Exclusive 2019 Update: VICTORY AT THE VA – West LA Veterans Administration master plan protects old nuclear dump from development

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VA nuclear dump photos

Photographs of the West LA VA nuclear dump taken in Spring 2006. Radioactive glass is detected by Michael Collins in the surface soil of the area using a nuclear radiation monitor. The glass, which was next to a mound associated with debris dumped from Brentwood School, registered over four times normal radiation.

West Los Angeles Veterans Administration

Photographs of the West LA VA campus and buildings. Some of the buildings date back to the late 1800's with a large number of structures from the early part of the last century. George W. Bush Administration VA officials wanted to "redevelop" much of this land in a $4 billion plan to partially privatize this huge VA complex. The plan failed in part over revelations that part of the development would be in the biomedical chemical nuclear dump EnviroReporter.com exposed.

VA Athletic Fields

Photographs of the West LA VA athletic fields at MacArthur Field. Hundreds of kids play soccer on this field which is adjacent the dump. Balls kicked into the dump are retrieved by children either going through or over the chain link fence.

Barrington Dog Park main

4 GALLERIES of the Brentwood Dog Park and activities such as Bow Wow Ween (2005 and 2006) and the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue (2005). Since EnviroReporter.com's revelations of the biomedical nuclear and chemical dump under part of this dog park broke in Spring 2006, attendance and events have diminished.

Pre-Dog Park Aerials 1999-2003

These aerial photos were taken after Barrington Recreation Park was opened by the City of Los Angeles in 1985 but before Barrington Dog Park was carved out of it in the fall of 2003. This photographs are invaluable in determining where the nuclear and chemical waste remains buried today.

Brentwood School

North of the main dumping area lies VA land leased to Brentwood School. A VA-funded study in 2005 said that there was nuclear waste buried on the property there and that either the parents didn't know about it or didn't care.

West LA VA Historic Nuclear Structures

Photographs of the West LA VA structures formerly used in nuclear experimentation, including on humans and animals. These Atomic Age-experiments involved the toxic radionuclides carbon-14, zinc-65, strontium-85 and strontium-90, gold-198, iodine-125, cobalt-60, copper-67, manganese-54, xenon-133, indium-113, calcium-47, iron-59, and several others.

Drought reveals heart of dump - 2007

The prolonged drought in Southern California has caused a continuing brush die-off in the heart of the Brentwood nuclear dump. Much of the mapped center of the known dumping areas is easier to see -- sloping areas that weren't tested in the VA Phase I testing of the eastern arroyo.

Exclusive 2019 Update: VICTORY AT THE VA – West LA Veterans Administration master plan protects old nuclear dump from development