After just 53 days of air cleaning at Radiation Station in Santa Monica, California, two HEPA filters’ dust aggregate comes in at a worrisome 216.0% of background higher than normal. Even in drier climes like Southern California, which hasn’t been hit (yet) by jet stream-carried storms suffused with radioactive fallout from the triple Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns in Japan, there is measurable radiation in dust particulates breathed by millions in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Honeywell Hepa Filter air cleaner10:30 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average HONEYWELL & KENMORE HEPA FILTER DUST AGGREGATE: 83.6 CPM OR 216.0% OF NORMAL HIGHER than previous background

9:45 pm 10-minute INTERIOR average: 38.7 CPM


  1. Great Video, I wish it were on PBS Frontline or even a local news. …or maybe a demonstration in front of congress, that would be good. The commentary works very well.

    Definitely edutainment ! 🙂

  2. Central Illinois

    Mike, Great idea on the filter… I dont have any HEPA filters, but my PC’s are great dust collectors. I checked then, both are reading well above background. Inlet side (front) of my main PC that is on all the time is reading 1275 CPM!!! I placed 3 sheets of paper between the reader and the PC, the reading goes down to 728 CPM. Background is ~48CPM here.


    -Central Illinois

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