These aerial photos were taken after Barrington Recreation Park was opened by the City of Los Angeles in 1985 but before Barrington Dog Park was carved out of it in the fall of 2003. The large biomedical waste pile in the center of the arroyo is from the excavation of Brentwood School’s athletic fields which the VA reported were built between in 1999. Therefore the main pile originates anywhere from 1999 to 2003. found radioactive glass and a ‘hot’ syringe in the proximity of the large crescent-shaped mound. Other dumping areas are discernible in these photographs as well, while the ‘mysterious mounds’ are hidden underneath brush. The photos also suggest that there may have been more dumping activity in the western arroyo, away from the three known areas of the dump, than was previously thought. Much of the central mound is covered by dirt today and did not appear to be extensively tested in the Phase One survey as of yet.

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