Brentwood nuclear dump testing - November 30, 2006

The first day of testing included a visit by city of Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl to meet with the man in charge, Millennium Consulting Associates' president Michael Noel. Also attending was Norm Kulla, Rosendahl's Northern District Director and Sue Black, the founder of Friends of Barrington Dog Park. Rosendahl negotiated for an additional $1 million to be spent on investigating the dump in September 2007, an investigation yet to be undertaken by VA despite a promise to in December 2007.

Mysterious Mounds - December 2, 2006

The extensively mowed and shorn to-the-nub dump site revealed a series of mounds in what appears to be either area “A” or area “B” of the pre-1980 map as well as the 1995 map and the 2000 map.

Brentwood nuclear dump testing - December 6, 2006

Seeing the dump being “flagged” for testing for the first time was certainly an amazing sight on December 6, 2006. The testing technique included gridding off areas with 10 by 10 meter quadrants delineated by white surveyor flags. A red flag marked the “hottest” spot for radiation and had that highest reading on it and also a 6-second average reading for the quadrant.

Brentwood nuclear dump testing - December 7, 2006

On December 7, 2006, the arroyo to the west of the dog park was tested, though maps of the dumping do not indicate that any dumping occurred here. A section of the land on the VA’s golf course, associated with a long ash pit, was also tested.

Brentwood nuclear dump testing - December 8, 2006

Though turned away from Brentwood School where Millennium Consulting Associates was testing Dec. 8 and took a closer look at what has been tested so far in Phase One. We also noted what hasn't been tested apparently due to a truncated testing schedule, which was supposed to be made up in Phase Two, because of interference from professional dog walkers blocking access to the testing site Dec. 7. Those additional tests were never performed.