This chemical sheen was discovered in a Runkle Canyon creek on Thanksgiving 2006.
This chemical sheen was discovered in a Runkle Canyon creek on Thanksgiving 2006.

An historic agreement was enacted between Runkle Canyon developer KB Home and Department of Toxic Substances Control on April 14, 2008.

KB Home pledged “full cooperation,” agreeing to supply DTSC with at least 41 extensive reports and documents for their inspection and pay for the $114,884 that this initial work will cost. 

DTSC’s Norm Riley will head the Runkle Canyon investigation, which could lead to long-term remediation activities that KB Home would fund. Riley already heads DTSC oversight of cleanup of the adjacent Rocketdyne site.

“The negotiations with Runkle Canyon LLC were frank, cordial and productive,” Riley says. “I do believe they are serious about addressing the concern about contamination in the project area.”

The Radiation Rangers are ecstatic about the agreement. “We had to fight for two years to get to this point and couldn’t have done it without the VC Reporter and [],” said “The Good Reverend” John Southwick. “Our hats are off to the DTSC and, of all people, the new folks in charge at KB Home.”

“This is outstanding news,” Radiation Ranger “Perchlorate Patty” Coryell said. “I have a high degree of faith in the integrity of DTSC under Norm Riley’s leadership and feel that their review will be impartial and unbiased”

Riley had “strongly encouraged” KB Homes to invite DTSC oversight back in November 2008.

Boeing could end up paying KB Home’s tab for cleanup investigation and possible remedial actions including long-term operations and maintenance. It is also conceivable that Runkle Canyon could eventually become parkland or open space, like Ahmanson Ranch, especially as the real estate market continues to tank.

Click here to see extensive Runkle Canyon documents that tell the tale of this troubled land.

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