Lights Out

Failure to harden electrical infrastructure and spent nuclear fuel storage leaves U.S. and world vulnerable to solar or terrorist induced apocalypse.

China Syndrome Town

EnviroReporter.com exposes plots that would keep the Santa Susana Field Laboratory radioactive and chemically contaminated, saving the polluters hundreds of millions.

Rewriting Rocketdyne

Department of Energy falsely inflates the amount of radioactive Rocketdyne dirt to be excavated by five times and considers lesser cleanup standards than its signed DTSC agreement.

Debbie Raphael and Boeing Lobbyist Peter Weiner

Toxic Department

DTSC called a “captured agency.” Astroturf collaborators claim no more cleanup is needed, guided by greenwashing plan by publicist Gary Polakovic . Contamination discounted.

No More Monkey Business

NASA backs off irradiating 18 squirrel monkeys in a $1.75 million experiment that our Pasadena Weekly/EnviroReporter.com investigation found was cruel and scientifically useless.

We, Robot

Part Two of a special Pasadena Weekly cover story investigation explores origins of NASA’s manned space program, brainchild of infamous Nazi rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun.

Space Monkey Business

Critics say NASA is taking a giant leap backwards by irradiating monkeys in space-travel tests designed to simulate intense radiation astronauts would experience in voyages to Mars.