READNo More Monkey Business” in the December 23, 2010 issue of the Pasadena Weekly where NASA backs off its plans to irradiate 18 squirrel monkeys in a $1.75 million experiment that our investigation found was not only cruel and scientifically useless but also redundant since an Italian space radiation experiment, using humans not harmed, had already been underway to understand longterm cosmic radiation exposure’s effects on astronauts.

READ the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s statement celebrating the end of the experiments.

READ the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s statement on NASA’s “boondoggle.”

READ the Pasadena Weekly cover story that began our coverage: SPACE MONKEY BUSINESS – Critics say NASA is taking a giant leap backwards by irradiating monkeys in space-travel tests

READ Part Two of our Space Monkey Business cover story that explores the future of robotic space exploration: “WE, ROBOT – JPL, home of America’s greatest robotic explorations of the heavens, isn’t sold on deep-sixing the manned space program

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