North of the main dumping area lies VA land leased to Brentwood School. A VA-funded study in 2005 said, on pages 62-64, that there was nuclear waste buried on the property there and that either the parents didn’t know about it or didn’t care. Now they know.

A 2000 ash map shows where three deposits of this possibly radioactively-contaminated ash-waste was buried and some apparently removed during construction of the school’s athletic facilities. Now there’s new construction and rubble that can be seen from behind San Gennaro Restaurant in a pilates studio situated above the school. “You can see the construction roughly to the southeast when you look out the windows,” our source said. “I think they are building a pool.” As seen below, rubble that appeared to be from an older structure sat piled one day at the school and but was soon gone before Noel’s team arrived.

The VA contractors inspected Brentwood School during this first “walk-over” inspection December 8 and invited Michael Collins to view their work. Upon arriving at the campus, Collins was turned away by a security guard who told the reporter that he had turned away a crew from KCBS Channel 2 News earlier that day. The station had covered the issue of testing Nov. 30 with a news segment entitled “Something Stinks At Dog Park — And It’s Not Poo.”

Noel says his team tested for radiation on the playing field of the stadium but not the track due to its composition preventing soil readings. The upper level baseball field was gridded and tested as well as the school’s southernmost soccer field.

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