data:

Round Trip San Francisco to Little Rock
SFO-DFW Sample
RECORD – 6/21/20@10:09:13 am
BG – 21.4 cpm
Timed – 60 min
TEST – 1028 cpm
BG CPM measured on ground, in the plane, before takeoff and again on landing (+/- .2 cpm)
37k cruise altitude announced at departure
Return Trip
DFW-SFO Sample 1
RECORD – 6/25/2012@12 1:41 pm
BG – 30.0 cpm
Timed – 60 min
TEST – 752.8 cpm

DFW-SFO Sample 2
RECORD – 6/25/2012@3:44 pm
BG – 30.0 cpm
Int – 30 min
CPM – 760.3

36k cruise altitude announced at departure
BG CPM measured on ground, in the plane, before takeoff

The conditions going were measurably higher. The detector was an Inspector Plus.

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