1. You are such an uneducated baboon that is so full of sh[*]t the US is more at risk of your ass exploding than anything in this article! You and your readers are f[*]cking idiots!

  2. Dear Michael,

    Please clarify what is it, that is being counted in CPM? I hear mine chirping-away, at a slow pact, and averaging 12 mR/hr and seldom above 30 mR/hr, and 162000 ‘Total Count’ over the past 9 days. That does not tell me how much more I am radiated, or by specifically what. I will buy the ‘optional cord’ and get a print out and see that’s that.

    And yes, I will connect with you as an outpost in Sonoma County, for want to concentrate on accumulative health effects on life in general.

    Alert, educate, decontaminate, and corrective action to close them all down forevermore!

    And that distinction between the number of CPM and mR/hr and then the distinction of alpha, beta, and gamma particles; not only in that minute or hour; but the overall accumulation we have had since 3/11/11. And the health consequences that are inevitable, unless it is stopped, the concentration of cancerous atomic particles in our air, water, food; our bodies; will overwhelm it, a premature death by radiation poisoning, in the absence of a nuclear war.

    Heroshima was hit with 132 pounds of nuclear explosive. How much has been vaporized into the atmosphere, much into the Pacific Ocean? I would guess a million pounds! I estimate that 3 million pounds in spent fuel rods at Fukushima and predicted to ignite if unit 4 cooling pool falls and the rods ignite into a conflagration!

    At this rate, what would be the totality of exposure at the defense rate society is going, could viable babes be born 20 years from now? How much with the death rate increase in the next 5 years? This is struggle for life, against extinction, or one hell of an anti-climatic ending from what will be otherwise, a failed species, responsible for its own extinction, or to adapt a term coined to describe the effects of depleted uranium (DU), omnicide, that which kills everything!

  3. @ John: We did measure Saturday’s rain, day and night, and there was no radiation reading over background. I’m not sure what you mean by “rain out.” Thank you, John, for the kind words.

  4. Did you measure and test the rain event of Saturday 11-12-11?
    Can you give me some sort of Idea as to, if Rain did fall in the Imperial Valley, the likely hood of a rain out. Could we see similar results as your 11-6-11 Rain event measured in Los Angeles? Thank you for all you are doing. You are the Eyes of many.

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