Photo supplement to exposé “Apparent Fire Code Violations at Santa Susana Field Lab Invite Another Toxic Disaster on Woolsey Fire AnniversaryChaparral-choked lab roads remain uncut where fire started one year ago, generating over 43,000 tons of radioactively-impacted smoke that included extremely poisonous Polonium-210

“The monstrous Woolsey Fire erupted exactly one year ago today at Boeing’s Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) and began its hellacious march to Malibu.’s Nov. 20, 2018 exposé Smoke Screen – Woolsey Fire Contamination Cover-up determined that 43,272 tons of radiation-impacted smoke was generated by SSFL’s brush alone and sent skyward.”

Just one week BEFORE the deadly 2018 Woolsey Fire, Boeing held a Sunset & Sip event where people, after signing waivers, are allowed to walk through the grossly contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory Area IV and Southern Buffer Zone and are rewarded with wine and beer. One week later, the Woolsey Fire erupted several hundred yards north of here on NASA land in SSFL, incinerating most of Area IV and the SBZ before going on to burning three people alive and causing $6 billion in damage.


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