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Toxic Trails

LA County Rec and Parks quietly plans hiking trails to contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory, ignoring toxins while honoring anti-cleanup gadfly.

Michael Collins Comments on Santa Susana Mountains Trails Master Plan – Phase II Project

VIA EMAIL December 16, 2017 County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation Planning Division Attn: Julie Yom, Park Planner 510 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90020 Email: Re: Michael Collins Comments on Santa Susana Mountains Trails Master Plan – Phase II Project Dear Julie and Planning […]

Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial

Jewish camp below Santa Susana Field Lab, aided by troubled state toxics agency, denies contamination has migrated to its property despite decades of evidence; new Dept. of Energy report proposes not cleaning up most contamination

Brandeis-Bardin 2007

Excerpt from the exposé Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial: Brandeis-Bardin is a working ranch with youngsters riding horses and taking hikes yet there is next to no mention on the university’s website of any potential hazards related to being in the watershed of SSFL. can only confirm the presence of […]

Operation Astroturf

Boeing greenwashes the polluted Rocketdyne site above the San Fernando Valley by pushing for and offering to fund an “astroturf” Community Advisory Group (CAG) led by Christina Walsh.

AEG’s Perchlorate Problem

AEG’s Farmers Field $1.2 billion project gets nod from L. A. Planning Commission despite EIR leaving out data about toxic oxidizer perchlorate in fireworks facility will shoot off every day.

Runkle Roulette

New contamination has been found on the Runkle Canyon development site and evidence that KB Home has blocked government requests for Clean Water Act data mandated by law.

2017 DTSC Brandeis-Bardin ‘White Paper’ Analysis Findings Summary DTSC ignores government reports indicating Brandeis-Bardin contaminants Documents claim no threat based on cherry-picked reports DTSC claims contaminants “do not pose a threat to human health” when data differs Data released by DTSC itself contradicts assertion no toxin migration from SSFL to camp Department employs toxin standards […]

1991-2017 Brandeis-Bardin Reports Analysis Findings Summary Brandeis-Bardin Institute knew tritium plume under 2,878-acre camp since 1995 reports show 2017 BBI dioxin at 32 times nuclear Area IV background in Santa Susana Field Laboratory drainage 2017 report shows radioisotope tritium “elevated, due to past releases from SSFL” American Jewish University releases ‘fact sheet’ two […]